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What to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips

This article will provide some information for you about what to prepare in your Vietnam Motorbike Trips Pack. If you plan on exploring the diverse corners of Vietnam, you should be prepared for a little of everything on your backpacks.

Backpacks are a great way to travel around in your Vietnam Motorbike Tours in the unpredictable weather. They are big enough to hold some essential items and small enough to not weigh you down or get in your way. In your backpacks, you should bring your clothing and some personal belongings. This article we will help you to decide what you should bring in your Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack.

1. What to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: The clothing and helmets

Going to a hot and humid place in the tropics requires light and natural fabrics like cotton or silk. Tank-top shirts, short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts are all fine. Khakis is light as well.

For shoes, flip-flops or open-toed sandals is great because when it's hot, your feet will appreciate it and when it's raining, you've won walking with wet shoes for too long. However, to be safe for your driving, you should have shoes to balance a bad situation because feet are the first body part to hit the ground in a scary accident.

We are recommended you to bring all safety gear from your home although in our Vietnam Motorbike Tours there are a few situation to use all the gear. Besides, BM Travel will provide you the second-hand helmets for free in our trips, and new ones can be purchased from $25 to $70 depending on its type and its brand. We also promote you to bring your helmets from home in your Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack to save prices.

For those who want to prepare safety equipment but without bringing any backpacks, BM Travel have helmets, jackets and protectors for rent.

  • Helmet:

The helmet has the number LS2 FF352 model can be rented at $20/month or $2/day. It is very comfortable, reasonably quite with a nice visor, and it will help to protect your head in an accident.


  • ECE approved but not DOT certified
  • Review the 4-star safety of SHARP
  • Micrometric latches
  • Precise optics with A-type visor
  • 1.35Kg (lighter than average)
  • Size M-XXL
  • Jacket, knee and elbow protectors: For rent at $30/month or $3/day.
  • Scoyco JK46 jacket with CE insertion and chest protection.
  • Suggest size according to height & weight:
  • 160-170cm, 50-60kg, size M
  • 170-175cm. 65-70kg, size L
  • 175-180cm, 70-75kg, XL size
  • 180-185cm. 70-80kg, 2XL size
  • 185-195cm, 80-100kg, 3x size
  • Scoyco K17H17 elbow and knee protection:
  • Elbow length: 35cm (13.7in)
  • Kneepads Length: 40cm (15,7in)

2. What to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Choosing clothes based on the weather

The weather in Vietnam changes significantly, so what you wear depends on the time of the year you arrive and where you go. March and April are the best time to travel to Vietnam so you need to prepare Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack carefully. The nation over the climate conditions are generally steady!

- The South is constantly hot.

- The North from November to February can be extremely cold.

- From the South to the center of Vietnam, the stormy season is July to October.- The typhoon season in which Vietnam can be attacked by tornadoes is from September to December.

Summer months can be extremely hot and sticky, so the light and breathable clothing is essential. Although linen and cotton are good choices, special cotton does not dry well at high humidity. Sportswear designed to absorb sweat and keep dry is a better option for wet days. Remember that short shorts, crop top shirts and tank top shirts are not considered appropriate in Vietnam. Long-fitting clothes that both fit and tend to help you cool in hot climates.

Southern and central cities, like Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, are warm all year round, temperatures rarely drop below 20 ° C (68 ° F), but temperatures will decrease as you go further. North. Packing a light jacket, hoodie or fleece to travel Hanoi and Ha Long Bay between November and March. January is usually the coldest month, when the temperature drops to 13 ° C (55 ° F). It was very cold in the Sapa Motorbike Tours from November to February, when the temperature could drop near freezing. Packing warm jackets, layers, gloves and a wool hat to keep the trip warm during this time.

Good quality, comfortable footwear is best for walking. The path may be flat, rocky, slippery and muddy depending on the season, so it should not be water resistant, wear walking shoes or shoes with good grip. A raincoat is also additionally a smart thought amid the stormy season.

To dealing with the rain in Vietnam, you can learn from the locals do. Because the rain coats from home are too heavy and big to add your luggage, we can buy in streets of Vietnam. A good quality rain can be bought for around $5, it is convenient for you to buy to cover all your body and your luggage. It is also using as a coat to be warm in cold mountainous areas.

You also buy a low-quality raincoat instead of prepare in your Vietnam Motorcycle Trips Pack. On the roadside, low quality raincoats can be purchased for less than half a dollar. The useless material is likely to be broken after one use, but it will help you overcome the rain!

3. What to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Supplies Tips

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Luggage

It depends on the type of motorcycle, but we recommend using up to 15kg of luggage for optimum performance. Luggage will be left behind your seat to be ready for every journey.

All our motorcycles are strong enough to carry 2 people and lots of luggage. However, overloading a motorbike will make it wobble. Therefore, we propose to use each car separately to carry 15 kg your luggage. The overall handling and performance is reduced which affects the fun for mountain roads. Gas consumption is also increasing and the cost difference between gas and ship use will be almost balanced.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Helmets

Vietnamese helmets are only strong enough to provide a speed of 60km / h. They are not strong enough to hit the road at 100km / h with trekking travelers. In addition, Vietnamese helmets create huge noise for high-speed drivers.

Solution: BM Motorbike hire an Ls2 road helmet for $ 2 a day or $ 20 a month.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Gear

In Vietnam, especially when traveling on mountain roads, you will be limited in speed, you cannot adjust to loading up on your safety gear.

Solution: Decide on your driving style first. If you are on a mission to cover as much ground as possible and your goal is to drive hard, invest in hiring safety equipment.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Hygiene & Medical Supplies

Pack your essential toiletries, and additional bathroom tissue (a few spots will be out). Sunscreen is something not to be missed.

Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from dust and harsh sunlight will not be blocked by tall buildings. It helps if you bring your own medicine to treat diarrhea - the difference in food may disagree with you - and bring a small first aid kit.

What to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack: Miscellaneous

Bring a small towel or a lot of handkerchiefs because you will need to wipe the sweat away. Wet wipes will be useful in some restaurants without napkins. When eating at a restaurant using those towels, use a wet towel. Pack an adapter for your phone and camera and don't forget insect sprays - their mosquitoes still carry malaria germs, so if you stay for a while, you'll need to bring some anti-pills fever.

Hotels and laundry service

Most hotels in Vietnam offer a laundry service. If laundry is given in the morning, it will be ready the next day. The worst-case may be drying clothes outside your luggage when riding a motorbike.


Instead of clamping mineral water bottles into motorbike’s parts and they disappear, I used a hydration backpack. It is the most important item in my adventurous holidays. There are no hydration backpacks I have headaches because I never drink enough water. Hydration backpacks allow you to drink while driving, keep cool water all day and most importantly prevent you from distributing water bottles throughout rural Vietnam! Only $ 20 for one backpack.

At BM Travel, we offer the best quality trekking Vietnam Motorbike Tours along with great service from our staff. With many years of experience, we bring some advices for you on what to prepare in Vietnam Motorbike Tours Pack. Hopefully, you will have great moments when accompanying us, BM Travel, please contact us through our website: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com.

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