Mitsubishi Triton

The Thrill for adventure in the Mitsubishi Triton

Being an outdoor enthusiast comes with a lot of gear. And while some might see this as a hassle, we see it as an opportunity to explore different ways of enjoying the great outdoors. From camping and hiking to mountain biking and kayaking, there are endless possibilities when you have the right vehicle. So, if you’re in the market for an adventure-ready ride, we have good news: the Mitsubishi Triton is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Opening the entrance reveals the lit sign as the first thing about the Triton; from there, the exciting voyage starts! With its cutting-edge engine technology and newly designed gearboxes, this sports utility vehicle blends the interior luxuries of a passenger car with the strength, dependability, and performance of a workhorse bakkie.

While the Triton didn’t launch with any game-changing technologies, it did introduce a number of first-in-class features. Features such as paddle shifters and keyless ignition were first seen on a pickup truck in the Triton. Although these features are commonplace on your average sedan and therefore not the sort to grab headlines, the Triton still impresses in many other subtle ways without diluting or straying from its utilitarian purpose.


The all-new Triton also comes with the Super Select II 4WD system, which ranges from better fuel consumption during normal driving to axle stabilization when driving in slippery conditions to traction improvement and maximum torque during off-road conditions. This particular four-wheel drive is unique to the Bakkie range. The vehicle was designed to match the ride quality of an SUV without compromising the qualities that have made double-cabbakkies so popular in South Africa.


Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution, also known as Rising, is the benchmark safety feature in the Mitsubishi Triton, which is emphasized by features such as the side impact bars and the airbags. Other features include active stability and traction control, which aid in off-road conditions. As a thrill seeker, it is imperative to know that your vehicle of choice will step up to the challenge without fail, and the Triton is confident when it comes to securing the safety of the driver.


When it comes to hauling stuff, the Triton is something of a dark horse.

The GLS Premium is quoted at 3100kg maximum towing capacity, and its GCM (gross combined mass) is 5885kg. Minus the 2042kg kerb weight, you’re looking at 3843kg minus that 3100kg trailer, which gives you a very respectable 743kg payload.

The Ranger Wildtrak, with a 3.2-liter five-cylinder and automatic transmission (asking $12,000 more), can only muster a laughable 222kg payload. That’s a 6000 GCM; subtracting the 2278 kerb weight and adding 3500kg of towing capacity leaves just 222kg.

Also on payload, the tray is a very usable 1.52m long and 1.47m wide (capable of fitting a standard Chep pallet at 1165mm), or 1085mm between the wheelarches.


The Triton has an interior that is appropriately contemporary to meet the buyer’s expectations of a car-like experience. The Triton’s dashboard is built and finished better than the interiors of most pickup trucks, even though it may not be as comfortable as what you would find in a regular car or SUV. A simple, electronically operated Shift-on-the-Fly 4WD selector dial has replaced the traditional pick-up truck differential gear lever in the Triton, and the analog air-conditioning control dials have been swapped out for digital dual-zone climate controls and paddle shifters borrowed from the ASX. 

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The Triton now has a built-in touchscreen infotainment system with voice recognition, MP3, USB, and Bluetooth capabilities. In light of this, they take from Mitsubishi what they have given with one hand. Although most people, like me, won’t use the old digital barometer, temperature, and compass display from the old Triton very much, it was still a cool feature to have.


For what the Triton offers, it really deconstructs our ideas of what a pickup truck really needs. Does it need advanced driver aids or sophisticated technologies? The answer is not really.

At the end of the day, pick-up trucks still need to be usable without being overly complicated for the job they are meant to do. And the Triton doesn’t seek to impress with bombastic new technologies or unique features crammed onboard; instead, it understands that a pickup truck needs to be tough, no-nonsense, and able to go anywhere at the drop of a hat. You get the impression that the Triton is built around that ideal, with improvements made in crucial areas for the comfort and convenience of its users.

It is a pickup truck that hasn’t lost sight of what pickup trucks were built to do and yet is able to offer the right qualities that all will appreciate in their day-to-day dealings.

Pros in Triton

Putting all the pickup trucks together, the Mitsubishi Triton happens to be the sleekest-looking of all of them. The front horizontal grille, which has a chrome garnish that narrows toward the fog lamps, gives the Triton’s front fascia a crisp appearance that sets it apart from other bulky-appearing pickups. 

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The Triton boasts a strong chassis and a superior four-wheel drive system thanks to Mitsubishi’s expertise in off-road vehicle innovation. The rotary-style knob on the center console makes the system incredibly convenient to use.

Cons in Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton’s ride is less comfortable than that of a midsize sedan or SUV because it is primarily designed for off-road driving situations. At times, the suspension feels bouncy, and at higher speeds, there is a tiny bit of body roll.

The Mitsubishi Triton is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine, which is quite powerful and gets the job done. However, it is a little noisier at higher RPMs and lacks the sophistication of contemporary diesel engines.

With a turning radius of 5.9 meters and a long wheelbase, the Mitsubishi Triton feels a bit cumbersome to drive in tight city traffic conditions.

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