Hanoi Motorcycle Tours and Surroundings

Vietnam Motorcycle Tour around Hanoi - 1 day
  Hanoi City

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is the oldest capital city in the world, with more than a century of history and culture. The city is a must-see destination for all visitors to Vietnam, not only b...

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Dirt Bike Tour Around Hanoi - 1 day
  outskirts of Hanoi

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – has always been one of the hottest destinations in the country. Hanoi is a charming city with so many things to explore. But people also love this place because of its...

From $169/person

Hanoi Dirt Bike Tour To Discover Historical And Cultural Sites - 1 Day
  Hanoi → Bat Trang Ceramic Village → But Thap Pagoda → Dong Ho Folk Painting Vill...

In Vietnamese people's minds, Hanoi is not just a capital city – the head of a country, but a place with precious tangible and intangible values. By exploring historical and cultural sites in Hanoi, y...

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Dirt Bike Training Tour In Hanoi - 1 day
  Hanoi center → Vinh Tuy bridge → Red River → Hanoi center

Running on a dirt bike to explore famous tourist destinations around Hanoi is an interesting experience that many travelers want to try once in their life whenever they come to Vietnam. However, the j...

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Hanoi Dirt Bike Tour To Duong Lam Ancient Village - 1 Day
  Hanoi → Duong Lam ancient village → Hanoi

As the capital and the tourism center of Vietnam, Hanoi never makes you bored with tons of places to go and things to do. Besides popular sightseeing spots around the city center, some tourists choose...

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Hanoi Enduro Motorbike Day Tour - Weekend Enduro Tour
  Hanoi → Ba Vi → Hanoi

Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, which is famous for a lot of beauty spots, is surrounded by forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes. For the most enjoyable experiences of Hanoi, you cannot miss the oppo...

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Hanoi Motorcycle Tours - Scooter Tours: Life-changing Experience You Should Have Before You Die

As the on-thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has a long-standing history with unique cultural values ​​and impressive architectural works. If you want to discover the difference of 4 seasons in Vietnam, pay a visit to Hanoi and feel it. Each season has a distinct beauty that makes your adventure an unforgettable memory in life. You will never be stuck for something to do in this capital city since there are dozens of attractive places waiting for you to explore.

For those who have an adventurous heart, admiring beauty through the window of cars is definitely not a wise choice. Instead, why do not you take motorbike tours in Hanoi and surroundings? It is all about comfort, freedom, and fun. We will take you through iconic spots of Hanoi such as Old Quarter, French Ancient Quarter, Hanoi Opera House, Long Bien Bridge, Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Dong Xuan Market and more.

Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Going through the beaten tracks, you will have the chance to mingle with the daily life of locals, enjoy tasty specialties, communicate with friendly people, and learn more about traditional cultures. In case you have a lot of time in Hanoi, we also offer short trips to nearby places such as Ninh Binh, Ba Vi, Halong, etc. A motorbike ride is basically about exploring lesser-known experiences, so be prepared to break your safety zone.

Proud to be one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Vietnam, Hanoi motorcycle tours offered by BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorbike Tours are the right step to make your travel experiences upscaled and completed. So, let’s join us and feel for yourself.

Join Hanoi Motorbike Tours

Why should you choose BM Travel Adventure’s Hanoi motorbike tours - Vietnam Scooter Tours?

- BM Travel is proud to be one of the few prestigious agencies that organize Hanoi motorcycle tours. In just one day, we will take you to explore the most iconic single tracks and beaten paths of Hanoi. You feel bored with normal sightseeing tours? Then, this is the ideal choice for those who are passionate about adventure but don’t have much time in Hanoi.

- You will discover the prominent places in Hanoi in the most meaningful and unique way.

- Our friendly and professional guides know Hanoi like the back of their hand. Going with them, you will see a completely different Hanoi that cannot be found in classic tours.

- Tour itinerary is streamlined while off-road routes are unique.

- For newbies, we also offer training tours that let you explore smooth tracks in the Red River Rock Garden or human-made tracks in the tracklog.

BM Travel Adventure’s Hanoi motorbike tours

Unforgettable experiences you will get when joining our Hanoi motorbike tours - Scooter Tours

Explore Hanoi countryside

Leaving the bustling city center behind, you take a ride to rural areas and feel a completely different Hanoi. The landscape of the Hanoi countryside is so incredible that it can blow your mind. If you want a bit challenging, do not hesitate to grab your dirt bike, roam the beaten paths, then you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty of the Red River Delta with vast rice fields and vast mounds of sand mounds like deserts. During the harvest season, the shiny yellow and charming aroma of ripe rice will captivate your heart, making you unwilling to leave. Those who are finding something to relax and desire to escape the stressful daily life, maybe nothing is better than a Hanoi countryside ride.

Explore Hanoi countryside

Visit ancient or traditional craft villages in Hanoi

Hanoi is famous for its many traditional craft villages. Instead of spending the whole day on crowded tourist spots in the city center, why don’t you hop on a motorbike and explore these beautiful villages with us? A ride to Bat Trang offers you a chance to learn about the traditional procedure of making pottery, try making porcelain, or buy cute ceramic items. Dong Ho is well-known for its unique folk paintings, Van Phuc - silk village, Vong - sticky rice village, Dao Thuc - water puppet village, etc.

Besides traditional craft villages, it is a good idea to visit old villages on the outskirts of Hanoi such as Duong Lam, Cu Da, and more. You will enjoy the fresh air, discover unique traditional architecture, and long-standing cultural values ​​of Vietnamese people dating back hundreds of years.

Visit ancient or traditional craft villages in Hanoi

Admire the beauty of old temples in Hanoi Motorbike Tours

If you are passionate about discovering the Vietnamese culture, religious beliefs, and ancient architecture, paying a visit to the old temples is the right choice. Peaceful, ancient, impressive is what tourists say about the pagodas in Hanoi. Once you come here, all the noise and fatigue of the outside life seems to disappear, just take a deep breath and feel the peace of mind. Some famous temples that should not be missed during your Hanoi motorbike tours are Ngoc Son Temple, Bach Ma Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Pagoda, and so on.

Admire the beauty of old temples

Join chaotic traffic in Hanoi

Traffic in Hanoi is so terrible that it can make many foreign tourists shocked on the first-time visit. You might be surprised to see a driver passing a red light at high speed, riding on the sidewalk, or even put their whole family on the motorbike. However, remember that Vietnamese traffic laws mean “no rules.” All you need to do is learn how to cope with it and try to become a molecule in the stream.

Join chaotic traffic in Hanoi

Discover fascinating cuisine in Hanoi Motorcycle Tours 

Riding through the bustling streets of Hanoi to explore the exquisite local cuisine is one of the most exciting experiences offered by our Hanoi motorcycle tours. Hanoi has long been well-known as a city with lots of tasty street foods such as Cha Ca La Vong, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon, Banh My, etc. Don’t forget to visit Bun Cha Huong Lien on Le Van Huu Street, where former US President Obama enjoyed his meals. In case you want to make your trip more impressive, go through Long Bien Bridge and pay a visit to Le Mat, also known as Snake Village. Known for its traditional job of catching snakes, once you come here, you will get the chance to taste dozens of dishes made from snakes that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Discover fascinating cuisine

Being a part of our Hanoi motorbike tours is the best way to discover every corner of Hanoi. Contact BM Travel Adventure now and let our team share our love of Hanoi with you.

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