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With countless beautiful landscapes, delightful cuisines, and unique culture, Vietnam is an ideal tourist destination for many people. But for motorcycle tour enthusiasts, this country is something more significant. ¾ of the area in Vietnam is covered with mountains, while the coastline is up to 3000 kilometers long. Moreover, a lot of roads here are narrow and rugged. All of these combined to make Vietnam motorbike tours in the country an exceptional experience.

local-tour-guides-vietnam-motorbike-tours-2Many tourists come to Vietnam with the desire to explore Vietnam on a motorbike. They want to see a real Vietnam with its off-the-beaten-track places, as well as challenging yet charming roads. However, it was tough for tourists to find a prestigious travel company that can organize a worthwhile motorbike tours. Their need was never fully met. When you have to worry or regret so many things, you can’t have complete joy. We want you to have perfect happiness. We want you to be able to fulfill your wishes without worrying about thousands of things. BM Travel Adventure was established with the most important mission that is to provide you the safest and most fantastic motorbike tours in Vietnam with all the necessary preparation.

BM Travel Adventure specializes in offering the service of leasing high-quality motorbikes and pickup trucks (4×4). We provide motorbike tours, 4×4 tours across different types of terrain, mainly off-road tours. Our ambition is to become the best operator in Vietnam that offers a variety of tours ranging from dirt bike tours, enduro Tours, to 4×4. The following reason will tell you why we are ready for such a big dream:

  • We offer full-package tours with all the best services. The price of the tours, as well as separate facilities, are always public with no extra payment in any situation. Focusing on customers’ experience, we treat you with care, not tricks.
  • All the motorbikes BM Travel Adventure offers are well maintained. Our experienced mechanics checked every part of the motorcycles regularly following the schedule. Moreover, these clever mechanics will give you useful pieces of advice before you rent or buy a motorbike according to your travel plan.
  • One of our best policies is that we ensure the number of days spent in homestays will not exceed 1/5 tour time. All the hotels, Resorts, and homestays we select are highly rated on TripAdvisor. In short, you do not have to worry about accommodation.
  • To make sure that our customers have a safe yet special trip, we usually survey new roads and destinations. You will surely have unforgettable motorcycle touring experiences.
  • Last but not least, the contributions of our Vietnam tour guides and experts to the professionalism and quality of the service at BM Travel Adventure are undeniably significant. Their experiences and skills satisfy even choosy customers. They all graduated from university or even a higher level. They also have an international travel card. Of course, they can communicate fluently in English, French, or Spanish. With them accompanied, your trip will be much safer and super enjoyable. The following introduction of the local experts of BM Travel Adventure is going to help you find out who is the one that you need for your trip.


Binh Phi - Local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours

Get to know him

The very first local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours is Mr. Binh Phi – the owner and founder of the Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club. There is much to say about this man. He has gone through a long journey from a poor boy to the owner of one of the biggest motorbike tour operators in Vietnam. Since he was a boy, he has always had a passion for tourism. Therefore, he studied and graduated from Hanoi University – one of the leading universities in Vietnam in foreign languages and tourism training. With his vision, he quickly realized the unmet needs of oversea tourists coming to Vietnam – they yearned to experience the country in a completely new way.

His experience

Mr. Binh Phi has many years of experience traveling by motorbike to the most remote areas of Vietnam. Another desire of him is to contribute to the economic development of poor localities through tourism. With his talent, knowledge, vision, and conscience, Mr. Binh Phi is taking BM Travel Adventure to a new level of success. Binh Phi has been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years, so his experience and knowledge are undoubtedly excellent.

He has a thorough understanding of the routes, cultures, and customs of each nation, the history, geography, and politics of each destination. On the journey with him, you will learn more about the soul of Vietnam, about the hospitable Vietnamese people. Customers who used to go with Mr. Binh Phi often want to come back and share their journey with this person because he always surprises them with new things on every trip.

Why choose him to accompany you

He speaks both English and Spanish fluently. He can handle different tours, but he loves to travel in large groups, especially Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian groups. Also, his adventurous spirit is always willing to conquer any road – the tougher the off-road routes are, the more he enjoys. His greatest passion is motorcycling, off-roadDirt bike Tours, and enduro tours. A lot of customers have left feedback that this man is the best leader people can have on trips full of challenges. He is a funny and friendly person with incredible leadership and a supportive spirit. If you are ready for a challenging journey and impressive new things, joining Mr. Binh Phi’s is your wise decision.


Chi Pho - Local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours

His experience

As one of the key elements of the expert team, Mr. Chi Pho always makes others admire him for his profound knowledge and impressive ability to handle situations. He has over 15 years of experience in motorcycle travel. Specializing in off-road tracks, good at English, and also being a great mechanic, he is able to handle any situation you encounter on the road, even the most difficult ones. With years of traveling, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge.

But what makes customers satisfied the most is his understanding of their psychology. He makes them feel pleased by knowing deeply what they need and what they want. Even when customers buy on-road tours, he doesn’t mind helping them experience a bit of Vietnam off-road terrains as they wish. Moreover, his knowledge of history, culture, geology, especially of ethnic minorities, is more than enough to impress anyone.

Why choose him to accompany you

He is willing to accompany any group regardless of the number of people. His favorite group is often around 8-10 people. All the roads, including off-road tracks, single tracks, enduro, and super enduro tracks, are not out of his capacity. He also knows exceptionally well about Northeast Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Therefore, traveling with him will make you feel completely secure. Once you go with him, you will surely want to come back to Vietnam again. The reason lies right on his understanding of all the paths. Right on the same route, he can lead you to different tracks. Accordingly, he somehow can “renew” the route.

Mr. Chi Pho has a great passion for motorbike, motorcycling, and hardcore routes. If you have prepared yourself to conquer unforgettable off-road tours, this man is here to accompany you. This stubborn yet funnyman has never been drunk and knows a lot about alcohol. For those who would love to try amazing local wine in Vietnam, Mr. Chi Pho is the most suitable expert.


Vo Trong Que - Local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours

His experience

Mr. Vo Trong Que has over 10 years of working in the field of tourism. The first five years he worked as a mechanic, and till now, he has been working as a tour guide for Vietnam motorcycle tours. Consequently, when he joins your group, everyone has nothing to worry about their motorbikes. This is a witty and likable man who always considers customers his family.

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

All the experts of BM Travel Adventure are good at handling off-road tracks, enduro tracks, and single tracks. Mr. Vo Trong Que is not an exception. His favorite route is Northern Loop Vietnam, as well as the Cross Country Motorcycle – Ho Chi Minh Trail. Following him to off-road tracks, you will have cheerful eternal memories. Another thing that makes people admire this man is his in-depth knowledge of motorbikes. If you are a motorbike enthusiast, you can raise any question and receive a satisfying answer from him.

Why choose him to accompany you

What people love about him is that he usually gives smart ideas for each specific group. With his ability, Mr. Vo Trong Que can cover any group. However, his favorite group includes 5-7 people. This is because he wants to treat each of his customers with the utmost care.

His love for Vietnam can be easily seen, and this strongly inspires tourists. Therefore, customers love to go with him in spite of his imperfect English. Just like other experts, he knows a lot about local culture, geopolitics, and economy – a moving encyclopedia. Mr. Vo Trong Que is a customer-oriented tour guide that you would love to have in your team.


Dien Tran - Local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours

His experience

Although Mr. Dien Tran has just been attached to motorbike tours for only 4 years, he has 10-year experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Since he was once a hotel manager and a classic tour guide, he can attract anyone with his vast knowledge of the travel industry, in particular, and Vietnamese society, in general. Not only does he speak English fluently, but he also has an incredible ability to repair motorbikes. All of these advantages have made him an ideal tour guide for many tourist groups.

His favorite motorbike routes

Of all the experts of BM Travel Adventure, Mr. Dien Tra is probably the person who knows the Northeastern and Northwestern routes the best. Being perfection-oriented, he is always meticulous in calculating time and distance of every route for specific groups and tours. Besides, over many years working in the tourism industry in different roles, he has equipped himself with quite a lot of fascinating knowledge ranging from local culture, geopolitics, nature to characteristics of each road. Therefore, customers who go with him feel absolutely secure and satisfied. A tour with him is full of joy and exciting stories, which makes people want the trip never to end.

Why choose him to accompany you

He loves to join groups of 3-5 people because he is quite a considerate and careful man. Some people consider him a workaholic. You may have the same opinion if you witness how he works. For him, every tour is a sacred task that he will carry out with his whole heart. He often says that customers’ happiness is his own success. Being attentive to customers, he always wins their hearts. Some oversea tourists come back to Vietnam several times and still want him to join their journey.


Tran Trong Tan - Local tour guide for your Vietnam motorbike tours

His experience

Mr. Tran Trong Tan has up to 20 years of experience in the motorbike tour industry. For him, every trip is a step on the way back to the roots of Vietnam and Indochina. He is the one who witnessed the changes in the life of ethnic minorities. As long as you go with him, you will soon be surprised by what he knows about mountainous areas. Used to be a mechanic, he will assure that all the motorbikes are at the best status.

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

He often goes with a group of 3-5 people. However, with his impressive ability, he can handle any group in even the utmost hardcore tours. Especially if you are planning to travel to Northwest Vietnam by motorbike, Mr. Tan is the top choice. If you want to explore the roads through Vietnam to Laos or Cambodia, he is even the first choice. Experiencing Vietnam together with Mr. Tran Trong Tan, you will have a lot of happy memories that remind you of our lovely S-shaped country.

Why choose him to accompany you

20-year experience has made him qualified for anything a trip requires. Being a humble and honest man, he is a faithful companion that mature clients would love to go with. With his profundities and knowledge, he can share with you many things about traveling and life. Although Mr. Tran Trong Tan may not be a talkative guy, the tour he guides is still full of enjoyment. His ability to turn at high speed, as well as riding on off-road terrain, is incredible. Prepare yourself because you are going to watch an amusing performance.

Since he worked as a motorbike tour guide, he has never received a single complaint from clients. There is no secret of success here. Mr. Tan can quickly understand every client’s needs and satisfy them with no hesitation. Right when he joins a team, all the members can immerse themselves in a journey full of emotions – the excitement while going off-road, the tranquility while listening to his stories, the regret when they have to say goodbye to this admirable man.


Tran Tuan Anh - Local Tour Guide for your Vietnam Motorbike Tour

His experience

This talented videographer Tran Tuan Anh is the creator and editor of most of the videos about BM Travel Adventure’s tours. Besides his primary profession, he is also a potential tour guide. He loves motorcycling and off-road tracks, although his ability to ride on off-road terrain still needs to improve more. However, if the tour includes less than 25% off-road part, he can work perfectly.

Why choose him to accompany you

With large groups and partner groups, we often invite this clever man to accompany us to record memorable moments. Of course, if our clients request, he can join the trip with a price of only 150$ per day. Mr. Tran Tuan Anh loves his job so much. With full equipment, everywhere he goes can be his home. Thanks to his professionalism, you will have a unique record of your wonderful trip for memory.

In addition, BM Travel Adventure also recruits a few Vietnam tour guides every year to do seasonal work. They are all trained carefully by our experienced experts.


Mr. Luyen - Tour Guides For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours

His experience

Mr. Luyen Chu is the only speaking Japanese motorcycle tour guide of BM Travel Adventure. He has over 10 years of working in the tourism and hospitality industry. Especially, he loves being a dirtbike tour guide. Furthermore, with the experience that he has been through, he will surprise anyone so you will get more than a riding trip. And his mechanic skills seem to be a master. That makes him become the best tour guide for any Japanese group.

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

It’s not exaggerated to say that Luyen Chu is a skillful rider of BM Travel Adventure Experts. He will take you to explore every corner on Northern Loop Vietnam as well as crossing Vietnam. With his passion for history and cuisine, Luyen Chu will give you great reviews of everything between cultures on the trip. He loves natural beauty. Riding with him to touch majestic scenes neither classic tour nor self travelers know. Especially, Northwest or Northeast especially has so many mystery stories and legend myths. Let follow him and listen to stories that you can not find on the internet.

Why choose him to accompany you

He worked in a Japanese environment that made him become a delicate and responsible tour guide. His favorite group includes 5-7 people to ensure the best individual experience on each trip. To him, the customer needs and cultural experience is the key to everyone enjoying their motorbike trip. His English is good also. Thus, riding with him, you will get the reality of the great emotions on off road or even road trips.


Mr. Tu - Tour Guide Vietnam motorbike tours club

His experience

Mr. Tu Tran has over 8 years in the tourism and hospitality industry. After graduated Ha Noi Tourism College, he was once a classic tour guide for 2 years, then he has been an excellent motorcycle tour guide for over 5 years. Not only does he speak English very well, but he also surprises all by his mechanic skills. With his knowledge from college and 2 years of experience of classic tours, Mr. Tu Tran can help you learn everything about Vietnam by most natural way

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

All the experts of BM Travel Adventure are good at riding off-road, Enduro, and road trips. Of course, Mr. Tu Tran is also a skillful rider. He is a child of the North, thus he loves taking you on Northern Loop Vietnam. Especially Northwest and Northeast Enduro, he will let you know how Vietnamese Enduro is on the mountain but you still feel cultures and enjoy the majestic mountainous area in every single turn. Although he is a good rider, but his modest character and vast knowledge make customers when returning to Vietnam only want to ride with him.

Why choose him to accompany you

His favorite group includes 5-7 people because this thoughtful tour guide makes sure that the experience of each customer has to be the best. Every trip is a perfect journey for him, which he will complete wholeheartedly. His slogan is “your happiness, my success”. Thus, you can completely rest assured that your trip will be more than you expect. That trip cannot be described by any word when traveling with him. From road trips to off road or enduro trails, From road trips to off-road or enduro trails, every single moment will be priceless, and you will wish it never end.


Mr. Duc - Tour Guides For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours

His experience

Mr Nguyen Tien Duc was born and raised in Sapa, a beautiful village in the Northwest. Now he is the Sapa BM Travel Adventure Director. The son has Northwest roots and loves riding motorcycles, which made him the great tour guide that every rider would like to have a trip with. Mr Nguyen Tien Duc has over 15 years of motorcycle tourism in the Northwest. Besides speaking English well, he also handles any problem on the bike.

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

With Northwest’s cultural quintessence running in his blood, he loves to show you all about mountainous areas such as Nother Vietnam and Laos. Every corner and route staying in his hand, thus he’s so flexible in picking which way will bring you the best feeling from road trip to off road routes. You can even interact with locals thanks to his friendly character. Not only that, but he also helps you touch the diverse ethnic cultures. Or legend stories that only people like him can tell you the real one. Few days are not enough to satisfy your curiosity. Therefore, the more days you ride with him, the more you like. That is why many travelers get back every year and travel with Mr Nguyen Tien Duc to listen and learn more about Vietnamese culture.

Why choose him to accompany you

Mr. Nguyen Tien Duc is friendly and has 15 years of motorcycle tourism, making him a goat tour guide. He solves problems quickly and decisively in every situation. His favorite group includes 5-7 people. With those riders, he can ensure each rider can enjoy the ethnic culture in North Vietnam in the best way. If you are a good drinker, loving food, and are ready to try anything new, he will give you the best cuisine to the terrible one. Riding with him won’t lack laughing, stories about ethnic cultures, and challenges on the craziest enduro routes too. All the tour guide elements focus on him so that any traveler would like to have him on their trip.


Mr. Binh Phi - Tour Guides For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours

His experience

Mr. Tuan Ta has over 5 years of working in the field of motorcycle tourism. He is the son of South Vietnam. So Southern cultural quintessence runs in his veins. Now he is the Southern BM Travel Adventure Director. Not only that, but also his knowledge of Indochina culture surprises you. He can handle mechanic skills. Thus, all riders can rest assured about their motorbike trip when riding with him.

His Favorite Motorbike Routes

All the experts of BM Travel Adventure are good at riding off-road, enduro, and road trips. Mr. Binh Phi is not an exception. His favorite route is South Vietnam & Mekong Delta, as well as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. With the youthful enthusiasm and experience of a tour guide, your trip will be priceless to every single moment, and you would like to back and ride with him many more times. However, the south is not a majestic mountainous area like the north. But he knows exactly where you can enjoy views of the mountain in rows running endlessly or do a Dakar Rally game with him on the Vietnamese Sahara.

Why choose him to accompany you

He is an acumen and decisive tour guide to enhance the group experience to the best of his ability. However, his favorite group includes 5-7 people. With that group, he will ensure the group’s experience and each rider’s experience while riding in Vietnam.

You can raise questions about any topic that you are excited about. With vast knowledge, his answer will make you understand more deeply than issues you are interested in. Not only does he speak well in English, but he also communicates well in French.

Until now, only he can lead riders exploring Southern Vietnam Enduro routes that he loves. Besides that, he can take you up to mountain adventure and down coastline road trips, from sand rides to off-road trails, remaining the core and pure culture in every place you come. That is why he has become an excellent tour guide and should be a leader in your group.

The Office Team

Mr. Le Minh Tuyen

Mr. Tuyen - The office team bm travel

Mr. Le Minh Tuyen is the IT director of BM Travel Adventure. Behind the great experience on the web is his silent dedication. He has significantly contributed in the early days of the establishment of the company. Not only a great coder, but he is also the Digital Marketing Manager. He is the crucial key in building BM Travel Adventure. And he is also a key factor for the company’s current and future development.


Mr. Nam

Mr. Nam - Bm Travel office team

With Mr. Binh, two great men established BM Travel Adventure. With the knowledge, he got from Hanoi Open University and Specialization in the Faculty of Tourism, he has built the company foundation strongly. As a Vice Director and the dedication of Mr. Nam, the company is rapidly developing. In fact, this man holds the key to success and being the right hand for Mr. Binh Phi. Not only that, but also every motorcycle tour cannot be perfect without support from him. He arranges the best accommodation and every single meal for all.



Binh Phi - Local Tour Guide in VietnamVo Trong Que - Local Tour Guide in VietnamTran Tuan Anh - Local Tour Guide in Vietnam


For special tours with the participation of our boss Mr. Binh Phi, you can pay 119$ more per day to have the trio Mr. Binh Phi – Mr. Vo Trong Que – Mr. Tran Tuan Anh in your trip. All the major and most successful tours of BM Travel Adventure were carried out by this trio. Their excellent cooperation can ensure the success of any trip.


We all know that the quality of a motorbike tour depends on a lot of factors, such as tour plans, means of transportation, accommodation, roads, weather, etc. But perhaps one of the most important factors is the tour guides for your Vietnam motorbike tours. It is these guides who make the tours memorable and satisfying. They are the ones who have made the tourists unable to forget the adventures in Vietnam. In other words, they are the soul of every journey and the source of the success of BM Travel Adventure. So here we honor our dedicated experts: Mr. Binh Phi, Mr. Chi Pho, Mr. Vo Trong Que, Mr. Dien Tra, Mr. Tran Trong Tan, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Mr. Tu Tran, Mr. Binh Phi and the other experts. With them on your Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, there will be only pure joy.

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