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Established in 2016 By Founder – Owner Binh Phí and his local experts, BM Travel Adventure has been a home gathering of leading experts in motorbike tourism in Indochina. We provide any Vietnam Motobike Tours : endurooffroadadventure journey, on road trips to pillions tours, or back of the bikes in Vietnam, LaosCambodia with the Affordable Price Guarantee.

Legitimate Company

With that being said, BM Travel Adventure Experience has all the certifications and permission to operate both inbound and outbound tours. Especially with all those authorities, we are competent to make the procedure for your cross-border ride. Driving with BM Travel Adventure Experience , you don’t have to be worried about anything paper-related; all you need to handle is the clutch.

BM Travel adventure

BM Travel adventure

Local Operators

To be able to function on a tour, we need a lot of parties. At BM Travel Adventure Experience, we comprehend the importance of teamwork as well as sustainable tourism. There is an old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” That’s why we have always been searching and reassessing for local operators who share the same passion and values as us to be our long-term companies.

Why Choose BM Travel Adventure Experience

Local Experts

We are enthusiastic and well-experienced Vietnamese people having an endless passion for motorbikes and discovering every corner of Vietnam. For us, your satisfaction is a measure of our existence. Most of us have joined tours and organized Vietnam motorbike tours, off-road Vietnam motorbike tours, Vietnam enduro tours for many years.

We are good at many foreign languages such as English, Spanish and French. Moreover, we are keen on mechanics. Therefore, we always have Spanish, English, and French tour guides at hand.

Recent & Well-maintained Motorcycles

BM Travel Adventure Experience are not a very big tourism agent in Vietnam but we don’t hesitate to invest in motorbikes of the latest versions. Most of these motorbikes are dirt bikes and enduro bikes. Some of them are not brand new ones but always maintained in the best condition.

Having organized tours for many years, we realize that these are the most excellent and most suitable lines of motorbikes that make you feel most comfortable and safest. These lines of motorbikes are not new to professional bikers/motorcyclists. The stable condition of motorbikes is a requisite for a wonderful trip.

We warrant with you that if your motorbikes have any troubles on the way, we will replace other motorbikes of the same type. Hence, you should feel free to enjoy beautiful scenes on your way without worrying about your motorbikes. Moreover, depending on your group size and your money, we can arrange supporting motorbikes or mechanics.

Excellent Tour Guides

Having worked with foreign tourists for many years, we understand that people are eventually a very important factor in any tour trip. People in this context mean tour guides. You will not enjoy a perfect trip with an unfriendly tour guide with bad foreign language skills even when you have an interesting program and excellent roads with motorbikes of good quality.

We are the combination of many professional tour guides (English, Spanish and French) in motorbike tours, which will make you surprised repeatedly because we just want to introduce our country and our people to the world. Additionally, we want to make friends with you while pursuing a viewpoint that tourism is connection and sharing.

Excellent Tour Guides BM Travel Adventure Experience

Dedicated Support

All our motorbike tours are accompanied by experienced guides, plus mechanics and a professional medic with safe and sophisticated equipment. We have a team of 10 seasoned mechanics for emergency cases, with the support of FORD RANGER Wildtrak 4×4 semi-trucks which will follow your group (more than 5) on every single road.

Safe & Scenic Routes

With a view to becoming a first-class professional motorbike tour operator in Vietnam, every year, we usually survey new roads and new routes as well as improving our present services and products. Our goal has always been the same: to give our customers the chance to experience Vietnam in a special and unusual way.

Therefore, all of our motorbike tours are designed to help you understand the depth of Vietnamese cultures and cuisine, be closer to local people, avoid the typical “tourist” routes which are tacky and overcrowded, and on top of that, gain the best motorcycle touring experiences that you will never forget!

Safe & Scenic Routes

Flexibility with BM Travel Adventure Experience

The flexibility in organizing motorbike tours is always our top priority. We have tours for even an individual to a big group of 36 riders or more. Our service varies depending on the number of riders accordingly:

  • A group of 1-5: An English-speaking tour guide is included in the price of the tour, a mechanic and 4×4 Wildtrak are not included. You have to pay extra if you are in need (a mechanic: $120/day, a 4×4 Wildtrak: $150/day, a tour guide speaking your language: please contact us)
  • A group of 6-10: A mechanic, a tour leader, and an English-speaking tour guide are included in the price of the tour, a 4×4 semi-truck is not included. You have to pay extra if you are in need (a 4×4 Wildtrak: $120/ day, a tour guide speaking your language: please contact us)
  • A group of 10-16: All are included (A mechanic, a tour leader, 2 English-speaking tour guides, and a 4×4 Wildtrak, a tour guide speaking your language: please contact us)
  • A group of >16: All are included. Please contact us/ book our tour for 6 months in advance. We will have enough time to arrange everything for you superbly.


Good Accommodation with BM Travel Adventure Experience

Eat and sleep in the best locations. We’ll take you closer to a country, without skimping. See more real Vietnam in your own way.

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Best Price Guarantee with BM Travel Adventure Experience

The Vietnam Motorbike Tours prices vary depending on the number of riders, types of motorcycles, and the high/ low season. Satisfy your adventure heart in Vietnam without worrying too much about the price. We guarantee to deliver the best motorbike tours price and services with equivalent quality.

Our Vision

Our divine mission is to position Asian motorbike tourism, particularly in Indochina. Even we connect all local service providers to give riders high-quality and full-service tourist packages at an affordable price, benefiting everyone in our community:


Let them touch the core and purity of culture in Indochina. Furthermore, all riders will enjoy their trip on two wheels and stay away from crowded tourist spots.


At BM Travel Adventure Experience, with high-level professionals employees supporting leading experts in motorbike tourism and modern workplace environment, that makes us always do our best for your riding journey.

Local Suppliers 

Every accommodation, restaurant, etc. BM Travel Adventure Experience always comes to check every six months to make sure their services are suitable for our customers.


Truthfully, BM Travel Adventure Experience is a bridge between riders and mountainous areas. The more we run the tour, the more they can improve their life by providing quality travel services.

We continually strive to improve the customer experience in addition to achieving corporate objectives. All money has to be worth it, and every single moment must be priceless on each motorcycle tour Options.

Our Core Values

The core values of BM Travel Adventure Motorcycle Tours, as a benchmark company in the adventure tourism industry, guarantee the best experience for our customers, with safety put on top. Besides that, we only take our customers to the pure Indochina cultures. Furthermore, we always would like to exceed the expectations of the adventurers by improving the following values

Vietnam Motorcycle ToursVietnam Motorcycle Tours
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