Driving License Conversion in Vietnam

In Vietnam, motorbikes are an indispensable means of transport. Of course, a driver’s license is considered as an indispensable thing to most of the motorcyclists

When traveling in Vietnam on a motorbike, you must know that your foreign driving licenses are not accepted in our country because the Vietnamese laws have changed quite a lot. Only International Driving Licenses and Vietnam motorbike licenses are accepted. Therefore, you should keep reading to know more about driving license in Vietnam.

driving-license-conversion-in-vietnam-1IDL – 1968 Convention International Driving License

From August 1st, 2016, IDL (International Driving License) is available in Vietnam with the 46/2016/ND-CP decree. It is such good news to hear. Though, it only allows 3 countries according to the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic on IDPs. In case, you own a 1968 IDP, it is possible for you to buy an insurance policy that guarantees your trips in Vietnam. It is also necessary for you to bring along your home country driving license together with a motorcycle endorsement. If so, your riding is no longer illegal in Vietnam.

IDP – 1949 Convention International Driving Permit

There are a number of countries including Australia, UK, USA, and Canada where permission for the 1968 Convention is not counted but allows the 1949 Geneva convention. Hence, if you are citizens of one of those countries, sadly, you are not able to ride motorbikes in Vietnam with your IDPs.

It is compulsory to have a Vietnam motorbike license or International Driving License when riding a motorbike in Vietnam if your motorbike has a capacity of greater than 50cc. Then, there should need an A1 license for under 175cc and A2 for ones with over 175cc of capacity. Insurance policies in Vietnam are like a long process, you will need to talk more with us to gain more details.

We will go to details to assist you with the whole process as well as the way to get a local Vietnam motorbike license. BM Travel Adventure places one office in Hanoi, it will be more convenient for you to know about Hanoi riding before reaching other provinces.

Vietnamese Driving License Status

It is a recommendation from the BM Travel Adventure to firstly know your status before getting started.

pillion-passenger-tours-1Right now, having a Vietnam motorbike license seems to be impossible when you are a tourist visa. All you need will be a business visa, work permit, or a residence card. And the process of registering motorbikes in Vietnam also needs these.

Status 1

It is possible for you when having your home country driving license to operate automobiles or motorbikes. Though, a tourist visa will be the only thing you have. Up to now, there is still no way to convert a foreign driving license into a Vietnam motorbike license.

Status 2

Having your home country driving license and it is possible to operate both automobiles and motorcycles. In this case, you can get an equivalent Vietnamese motorbike license without taking into a test. Shortly, it is converting your driving license.

Status 3

Have in your hands a home country riding license but you are only able to operate an automobile. If you are in this status, it will be possible for you to get a Vietnam motorbike license as long as you pass a test of riding a motorbike. It is still lucky that you do not need to have a theory test on motorbikes.

Status 4

You do not bring along any driving license that permits you to operate an automobile or motorbike. In this status, it is necessary for you to pass two tests including theory and driving ones. You also need to notice that you have to pass a theory test written in Vietnamese on a computer screen with 20 questions. To pass this test, you need to have the right answers for 18 questions. It is even more troublesome when there is no interpreter. Clearly, it requires you to have fluent Vietnamese both speaking and writing.

Status 5

You bring your home country riding license with a motorcycle endorsement. Besides, your IDP (International Driving Permit) is valid according to the 1949 Convention (mentioned above). It is sad though when in Vietnam, your licenses are not accepted.

Status 6

There have your home country riding license along with motorcycle endorsement. Added to this, your IDP is still valid based on the 1968 Convention (also mentioned above). It is good news that you do not need anything else. Please, have these documents with you, you are going to have legal ridings in Vietnam. Yet, it can only be legal when there is a displacement limit of your licenses.

Converting foreign driving license into an International Driving license

About IAA International Driver’s License

The IAA International Driver’s License is issued by the US Government and can be used for operating automobiles in different countries (currently in 192 countries).

IAA international driver's License

This license uses common standards of the International Automobile Association, suitable for driving in different countries which approved and signed in agreements.

Why is the need for an International Driver’s License?

  • Every country has different driving license: In Vietnam, licenses are issued by provincial Departments of Transport, while Thailand has a national driving license, and other countries as Australia, Spain, etc., issue license in their own forms.
  • To tackle this problem, the US has taken approvals from the driver association of 192 countries to issue an international driving license that utilizes common standards to facilitate the driving of foreigners in these 192 member countries. It is the IAA license.
  • This license is issued to people who want to drive motorcycles in a foreign country (one of the 192 countries which signed the agreement to recognize IAA licenses),

Conditions for IAA International Driver’s License

The IAA International Driver’s License is intended for the use of foreigners who come to the country with the purpose of visiting relatives, tourism, temporary residence, etc., with 6 months or up to 1 year of visiting duration. It is for operating vehicles conveniently.

The license is not equal in value to a local license. In case a visitor wants permanent resident or to work on a long term basis in a country, he or she should take the exam for an official license of said country.

A customer is only required to have in possession a driving license of their own country (Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Spain, Germany, etc.) to acquire an IAA International Driver’s License and drive freely in the license’s designated country.

Attention: Even if a customer doesn’t have a driving license of their own country, we can still get you one of these IAA International Driver’s License by using a serial number from another license. But this might result in later difficulties that the customer should be aware of.

international driving permit vietnam

Benefits of owning an International Driver’s License

The International Driver’s License or International Driving Permit are recognized as substitutes for IDs or passports. Using the International Driving Permit, you can easily rent hotel rooms, register for ATM cards, and other procedures that require identification via passports. This privilege is unique to the International Driving Permit and not available for other papers.

Without the International Driving License, self-driving on your rented vehicles in a foreign country is nearly impossible since, in most countries in the world, only customers with a translated International Driving License are accepted to rent vehicles.

Responsibilities and commitments

We guarantee that 100% of the completed IAA International Driver’s License provided to our customers are issued from the US head office addressed 2815 FORD STREET – BROOKLYN – NEWYORK. It includes one small book that lists designated countries + 1 Pet card (similar to the ID issued to Vietnamese citizens). To us, a reputed representative with years in service, you don’t have to worry about counterfeited licenses.

How to check:

We will send real photos of your International Driver’s License via email and/or phone apps like Zalo, Viber for you to check your information stored in the IAA system.

Procedures for converting foreign driving license into IAA International Driver’s License

  1. Original driving permit (photos of both front and back sides).
  2. Passport (the main page with your picture) or ID card (both sides).
  3. One license photo: the size of 4×6 cm (if you don’t have one ready at hand, you can take a phone’s camera picture of yourself standing with your back against a wall) to put on the license.
  4. Signature: Please sign with a bold pend on a white piece paper and then take a picture of it).
  5. Provide your full name, address, and phone number.

Driving License Conversion in Vietnam 2

Price for converting foreign driving license into IAA International Driver’s License

1 year120 USD
3 years150 USD
5 years170 USD
10 years250 USD
20 years270 USD

Customer’s responsibilities

You would have to look up via friends or relatives for whether the country, city, or state where you are traveling to accepts IAA’s International Drive Licenses or not. Within our well-proved experiences, most countries allow the use of this license, except for some cities in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, where it is not yet accepted.

founder-vietnam-motorbike-tours-club-bm-travel-adventure-1For any questions, contact Mr. Binh Phi

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  • Mobile: +84 976 024 986
  • Email: info@vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com

Converting foreign driving license into Vietnam motorbike license

Converting foreign driving license into a Vietnam motorbike license is considered the easiest way for you to obtain a Vietnam drivers’ license. Then, there is no need to take any theory or riding tests. It can only be possible until you own a home country motorbike driving license. Moreover, it is needed to have a business visa or a residence card which has at least three-month validity. Converting foreign driving license into the Vietnam motorbike license is simpler.

There also requires copies of your passport, visa, and your home country driving license. It only takes you 1 or day to have copied things done. Any offices of BM Travel Adventure can handle these documents. Then, you will have to wait more 7 or 10 days (Status 2) to get your Vietnamese motorbike driving license.

When you need a riding test (Status 3), it takes time a little bit longer. Usually, the weekly test will be arranged somewhere in Hanoi. It sometimes takes a long time to wait. Your applications for a temporary driving license must be directed to Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Center. It is located on 16 Cao Ba Quat street in Hanoi.

Application of Vietnamese Driving License

Things become more complex with this way to get a Vietnamese ss in Vietnamese with 20 questions. There is no other way if you do not have a valid home country driving license for cars or motorbikes. CBT from the UK can not guarantee.

As a way to have a Vietnamese motorbike driving license, it demands a Vietnamese residence permit or a work permit, a business visa with at least 3-month validity and a sponsor company as well. It is vital to have copies of your passport and visa. These documents should be translated and notarized at any notarization offices. Besides, waiting for a theory test can waste you for more than one month.

As stated above, the Vietnam Motorbike Tours team suggests that your applications for a temporary driving license must be directed to Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Center. It is located on 16 Cao Ba Quat street in Hanoi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to drive through Vietnam safely?

  • Be predictable on the street when traveling in Vietnam by motorbike

Remember this is the chaotic traffic of Vietnam, pretty much everything is unpredictable. So it does help a lot if each and everyone tries to be predictable on their own. Foreigner or not, when you’re on the street, you’re expected by other drivers to be predictable in every move.

Driving is the easy part. Anticipating the traffic is harder. Keep in mind that you will always be driving with other motorbikes around you on the streets and not talk about happening surprising situations. There’s no way you can pay attention to all those bikes at once, to be able to react if something happens. What you should do are:

  • let other drivers know that you’re about to turn/ pullover/cross the street/etc.. so they have time to react.
  • Use your horn and blinkers. It’s normal in Vietnam
  • No sudden movements, be predictable!

Always drive in a straight line

  • Always be expecting motorbikes coming from every direction

Be extra careful when you’re driving on a road that has many alleys leading out. Roads might look empty but someone could suddenly come out very fast from an alley, children or dogs can sometimes recklessly run into the street, so accidents can happen. And I also believe you are also afraid to encounter troubles. As a petrolhead, I understand the urge to twist your acceleration really hard when you’ve got a chance, but keep in mind that it’s when you need to be an extra focus and ready to react.

  • Prepare for braking

On a crowded street, be prepared for emergency braking. Always focus on your path and be willing to press on the front brake and rest your right foot on the back brake.

  • Do look over your shoulders when you’re about to turn

People don’t pay much attention to blinkers. So crossing the street using blinkers and mirrors doesn’t always work. You should try to go slowly, look over my shoulder, and work my way to the other side gradually.
If in doubt, sit behind a taxi or other slow-moving vehicle and follow their lead!

  • Pay attention to flashing headlights from cars and trucks

When you’re about to cross to the other side and the cars/trucks are going in the opposite direction, right in front of you flash their headlights, it means they want to get passed first and won’t slow down. Better wait for them to go and you continue to your journey.

  • Keep your distance

Keep your distance to the car/motorbike in front of you. It depends on how fast you are going to determine how much a distance you need to keep, but I think one-tenth of your traveling speed is a safe number.

What happens in a serious crash in Viet Nam?

In the case of a serious crash where either the traveler or a local is injured. People from the surrounding area or village quickly surround the scene of the crash out of curiosity. The police will then promptly show up and act as an on the spot investigator and judge. After their small investigation and may be based on the witnesses who watch your accident live, they will decide who pays who what amounts. You must be compensated for damage or not.

The police will then confiscate the motorbikes from both parties and use them as a ransom to force an agreement between those who were involved in the crash. It is here that you will usually find the police so helpful. They typically support a reasonable negotiation between foreigners and Vietnamese.

We recommend following police advice in regards to the cash needed to make the situation go away. Holding on to your morals of who caused the crash will not help you here. This the way things are done. Once all parties agree to walkway quietly, the police will then release the motorbikes. An efficient way of dealing with minor problems is to spend little coffee money as any problem will magically disappear.

For help and the accurate full story explanation of clients is very important. We often see “bending the truth” from travelers and digging big holes for all parties seems to be involved then. It is easiest for travelers to fix the situation themselves. Police, like to deal with the driver of the vehicle directly and attempts to pawn the situation onto someone else, can delay in motorbike retrieval.

Once again, if you are driving by the book and have an International Driving Permit and valid license then this will help when accidents occur.

How about Insurance for a motorbike in Vietnam?

When you are a foreigner who is traveling through Vietnam, you will not be able to purchase insurance locally that you can actually use. all most Local sellers or other rental agencies might offer to sell you a 3rd party yellow insurance paper. For you, this does nothing. To have the yellow insurance is merely a guideline in Vietnam and you should not rely on it for anything.

Before departing on your trip, you will want to check with your local insurance agency about providing insurance for motorbike rental in Vietnam. They will give you the right information on what they offer and how it might cover you in the event of a significant accident in Vietnam.

It’s best always to be aware of what the rules are in the country you are traveling too. Then be mindful of how those apply alongside the rules from your home country because of having some similarities among countries. When you are planning to drive a motorcycle to visit and discover some places in Vietnam, you can be too prepared, and a little knowledge about the local customs to completely be willing for a long way.

We’ve helped a lot of people safely and comfortably enjoy a memorable trip without any hassles at all. If you have any questions, there is an excellent chance we have already answered them. Please look at our FAQ page to see if it can help provide a solution to your problem. Then if you have any further questions or are ready to book, please feel free to get in contact with Vietnammotorbiketoursclub.

We look forward to helping you experience the real Vietnam, the way the locals do.

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