Off-road/ Vietnam Dirt Bike Tours

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ta Xua - 2 days
  Hanoi→ Ta Xua → Hanoi

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ta Xua - 2 days is likened to the path to the horizon, because Ta Xua is extremely beautiful every morning, throughout the valleys covered by clouds, it ...

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Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ha Giang - 4 days
  Hanoi → Ba Be → Dong Van → Ha Giang, Meo Vac → Hanoi

As an adventure lover, you should not ignore Vietnam’s northernmost - Ha Giang which is apparently worth going in every season. Coming here, tourists can widen their views with the roads running wild,...

Only From $580$580

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake - 4 days
  Hanoi → Mai Chau → Moc Chau → Phu Yen → Thac Ba lake ( Vu Linh ) → Hanoi

The Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake - 4 days will probably be your unforgettable and the most special tour that you have ever joined! Just in a short period of 4 days, you can get aw...

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Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh - 6 days
  Hanoi → Mai Chau → Phu Yen → Ta Xua → Nghia Lo → Vu Linh → Hanoi

Northern Vietnam is well-known for picturesque landscapes, together with traditional Vietnamese cultures. Every year, there are thousands of tourists coming to visit beauty spots in this region. They ...

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Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh - 7 Days
  Hanoi → Mai Chau → Son La → Muong Lay → Lai Chau → Sapa → Vu Linh → Hanoi

If you are excited about exploring beautiful landscapes along with indigenous cultures, it is sure that you couldn’t resist stunning destinations in Northwest Vietnam. Our 7-day Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour...

Only From $1,225$1,225

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh - 7 days
  Ha Noi → Bac Son → Quang Uyen → Bao Lac → Dong Van → Ha Giang → Vu Linh → Ha Noi

This Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours- 7 days is one of the most impressive and favorite in Vietnam. Only in 7 days is not too long or too short. Our motorcycle tour will offer you breathtaking scen...

Only From $1,015$1,015

Adventurous Off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tours/ Vietnam Dirt bike tours

No doubts about it: Vietnam is the perfect country for dirt bike tours. The variety of topography is challenging, yet very promising for bikers who want to spend their holiday going on wild adventures. Small, narrow roads, especially tight curves are often mentioned as the distinctive traits for the ride here. 

Mountainous areas occupy three-fourths of Vietnam's territory, of which 85 percent are the foothills of taller peaks. That means Vietnam dirt bike tours are not only potential for those who love trail road monsters, but also attractive to high gear motorbikers.

Stretching trail roads - stretching Vietnam dirt bike tours

Vietnam's S-shaped strip stretches across 03 regions with 03 groups of roads as follows:

Northern Vietnam: Shaping the original culture of Vietnam, Northern Vietnam is the center of norms, moral rules, and folklores. Therefore, Vietnam dirt bike tours in the north's trails are always associated with ancient landmarks and myths. Most tours in this area focus on the Northwest, with famous off-road routes namely Mai Chau-Moc Chau, Ha Giang Loop, Sa Pa-Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi, etc. This is also an area where months can be spent exploring the mountains Vietnam has to offer. The riding potential is endless and can scale from easy beautiful mountain roads to impossible dirt tracks that Northern local minority groups traverse. There are winding roads with countless tight narrow curves, plus steep slopes and desolate landscape. The departure for these tours, especially for dirt bike rentals, is Hanoi the capital, because you will easily find trusted route services here. 

Central Vietnam: Connecting the North and South of Vietnam, Central Vietnam is like a silky, yet challenging trail road for adventurous bikers. The notorious route in this area is definitely the Ho Chi Minh trail. Historic, symbolic, and heroic legends that happened during the Vietnam War are the best material and motivation for Vietnam dirt bike tours to exploit. This arterial trail will test bikers' strength and their machine’s endurance. Nowadays, bike lovers have two popular options: the first one is the unstopping 1000-mile-highway (you do not have to leave the tarmac and it absolutely fits fresh learners); and the second one is a more authentic & tougher experience, because you have to follow one of the old trail routes over the Annamite mountains into Laos (which is preferred, thanks to the preservation of classic Vietnam dirt bike tours).

Southern Vietnam: The land of sunshine, wind, sand, and undulating curves, as well as choking road curves. Compared to the north, trail roads here are also familiar with the most crowded departure - Saigon. Vietnam Dirt bike tours started from this city to Da Lat, Nha Trang and Pleiku are the best well-known routes. The most distinct experience of these tours is the gradual weather change due to terrain height. Bikers will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to admire the endless coastal roads and the majestic mountains & forests on the tours.

Besides 03 types of famous trail roads above, Vietnam is also well-known for trail roads along the seaside. You the lonesome traveler and your motorbike the best friend exploring abrupt slopes, spontaneous turns, and sometimes even the never-ending, unnamed rugged hills of Vietnam: a very promising tale that inspires ready-to-go bikers out there. That's why we need to take a closer look at the perfect off-road dirt bike choices for each Vietnam dirt bike tour.

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