Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Phu Yen → Sapa → Ha Giang → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Ha Noi

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Hanoi To Ba Be – 11 Days

Experiencing North Vietnam by motorbike on small and steep roads will be a challenge for any adventure biker. From Hanoi to Ba Be Lake, you...

03 Days Hanoi → Thac Ba Lake → Ba Be Lake → Hanoi

Vietnam Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake – 3 days

For those want to enjoy the vacation in an extraordinary way, this 3-day Vietnam Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake is definitely the perfect...

From: $507/person

04 Days Hanoi → Bac Son → Ban Gioc Waterfall → Quang Uyen → Ba Be Lake → Ha Noi

Northeast Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be – 4 days

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be - 4 days is perfect for those who don't have much time to conquer northern loop...

From: $676/person

04 Days Hanoi → Cat Ba → Halong Bay → Hanoi

Northeast Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay – 4 Days

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay – 4 Days to admire limestone islands, rich biodiversity and surreal beauty...

From: $676/person

05 Days Hanoi → Ba Be → Cao Bang → Ban Gioc → Quang Uyen → Lang Son

Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Lang Son – 5 days

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son - 5 days will satisfy your adventurous blood by riding on all types of roads, from...

From: $845/person

05 Days Ha Noi → Mau Son → Quang Uyen → Ban Gioc waterfall → Ba Be Lake (Ba Be National Park) → Ha Noi

Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall and Ba Be – 5 days

The Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall and Ba Be - 5 days is full of wonders, challenges, and surprises from mother...

From: $845/person

06 Days Hanoi → Ba Be → Meo Vac → Dong Van → Lung Cu → Ha Giang → Xin Man → Bac Ha market → Lao Cai → Sapa

Northeast Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Sapa – 6 days

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Sapa - 6 days will bring you through the amazing roads and passes of Dong Van Plateau then...

From: $1,014/person

06 Days Hanoi → Vu Linh (Thac Ba lake ) → Ha Giang City → Dong Van (Ma Pi Leng pass) → Bao Lac → Ba Be Lake → Hanoi

Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang – 6 days

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike tour from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang to explore the distinctive beauty of Quan Ba skygate, Dong Van Old quarter,...

From: $1,014/person

07 Days Hanoi → Vu Linh → Chieu Lau Thi → Thong Nguyen → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac → Ba Be → Hanoi

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be – 7 days

With the 7-day Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be, you escape the stifling atmosphere of the city and see lots of beautiful...

From: $1,312/person

7 Days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Phu Yen → Mu Cang Chai → Sapa → Ha Giang → Vu Linh → Hanoi

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh via Mu Cang Chai

The beauty of terraced fields and flower seasons in Tu Le, Mu Cang Chai, Sa Pa, Dien Bien, Son La, Moc Chau, and Mai Chau have been...

7 Days Ha Noi → Thac Ba Lake → Ha Giang → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Lang Son → Ha Long → Ha Noi

Offroad Motorbike Tour Ha Giang to Ha Long Bay – 7 Days

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour form Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay - 7 days to explore lush landscapes, local cuisine will be definitely worth exploring...

From: $Contact Us

Extreme Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours – Best Way To Discover The True Vietnam Beauty 

Vietnam is a beautiful country with endless wonders and new experiences to explore. Each region of this S-shaped land has its unique feature in respect of natural beauty, culture, and tradition. If the Northwest stands out for the wild beauty of majestic mountains, the northeast attracts tourists by its great passes, spectacular valleys, and challenging off-road paths. For those who live for the adventures and wish for getting life-changing experiences, being a part of our Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours would be the best idea.

You will have the chance to visit the most famous tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam such as Hoang Su Phi, Dong Van rock plateau, Non Nuoc Cao Bang geopark, Ban Gioc waterfall, Me Pia pass, and Ma Pi Leng. Upland markets are also must-visit places where you can learn about the customs and cultures of ethnic minorities. In case you want to enjoy a cruise trip and immerse in the clear blue waters of the stunning beaches, Halong and Cat Ba are the perfect choices.

Proud to be one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Vietnam, BM Travel Adventure promises to bring you the best Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours that promise to bring full of unforgettable moments and experiences. All are waiting for you to come and discover it!

Best loops in Northeast Vietnam

Are you a wanderlust soul? Do you want to conquer the amazing off-the-beaten tracks that leave you with life-changing experiences? Check out some of the best motorbike routes in Northeast Vietnam below:

Hoang Su Phi – Tay Con Linh – Thanh Thuy border gate, Ha Giang (100% off-road)

This route will take you to Tay Con Linh – the rooftop of the northeast with an altitude of more than 2,400m. Although it is not the highest mountain in Vietnam, conquering Tay Con Linh is much more difficult and dangerous than Mount Fansipan. Unlike the road to conquer the roof of Indochina, the path to Tay Con Linh is very long and has not been shaped in lines. On the way, you will be traveling through remote areas that are almost separated from the modern world outside. The landscape also changes continuously from majestic mountains, dense forests to magnificent terraced rice fields created by ethnic minorities. With 100% off-road paths, this route is the right choice for the most hardcore riders.

Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng – Nho Que – Meo Vac – Khau Vai Love Market – Bao Lac – Du Gia – Mau Due – Ha Giang

Considered one of the best motorcycle routes in Northeast Vietnam, this route allows you to admire the breathtaking view of majestic limestone mountains and discover the unique customs and practices of ethnic minorities. Taking a motorbike ride to Dong Van Rock Plateau, you will gain unforgettable experiences of crossing rocky roads and staying overnight in a stilt house with tribes. To reach Meo Vac, you will have to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the four largest passes in Vietnam. Some stops along the way give you a break to enjoy the beauty of the romantic Nho Que river from afar and taste local foods. Then, do not forget to pay a visit to Khau Vai Love Market, where ethnic minorities get to know, meet, chat, and exchange their products.

Halong cruise – Hanoi (2 days)

After many hard days of riding, this 2-day Halong cruise tour will help you relax and regain energy before returning to Hanoi. It takes you deep into the natural wonder and experience a memorable night in the majestic bay. Wake up early to watch the sunset, visit floating village, go kayaking – all will be unforgettable memories in your life.

Best Northeast Motorcycle Tours In Vietnam

Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son – 5 days

This tour only lasts 5 days but takes you through almost prominent attractions in Northeast Vietnam. Satisfy your adventurous heart by riding on all types of roads from flat, zigzag to dirt, and jungle tracks.

You will visit Ba Be Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam spanning over 500 hectares. The best way to experience the incredible beauty of this lake is to take a boat trip that allows you to get closer to mysterious caves and fascinating biodiversity. Located in the middle of the lake, Widow Island is also a fantastic spot you should not miss. Made up of rocks of different sizes and shapes piled up on each other, it looks like a pending emerging on the water surface. You can immerse yourself in cool water or take some beer on this island before continuing the boat tour.

Leave Ba Be Lake behind, and we will ride back to Pac Ngoi village (located right in Ba Be National Park) to enjoy dinner with local specialties and home-made wine (which is fermented from 15 different types of forest leaves). Overnight in a stilt house of the Tay people to learn more about their unique culture as well as boost your energy after long rides.

Besides, you also have the chance to visit Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark – the second-largest geopark in Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall – one of the 5 largest waterfalls along a national border in the world, and Bac Son valley – the most beautiful valley in Northeast Vietnam.

Northeast Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang – 6 days

motorbike route offers the most single tracks in the northeast. It not only provides an amazing view of natural landscapes but also gives you the chance to visit and explore the colorful culture of hill tribes who have a hard life but always are optimistic and happy.

This tour will take you to the most outstanding landmarks in Ha Giang Loop such as Quan Ba sky gate, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng pass, Co Tien twin mountain, Khau Vai love market, and two most beautiful lakes in the North – Thac Ba Lake and Ba Be Lake. If Ba Be is known as the largest natural freshwater lake, Thac Ba is the greatest artificial lake in the country. With more than 1,300 islets and stunning caves hidden deep in the limestone mountains, Thac Ba is proud to be called “Halong on the mainland” in Northeast Vietnam.

On the way, our crew also makes a stop at Lung Tam – a peaceful small village of White H’mong people in Ha Giang, which famous for a long-standing tradition of brocade weaving. With eco-friendly materials, unique colors, and patterns and colors, the crafts of Lung Tam artists are always favored by visitors, especially foreign tourists.

Northeast Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 7 days

Besides familiar destinations like above, the highlight of this tour is a 2-day cruise trip that allows you to discover the magical beauty of Halong Bay. After long days of roaming on dirt roads, it is time to relax before returning to Hanoi. Every day on the road with our 7-day Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour will be a fun-filled, exciting ride with lots of new experiences to look forward to!

Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle from Hanoi to Lang Son via Ha Giang – 8 days

Up to the forest or down to the sea – this 8-day trip will give you all the most exciting experiences in Northeast Vietnam. Ready to challenge your riding skills on bumpy trails to explore remote lands, wonderful terraced fields, peaceful villages of ethnic minorities, and then spend the last two days on the cruise to admire the beauty Halong Bay. If you have enough time, do not hesitate to join this tour now.

Best dirt bikes to ride with

Honda CRF250L

For most types of roads in Vietnam, Honda CRF250L is really an ideal choice. The perfect combination of balance, power, and exquisite design makes it perfectly suited to the dirty and muddy roads in Northeast Vietnam. However, with a slightly heavyweight (143kg), it is not highly recommended for hardcore rides.


Dubbed the “Prince” among all dirt bike models, SUZUKI DRZ400 stands out for its excellent balance, power, and flexibility. If the Honda CRF250L disadvantage is hardcore routes, then SUZUKI DRZ400 can handle all of them. Whether you are on highways or mountainous roads, this model is unbeatable.

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