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BMW Motorcycle Tours

BMW Motorcycle Tours From Sai Gon to Siem Reap - 10 Days
  Saigon → Cu Chi → Phnom Penh → Krong Siem Reap → Stung Treng → Pleiku → Buon Ma ...

On this BMW Motorcycle Tour from Saigon, we will explore the best modern city in Vietnam and the capital in Cambodia. A journey with many color cultures in Indochina will surprise you every time you t...

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BMW Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi to Laos
  Hanoi → Mai Chau → Sam Neua → Nong Khiew → Luang Prabang → Vientiane → Na Hin → ...

Vietnam shares land borders with three countries in Asia, including China, Cambodia, and Laos. However, Laos - Vietnam border crossing by motorbike is one of the great ways to experience adventurous t...

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BMW Motorcycle Tour from Da Nang to Indochina
  Da Nang → Kon Tum → Krong Ban Lung → Kong Kracheh → Phnom Penh → Siem Reap → Stu...

On this BMW Motorcycle Tour from Da Nang, we will explore the best modern city in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Western Laos. Not only that, you will conquer the Ho Chi Minh trail, the most crucial route in ...

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The Wild Luxury Motorcycle Tours in Asia With BMW Motorcycle Camping 

Asia is the heaven for motorcycles tours, and the cradle is Central and South Asia. Moving your soul on two wheels through diverse culture's Indochina to admire eight out of ten of the world's highest mountains in Nepal or Conquer Island Nations of Asia, That is the dream of many motorcyclists. 

With The Wild Luxury Motorcycle Tours in Asia, BM Travel will bring you back to Nature and let you touch the core value of crossing border trips

BMW motorcycle tours

Priceless Every Single Moment with BMW Motorcycle Tours

Riding BMW GS 1250 crossing borders may be a dream of many motorcyclists over the world. We cannot exchange money for those moments when riding Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh Trails or Route 13 in Indochina to The Karakoram Highway, Leh-Manali Highway, and Rohtang Pass. But BM Travel Motorbike Tours is here with you to turn your dream come true.

Bmw motorcyle tours in vietnam

Diverse Cultures & Majestic of Mother Nature With Motorcycle Camping

Every country has its unique culture that makes us excited. Not only about local life but also religions in Asia of each country are also totally different. The bike moves our body, but Cultures and the beauty of Nature move our soul. That core of traveling will make your trip become the best experience in your life.

Nature and culture in BMW motorcycle tours

Luxury Motorcycle Camping Tours or 4 - 5 start hotels

The Wild Luxury Motorcycle Tours will combine Luxury Camping (Glamping) and 4 – 5 stars hotels. Glamping does not only bring us back to immerse ourselves in Nature with fully premium camping equipment. But 4 -5 stars hotels also recharge our energy for the long riding.

BM Travel Adventure believes that The Wild Luxury Motorcycle Tours in Asia will be the promised tour in Asia. The BMW Motorcycle Tours are for every rider worldwide who loves riding on GS 1250 to admire Asia in the wildest way. 

BMW Motorcycle Tours - Luxury Camping

BMW Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

BM Travel Adventure is proud of being the highest quality motorcycle company to run BMW Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam. We let our customers touch the core of Vietnamese traditional cultures and take you to immerse Nature with the luxury journey. BM Travel's Expert Team will make your trip the best memories you have ever.

Northern Loop Vietnam

The terrain of Northern Loop Vietnam is diverse and absolutely majestic. That explains for four most incredible passes: Tram Ton Pass, Ma Pi Leng, Khau Pha, Pha Din, and more. Plenty of rugged and winding trails are going to evoke riders' endless passion for traveling. Moreover, the North is the cradle of Vietnam culture and tradition, and countless incredible things are waiting for you.


Northwest Vietnam must be the top 1 road vacation on your list because of its perfect blend of spectacular mountains, verdant valleys, and calm communities of ethnic minorities. Enjoy the BMW Motorcycle Tours, and pay a visit to the best cities in Vietnam such as Sapa, Dien Bien Phu ...

bmw motorcycle tours in north vietnam


Suppose the wild grandeur of majestic mountains draws visitors to the Northwest. In that case, the Northeast Vietnam draws them in with its tremendous passes, spectacular valleys, and Dong Van Karst Plateau Park in Ha Giang, Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang. Being a part of our BMW high-end motorcycle tour is the most excellent idea for those who live for adventure and want to have life-changing experiences.

Ho Chi Minh trail & Central highlands

BMW Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours are the best option. Not only the adventure trip but also relic sites for those who love to learn about Vietnam War. Khe Sanh or Indochina T- Junction will answer all your questions. Besides that, Da Nang, Hue cites is for relaxing after riding. Central Highland & Ho Chi Minh Trails is a colorful trip for BMW motorcycle lovers.

Southern Vietnam

For motorcycle tours, Vietnam is one of the most exciting travel locations. Numerous rugged roads in the South will test your bravery and abilities. The breathtaking scenery, fascinating culture, and delectable local cuisine will astound you. You will not be disappointed by Coastline ride Vung Tau, Phan Thiet Nha Trang, or Jungle ride Nam Cat Tien and mountain ride Lam Dong - Da Lat. The journeys will be fascinating than ever before.

BMW motorcycle tours in Southern Vietnam

Mekong Delta

Although Mekong Delta Motorcycle Tours are not intended for off-roading, there are many colors to be discovered. Every time you come city, the culture changes, and the cuisines are as diverse as the music, dishes, and beverages. Religions also are a mystery exciting to you. What was living like for the locals here when so many rivers crisscrossed and created islands? Before flowing into the sea, the Mekong River split into nine smaller rivers, turning these flatlands into a bowl of rice for Vietnam. Views of unending paddy fields are something we are confident you will not find anywhere else. In this Mekong Delta BMW Motorcycle Tour, you will enjoy your holiday riding than ever.

Vietnam cross country Motorcycle  

To touch the Vietnamese cultures deeply, cross Country Motorcycle Tour you must do. From the dỉverse ethnic minority in Nothern mountainous areas, next to the traditional cultures Hanoi to ancient kingdom in Hue and the modern Ho Chi Minh City, last agricultural area Mekong Delta. Each place will give you a distinctive color. Vietnam crossing country rides with BMW motorcycle tour with BM Travel Adventure, and you can immerse yourself into Nature by Glamping. This journey can not describe in any words. Being a part of this adventure will be the best memory of your life.

BMW Crossing border

BM Travel Adventure is basing throughout Vietnam, the most convenient place for any motorcycle crossing border trip in Indochina. On BMW GS 1200, riding borders of many Asian Countries, all motorcyclists cannot deny this feelings. Experiencing all Asian cultures will be priceless moments in your life. Starting the journey from Vietnam then through Indochina and conquering India Nepal, we are proud to say that we are the first motorcycle tour company in Vietnam to run these trips. 

BMW motorcycle tours - Crossing Border

Why should you start the BMW motorcycle touring from Vietnam?

1.    Gateway for land and waterway traffic

This is absolutely true, and France and The US saw this more than 100 years ago. When the Vietnam war started, France and the US tried to take Da Nang first. From Da Nang to reach Laos or Cambodia border just around 100km. And this distance is so easy for BMW 1200 GS.

2.    If you ride from another country and would like to get into Vietnam

Under the new Decree issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, the following are the 5 prerequisites for foreigners to enter Vietnam with their own motorcycles:

•    Motorcycles owned by foreign companies or individuals must be registered in foreign countries and have foreign license plates.

•    Motorcycles must have a technical safety and environmental protection inspection certificate, as well as a motorbike registration certificate issued by the country of registration's responsible body.

•    The owner of the motorcycle is a foreigner with International Driver Licences. If you need to convert your license into IDL, BM Travel can do it for you. 

•    To cross the border into Vietnam by bike, you must get a Vietnamese entry and exit permit from the Department of Transportation at least 15 days in advance and at least 1 month in advance if crossing by car.

•    Last but not least, foreigners are required to work through an international travel agency in Vietnam with detailed entry and exit times, number of vehicles, number of people, places of entry, exit, range, and the route. Check More in this link

BMW motorcycle tours from Vientam

3.    BMW Motorcycle Tours With BM Travel Adventure

If you start anywhere in Vietnam with BM Travel Adventure Motorbike Tours, The top 1 Caravan Tour Operator – Inbound Tour Operator in Vietnam, we solve all problems above for you. And then, on BMW GS 1200, you can do a oneway ride anywhere in Indochina. Not stop at that; CB 500x CRF Rally, CRF 250, XR 150L are for rental Motorcycle for your conquering Indochina.

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