Off-road Vietnam 4x4 Tours

Days 07/Days Hanoi → Pu Luong → Moc Chau → Son La → Dien Bien Phu → Sapa → Vu Linh → Ha Noi

North Vietnam 4×4 Tours – 7 Days

Northern Vietnam is an incredible place to visit and explore the unique culture of hill tribes. Do you want to travel to remote areas but...

Days 07/Days Hanoi → Pu Luong → Moc Chau → Son La → Dien Bien Phu → Sapa → Vu Linh → Ha Noi

North Vietnam Motorbike & 4×4 Tours – 7 Days

Northern Vietnam is an incredible place to visit and explore the unique culture of hill tribes. Do you want to travel to remote areas but...

Days Hanoi → Ha Long Bay → Pu Luong → Tan Ky → Phong Nha → Hue → Hoi An → Buon Me Thuot → Da Lat → Nam Cat Tien → Sai Gon

Self-drive Vietnam 4×4 Tour From North to South 11 Days

Self-driving tours have been a hot trend among young people, particularly adventurous travelers with unique experiences you won’t find in another type. The legendary Ho Chi...

3 Days Hanoi → Tram Tau → Ta Xua → Hanoi

Caravan Vietnam 4×4 Tour Explore Pristine Beauty Northwest of Hanoi

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club belong to BM Travel Adventure. We provide any motorbike tours, motorcycle tours in VietNam: Sapa, Ha Giang, Ho Chi Minh Trail...

From: $Contact Us

06 Days Hanoi → Vu Linh → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Cao Bang

Self-Drive Vietnam 4×4 Tour from Hanoi to Ha Giang – 6 days

Our Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to Ha Giang - 6 days promises to bring you unforgettable experiences while moving through the spectacular countryside

From: $1,056/person

08 Days Hà Nội → Tà Xùa → Ngoc Chien → Sapa → Bac Ha → Ha Giang → Meo Vac → Ba Be

Self-Drive Vietnam 4×4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam – 8 Days

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club belong to BM Travel Adventure. We provide any motorbike tours, motorcycle tours in VietNam: Sapa, Ha Giang, Ho Chi Minh Trail...

From: $1,280/person

08 Days Hanoi → Phu Yen → Mai Chau → Tan Ky → Phong Nha → Khe Sanh → VInh Moc Tunnel → Hue → Hoi An

Self-drive Vietnam 4×4 Tour on the Ho Chi Minh trail – 8 days

In the 8-day Vietnam 4x4 tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will run through 8 – famous – place itinerary including Phu Yen, Mai...

From: $1,832/person

09 Days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Laos Border → Xamnuea → Xieng Khoang → Luang Prabang → Muang La → Vietnam Border → Dien Bien Phu → Son La → Hanoi

Self Drive 4×4 Tour From Vietnam to Laos crossing borders – 9 days

If adventurous travel is your thing, this Self Drive 4x4 Tour From Vietnam to Laos crossing borders - 9 days is designed for you. Within...

From: $1,521/person

12 Days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Phu Yen → Mu Cang Chai → Sapa → Ha Giang → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Cao Bang → Lang Son → Halong Bay → Hanoi.

Adventurous Self-drive Northern Vietnam 4×4 Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 12 Days

This 12-day Northern Vietnam 4x4 tour will take you to the most isolated but beautiful lands in the far north of Vietnam, such as Mai Chau,...

From: $2,028/person

13 Days Hanoi → Vu Linh → Phu Yen → Moc Chau → Pu Luong → Tan Ky → Phong Nha → Khe Sanh → Hoi An → Hue → Ha Tinh → Tam Coc → Ninh Binh → Hanoi

Self-drive Vietnam 4×4 tour on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail – 13 days

The Self-drive Vietnam 4x4 tour on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail – 13 days is designed for a safe off-road trip in Vietnam. The...

From: $2,197/person

A complete guide to having the best self-drive 4×4 tour (4WD) in Vietnam

To go on a motorbike tour across Vietnam must have been a dream of many adventure lovers, however, it’s required very good health and many riding skills if you travel by motorbike. So why don’t you drive a 4×4? Following is a complete guide for the best and safest self-drive Vietnam 4×4 tour across the country.

Off-road Vietnam 4x4 Tours

Why should you take a Vietnam 4×4 tour?

Interesting experience

On the way from North to South Vietnam offers no end of beautiful visions of green forest, deep blue sea, and mighty mountains. To see those landscapes with your own eyes, a self-drive tour is a best and safe way at a reasonable cost for such a long journey. Because the unfavorable weather will make it very hard for a two-wheeled trip while public transportation such as trains and airplanes will take way the adventurousness and the initiative of time.


During a self-drive Vietnam 4×4 tour, it is without dispute to happen certain difficulties. A long drive is not that easy which is sure to make drivers tired. There are even many tough and dangerous roads. Therefore, you better go with a well-experienced traveler to learn the way of handling the risks and troubles from them in the event that you are a beginner.

Why should you take a Vietnam 4x4 tour?

Travel experiences of a self-drive Vietnam 4×4 tour 


  • Arrange your time and organize your work: Before a long holiday, you need to spend days and months arranging the time and organizing your work. Hence, make use of your free time or make a detailed plan as soon as you can.
  • Stay healthy: Without a tour guide, you have to take care of yourself and your family so it will be very hard for weak people, the elderly or children. Thus, booking a package tour a few months in advance is much wiser and safer.
  • Bring enough items and money: Expenses for a tour cross Vietnam varies depending on your likings and demands.

4×4 car and essential tools

  • It’s required to give the car – your companion on the journey good upkeep. Carry along car repair tools and spare tires in case of founding no automobile repair shops nearby. Refuel when necessary. Don’t wait until it’s out of petrol.
  • Next, pick up fundamental travel items for your journey. For example, sports shoes, med bag, compass, survival kits. Pack it up with several types of clothes: thin, warm, and even swimsuit because each region has different weather.
  • Do not forget snacks, dry foods, and drinks for feeding your belly in the mornings or when you feel hungry, to save time. Also, your private papers and a certain quantity of cash.

4x4 car and essential tools

Plan your own travel itinerary 

Make a detailed plan before the departure to avoid several anticipate issues. Pay attention to times for moving or staying in each destination.

Task the members with missions

It’s certain that you will face more problems and challenges if you are alone. That’s why you should bear the guides for solo travel in mind and make sure about your own safety. But when you are in a group, ask for the members’ help in planning the itinerary, finding eateries and restaurants, driving in turns, and buying tools and other items. Once the missions are assigned evenly, there will be fewer concerns during the trip for each one of you.

Important Notes When Driving in Vietnam

Follow the Vietnamese traffic laws strictly

Learn about the Vietnam traffic laws via the internet or your friends who know much about it to know the ways, the regulations applied for each national highway, and the number of vehicles circulating. And never run at an excessive speed.

Eating and resting

It will take plenty of time driving on the road, hence, you better book hotels or homestays a few months in advance to save time and some money. Finding out more about destinations where are free to enter and well-known eateries is a must, too.

Important Notes When Driving in Vietnam

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Dai Lanh – Tuy Hoa

Go for sightseeing at Da Lanh beach and visiting the small city of Tuy Hoa is a great way to begin the journey. The Ca Pass, Da Bia Mountain, and Mang Lang Church are the places that worth your visit.

Day 2: Quy Nhon 

Quy Nhon, a very beautiful sea, has put its name on the map with the untouched landscapes like Tay Son, Thi Nai lagoon, Ghenh Rang.

Day 3: Hoi An – Da Nang

Hoi An Ancient Town is a must-visit attraction when you come to Central Vietnam. Have fun around Da Nang city and take a tour to Cu Lao Cham.

Day 4: Son Tra Peninsula – Ba Na Hill

Ba Na Hill is a tourist area that has many photogenic sceneries and diverse entertainment or thrilling games, especially for youngsters.

Day 5: Hue Ancient Capital

After a day outing in Ba Na, we will get a calm day uncovering Hue Ancient Capital and strolling along the poetic Perfume River.

Day 6: Quang Binh

Come to Quang Binh, we will take time to discover one of the 7 natural wonders of the world – Phong Nha Cave and pay a visit to the tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap.

Day 7: Nghe An

Nghe An, the sunny and windy province, has a range of amazing places and spectacles of idyllic countryside. The land is bold in the cultural identities of the central region.

Day 8: Vinh – Thanh Hoa

Vinh is a bustling yet gentle city that offers a variety of delicious foods. If you want to take some vitamin sea, head to Cua Lo or Sam Son beach near there.

Day 9: Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is famous for its majestic mountains and charming Trang An tourist area. It takes a full day to explore.

Day 10: Halong Bay

If you are interested, book a cruise tour on Halong Bay. 

Day 11: Yen Tu – Viet Tri

Climbing Yen Tu Mountain to reach the temple is not only suitable for Buddhists but also an intriguing experience.

Day 12: Lai Chau – Dien Bien

Leaving the plains, we will experience the last days in the Northwest mountainous region. Lai Chau and Dien Bien both have many beautiful scenes and unique cultures found in nowhere else.

Day 13: Sapa – Lao Cai

Go up for hunting cloud in hazy Sapa and Lao Cai. There, a discovery of ethnic minorities’ life and rice terraced fields is highly recommended.

Day 14: Mai Chau – Hoa Binh

These 2 provinces have many appealing natural scenes such as flower fields, peaceful rivers, and streams of Yen and sacred HuongTich pagoda.

Day 15: Hanoi

Ending the journey in Hanoi is the most ideal. Zip-around the city, enjoy the capital city’s specialties and go see famed tourist sites such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Sword Lake (Ho Guom), and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long to name a few.

Vietnam 4X4 WD Tours

The above is just a suggested itinerary with an appropriate schedule. You can read more about the travel experiences of a self-drive Vietnam 4×4 tour or simply get to where you have never set your foot on. A four-wheeled trip is only for those who have full preparation including experience, travel knowledge, health, and finance. If you want to save money and effort in preparing, book a package tour of Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club. With the professional tour guides and mechanic teams who have been working in the field for 10 years, we will take good care of you during the whole excursion. That will help you get more time for other tasks and an adventurous trip of your lifetime. In particular, each of our tours includes a camping night accompanied by a whole lot more exciting activities.

Taking a guided tour is much safer, cheaper, and more comfortable while you can be free to experience the beauty and all interesting things on the way.

Hope that this guide is helpful for your travel. Welcome to Vietnam – the land of miracles!

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