Laos Motorbike Tours

04 Days Luang Prabang → Viengthong → Nam Nern Night Safari → Viengthong → Luang Prabang

Off-road Laos Motorbike Tour to Explore one of the Biggest Protected Areas – 4 days

Don't miss our Laos motorbike tour that brings great experiences of riding to the spectacular roads of Northern Laos and exploring the wildlife of Lao...

From: $796/person

04 Days Luang Prabang → Pak Ou → Ban Nanyang → Ban Payong/ Nong Khiaw → Oudomxay → Luang Namtha → Pakbeng → Hongsa → Luang Prabang

Northern Laos Motorbike Tour to Rural Village, Magnificent Caves and Landscape – 4 days

We start our exciting four-day Northern Laos Motorbike Tour from Luang Prabang and set on an exhilarating ride through some remote parts of northern Laos.

From: $796/person

07 Days Luang Prabang → Viengthong → Nam Nern Night Safari → Viengthong → Luang Prabang

Laos Motorbike Tours to The Infamous Golden Triangle – 7 days

Taking a 7-day motorbike tour to the infamous Golden Triangle in Laos, you can enjoy the beauty spots of the Golden Triangle and the daily...

From: $1,393/person

10 Days Luang Prabang → Vang Vieng → Phonsavanh → Vieng Thong → Nong Khiaw → Muang Khua → Boun Tai → Luang Namtha → Pakbeng → Sayabouly → Luang Prabang

Off The Beaten Path Northern Laos Motorbike Tour – 10 days

With this 10-day Northern Laos motorbike tour, riders can enjoy lots of winding dirt roads, peaceful villages, spectacular mountains, and mesmerizing valleys.

From: $1,990/person

Travel to Laos by motorbike – Everything you need to know 

Laos, also as known as “The Land of Million Elephants”, has no difficulty in conquering the hearts of visitors with its “travel-back-in-time” feeling, friendly and rustic local people, combined with thousand-old-age statues and royal palaces, sanctuary Buddhist temples, and magnificent waterfalls. It’s a relief to be heading out of the increasingly exhaust-heavy air of the city and fulfill your dream of discovery by taking Laos motorbike tours – the dreamlike world of the mysterious beauty of religion and the pristine nature.

Laos Motorbike Tours

Best time to visit Laos and take Laos motorbike tours

The best time to visit Laos is from December to April next year. At this time, the temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees with little rain, which is suitable for you to pack your bag and travel over every small and stunning corner of Laos. If you are planning a Laos motorbike tour, remember to write this important thing down in your traveling notebook!

Laos Motorcycle Tours – more than just motorbike adventures!

On a Laos motorbike tour to different places of this peaceful country, you will be impressed overwhelmingly with hundreds of different green. Here, you can see the dark green forests stretching from horizons to horizons. There, you will catch the sight of the emerald rice field gently swaying along with each passing breeze. And a glimpse into the fresh tea leaves blanketing the entire landscape will make your heart melted in a gentle sense. At different times, Laos puts a different green dress on its scenery – but, undoubtedly, all of them are worth taking time and effort to discover. Among these highlights, it will be a regret if we skip the eco-tourism – the field that Laos is leading the way in Southeast Asia.

Laos Motorcycle Tours – more than just motorbike adventures!

The Laos government highly appreciates protected areas in remote areas as well as the perfect combination between community-based trekking and magnificent natural scenery in their country. With the development of village homestay, the visitors to Laos will have great opportunities to explore the local and authentic experiences. If you are an adventurous traveler, don’t worry! Laos is an ideal choice when you wish for driving on your own motorbike and passing through the superb waterfalls, the huge elephants, and the fresh and cold streams to immerse yourself in the pure nature. It is time to join in Laos Motorcycle Tours with us and relax your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your soul!

The must-visit destinations when traveling to Laos by motorbike

Sam Nuea Town (Sam Nua Town)

Taking a Laos motorcycle tour, you will definitely go through the transit point from the exit station at Na Meo and Ten Tan border gates, 78 kilometers from the Nam Soi border gate. You can find here food stalls, budget hostels, and the friendly smiles on the faces of the locals. When you are going to out of Sam Nuea, there is Lao traffic police, who will check your paperwork. However, if you prepare all the paperwork carefully and obey the law, there is nothing to worry about!

The must-visit destinations when traveling to Laos by motorbike

Phou Lao junction

From Sam Nuea to Phou Lao junction is about 93 km, however, the condition of this road is quite bad. Along the road, the only stop to take a break is the Saleuy area, where you can contemplate a magnificent waterfall. At the junction of Phou Lao, there was a grocery store of a Vietnamese-speaking salesman selling Sim Unitel. It is hard to find a food stall, a hotel or homestay in this area. From the junction, you turn right 225 kilometers to go to Nong Khiaw (Pak Mong), turn left 150 kilometers to Phonsavan, both 2 roads are steep and quite dangerous.

Muang Kham

Located on the road from Phou Lao to Phonsavan, Muang Kham town at the junction has many guesthouses, hotels, and restaurants. From here you turn left to Nam Can border gate, turn right to reach Phonsvan.

Phonsavan (Xieng Khouang)

There are numerous guesthouses and food stalls here, including Vietnamese stores. Also, a lot of local people can speak Vietnamese well. From Phonsavan, you drive for about 10 kilometers to arrive at Plain of Jars. The entrance fee here is 15,000 kips a person. If you want to park your vehicle, you need to pay for 3,000 kips per ticket. In the morning in Phonsavan, you may also catch the sight of the yellow-robed monks who came to the house each dawn for alms.

Phonsavan (Xieng Khouang)

Phou Khoun junction

From Phonsavan to Phou Khoun about 130 kilometers, the road is quite steep and dangerous for new drivers. At this junction, there are several guesthouses and restaurants. Also, you will come across a row of stalls in the crowded market specializing in barbecue, which makes a good stop. The locals here speak poor English, and few people know Vietnamese. At this Phou Khoun junction, turn right to Luang Prabang, and if you want to pay a visit to Vang Vieng, Vientiane capital, turn left and go ahead!

Luang Prabang

As the extremely famous ancient capital of Laos, you should visit Luang Prabang at least once in your life to breathe in the unique ambiance here. It is about 150 kilometers from Pak Mong, the road is in good condition, surrounded by magnificent mountains and dark green forests. Besides, you also choose the route 120-kilometer from Phou Khoun to Luang Prabang with the dangerous mountainous passes. However, en route, you will have a chance to catch a panoramic view of the imposing Kasi, the highest peak of Laos.

Luang Prabang

The glorious Kuang Si waterfall 

In Luang Prabang, there are many well-decorated restaurants and high-qualified hotels. Tourism here develops quickly and strongly, therefore almost all the locals can speak English very well.

Some tips for perfect Laos motorcycle tours

1. Do not touch or gently pat any Laos’ head because they will think that you are looking down on and humiliating them, you will be in big trouble if you do.

2. If you see any “No photo” signs, you must absolutely follow them. Please observe the forbidden signs before you plan to take photos so that the security officer will not invite you out of that place.

3. You should not turn your back on the Buddha statues and pay attention to dress politely, do not laugh and say aloud in the temple.

4. If you want to take a picture with a Lao girl, remember that your hands are only to be clasped behind the back or put them in front of your chest, absolutely not touching Lao girls.

5. Bring along a few insect repellents, flu medicines, and gastrointestinal medicines for necessary cases.

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