South Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Nam Cat Tien
  Saigon → Nam Cat Tien → Saigon

Motorcycle traveling is an extraordinary experience for riders, revealing a whole new and exciting world out there, opening out your inner strength, and presenting with freaking amazing adventures. An...

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South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Chau Doc
  Saigon → Ben Tre → Can Tho → Chau Doc

If you are interested in exploring the gorgeous Mekong Delta, consider this South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Chau Doc - 3 days into consideration! This journey will bring you from Saigon, ...

From $507/person

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour 3 days to Ke Ga
  Saigon →> Nam Cat Tien →> Ke Ga →> Saigon

Southern Vietnam is a place drenched in enthralling natural splendor. Set your holiday here, where you may let off steam on thrilling rides along the coast and unwind on the always-beautiful beaches. ...

From $507/person

Southern Vietnam Motorbike Tour 4 days To Phan Thiet
  Saigon →> Nam Cat Tien →> Da Lat →> Phan Thiet →> Saigon

Southern Vietnam is a country brimming with the enigmatic beauty of nature. Set your holiday here, where you may let off steam on thrilling rides down the coast and immerse yourself in the eternally b...

From $676/person

Southern Vietnam Motorbike Tour 4 days To Ke Ga
  Saigon →> Nam Cat Tien →> Ho Gia Trang →> Ke Ga →> Saigon

Southern Vietnam is a land awash with fascinating natural beauty. Set your vacation here, where you may blow off steam on exhilarating rides down the coast and relax in the ever-beautiful beaches and ...

From $676/person

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Phu Quoc
  Saigon → Ben Tre → Can Tho → Chau Doc → Ha Tien → Phu Quoc

If you are interested in exploring the gorgeous Mekong Delta, consider this South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Phu Quoc - 4 days into consideration! This journey will bring you from Saigon, ...

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Top Incredible South Vietnam Motorcycle Tours You Should Try Once In Your Life

Vietnam is one of the most fabulous travel destinations for motorcycling enthusiasts. You may have experienced the breathtaking landscapes of Northwestern Vietnam. In the South, there are plenty of rough roads to challenge your courage and skill. Here the stunning landscapes, unique culture, and delicious local food will take you by surprise. Routes like Sai Gon – Vung Tau, Nam Cat Tien, or Can Tho – Rach Gia will not let you down. In particular, the routes BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorcycle Tours uses in South Vietnam motorcycle tours are rarely used; therefore, the journeys will be even more exciting. Let’s see what they are!

Top South Vietnam routes for adventure enthusiasts

Ben Tre – Tan Phong Island – Cai Be – Cao Lanh – Dong Thap Tour

Ben Tre – Tan Phong Island – Cai Be – Cao Lanh – Dong Thap Tour

This 4-day-3-night tour will bring you to superb attractions of the Mekong Delta including Ben Tre, Tan Phong Island, Cai Be – Cao Lanh, and Dong Thap. The trip offers you not just glamorous sceneries, but long narrow trails. Most of the way is small local roads and dirt roads. You are going to drive about 500 kilometers, so prepare yourself the endurance. The first destination is Ben Tre Province, which is famous for its abundant fruit orchards. 

We will visit Cai Mon orchards and enjoy fresh fruits, such as orange, mango, mangosteen, durian, etc. Then we will head for Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang. Here you must try sweet rambutans – the local specialty. Kayaking in the river and witnessing the daily life of people here is a remarkable cultural experience. Reaching Cai Be – Cao Lanh, we will together explore superb local floating markets by boats. These markets are a symbol of the Mekong Delta Area. Overcoming bumpy roads, we arrive at Dong Thap to witness the magnetic fields of rice, lotus, and pineapple. This tour is definitely for those who want to know more about the culture and cuisine of Southerners.

Here - the best enduro off-road route in Southern Vietnam

Best enduro off-road route in Southern Vietnam

For those who are into off-road tracks and enduro tours, this one is going to be a real satisfaction. All the routes are about 80% off-road, so it requires both courage and riding experiences. Leaving bustling Ho Chi Minh City, we head for Cat Tien National Park. Cat Tien possesses a significant number of animals and plants. The lush forest with imposing giant trees can impress any tourist. Right when we get out of the Amazon-like jungle, we will continue to search for Sahara-like dunes in Phan Thiet city dunes with different colors that are absolutely gorgeous yet a bit challenging for motorcycling.

Of course, we cannot miss the excellent single enduro trail to Da Lat. This is what we all look for in any South Vietnam motorcycle tours. We will also try the secret trail from Da Lat to Phan Rang. The untouched path is not for the faint-hearted. The remarkable coastal roads are worth visiting. The superior beauty of landmarks from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Rang will undoubtedly win your heart.

Off-road Motorbike Adventure to Cat Tien National Park

Off-road Motorbike Adventure to Cat Tien National Park

The wild beauty and hazardous off-road tracks are what makes Cat Tien National Park so attractive. This is one of the best motorcycle tours to explore Southern Vietnam, especially if you love a place that Google Maps can’t help. Almost all the roads we use on the trip are small dirt roads that are even muddy and slippery sometimes. We will together go through a jungle in Ma Da on a winding 45-kilometer road. At night, we will reach accommodation near Dong Nai River to rest. The next day will be more difficult as we have to go on narrow paths, as well as across the hills. The rice fields on the way will surely catch your attention.

After time-consuming research on roads and destinations, BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorbike Tours operates the following tours to enhance customers’ travel experience.

Best-selling South Vietnam motorcycle tours offered by BM Travel Adventure

Saigon - Mekong Delta – Lam Dong – Binh Thuan Tour (7 days)

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Mekong Delta, Dalat, Bao Loc, Lam Dong - 7 days

This is the tour which takes you to the best places in Southern Vietnam. Although the route is quite long, plenty of incredibly beautiful sceneries awaiting bring us great motivation. Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, we head for Cai Be by going along the poetic Tien River. Here you will visit the oldest Traditional Ancient House in the whole of Southern Vietnam. Can Tho – the next destination – is a lovely city full of verdant fruit orchards.

Of course, we will visit Cai Rang floating market – the greatest fruit market in Vietnam - to try different types of fresh fruit. Going on the steep 10-kilometer Bao Loc Pass, you’ll be overwhelmed by both the risky road and marvelous landscapes. The pass will lead us to Da lat – the city of flowers. Here we are going to admire the summer villa of Bao Dai – the last emperor of Vietnam. Then we’ll move to Mui Ne Cape with a picturesque seascape and peaceful beaches. From Mui Ne, we will go straight to Phan Thiet, which is famous for colorful sand dunes. Two well-known attractions – Bau Sen Oasis and Chua Ong Pagoda – are included in our exploration too. As you can see, among all the motorcycle tours in Southern Vietnam, this is probably the longest and most perfect one.

Sai Gon – Vung Tau Tour (8 days)

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Vung Tau - 8 days

This tour has taken us a long time to research the best road. With the routes we use, you will have a chance to gaze with rapture at the magnificent coastline and mountains. Long narrow roads and steep slopes here require your proper preparation. The first highlight of the trip is trekking through jungles to Crocodile Lake in Nam Cat Tien Park. After visiting Ta Dung Lake with countless sublime islets, we’ll move toward Da Lat and have a cup of coffee among thousands of flowers. After the long way, you can either relax on charming Nha Trang Beach or explore nearby islands. Phan Ram Thap Cham - the next stop - will soon drag you into its wild appeal. Then why not explore Po Klong Garai – a Cham construction. Contemplating the sunset on the sea in Mui Ne is an excellent way to end our unforgettable trip.

Motorcycle Tour to Mekong Delta and the West (6 days)

South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour via Mekong Delta - 6 days

Not like other Southern Vietnam motorcycle tours, this tour focuses on the West. In this area, you can see a new lifestyle of Vietnamese with a different culture and cuisine. We will also visit Cai Be, the Vietnamese Traditional Ancient House, and float markets on the Tien River in this trip. In Can Tho City – the capital of the West – we can stop by the islets or orchards to sightsee and taste fruits. We will have an opportunity to see thousands of graceful storks and strange birds in Bang Lang of Chau Doc. In Chau Doc, don’t miss your chance to see local people catching fish, visit Cham people’s village, or touch serene Moslem pagoda. Hon Chong in Ha Tien will be waiting for us to explore its mystery grottoes. Dirt roads to Kien Luong Town or coastal roads to Hon Dat are going to satisfy your motorcycling passion. After having a closer look at Rach Gia, we will come back to Ho Chi Minh City and finish our fantastic trip.

Each of the South Vietnam motorcycle tours above will bring you different valuable experiences. To choose the best tour, you should consider the destinations they include and the timetable as well. Or you can contact BM Travel to receive good pieces of advice from our considerate experts. All the Motorcycle tours BM Travel offers focus on customers’ satisfaction so you will never regret coming to us.

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