Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour Ultimate Travel Guide 2021

Situated at the final frontier of Vietnam and known as the most beautiful natural waterfall in Southeast Asia,  Ban Gioc Waterfall, also known as  Detian  Falls,  is one of the perfect destinations for your long-awaited motorbike tour in Vietnam. Let’s scroll down  for the comprehensive Ban Gioc Waterfall tour travel guide!

What awaits you at Ban Gioc Waterfall?

Ban Gioc Waterfall  in Cao Bang province, with its water fed by the Quay Son River, straddles the international border between Vietnam and China. The falls’ majestic beauty makes the location a ‘must’ for any traveler. The waterfall, with a width of up to 208 meters, is broken into two main falls ” courtesy of the river flow being diverted into three main streams by a forested mound in the middle.

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The southern fall, called Tall, is the subordinate fall, while the northern one sitting at the border, named Short, is the main fall because of its larger volume of water. When the sun is out, you can easily see rainbows forming where the light shines through vapor clouds the falls emit. A wide jade pool is at the foot of the waterfall, banked by verdant fields and lush forest barely hiding at a distance. Surely a romantic sight to behold! Away from Ban Gioc falls, about 3 kilometers, is a cave system called Nguom Ngao. The limestone caves have a length of up to 2 kilometers and are very well-known in the area.

Best time for Ban Gioc Waterfall tours

Weather in the northernmost region of Vietnam has two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The wet season is from June to September and is when the waterfall is at its most majestic. But, while the time is great to observe nature’s power, with it come floods and rapids. Avoid going during this time at all costs! Starting from September, however, is ideal for your trip.

Rainfalls have ceased then, the temperature is still cool, and the falls are steep in water, giving you the chance to bask in its beauty. From October to May, the dry season offers you a softer side of Ban Gioc falls. The water has drained somewhat but what remains is crystal clear. That, coupled with golden rice fields nearby, can charm even the most hardened hearts. The season also coincides with Tet, allowing more chances for families and tourists to visit  Ban Gioc Waterfall.

How to get to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Located 400 kilometers from Hanoi,  Ban Gioc Waterfall  can be reached via multiple vehicle options, including motorbikes, coaches, and cars.

By  Motorbike

The first choice for adventurous backpacking youngsters. It is advised to add Ha Giang and Mau Son to your schedule for a complete loop. Though if you’re an inexperienced driver, it’s best to avoid traveling by motorbike as the route is extremely tricky, with many slopes, twists, and turns. That, coupled with the fact that it can take up to 10 hours of driving, means this is only recommended for experienced riders.

ban gioc waterfall detian falls lenin stream

Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour by motorbike is the best way to discover less-visited spots here

By Coach

A popular choice thanks to its pricing (from 170,000 to 200,000 VND) and abundance of service providers in Hanoi (such as Thanh Ly, Mai Luy, Ngoc Ha, Khanh Hoan, etc.). Traveling by coach takes up to 6-7 hours to reach  Cao Bang city. Departure time depends on the provider. For optimal traveling time, choose night departures so you can rest overnight en route.

By Car

Another good idea as it’s not too expensive a choice and allows you more freedom. This results in cars often being chosen for families. However, a decent car and an experienced driver are still needed to navigate the treacherous path.

What are other attractions at Ban Gioc Waterfall?

A ticket to  Ban Gioc Waterfall  is 45,000 VND/person. However, a mandatory insurance fee bumps ticket prices up to 50,000 VND/person. Apart from the waterfall, the surrounding area also provides some interesting attractions, such as Pac Bo Cave, Nguom Ngao Cave, Thang Hen Lake, and Lenin Stream.

Pac Bo Cave

The cave is known for being Ho Chi Minh’s base when he returned to Vietnam after years abroad. You can see a date inscribed on the rocky surface from the cave’s mouth. That date is “February 8th, 1941â€, the day Uncle Ho came to and settled in Pac Bo Cave, then named Coc Po.

Lenin Stream

Lazing its way across from Pac Bo Cave, the crystal-clear water of Lenin Stream reflects calm verdant shades of the surrounding sceneries.

Nguom Ngao Cave

Only 3 kilometers from  Ban Gioc Waterfall,  Nguom Ngao Cave,  is often an add-on destination for visitors to the falls. Located inside a mountain in Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, the cave system has three main entrances: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom, and Ban Thuon, and a total length of up to 2,144 meters. Inside are numerous stalagmites and stalactites in all shapes and sizes, along with a small stream trickling its way across the cavern floor. It’s hard to think such beauty exists in our human world.

ban gioc waterfall detian falls nguom ngao cave

Thang Hen Lake

Thang Hen Lake is situated in Quoc Toan Commune,  Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province. The lake is 100 to 300 meters wide and 500 to 1,000 meters long, depending on the season. Its name Thang Hen means “bee stinger†in the Tay language, likely coming from the shape of the lake akin to that of a bee’s end.

One fun fact disclosed by the locals is that every ten years, the water in Thang Hen Lake suddenly drains almost completely, only to return a few days later. The lake is also unique in that, during flood season, its water remains a clear jade, as opposed to turning reddish-brown from the disturbed sediment.

What to eat at Ban Gioc Waterfall?

One does not leave  Cao Bang  without trying some of its famous dishes. The first that comes to mind is Cao Bang’s7 spices roasted duck. Unlike other roasted duck dishes, making the Cao Bang variety is complicated from beginning to end. Choosing which duck to cook is a nightmare since regular domestic ducks are unusable, as are larger ducks with lots of fat. Then, to get the signature taste, the duck has to be carefully marinated in 7 spices and evenly roasted. All that effort surely pays off in the end, as Cao Bang roasted duck remains one of the province’s specialties.

If ducks aren’t your thing, you can try dishes with Trung Khanh chestnuts instead. Whether boiled, roasted, dried, or simmered with chicken or pig feet, the chestnuts retain their irresistible aroma and flavor, not easily found anywhere else. Check Out:  North Vietnam Food – Ride To Northeastern Lands For An Amazing Discovery

What  to note for a perfect Ban Gioc Waterfall tour?

As Cao Bang borders China, you should carefully prepare your documents such as ID and passport in case they need to present such documents that come up. You should also bring along a small first-aid kit. There’s no telling when you might need it when hiking. Lastly, a jacket could help you tremendously against harsh sunlight and the night’s chill. Please contact us

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