Tram Ton Pass Sapa – Destination Not For The Faint of Heart!

Travelers are recommended various options to explore Sapa: uncovering Ham Rong Mountain or Stone Church, trekking to Fansipan Peak, swimming in the crystal water at the foot of waterfalls, or sightseeing at Muong Hoa Valley. These are such magnificent places that have enchanted a large number of visitors coming to Sapa.

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 1

Tram Ton Pass Sapa is a destination not for the faint of heart! 

This pretty land is also illustrious, for one notorious pass you cannot skip is  Tram Ton Pass  (or  O Quy Ho Pass, named by the locals). The roads to Tram Ton Pass Sapa are a challenge even for the experienced riders with abrupt twists and turns hidden in the cliffs, yet compensate for your attempt with awe-inspiring landscapes. Tram Ton is renowned as one of four great peaks in  Northwest Vietnam  (Tram Ton, Ma Pi Leng, Pha Din,  and Khau Pha) due to its altitude, ruggedness, and length. Arriving at Sapa without conquering  Tram Ton Pass  is a waste. 

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 2

Tram Ton Pass Sapa is a challenge for riders with abrupt twists and turns

Tram Ton Pass Sapa – a real challenge for thrill-seekers 

The way to Tram Ton Pass consists of winding roads connecting Lai Chau & Lao Cai, where Tram Ton Peak is the border. 2/3 of the route belongs to Lai Chau, and 1/3 belongs to Sapa (Lao Cai). Tram Ton Pass is the biggest and most stunning destination on the way to Sapa. Per the latest information, Tram Ton Pass keeps the record as the longest pass in the northwestern mountainous region spreading over 50 kilometers.

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Tram Ton Pass Sapa 3

Tram Ton Pass Sapa is the longest and highest pass in Vietnam

Sitting at an altitude of nearly 2000m,  Tram Ton Pass  is not only dubbed the longest but also known as the  highest pass in Vietnam. The pass’s height, length, and ruggedness often evoke the curiosity of backpackers to explore and set their footprint here. Mastering this craggy peak will not only satisfy your desire to conquer nature but also throw you into the picturesque sceneries of the northwestern jungles.

Tram Ton Pass  has been likened to  “Heaven Gate† thanks to its gorgeous views, which you cannot see anywhere else. That’s why it’s a must for travelers to take a visit here once arriving in Sapa.

How to reach Tram Ton Pass Sapa

Due to the winding and rugged roads with various steep slopes, cars or buses are not a smart option for running on this route. To reach the peak, tourists are recommended to select a motorbike as their companion since they frequently deal with the twisting and risky bends. Riding along Highway 4D to Tram Ton Pass is a unique experience to feast your eyes on the limestone mountains towering prominently, then plunging vertically. Little by little, we will see the  northern  valleys looming in the distance, opening a new horizon of colorful cultural features worth discovering. 

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 4

Riding along Highway 4D to Tram Ton Pass offers the chance to admire the beauty of nature

When the road is eventually meandering to the left, Tram Ton Pass starts sloping upward, decking over a one-mile distance. Despite a shorter trip to explore this pass compared to other passes like Hai Van or Ma Pi Leng, the endless sightseeing is deserved your effort to conquer it on a sunny day.

After crossing in and out of limestone ranges, the pass is getting straight to the South directly, where Fansipan Peak appears in front of your eyes with iconic views blessed by Mother Nature. That makes the journey worth happening at least once in your life.

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 5

Some wooden stops clinging to the craggy cliffs, where you can buy different souvenirs and dried beef (rather overpriced but freaking tasty). Here is also an ideal spot for tourists to hunt incredible shots with the background of majestic mountains, poetic valleys, and winding roads. Keep running on wheels from 20 to 30 km toward the  West of Tram Ton Pass, the road is getting winding and undulating over the pinnacles, and Hoang Lien Son Range is appealing in front of your eyes. 

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 6

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of terraced rice fields on the way to Tram Ton Pass Sapa

There are tourist cars and buses sometimes running on this route that can be a potential danger for the motorcyclists. Thus, remember that running at a slow speed and staying away on the right side is necessitated. The majestic mountainous landscapes here make people feel tiny in front of the immense nature.

Amazing Tram Ton Pass sightseeing tour 

Each season, the law of nature might leave diverse views on this land. The weather on both sides is entirely different, only separated by a peak.  Lao Cai  is covered by fog, while Lai Chau is blessed with pleasant sunshine. Sapa wears a blanket of snow in winter while spreading under the blue sky with floating clouds in summer. With those features, this land has attracted the attention of thousands of domestic and international visitors coming here annually. The best time to visit depends on what you wish to see but at sunset with the whole cliffs and plants dyed a bright red it is highly recommended for you to visit.

The craggy passes with risky bends are pretty challenging yet worth conquering for backpackers. If you’re a real adventure lover, you must at least master this pass once in your lifetime. Standing on the top of the pass, you can get insight into the route you have gone through, majestic mountainous views, and  Fansipan Peak  ” the roof of  Indochina.

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 7

The craggy pass with risky bends of Tram Ton Pass Sapa are challenging yet worth conquering for riders

If you need a rest to boost the energy for the next ride, there are some street food stalls where you can stop and enjoy some bamboo-tube sticky rice and grilled skewers, sit next to the fire stove and slowly sip a cup of hot tea. That moment will dispel the cold of this rugged mountainous region. 

At the foot of  Tram Ton Pass  is Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) – one of the most notorious falls in  Northwest Vietnam, which surely you can’t take your eyes off. The fall’s mesmerizing beauty has inspired many writers and photographers to find the source of creativity and emotion in composing.  Mother Nature luckily blesses Sapa  with  Tram Ton Pass  ” a unique beauty that you can’t find it anywhere else. 

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 8

The beauty of Silver Waterfall at the foot of Tram Ton Pass Sapa

  Let’s plan for an amazing Sapa motorbike tour  and explore this incredible pass that awaits you with many surprises!

Sapa’s specialties on Tram Ton Peak 

Tram Ton is filled with mouth-watering tasty dishes worth relishing in the high altitude and cold weather. Some suggestions for you to enjoy include grilled skewers, grilled corn, toasted sweet potatoes, and bamboo-tube sticky rice. For your information, the grilled skewer is the tasty main dish.

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 9

Mouth-watering grilled skewers on Tram Ton Pass Sapa

It will be regretful if you come to  Tram Ton Pass  without paying a visit to  O Quy Ho Village, a  famous tourist attraction in Sapa, regarding cultural identity and cuisine. Travelers will have the chance to taste the amazing cuisine of Mong and Dao ethnic people, including smoking-shelf buffalo meat, wild chicken, and pork which identify the food features of the Northwestern mountainous region. 

Tram Ton Pass Sapa 10

Coming  to Tram Ton Pass, you should pay a  visit to O Quy Ho Village

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