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Royal Enfield has dominated the motorcycle market since World War II in 1901 in the United Kingdom and still maintains its popularity today. That’s why every launch of new products from this company became trendy and supported by motorcycle lovers worldwide. Then, the creation of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc in 2016 as the very first classic adventure motorcycle brought the brand to a new height.

As the symbol of true conquest, the wartime model satisfies the desire for adventure to India’s most rugged and dangerous passes. Actually, there are endless features to make the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400 an ideal choice for motorbike adventure touring in Vietnam among all the most famous adventure motorcycles of the world’s biggest brands. Read our Royal Enfield Himalayan review below, and you will know why.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review

Outstanding features of Royal Enfield Himalayan

Welcome to the decade of expeditions on the back of the powerful steed through thousand miles of the most challenging terrains. Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc, the first dual-sport motorcycle in India, is responsive to the mountains. For further understanding before you come to a purchase this versatile and adaptable machine, here comes the next part of our Royal Enfield Himalayan review with the best features of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400:

Perfect handling for adventure

With the long-travel suspension and split-cradle frame, Royal Enfield Himalayan allows the riders to ride with stability on even the toughest roads with roads, potholes, and every obstacle in between.

Though the specs of this machine are only equivalent to 200 or 250 cc models, Royal Enfield Himalayan is specially designed for adventurers, providing sufficient traction to climb high mountains and pass streams in the most flexible and superior way.

You will also enjoy the smooth and pleasant sounds of this engine during the operation. Thanks to its smooth handling, the adventurers have a fairly good sense of confidence.

Outstanding features of Royal Enfield Himalayan

Versatile Performance

Well! The handlebars and footpegs of this wonderful machine are perfectly positioned for comfort, even for daily commutes or on difficult terrains. The 800mm seat height helps reduce fatigue and creates a comfortable upright riding position even when the riders want to sit down or stand up.

Switchable ABS in use

The manufacturers carefully equip the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc. Dual-channel ABS makes the machine standard if the riders want to easily switch it off at the motorcycle’s rear wheel on the way. That will ensure easier control and engaging rides on off-road surfaces.

Both rear brakes of this model are also equipped with ABS, which will provide the safest and most optimal riding experience when cornering on the most beautiful mountain roads. The steering dial of this model is also quite impressive with a modern feel.

Even though everything is mechanical, all information is displayed completely and clearly. The electronic compass will bring you safely and smoothly through remote areas.

Outstanding features of Royal Enfield Himalayan

Why is the Himalayan an ideal adventure motorbike in Vietnam?

Every journey will be perfect if you have a reliable motorcycle that is always ready to travel with you through every strange road. And to conquer the continuously changing terrain in Vietnam, Royal Enfield Himalayan is the best choice in the motorcycle market.

This good motorbike will bring joy and confidence to the riders in any adventure thanks to its outstanding features that nothing else can compare. So, let’s see what makes the Himalayan special!

Versatile to all types of terrain in Vietnam

The Himalayan is not as powerful as a rocket ship, but the torque brings enough strength for a field trip. Whether on the crowded street or off-road riding, torque is always the driver’s best friend. And that’s why Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc is suitable for all types of terrain in Vietnam.

The Himalayan also comes with a redesigned footrest better suited for dirt roads. The solid steel chassis is a standard impact shield for the fuel tank, which can also act as a fulcrum for luggage to keep the luggage behind more comfortably during the trip in Vietnam, even on the most rugged roads.

The Himalayan model is light enough for trail riding and stable enough to jump on highways for long-travel distances. Royal Enfield Himalayan is a reliable “iron horse” to safely bring riders to their desired destination.

Why is the Himalayan an ideal adventure motorbike in Vietnam?

Suitable power & Efficiency

Royal Enfield Himalayan has weak engine power and relatively low speed for speed enthusiasts. However, Vietnam’s capacity is perfect when riding on slow traffic, rural roads, and trails.

When riding in Vietnam, your maximum riding speed must not exceed 70 or 80 km/h, and the average speed for vehicles in the city is about 30 – 40 km/h. At the maximum speed of 90 – 100 km/h, the Himalayan is not designed to lead in a drag race, but this car shows excellent performance with large torque at low rpm.

The torque of 32 NM is also what gives the vehicle all-terrain capability. Riders can accelerate easily in tight traffic conditions and move smoothly in the bulky vehicle lines.

Excellent off-road experience

Excellent off-road ability is the highlight of Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc. The suspension and engine are adapted to fit off-road rides, while these units work well on city roads, rural trails, and highways.

When thinking of adventure motorcycles, people often think of big, heavy, and scary models. However, the Himalayans will change their opinion. The design of the Himalayan provides users comfort and a good saddle, 220 mm ground clearance, and a high steering wheel that helps the drivers show excellent off-road skills on trails with rocks and debris.

A high gearbox combined with low rpm also makes Himalayan almost a great machine for off-road experience while comfortably resting their feet on the ground. Moreover, the comfortable seat allows long, non-fatigued sitting, confidence, a sense of security, and more control.

Why is the Himalayan an ideal adventure motorbike in Vietnam? - Excellent off-road experience

Reasonable price

The Himalayan is also the cheapest motorcycle in its class. The maintenance is very simple. Oil, oil filter, and compressed air tank are all accessible. The inspection of the crevice gap is also simple and quick. The Himalayan may require more maintenance than other dirt bikes or dual-sport bikes. However, maintenance only takes half the time, and you can do it yourself easily.

Modern equipment attached for a better experience

The amazing model is designed and attached with modern equipment that nothing else can compare. Besides the torque for a better off-road experience, the weight makes the motorcycle stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to its low center of gravity, the reasonable weight of the model turns into an advantage to help the riders to stabilize even at high speeds. Vietnam has multiple zigzag roads, but the Himalayans will ensure great stability on challenging roads.

The Himalayan front forks are quite soft, while the forks are harder. This design is suitable for off-road conditions to help the motorcycle overcome speed bumps and ride with confidence through potholes.

What we don’t like about Royal Enfield Himalayan

Everything has two sides, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc is no exception. Besides the advantages and outstanding features of the Vietnam terrain, it also comes with some disadvantages we should consider before giving the final opinion. Well, you know, they are not that bad.

What we don't like about Royal Enfield Himalayan

High maintenance costs required

If you want to buy a Royal Enfield Himalayan, be prepared with enough money for the future since the vehicle will cost a lot of maintenance costs. Commonly, other motorcycles need oil change only after a 4000-km distance. However, for the Himalayan, the riders will have to change oil only after 1000 km. It is not money-saving at all!

The common lubricant for this vehicle is 10W-40. Therefore, if you want the Royal Enfield Himalayan for tourism purposes, the best idea is to rent the vehicle from large-displacement motorcycle rental agents like Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club.

This company has a team of dedicated, professional mechanics with a good understanding of vehicles which are always taking care of the vehicles very meticulously. Many travel agents decided to invest in and trust this motorcycle rental agent.

Not always a good choice

Well. Another weak point of the Royal Enfield Himalayan is that it is not a perfect vehicle for tough off-road roads, especially under rain. People often choose this machine for city touring or off-road riding gently on dry roads. And, that’s a good decision.

If you want to experience offroad-enduro riding in Vietnam, you’d better go for a Honda crf250l or Suzuki DR-Z400. They are always a more suitable choice for wet roads.

FAQs about Himalayan

Is Royal Enfield Himalayan reliable?

For now, Royal Enfield Himalayan has been recognized as one of the most reliable motorbikes from RE. Though there were 41 defects of the BS3 version pointed out by an engineer, not nothing else can defeat the Himalayan in terms of reliability.

It is always an interesting experience to ride on an RE bike with the retro styling, sheer nostalgia, and efficient oil-cooling system. Tubed tires and great touring capabilities also make the Himalayan worth the purchase.

Is Royal Enfield Himalayan reliable?

Why is Royal Enfield Himalayan popular?

Well, the Royal Enfield Himalayan just took a long jump just after a short time since its first launch. One of the clearest reasons to push its popularity is that there was no actual competition for dual-sport motorcycles in India before its appearance. Then, more and more people are seeking motorcycles like the Himalayan to serve both the need of on and off-road well.

Adventure bikes from Triumph Tigerand Ducati Multistrada are more famous but too costly. Then, purchasing Himalayan, even the Royal Enfield Himalayan 2020 version, will be much cheaper.

Is Royal Enfield Himalayan worth buying?

Royal Enfield Himalayan is a better value for money with some little changes in its abs and stuff. Comfort is always one of the top features that make the Himalayan the best motorbike for long-distance tours. For better assurance, you should take a test ride before buying it.

Despite not having a good look like other Royal Enfield bikes, the Himalayan is a multipurpose motorcycle with great offroad performance. The sound it makes is quite pleasant to the ears. The well-controlled handlebar and excellent protection from the windscreen ensure a great feel and safety at high speed.

Is Royal Enfield Himalayan worth buying?

Is Himalayan good for a long ride?

Why not? The Royal Enfield Himalayan, modified with all enough qualities, is a great pick for long-distance tours. Hundreds to even thousands of kilometers are just a breeze with this vehicle.

Thanks to a liquid-cooled engine, the Himalayan allows the riders to speed up to 200 km with no break issue. The 410-cc single-cylinder engine helps riders cruise on highways at 80- 90 km/h, making the long distance much shorter.
You need to ensure that you’ve finished the bike’s run-in period for the first 1000-km travel so that the motorbike is settled in for the longer-distance travel. Make sure you wear protective gloves, a good-quality full-face helmet, an all-weather-riding jacket, knee pads, and high-quality boots while riding on highways. And, everything will be okay.

The Himalayans won’t disappoint you on a long-distance ride; the experience is amazing. Smooth seat position and high-quality material ensure comfort even if you continuously ride for long hours, while other seats are just uncomfortable. But, you can experience some hard soreness during your long tour in your glutes, muscles, and hamstrings.

Is Himalayan good for daily use?

The Himalayan is perfect for daily use with a huge 21-inch front wheel on flat roads with potholes. Reasonably-sized tires and stable performance as the Honda Unicorn and BJ Pulsar makes the Himalayan more than suitable for city condition. The Himalayan is just an all-rounder bike off all the motorbikes in the market, especially for a city tour and daily use.

Is Himalayan good for daily use?

Is Himalayan good for city touring?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 or lower-displacement versions are pretty strong but comfortable enough for city touring. With the low-end torque, riders can easily circulate in traffic jams and control their speed at ease. Although a single cylinder is built in the Himalayan, you will never feel too slow when moving in the city. The light design makes it easy for the Himalayan to pass the traffic and quickly change lanes with a breeze.

Is Himalayan comfortable?

The Himalayan is designed with the most comfortable riding position. The upright posture allows you to drive for long distances within or outside the city with relaxation and comfort. The suspension is also perfect for city riding while the reasonably-sized wheels soak up effectively through bumpy roads.

Is Himalayan good for beginners?

Even when you don’t have any riding experience, that’s not a matter with the Royal Enfield Himalayan. This vehicle is a great selection for entry-level riders since its height is easy-to-manage and low enough to the ground. The large wheel is perfect for riding through countryside back lanes. Thus, the answer is Himalayan, whether you want to learn for more riding experience or go for a relaxing off-road experience.

How much weight can a Royal Enfield Himalayan carry?

Load Capacity: 372 lbs.

What is the mileage of Royal Enfield Himalayan?

The mileage of the motorcycle entirely depends on how you treat your motorcycle. And the number often differs due to your riding purposes on different terrains. For city riding or daily use, the mileage goes around 38 kmpl for a distance of more than 20km. City riding with moderate traffic lowers the mileage to 28–30.
On highways or long drives of more than 700 km, the Himalayan can get better mileage of around 45 kmpl. 38 kmpl is the best number for cold weather or winter conditions.

What is the mileage of Royal Enfield Himalayan?

Is Himalayan suitable for short riders?

With the seat height of only 800 mm and long-travel suspension, shorter riders will easily appreciate the Himalayan without struggling to place their feet on the ground. The comfortable seat and the nice footpegs conditions and handlebar ensure a relaxing upright posture to help the riders avoid fatigue during long rides. With its wide handlebar, the Himalayan allows lesser efforts for maneuvering.

Why is the Himalayan suitable for people over 50?

The amazing off-road ability and stability on long roads make the Himalayan an attractive choice for riders of all choices. And, even for people over 50, especially experienced backpackers, it is just the right selection. Gentle offroad riding and easy handling also make it a great companion along the road. Meanwhile, Honda CB500X is more suitable for younger people; the Himalayan is much more suitable for experienced riders over 50.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Specifications

Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, Air-cooled, SOHC
Displacement411 cc
Horsepower24 bhp
Mileage30 kmpl
Seat height800 mm
Weight185 kg
Fuel Capacity15 L
Bore x Stroke78 mm x 86 mm
Ground Clearance220 mm

Now, it’s time to join the classic adventure riding with Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan is a perfect vehicle for a true adventure riding experience. The Himalayan is also easy to maintain and repair with the classic eye-catching adventure look and good, modern equipment. Himalayan, with all the outstanding features listed above, deserves the name Royal Enfield gave it. If you are ready for the most extraordinary adventure and premium off-road performance after reading our Royal Enfield Himalayan review, it’s time to go for the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan


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