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BM Travel Adventure has been a home gathering of leading experts in motorbike tourism in Indochina. Have you ever thought of being both the ‘Director and actor’ of your own trip? Does that make you feel excited when becoming the planner of your upcoming journey on the back of a motorcycle?

In recent years, motorbike travel has become a new trend followed and favored all over the world and Vietnam in particular. Yes, this new form of travel is extremely interesting and for many, it seems to offer more benefits than traditional travel. Exploring new remote lands, and hitting many different cultural regions on a motorbike also helps you equip the necessary life skills through endless trips. If you choose to join a motorcycle adventure tours not only in Vietnam but also in any region in the world, the best way to enjoy interesting moments is by riding a high-quality motorcycle.

Of all the best mid-displacement motorcycles, Honda CB500X is now a rising star on the crowded market. So, what’s special about this model? Let us reveal the secrets to make it a great choice for adventure enthusiasts. Scroll down and read our Honda cb500x review right now!

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honda cb500x review

Honda CB500X Overview

Since the first launch introduced by Big Red seven years ago, Honda CB500X still has been one of the most well-known ADV motorcycles thanks to its versatility to please any rider. The Honda CB500X, until now, is still a perfect vehicle for those who are looking for a lightweight tourer, commuter, and adventure-inspired motorcycle.

As a part of three models of the popular CB500 family, this time, instead of producing a sportbike as two previous ones, Honda seemed to seek the chance to expand their market. Through endless updates to the latest 2020 version of the Honda CB500X, the brand has created a better off-road capability for the vehicle while retaining the street sensibilities. In March 2020, Honda officially released the new Honda CB500X edition with 3 new attractive and unique colors along with new features to satisfy the experiences of even the toughest riders.

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honda cb500x overview

Plus points of the Honda CB500X

The Honda CB500X was first launched as a mid-sized commuter in 2013 without outstanding design, but lots of riders quickly saw its potential. At a very reasonable price, this bike really offers great performance, opening up a new door for commuter lovers without a big budget.

The model comes with a lot of advantages that can not be offered by other adventure motorbikes. Here they are:

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Amazing carrying capacity on the go

Specifications Honda Cb500x

This touring motorcycle with only a dry weight of 196 kg, is extremely compact and suitable for 2 people to ride on. The vehicle doesn’t look like how the Honda cb500x weight is described. The perfect honda cb500x seat height, weight, and design seem to be built for Asian conditions. Moreover, with the folded leg rest mounted firmly on its subframe, and a high-quality handrail bar at the rear, the backseat is more firmly to carry not only a fellow driver but also a lot of things like packages, and tents,…

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Lightweight but extremely powerful

honda cb500x touring

The price to own a CB500X is not too expensive, but not all the cheap ones are that bad. And, this motorbike will prove that the saying “You’ll get what you paid for†is totally wrong. This model offers the needed strength and power of a mid-displacement motorcycle that riders want. With a really “soft” selling price, the CB500X promises to be the most accessible adventure motorcycle for young people with the perfect shape of an adventure touring for perfect handling on Honda’s great engine.

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Best to ride on diverse terrains of Vietnam and Indochina

honda cb500x adventure

The Honda CB500X is a true sport touring motorcycle with a small 17-inch multi-spoke format, so it is completely suitable for long-travel distance through multiple terrains in Vietnam. Even from the pattern on the vehicle, people will be quickly reminded of the image of themselves conquering the long roads. With good handling ability and good shock absorbers, traveling through multiple challenging roads with lots of potholes, curves, and bends,…is just a breeze.

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  • Honda CB500X motorcycles in the Vietnamese market

Since the large-displacement motorcycle market in Vietnam started to become vibrant in 2014, the need of riding on mid-displacement motorcycles kept raising from time to time. As a result, Honda CB500X Vietnam also recognized the increasing number of fans domestically since its first launch in mid-May 2018.

In order to compete in the competitive large-motorcycle market in Vietnam, Honda has brought some of its large-displacement bikes for sale in the Vietnamese market at a quite reasonable price for the biker community including Honda CB500X in 2018. The mid-range adventure touring motorcycle is still a rising star in the motorcycle market not only in Vietnam but also in the Southeast Asian market by its versatility, standard design, and reasonable price.

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honda cb500x vietnam

CB500X is also an attractive name favored by the biker community worldwide, especially those who love traveling and adventure touring. In 2019 and 2020, the Honda CB500X Vietnam market brought the new upgraded version of the motorcycle which opened a new chapter for the Japanese car joint venture in Vietnam.

There is an quite interesting story about Honda CB500X in Vietnam. In early 2020, a 66-year man named Hung set out on a journey through 39 nations on the back of the Honda CB500X. This event has received special attention from the biker community. As you can see, of countless types of motorcycles in the Vietnamese market, this man chose Honda CB500X for his once-in-lifetime experiences. And after coming back from the motorbike trip, Mr. Hung said that it was Honda CB500X that brought the most impressive journey in his backpacking life.

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Is it difficult to hire or buy Honda CB500X motorcycles in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, Honda CB500X 2019 is the most advanced adventure model that riders can rent for long-distance tours and more luggage carriage. Since Honda CB500X mid-displacement motorcycles are becoming a new trend in Vietnam, it is not difficult to find a motorbike rental agency to ask for a CB500X here. The more important thing is that you should choose a reputable one providing high-quality motorcycles at reasonable prices.

Then, it is highly recommended to come to us –Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club for the best service. To rent a CB500x, you will have to pay a deposit before receiving the vehicle at about 6,000 USD on the credit card or via bank transfer. And, commonly, the rental price is about over 75 USD/day for the Honda CB500X 2020. To get a high-quality Honda CB500X right now, please contact us. We are here to offer you the best motorcycle.

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  • Honda CB500X Rental

Honda CB500x Price

Buying a Honda CB500X Vietnam is not difficult at all for the Vietnamese people. If foreigners want to buy or register their vehicles in Vietnam, the requirements are much more complicated. You should be one of two cases. You are either working in diplomatic missions, consular offices, and international organizations or working or living in Vietnam for one year or more. You can choose to buy old Honda CB500X at communities selling second-hand Honda CB500X. Then you have to have a local driver’s license or an international driving license.

However, remember to choose the trustable one before you buy an old Honda CB500X. Alternatively, you can go to Honda Moto Vietnam where is selling authentic imported Honda CB500X. This is the better choice for people with a big budget. If you just want to enjoy short motorbike tours in this lovely country, hiring a motorbike is the better option.

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To deeply understand how this motorcycle is great, please continue with the Honda Cb500X review below.

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Honda Cb500X review

Honda CB500X Review

Since the authentic motorcycles of the well-known Japanese automaker, Honda has been officially sold in Vietnam, the craze for large-displacement vehicles has been pushed up to a whole new level. One of the best-selling Honda models in Vietnam is the Honda CB500X- a standard touring model sold at a very reasonable price. Read this Honda CB500X review to the last words now! And, let’s experience this interesting mid-range motorcycle with outstanding features!

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Cool and modern design

What impresses me most about the upgraded Honda CB500X 2020 version is the new bunker and its more modern appearance than the previous versions. This new design, despite retaining the typical look of Honda’s mid-sized Adventure series, is a truly necessary innovation compared to the previous versions. The most noticeable improvement is in the front of the car, with headlights and headers looking like a prominent X shape. That will immediately attract the attention of pedestrians on the road. Personally, I prefer this youthful, striking design to a calm and mature one.

The blue positioning light is also an interesting highlight of the CB500X, and the LED lights bring a modern look to the model. On the 2 sides of the fuel tank, there are multiple plates attached to help the model look bigger and more muscular.

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Honda Cb500x design

Perfect motor block

The Honda CB500X uses a perfect engine block combined of DOHC, 471 cc, 2 cylinders, 8 valves, and a water-coolant engine which produces amazing maximum torque. The honda cb500x horsepower is 47, which is quite high compared with others in the same segment. This is one of the most powerful machines that have been confirmed and proven in durability, smoothness as well as the obvious power that it brings to the operator. Inheriting all the most excellent technology from its seniors such as CBR1000R and CBR600RR from engine design, pistons, sidebars, or even camshafts, the Honda CB500X operates smoothly, efficiently, and economically on all terrains.

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Honda Cb500X 2021 review

Modern equipment offered

In general, the Honda CB500X with a compact design and modern details, ensures the smoothest ride thanks to a large number of basic equipment. First, its suspension is upgraded simultaneously with the wheels. The front two forks with 41mm diameter allow more oil contained for better smoothness.

The entire upper body area of the ​​CB500X is quite seamlessly with the use of the neat 2-story fuel tank. The front and rear light systems of Honda CB500X are now upgraded to Full-LED models without Halogen turn signals. It is worth noting that this feature adds better safety thanks to the emergency stop lights. When the riders abuse the brakes suddenly, the (hazard) warning lamp in both the front and back will automatically activate to alert other vehicles on the way.

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In addition, the overalls of the motorbike also make you pay attention thanks to its more angular design carved with air holes to push the hot air from the engine radiator to the sides, away from the driver’s foot, This helps increase greater comfort for riders.

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 Honda CB500x review - Equipment offered

Perfect operation on all terrains

For the last point in this Honda CB500X review, we want to talk about the impressive ability to run on the asphalt of the motorcycle. It allows the drivers to control with ease at the angles and make long-distance running quite leisurely at the best comfort. Moreover, the wind resistance of the windshield on this model is quite good, making bad weather not an obstacle on the road.

The plus point of Honda CB500X in great performance is mainly in its awesome engine that provides the ability to operate very smoothly with enough power needed. Despite the Honda cb500x specs giving the same power as the Benelli TRK 502, it still brings smoothness and certainty even for the acceleration.

The forks run smoothly with a good shock-absorbing ability, so even the roughest roads or mountain roads also become a very simple task to complete. The neat and small appearance also makes it easy to control for riders.

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honda cb500x specs

Honda CB500X specs

Engine2-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC parallel twin
Bore And Stroke67mm x 66.8mm
Seat Height32.7 inches
Curb Weight430 pounds
Fuel Capacity4.6 gallons
Wheelbase56.9 inches
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)2,155mmX825mmX1,410mm
Battery Capacity (VAh)12v 7.4Ah
Engine Displacement (cc)471cc
Max power35kW / 8600rpm

Why choose Honda CB500X to conquer the terrain of Vietnam?

Although the Honda CB500X has just officially appeared in Vietnam in less than one year, it marked the success of the mid-range adventure segment. This motorcycle is aimed at newcomers to the adventure motorcycle world who love jumping on numerous terrains. So, why is this model winning the hearts of adventurers in Vietnam? Actually, there are several reasons to explain why this model makes the Honda CB500X touring and motorcycling community trendy now. Here comes the best part:

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BM Travel - Honda CB500x review

Easily conquer the four greatest pass peaks of the East and northwest of Vietnam

For the latest version in 2020, Honda upgraded multiple new details and outstanding features for the Honda CB500X to ensure the bike is always its most flexible and durable to run long distances. Although it is not equipped with spokes like the regular adventure bikes, Honda CB500X 2020 is upgraded its front rim from 17 inches to 19 inches. That means the larger diameter helps it easily overcome obstacles and increases the great stability when going into bad terrain in Vietnam. And, for sure, even the greatest pass road in Vietnam is like a piece of cake once you’ve ridden on the honda cb500x touring motorcycle. Some examples on the Vietnam motorbike routes you can admire the beauty and culture:

+ Route From Sapa to Ha Giang

+ Route from Hanoi to Saigon

+ Route from Sapa to Cao Bang

The bigger front wheel is the advantage of the vehicle to run on rough roads, bends, and curves on the way to the top of the pass. Meanwhile, the rear shock is already increased by 1 inch. According to Honda, the changes in the suspension will offer the center of the motorcycle with better balance which is a very important factor for terrain conquering. The high-quality Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour mixed tire set attached is completely suitable for both asphalt and other terrain conditions.

The side skirts of the car, radiator fins, and cranksets with sharp edges, bring a 3D impression to the body, the fuel tank is seamless with body panels, bringing a sense of harmony and consistency to the vehicle body. In addition, the chassis design remains the strong and light diamond shape, along with the flexibility, helping to provide better feedback for the vehicle when driving conditions change.

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Honda CB500x - Bm Travel Revew

Light off-road capacity achieved

Well, with the great performance, The honda cb500x off-road lovers can give their whole belief in the ability of it on Vietnam motorbike routes. This one is not for daily commutes or street/city running, you can enjoy the interesting honda cb500x off-road experience on its back. Medium-displacement motorcycles like this Honda CB500X can lift your experience up to a “professional” off-road level. It can achieve higher speeds and even at the honda cb500x top speed, carry more luggage on its back. If you have ever thought of the Honda CB 500X as a high-performance monster, you will be surprised at the ability that this one can do.

Feel free to show off your best on and off-road skills at a satisfying speed.

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honda cb500x top speed

Run across Vietnam and Indochina without any problems

The terrain in Vietnam and Indochina has a lot in common with mountainous areas covering most of the country, and changeable terrains from flat city roads to narrow trails with numerous unexpected bends, curves, and potholes.

But, yeah, this kind of terrain is the most favorable condition for adventure riders to enjoy their best honda cb500x off-road experience. With a strong, powerful engine, even running through changeable terrains in Vietnam in particular and in Indochina in general, the Honda CB500X is always in control. The durable and fuel-effective motorcycle will make you always want to ride on it without stopping by multiple times.

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honda cb500x touring

The Honda CB500X completely deserves a Wow

First debuted in 2013, however, the Honda CB500X motorcycle can be considered one of the pioneering models to bring the mid-range adventure motorcycle segment closely to adventure riders.

It is undeniable that this model with its awesome flexibility and durability will be the best gear for sports adventure on both on and off-road routes in Vietnam. If you are still searching for the best mid-displacement motorcycle to start your upcoming motorbike tour across stunning Vietnam, don’t miss the Honda CB500X model! We ensure that all you will get when running on this steed is extremely satisfying. Hope that this Honda cb500x review will help you a lot to get ready for an amazing honda cb500x adventure!

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Honda CB500X Rental Price


Rental Price

1-10 days75 USD/day
11-20 days70 USD/day
21-30 days65 USD/day
31+ days50 USD/day

Honda CB500x compare with some other adventure bikes

Over the last few years, adventure riding has grown in popularity all over the world. Adventure riding is a lot of fun since it generally entails traveling off the beaten path and seeing amazing sceneries that you wouldn’t normally see on a normal motorbike trip. But let’s compare some adventure bikes with us to find out which one is the best

Honda CB 500x vs Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Honda CB500X and the Royal Enfield Himalayan are two popular adventure bikes over the world. One high quality from Japan, and one is the King of motorcycles in India. What is different between them and what makes them become the best adventure bike?


Let us begin with the Royal Enfield Himalayan, often known as the “King of Motorbikes” in India. This well-liked ADV is powered by a 411cc single-cylinder engine. It produces a paltry 24.5 horsepower thanks to a single overhead cam, air cooling, and fuel injection. It also comes equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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Meanwhile, the Honda CB500X generates 49 horsepower from its 471cc parallel twin. It accomplishes this by utilizing a more advanced engine with dual overhead cams, an eight-valve cylinder head, and Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection system. Furthermore, the CB500X has a 6-speed transmission, allowing it to reach far greater speeds than the Royal Enfield.

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Honda CB500x with Royal Enfield


Himalayan has 21-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked wheels, and knobby tires make it stand out offroad. It has non-adjustable telescopic forks with 7.9 inches of travel up front and a preload-adjustable monoshock with 7.1 inches of travel in the rear. The ground clearance is quite wider than CB 500x, which makes RE better than CB 500x a little bit because of the 40mm ground clearance.

CB 500x is smoother and capable of long-distance riding considerably. This is made possible by hefty counterbalancers that do an excellent job of blocking out engine vibrations. its robust build and comfortable ride make it a pleasant and confident ride both on and off the road.

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Honda CB500x with Royal Enfield Himalayan


Having said that, the CB500X is a must-have for a better road-going adventurer. Its robust engine produces just enough power for highway driving while still offering enough torque to trundle over rough terrains

Choosing the best adventure bike comes down to personal choice. Assuming you have the funds, both of these bikes are excellent alternatives for adventure riding. The Royal Enfield Himalayan and CB 500x are quite difficult to say which one is better offroad. But the CB500X ensures long-distance comfort and, of course, Honda dependability.

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Honda CB 500x vs KTM 390 Adventure

Honda and the Austrian adventurers KTM are two of the most well-known participants in this expanding industry. Both have dominated the off-road motorbike market and are now shifting their attention to more affordable mud-pluggers.


Despite 390cc being smaller in size than the Honda CB 500x, the 390 doesn’t give up much in terms of power and torque as their KTM’s dirtbike. The zippy little single from KTM succeeds in being approachable that is rarely seen in a single-cylinder layout, with 44bhp on tap. During that the Honda CB 500x’s parallel twin-cylinder engine produces a whopping 46.9bhp for 199 kilograms dry weight.

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Furthermore, Adventure on the KTM 390 The engine electronics are one area where the KTM distinguishes itself from the Honda CB 500x. The 390 is equipped with a slew of technologies that are typically seen on mid- to large-capacity adventure motorcycles. It has IMU-controlled cornering ABS, switchable traction control, and a dedicated off-road riding mode… It features compression and rebound damping adjustment and a massive 170mm of travel. This, combined with the aggressively built Continental TKC20 tires, makes the 390 a highly fearsome dirt bike. At least on this front, the KTM beats the Honda.

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Honda Cb 500x with KTM 390


The long-travel suspension is designed for two motorbike brands that want to be capable on and off roads. The Honda has telescopic forks with pre-load adjustment and a rear mono-shock with a five-stage pre-load adjustment. On both KTM 390 Adventure and Honda CB 500x is equipped the 19†front wheel is a decent compromise of on and off-road handling.

The CB500X has a roomy cockpit and nice lower body ergonomics that make the transition from sitting to standing very easy indeed with comfortable and upright riding positions allowing a great view of the road ahead. during that The KTM is a much more focused machine, with an emphasis on being the best off-road motorcycle this side of a muddy puddle.

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Honda Cb 500x with KTM 390 Adventure


Although the price of Honda CB 500x and KTM 390 Adventure is not really different. Choosing the best adventure bike comes down to personal choice. the big fan of off-road trips will choose the king of enduro KTM motorcycle brand. Opposite, Honda CB 500x is confirmed the best bike for road trips

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Honda CB 500x with GS 310S

BMW Motorrad surprised everyone when it launched the 2020 G 310 GS is modeled on the lines of the bigger BMW G. The Motorcycle brand from Germany designed this to cover long distances on paved roads and trails, and the ergonomics are pretty relaxed. Although we compare 500cc with 310cc is not fair, this G 310GS is the only adventure bike under 500cc in BMW’s collection. We should consider them.


The 313cc engine on the BMW G 310 GS delivers 34hp at 9,500rpm and 28Nm at 7,500rpm. The specs of the 471cc Honda CB 500x’s engine. It develops 47hp at 8,500rpm and 43,2Nm at 6,500rpm, clearly a big advantage over the Honda’s engine. Not only does the Honda.

CB500x engine produces more power but it also peaks at a lower rpm than that of the BMW. The greater power and torque should translate to quicker acceleration and a higher top speed this reason makes Honda CB 500x better

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Honda Cb500x with BMW GS 310s


Both have a 41mm front fork but BMW has an upside-down fork at the front during Honda equipt Telescopic Suspension, combine with a ground clearance of 220 mm that is wider than CB 500x 40mm, even dry weight 169kg. Surely that G 310 GS completely beat Honda CB 500x on the offroad, and this becomes a huge opponent to KTM 390 Adventure.

Both G 310GS and Honda CB500x have equipped The alloy wheel sizes are the same, with a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel setup. But The CB 500x Touring is noticeably smoother and more capable of long-distance riding. Heavy counterbalancers do an outstanding job of damping-off engine vibrations. Its solid construction and smooth riding make it a pleasurable and secure ride both on and off the road.

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Honda Cb500x with BMW GS 310


Although the prices of the Honda CB 500x and the G 310 GS are similar. Choosing the best adventure bike comes down to personal choice. But Honda has appeared on every corner in Vietnam. It’s so convenient to find the shop and change any accessories you need while being on the road trip.

You can see: Honda CB 500X Review on Youtube

BM travel motorbike tour with the position being top 1 Vietnam motorbike tour operator, we’ve guided many kinds of tours in Vietnam, Indochina such as Enduro Tour, Off-road trip, Motorbike tour, Road Trip or Pillion Passenger tour… Not only you can hit the beaten track on remote mountains to relaxing rides on dramatic busy coastlines, but you also ride offroad through deeply lush green jungles to move your soul on two wheels then enjoy fresh air from rice terraces. From dirtbike XR 150L, CRF 250L, DRZ 400 to Honda CB500x, GS 1250S you will conquer Vietnam or Indochina in the best way.

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Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Club is the only company offering high-quality enduro bikes that are routinely inspected and serviced to make your off-road enduro tour the best it can possibly be. We are currently using:

  • Himalayan 400
  • Honda CB500X
  • Triumph Tiger 800
  • Interceptor 650
  • BMW R1200GS
  • Africa Twin 1100
  • F 850 GS
  • Triumph Tiger 1200
  • BMW GSA 1250
  • for the off-road enduro tours within Vietnam and to neighboring countries. Power will never be an issue with our range of 150cc to 1200cc bikes for one hell of a ride. We understand the importance of maintaining our fleet to the highest standards. We also regularly replace our entire fleet of bikes and riding gear always ensuring you the very best enduro and motocross experience guaranteed.



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