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First trip to Sapa? Do not worry. You are in good hands because today, BM Travel Adventure wants to share a detailed itinerary for a 3-day Sapa motorbike tour that will be helpful for you!

If you are looking for an ideal destination near Hanoi to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, maybe there is no better place than Sapa. With cool weather all year round, spectacular views of terraced rice fields, and hidden natural wonders, many tourists consider Sapa one of the country’s most promising tourist spots. Immersing in the diverse culture of the ethnic minorities here, you can also gain valuable exposure to the vibrant local culture and traditions. Whether you want to challenge yourself on dirt roads, explore new things, or enjoy a relaxing holiday at a luxury resort in the middle of the mountains, Sapa can meet all your needs.

So if you plan a trip from Hanoi to Sapa, keep reading our review of the 3D2N Sapa motorbike tour to learn the things you need to know before you go.

What do I like best in Sapa?

Whether you want to take in sights, adventures, or cultural community explorations, Sapa has had it all. You will find no place better than Sapa to throw yourself into the breathtaking views of nature and majestic mountain ranges. Wake up early in the morning in a rustic bungalow hidden in the middle of the Ta Van valley and take your eyes over the valley. You will immediately immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the real paradise on earth.

For those passionate about adventures and discovering new things, do not forget to take a tour to conquer Fansipan mountain – the roof of Indochina with a height of 3,143 meters or rent a motorbike to go to remote villages of Dzao, Hmong, and Day people. It offers you a great chance to learn about their daily life and unique customs.

In Sapa, you will experience four seasons in 1 day – the unique weather features that are difficult to find elsewhere. I visited Sapa in the early days of September when the sky was clear, the weather was warm, and the rice fields were covered with a golden color of ripe rice – everything was so incredible!

Sapa motorcycle Tours

Itinerary of Sapa motorbike tours for 3 days 2 nights

With a 3D2N Sapa motorbike tour, what should you experience? Then, below is our suggestions for a perfect Sapa trip.

Day 0: Hanoi – Lao Cai

Because I am an avid fan of big displacement motorcycles, I decided to rent a Honda CRF250L from BM Travel Adventure for $55/per day. The night before the first day of the trip, I rode to Hanoi Railway Station, sent my motorbike on the train, and took the Hanoi – Lao Cai railway departing at 21h50 to catch up with Lao Cai in the early morning. The ticket price is about $30/one-way. A small note is that you should book the train ticket for 15 days because the train has only one compartment to accommodate passengers’ motorbikes.

offroad in sapa

Day 1 (Friday): Cat Cat (or Fansipan Mountain) – Silver Waterfall – Love Waterfall – Golden Stream – O Quy Ho Pass

Riding from Lao Cai city, I arrived in Sapa town at 7 am, then checked in at the hotel. Ideally, it would help to choose a hotel near the town center since it is convenient for you to travel around and enjoy local food.

7:00 am: Enjoy breakfast, and you have two options: visit Cat Cat village or Fansipan peak.

Our Sapa motorbike tour cannot be perfect if we miss Fansipan, which is known as the highest mountain in Vietnam and the Indochina peninsula. The conquest of Fansipan is the dream of many climbers and adventurous tourists when they come to Vietnam. However, thanks to the cable car system, conquering this mountain has become much easier. It takes about 30 minutes by cable car to reach a height of 2,800 meters. From here, you continue to climb 600 steps to reach the top of Fansipan. You can visit temples, admire incredible natural landscapes, and take beautiful photos of Vietnam’s mountains. The Fansipan Legend cable car costs about 700,000 VND/round trip; you can ask the hotel receptionist to buy it for you.

Only 2km from the town center, Cat Cat is a lovely village with peaceful natural scenery and the unique customs and habits of the H’mong people. Surrounded by terraced fields and lush green hills, Cat Cat is an ideal place to visit and experience the unique lifestyle in the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam. You will have the chance to enjoy the picturesque scenery of large waterfalls, vast terraces, immense forests, majestic mountains, and beautiful valleys. The entrance fee is 40,000 VND/person.

Because I had conquered Fansipan before that, I chose to visit Cat Cat village. But whether you visit Cat Cat or Fansipan, I assure you will never regret your choice.

Back of the bike tours in Sapa

12h: Head back to the town for lunch. You can eat rice, noodles, or Pho at one of the restaurants on Cau May Street.


  • Return to the hotel to rest.
  • Charge your phone or camera.
  • Get ready for the next ride.

14h: In the afternoon, we will visit three spots: Silver WaterfallLove Waterfall, and O Quy Ho Pass.

The first destination is the Silver Waterfall, which is not only attracted by the cool, fresh air but also impressed with the majestic and marvelous beauty Mother Nature has bestowed on the region. You will be immersed in the breathtaking yet lyrical scenery. The sound of murmuring streams harmonizing with birds singing makes tourists feel like they are getting lost in heaven. Silver Fall’s discovery is one of the most extraordinary things in Sapa.

15h: Hit on the road to Tram Ton Pass. With a height of 2,100 meters, this pass offers panoramic views of the mountains and lush forests of Hoang Lien Son National Park. From Tram Ton Pass, you go through the forest, along the Golden Stream, to the Love Waterfall.

The Love Waterfall attaches to the romantic love story of a woodcutter named O Quy Ho and a fairy. Legend has it that due to its captivating scenery, beautiful fairies from heaven chose this waterfall as a bathing place. One day, the seventh fairy was fascinated by O Quy Ho’s flute and fell in love with him. A short time later, her parents knew about their secret love and forbade her to return to the waterfall. She was so sad that she turned herself into a bird flying around the top of the mountain, and from there, the name Love Waterfall was born.

The waterfall looks like a pyramid sparkling under the sun from a distance. With a height of 100 meters, it starts from the top of Fansipan Mountain and rushes towards the Golden Stream. Under the waterfall, the stream with lush green trees and long bamboo bushes on the sides creates a poetic picture.

Sapa Motorcycle Road Trip

17h30: Leave Love Waterfall behind, and we will drive to O Quy Ho Pass to watch the sunset.

Located between Lao Cai and Lai ChauO Quy Ho is well-known as one of the most rugged passes in Vietnam. Its incredible beauty has become a great inspiration for adventurous travelers. O Quy Ho is supposed to be the most beautiful when the sunset falls. You will surely be surprised by its beauty in the fading yellow sunshine, just like a watercolor painting unfolding before you.

18h30: Back to the hotel for a shower, then enjoy dinner with Sturgeon Hotpot. You cannot miss three dishes when coming to Sapa: sturgeon hotpot, grilled wild pork, and salmon salad, and tonight, we will taste the first one.

21h: Walk around the town center and take photos of the Stone Church. Or you can also visit one of the cafes or pubs on Cau May Street.

22h: Return to the hotel and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Sapa To Y Ty Motorcycle Tours

Day 2 (Saturday): Trek through Lao Chai – Ta Van

You have to walk most of the day to ensure you are well prepared physically and mentally before leaving. Start with a 12km trek on the small trails down the Muong Hoa valley towards Lao Chai village of Black H’mong people. Here, you will have the opportunity to discover their unique customs and how they make traditional clothes and handicrafts.

Keep going through the colorful terraces, and you will reach Ta Van village, home to the Giay people. They live together at the bottom, near mountains, valleys, and along streams. Walk along the Muong Hoa River; then, you pass a small suspension bridge about 2km from the settlement. Here you can discover an intriguing collection of stone carvings that depict some beautiful images of stilt houses, people, and stunning decorative patterns.

At night, you can choose to return to town or spend a night in Ta Van Village. I decided to stay overnight at a homestay in Ta Van; honestly, it was a fantastic experience.

Unlike the crowded and noisy Sapa town, Ta Van was extremely quiet. You will be completely immersed in nature with majestic mountains surrounded. I rented a bungalow in Trekking Kong for 500,000 VND/night (breakfast is included). Get up early in the morning, see the brilliant sunrise, listen to the murmuring stream, and breathe fresh air – all are so incredible that you will hardly find them in big cities like Hanoi or Saigon.

Sapa To Bac Ha Market Motorcycle Tour

Day 3 (Sunday): Ham Rong – Ta Phin – Hanoi

I spent the morning of the last day exploring Ta Van. Ta Van is an ideal place for sightseeing, thanks to the majestic charm of the rice fields on the terrace, the mountains, and the waterfalls. Some dirt roads are difficult to walk, but the reward you get is worth it.

After lunch, I check out of the hotel room and return to town, preparing for the Ham Rong trek.

Being shaped like a dragon’s head looming in the morning mist, Ham Rong Mountain, with a harmonious combination of natural and artificial landscapes, is one of the most attractive spots in the center of town.

Ham Rong is home to a variety of flowers and orchards. Wandering stone paths lead visitors to the wild peach forest and the orchid garden with more than 6000 beautiful orchid plants. Standing at the top of the mountain, you will get the majestic panoramic view of Sapa town. On sunny days, the Fansipan peak lurks among the floating white clouds.

16h: Head to Ta Phin village, about 9km from the town center. It is inhabited by the Red Dzao people, famous for traditional weaving and herbal baths. And taking a dip in herbal water is one of the most exciting experiences I have had in Sapa.

Known as a traditional healing method in oriental medicine, it is especially effective for those who often have to perform heavy physical work. According to the Red Dzao, herbal baths are perfect for physical and mental fatigue since it helps the body relax and restore energy by improving blood circulation and soothing daily stress. Immerse yourself in a warm herbal bath after a long day of hiking, you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable, and all your worries seem to be gone.

17h30: Return to Lao Cai city to catch the train back to Hanoi. Arrive in Hanoi at 5 am the next day, and the tour ends.

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Road Trip Sapa

Useful tips you should know before taking a tour from Hanoi to Sapa

Time to travel

Each season has its beauty, so depending on your preferences, there would be the best time to visit Sapa for you. However, in my opinion, you should visit Sapa in the fall – the most stunning and romantic season in this town. Autumn in Sapa comes when the extreme cold in the winter has not arrived yet, and the weather is not as hot as summer. This is when the terraced fields begin to turn yellow, perfect for you to take beautiful photos with your friends. Wander around the town during the day and explore Sapa cuisine at night – it’s great!

Place to stay

For the convenience of travel and dining, you should rent a room in  ​​Cau May Street, Fansipan Street, or Ngu Chi Son near Sapa Lake. Cau May and Fansipan Street Accommodations offer a short distance to the town center and a beautiful view of valleys, terraced fields, and the Hoang Lien Son range. The lakeside area is also a good choice if these areas are out of the room.

Don’t forget to spend a night in Ta Van or Lao Chai village to get closer to nature if you have the chance.

Sapa Motorcycle Road Trip

Get around Sapa

The roads in Sapa are quite smooth, so it is best to rent a motorbike that both gives you freedom and saves you money. If you are traveling with your family, you can take a package tour or rent a taxi.

Motorcycle rental price ranges from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/ day, and you can rent a motorbike at your hotel.

What to wear

Because the weather in Sapa is cool all year round and it is often very cold at night, make sure to bring warm clothes. Also, remember to wear sneakers instead of sandals or high heels because we will have to walk and climb a lot.

Fansipan trekking tour

It takes at least two days and one night to climb Fansipan, but now, thanks to the cable car system, you can conquer Fansipan peak much easier.

If you are adventurous and want to conquer the roof of Indochina by yourself, ensure that you are in good health by walking or running at least 30 minutes per day for about two weeks before you go.

Tips when visiting ethnic villages

When visiting ethnic communities, you should respect their culture and customs. Do not enter their homes without permission, and do not give candy to children.

For a final word

I must say, Sapa is one of the most stunning spots to travel from Hanoi. What are your waiting for? Climb on your two-wheelers and enjoy a great Sapa motorbike tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club right now!

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