Yamaha WR 155cc

Yamaha WR 155 – Review

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While there are definitely less expensive, more comfortable, or more off-road capable choices available, the WR155R simply provides the finest all-around performance that is difficult to overlook. Smooth engine with class-leading power, a 6-speed gearbox, excellent general ergonomics, and overall performance.

Yamaha’s WR155R is one of its newest products, and possibly one of its most famous. The WR155R, inspired by the larger and more advanced dual sport Yamaha WR250R, provides novice users with modest dirt bike capability without the speed and intricacy of a much larger machine.

Unlike the WR250R, the WR155R’s frame is made of steel rather than aluminum. This is most likely an expense factor rather than a weight issue, as the WR155R has the same curb weight as the WR250R. Nonetheless, the WR155R’s semi-double-cradle steel frame construction provides superb balance, rigidity, and stable control whether going on or off-road.

The WR155R’s 880mm seat height will be the greatest stumbling block for beginner motorcyclists, despite being simple to ride and light to navigate on and off road. When you settle on the seat, the suspension compresses slightly, but motorcyclists under 5’6″ tall will struggle to reach the ground with both feet. This won’t be an issue if you’re used to walking with just one foot at a time. At the very least, the seat is narrow for simpler access to the ground, albeit at the cost of some ride comfort, particularly on extended journeys.

Yamaha WR 155 cc - review

Yamaha WR 155 – Highlight

A smooth VVA-equipped, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, and fuel-injected 155cc engine found on the NMAX, R15, MT15, and XSR155 city motorcycles powers the WR155R. The engine produces 16.49 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and 10.55 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm, making it the most potent in its class. This is paired with a smooth and accurate 6-speed gearbox with widely spread gear ratios for low-speed off-roading and relaxed highway driving.

A 41mm vertical front frame with coil springs and a damper system on both sides makes up the front suspension. A linked type Monocross rear shock absorber provides a softer spring rate and more progressive damping qualities in the back. The gas-charged shock absorber also provides constant performance over extended off-road rides.

The WR155R rides on 21-inch front and 18-inch rear laced aluminum wheels covered in dual-purpose IRC Trails GP-22R tires that offer great traction on loose soil and adequate traction on pavement. Just don’t tilt too far into corners on wet roadways. We recommend switching to full knobbies for real trail biking.

A single disc with a two-pot Nissin caliper in front and a single disc with a one-pot Nissin caliper in the back manage braking duties. The front brake has a soft initial bite and increases strength as you press the front handle tighter. The backstop is also simple to modulate to the point of locking up and is very useful when going off-road.

However, long-distance journey comfort is not a concern for most dual sport bikes because the general proportions are optimized for optimum machine control when going off road, and the WR155R truly excels in this respect. The long saddle stretches almost halfway to the fuel tank, giving you a variety of settings when navigating steep slopes or challenging paths. The reach to the tall and broad handlebars is dependent on where you are on the saddle, but it feels normal whether you are sitting or upright. Even on the roughest terrain, the serrated rider foot pegs keep your boots securely grounded.

The instrument pod is a basic LCD device that shows a lot of information for its size, including a bar-type tachometer, a digital speedometer, a fuel gauge, a gear indicator, an odometer, a journey meter, fuel miles, a VVA indicator, and a clock. With the addition of a headlight flasher and a warning light button, switches are where you’d expect them to be. The WR155R has a halogen headlamp and standard filament lamps for the taillight and turn signals, which are bright enough for nighttime travel.

With an MSRP of PHP169,000, the WR155R is not the most inexpensive entry-level dual sport bike on the market. However, for that price, you will undoubtedly get a bike with a highly refined liquid-cooled engine with best-in-class power, a 6-speed transmission, a suspension with well-sorted damping characteristics, good overall ergonomics for on and off-road riding, superb build quality, and, of course, that undeniably handsome WR styling.

Yamaha WR 155 cc - Highlight

Yamaha WR 155 – Specs

Engineefi, liquid-cooled, single cylinder, sohc with VVA, 4 stroke, 4 valves
Max. Power16.49hp @ 10000 rpm
Max. Torque10.55 lb-ft @ 6,500 rpm
Seat Height880 mm
Fuel Capacity8.1 liters
Curb Weight134kg
Tire Front80/90-21 IRC Trails GP-22R
Tire Rear110/80-18 IRC Trails GP-22R
Brakes F/RDisc/Disc

Yamaha WR 155 cc - Specs

Yamaha WR 155 – Rental Price

Yamaha WR 155
1-10 days25 USD
11-20 days23 USD
21-30 days20 USD
31+ days18 USD

Yamaha WR 155 Compare

Yamaha WR 155 VS Honda CRF 150L

The primary distinction is how they travel. The Honda CRF 150 has the appearance of a toy. When I describe a toy, I compare it to the sensation of riding a real offroad or dual sport motorcycle. Motorcycles should not wobble around with boat-like control, the suspension should not bottleneck over tiny jumps, and the motorcycle should give the driver trust.

The Yamaha WR 155 does everything flawlessly, but it lacks speed. It has 16hp, which is significantly more than its competitor, the Honda CRF 150, but when compared to a 250cc+ motorcycle, it falls short. In every other way, it shines like a bright light in the heavens.

The Yamaha WR 155 has a six-speed gearbox and slides down the road. Taking this motorcycle on a road trip is truly enjoyable. Renowned dual-sport motorcycles, such as the Suzuki DRZ 400, can be difficult to control on the road. A decent level of power coupled with a semi-off-road setup makes a frightening combo for tarmac. Owners of large dual-sport thumpers rarely mention it, but these motorcycles tend to wobble around curves in a fairly cumbersome and frightening manner.

The Yamaha WR 155 appears to strike a wonderful mix between being securely grounded on the tarmac and having a very manageable power range. An extremely light clutch and speeds that accommodate the spongy brakes of a non-ABS dual-sport.

Wr 155cc vs Crf 150cc

Yamaha WR 155 VS Kawasaki KLX 150

Don’t forget that the WR155R motor includes VVA (variable valve train). The top and lower intakes help to support engine efficiency with this technology. An electric actuator controls the valve’s opening and shutting. As a result, the WR155R’s performance can be equally spread across each rev.

When tested on a route with many curves, the CRF150L appears to have the same acceleration as the WR155R. Particularly since she only weighs 122 kg. While the WR155 engine has more speed, the displacement difference in the engine is only about 5cc, and the Yamaha cycle weighs 134 kg.

It is possible that a marginally bigger motor will become hotter. As a result, Yamaha fitted a radiator with coolant (liquid conditioning), particularly since the engine compression ratio was extremely high (11.6:1). All of the competitors are air-cooled. This is reasonable given that the KLX 150 does not use liquid cooling and has a smaller compression ratio than the WR155R. However, because of their small weight, they are quite common.

However, with such a companion motor block, it is proportionate to its body. In comparison to the other two rivals, the WR155R is the largest. This is thanks in part to the legs, particularly the front suspension, which uses 41 mm frames. The KLX150 has a 35-millimeter circumference.

WR 155cc vs KLX 150cc

Yamaha WR 155 VS Honda XR 150

The XR 150 is an excellent motorcycle. It is dependable and capable of handling any task you cast at it. It is an excellent option for traveling throughout Vietnam. It can also be used to have a good time in the dirt with your companions. However, if you want to better your driving skills and learn new tricks, the XR 150 will stymie you. You can’t operate it like a real motorcycle because it isn’t one.

The XR 150 shines in the cushion area. It has a great bench for both the driver and the pillion, and I would classify the XR as an “Adventure Motorbike,” with a focus on road use and a suggestion of offroad capability.

Honda XR 150cc vs WR 155cc

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