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Nothing is more awesome than planning a Vietnam motorbike tour when you are drowning in your hectic work. And riding a BMW motorbike in Vietnam will be the best touring experience!

BMW is a well-known German brand in the motorbike market thanks to its high-level quality. That’s why it is favored by most hard-core travelers when conquering challenging terrain.

So, if you are also an adventure lover, we guess that booking a flight and staying at a resort cannot satisfy you, right? Only when you get a BMW motorcycle in Vietnam and cross Country Tour in this beautiful country can you gain a sense of fulfillment in your adventurous blood.

Get to know about BMW R1200GS

BMW R1200GS, one of the BMW GS family of dual-sport motorcycles, belongs to the high-end off-road vehicle segment. It was launched by BMW to compete with heavyweight rivals motorcycle brand such as Ducati Multistrada, Honda Crosstourer, Triumph Tiger Explorer, and Yamaha Super Tenere. The motorcycle has a rather big and impressive design. However, this special feature of the Adventure series provides maximum comfort for two people on the bike on long journeys. It Makes BMW Motorcycle Tours the Legend for all adventure lovers all over the World.

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First launched in 2004, the BMW R1200GS weight is 30 kg (66lb) lighter than the R1150R that it replaced. Its 2015 model was introduced at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany, by Motorrad. The BMW R1200 2018 model gets such updates as new color options, including Black Storm Metallic, Racing Red, and Cordoba Blue, as well as new features like a TFT screen instrument panel and an emergency call option. The most notable addition to the 1200GS is the new display, using a high-resolution color screen that can be controlled from the handlebars and can be connected to a phone. The BMW R1200GS and the top-spec BMW R1200GS Adventure have been BMW Motorrad’s best-selling models globally.

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BMW Motorrad for off-road adventure

Before 2015, motorcycle lovers could not rent a BMW Motorrad in Vietnam because there were no agents for BMW Rental nationwide. Due to the increasing demand of Vietnamese people and the country’s geographical position suitable for this type of motorcycle, BMW first appeared in the Vietnamese market in 2015. Since then, there has been an official dealer of BMW in Vietnam.

Professional motorcycle riders often say Vietnam is the best place to run BMW. Why do they say that? The S-shaped country extends from the North Pole to the South Pole, with diverse terrain and culture from the North to the South. Therefore, going around the country is a lifelong dream for indigenous people or foreign riders. And now, with a BMW Motorrad, the conquest of Vietnamese road trips is easier than ever with the shortest time.

  • BMW Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi to Laos

BMW motorbike in Vietnam

BMW Motorcycle Touring R1200GS review on remarkable features

BMW R1200GS will be your perfect motorbike touring and lead you to every corner of Vietnam and Indochina, no matter how rough the roads are. This kind of motorcycle, coming with desirable features, has become a fellow traveler of many drivers. Let’s check out our BMW R1200GS review on some of the most remarkable features below:

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#1. Powerful engine

It is understandable why the motorbike engine has met such strict standards. It helps drivers not only smoothly overcome easy roads but also effortlessly get through adventurous ones.

And the engine of the BMW R1200GS is not an exception. With a capacity of 1170cc, the BMW R1200GS‘s top speed will attain around 201 kilometers per hour. Therefore, you reach your destination in the least amount of time.

Moreover, when confronting narrow hill roads or rugged, bumpy, muddy ones, you just need to comfortably stay on your seat and hold the handgrips tightly. With its great power and durability, the engine will enable you to continue your journey.

  • BMW Motorcycle Tour from Da Nang to Indochina

BMW R1200GS top speed

#2. Striking appearance

BMW R1200GS will captivate you at first sight due to its gorgeous look. Of course, it is bigger than a normal motorbike, and the frame is firm and strong, which assists you in carrying your luggage and provides you relaxing riding experience.

This attractive BMW R1200GS is offered in various colors. Furthermore, the manufacturers create the components of this motorcycle as carefully as possible, even the smallest one, making it the best model ever!

Just try driving it, and you will find how cool you are when sitting on such an impressive motorcycle.

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Striking appearance of BMW Motorrad Vietnam

#3. Top-notch technology

The advanced technology adapted to this motorcycle allows you to experience outstanding features of one of the most prominent motorcycles in the world.

From tires, and brakes, to suspension, and many more other components, all are made of high-quality materials and designed with the aid of the most modern techniques to put this motorcycle on the top list of best motorcycles for traveling.

The bike is also equipped with various technologies like cruise control, dynamic traction control, smart key, and hill hold control. R1200GS Adventure is highly dynamic with its legendary boxer torque of 125 Nm and an output of 125 bhp delivered by the new water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine and has a larger capacity fuel tank and longer travel suspension than BMW R1200GS. Its cooling concept rests on a combination of air and liquid cooling.

All things combined, we highly recommend the BMW R1200GS for complete immersion in your fabulous Vietnam motorcycle trips.

  • Vietnam Cross Country From Saigon BMW Motorcycle Tours to Hanoi, Ha Long – 15 Days

BMW R1200GS Specs



Type61 mm
BoreHorizontally opposed twin
Bore x stroke101 x 73mm
Maximum Power125 horsepower @ 7750 rpm
Maximum torque92 ft/lbs @ 6500 rpm
Compression ratio12.5:1
Cooling78.8 Nm @ 8050 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder4
Fuel DeliveryMultipoint Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Cooling SystemLiquid and air
TransmissionConstant-mesh 6-speed w/ helical gear teeth
Wheelbase59.4 inches
Trail3.6 inches
Seat Height35.0 and 35.8 inches (standard choice)
Fuel Capacity7.9 gallons
Fuel Consumption47 mpg at a constant 55 mph
Curb Weight598 pounds
Rental Price190 USD/bike/day
Available for rent

bm travel adventure motorbike rental hanoi dirt bike rental vietnam 15

Why Touring Vietnam with a BMW R1200GS?

As far as you know, Vietnam, a beautiful S-shaped land, is famous for breathtaking landscapes that are commonly located in remote areas. Admittedly, the roads leading to these tourist attractions are difficult, hindering your traveling paths. Gravel roads, death daring bends, or mountainous off-the-beaten-track paths? Come to the northwestern mountainous to experience a number of challenging yet rewarding roads.

If you love conquering these paths with a BMW motorbike in Vietnam, BMW R1200GS is perfect for you to carry out the challenges. This will be your travel buddy for extreme, long tours on bumpy roads, stony paths, or into the wilderness. Asphalt, off-road, rocks, or sand, the BMW R1200GS will never disappoint with its light, agile handling.

  • Conquering All Greatest Pass BMW Motorcycle Tour 11 Days

BMW motorbike Vietnam touring

The BMW R1200GS offers all your needs with the two standard riding modes – “Rain” and “Road” which are available at the press of a button and offer your two entirely different, optimally coordinated riding styles. Other modes are also available as “Pro riding modes” optional equipment. The corresponding “Dynamic” and “Enduro” riding modes ensure greater options on your quest for adventure. With a built-in coding plug, the Dynamic riding mode becomes Dynamic Pro, and Enduro becomes Enduro Pro.

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The fuel tank capacity of 30 liters gives you independence on your journey, especially for long-day tours in remote areas of Vietnam. In addition, you have an onboard computer at your disposal: for the perfect journey organization and to display important data like a doubled trip computer, average consumption, and fuel range. Equally practical is the storage compartment above the tank. With this, any small items you have will be to hand at all times.

The BMW R1200GS will always be a dynamic, trusted, and stylish companion wherever you travel. It is true for all those who want to go to their limits – and grow beyond them, for the real adventure-lovers and those who fancy a wonderful riding experience.

  • BWM GS 1200 Tour from Saigon to Phnom Penh via Mekong Delta

BMW r1200gs - the best choice for touring in Vietnam

Ready for a Vietnam motorcycle tour with BMW Motorcycle Touring R1200GS?

#1 BMW Motorbike Rental – BMW R1200GS in Vietnam

For a high-quality BMW motorbike rental in Vietnam at a reasonable price, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club is proud to be the leading motorbike rental in Vietnam offering various types of motorbikes for rent like Honda CRF250L, Honda XR150L, Suzuki DR-Z400, BMW R1200GS… from 25 USD per day.

You can rent a BMW R1200GS at 190 USD per day with a deposit of 30%. The longer you rent, the cheaper. In terms of payment, cash or credit card is acceptable. Contact us now to reserve your best bike!

  • Vietnam Cross Country From Saigon BMW Motorcycle Tours to Hanoi, Ha Long – 15 Days

#2 Suitable clothes

You should choose comfortable and convenient clothes while driving. Also, kinds of clothes can effectively protect you from dirt and sunlight. Besides clothes, gloves and boots are indispensable stuff as they all aid in protecting your body.

One more crucial item to take along on your trip is a top-quality full-face helmet which guarantees your safety during the trip.

 BMW Motorbike Rental - BMW R1200GS in Vietnam

Final Verdict

Not only do motorbike tours provide you with a one-of-a-kind traveling experience but they also improve your health. However, if you are a BMW motorbike lover, you cannot have a perfect tour without a prominent BMW motorbike in Vietnam, right?

Well, you might think it is enough as long as you take part in a certain tour to relax. But wait, if you just maintain the same kind of traveling, don’t you feel bored-to-death?

That’s why you need a breath of fresh air in your life through a motorbike trip to experience new feelings and discover the new land of Vietnam.

And for those who are always excited about an adventure with a BMW motorbike in Vietnam, what are you waiting for? It is high time for you to plan your trip because you have been provided enough information and tips already. Do not forget your fellows! The more, the merrier!

I hope that you will find this article helps you make the right choice. Thanks for spending your time reading it!

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BMW R1200GS Rental Price

BMW GS1200

Rental Price

1-10 days190 USD/day
11-20 days170 USD/day
21-30 days150 USD/day
31+ days130 USD/day

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club is the only company offering high-quality enduro bikes that are routinely inspected and serviced to make your off-road enduro tour the best it can possibly be. We are currently using:

  • Honda CRF 250L Review
  • HONDA XR150
  • SUZUKI DRZ400,
  • BMW GS1200 for the off-road enduro tours in Vietnam and neighboring countries. Power will never be an issue with our range of 150cc to 1200cc bikes for one hell of a ride. We understand the importance of maintaining our fleet to the highest standards. We also regularly replace our entire fleet of bikes and riding gear always ensuring you the very best enduro and motocross experience guaranteed.
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bm travel adventure motorbike rental hanoi vietnam hondabm travel adventure vietnam enduro tours 01bm travel adventure vietnam enduro tours 11


Only 25 USD/ day

Rent a bike now!


Only 55 USD/ day

Rent a bike now!


Only 75 USD/ day

Rent a bike now!

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Only 100USD/ day

Rent a bike now!


Only 125USD/ day

Rent a bike now!

BMW GS1200

Only 190USD/ day

Rent a bike now!

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