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Ford Ranger Wildtrak – Built for Adventure

Planning a fun road trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city? The Ford Ranger is the ideal travel buddy for all of your spontaneous getaways. It is one of the most popular four-wheel-drive utes on the market today and has seen different generations of improvements with the addition of new features over the years. You can achieve whatever you need to with this pickup.

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Using Android Auto and its navigation system through its 8-inch touch display, you are able to dictate the destination through voice commands, and you’re soon ready to begin the day’s adventure. On the highway, your music, through its 6-piece speaker system, happily added a live soundtrack to your adventure trip with the family, completing that joyride experience.

And when the situation allows it, using its cruise control on long, straight highways makes the trip more enjoyable as it allows you to better enjoy and bask in the scenery before you.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Overview

When you need a vehicle that can manage heavy loads and challenging off-road terrain, it’s simple to think of commercial vehicles as solely functional. The new Ford Ranger WildTrak is here to alter preconceptions of what a commercial vehicle can be with its contemporary appearance and high-end cabin.

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In terms of performance, the Wildtrak is everything you might have come to expect from a Ford Ranger and then some. This beast of an off-road vehicle comes with a two-liter EcoBlue engine and a 10-speed automatic gearbox. It switches effortlessly between two- and four-wheel drive, making easy work of tough terrain. In total, it measures over five meters in length and is made up of the double cab, which comfortably accommodates five adults, and the large rear flatbed with tailgate. The flatbed is complete with tether points and a handy 12-volt charging point. It also has a massive towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons, making it a true work horse.

While the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is at home in rural settings, it’s equally suited to city streets and family life. The exterior of the vehicle is beautifully styled, with contrasting bumpers, LED wraparound headlights, and blacked-out windows in the rear cab. It’s available in a variety of color ways, from classics like Frozen White and Agate Black to bolder options like Sabre Orange and Rapid Red, which would make you stand out in any neighborhood!

Parking and driving in the city aren’t a problem due to the high seating position and wide wing mirrors, which allow the driver to see right to the corners of the vehicle. There are also parking sensors on the front and rear of the car, as well as a parking camera—perfect for parking in tighter spots.

Inside the cab is no letdown either; the interior is spacious and packed with technology. The center display is equipped with a Ford Sync 3 Drive system and supports both Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The partial leather interior has a premium feel, and the heated seats are a welcome addition for British winters. In the back, the spacious rear seats can easily accommodate three adults; however, there are also IsoFix points for two car seats in the rear cab, making it a great choice for families too.

You’ll find ample storage throughout the cabin in the form of large bins in the doors and a deep center console, which are ideal for storing all the essentials for family days out and road trips. Make sure that your phones, tablets, and other essentials are always powered up with the variety of charging options in the car. This includes USB charging points in the front along with 12 volt sockets, while the rear has two additional 12 volt sockets and a traditional 3-pin plug.

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Another reason for the Rangers success is the generous specification, particularly the top-of-the-range Wildtrak, which includes a number of driver assistance features such as active cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and a blind spot information system.

The Wildtrak also offers climate-controlled air conditioning, Ford’s latest Sync III infotainment system, heated front seats, which are hugely appreciated on a long drive, and forward alert with collision mitigation, front and rear park assist, a tire pressure monitoring system, trailer sway control, and a rear-view camera.

The new capacitive touch-screen driving the Sync III system is easily read as well as offering greater functionality through the voice activation system. It’s smart technology that allows calls to be made on the move as well as giving verbal directions to the navigation system.

There is also a three-pin power socket as well as a 240-volt power outlet in both the cabin and the rear tray, which is useful for recharging electronic devices and power tools.

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Couple all of this generous specification with a comfortable ride quality and usually low road noise levels in the cabin (our test vehicle was fitted with noisier all-terrain tires rather than the standard and much quieter highway-terrain tires), and you have a multipurpose vehicle fit for work as well as family and leisure use.

Especially useful is the 3500kg braked towing capacity.

So unless the rejigged Hilux can pull a rabbit out of a hat, or unless Holden does a massive Colorado marketing campaign, then it is a fairly safe bet that the Ford Ranger will remain New Zealand’s top-selling vehicle overall for a fourth consecutive year.



  1. Engine Options: The Ford Ranger offers a variety of engine options, including both gasoline and diesel engines, allowing buyers to choose the powertrain that suits their needs.
  2. Towing Capacity: The Ranger is known for its impressive towing capacity, making it suitable for hauling trailers, boats, or other heavy loads.
  3. Interior Comfort: Many models of the Ranger feature a comfortable and well-designed interior with modern technology and features.
  4. Advanced Technology: The Ranger often comes equipped with advanced infotainment systems, driver-assistance features, and connectivity options.
  5. Off-Road Capability: The Ranger offers various off-road packages and features, making it suitable for adventurers who enjoy exploring rugged terrain.


  1. Ride Quality: Some reviewers have noted that the Ranger’s ride quality can be slightly rougher compared to other midsize trucks.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: While the Ranger’s fuel efficiency is decent, it might not be as economical as some of its competitors in the midsize truck segment.
  3. Interior Quality: While the interior is generally comfortable, some users find that the materials and finishes don’t match those of more upscale models.
  4. Reliability: While the Ranger is generally considered reliable, there have been instances of mixed reliability ratings in certain model years.

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