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Triumph tiger 800 Review

Since the first launch of the Triumph Tiger 800 to the adventure market, it has always been recognized as a superior adventure motorcycle by one of the most popular luxury brands. Favored by adventure lovers worldwide, this innovative motorcycle is a formidable opponent of other familiar motorcycles such as the BMW F800GS and Ducati Multistrada 950.

The initial success has created the base for the new generation, including the two versions, triumph tiger 800 XR and XRT, with endless valuable improvements and innovations.

So, what made Triumph Tiger 800 one of the highlights on the worldwide motorcycle market? Read on this Triumph Tiger 800 review to reveal the secrets behind the legend’s success.

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Triumph Tiger 800 Overview

Triumph Tiger 800 is a great motorcycle specially designed for comfort, flexibility, and power so that the drivers can easily conquer difficult roads once setting their foot on the pedal. As one of Triumph’s favorite motorcycles, the Triumph Tiger 800 family was innovated with 200 upgrades per model over recent years.

More capability and more enhanced ergonomics await! Before purchasing this motorcycle, look at what we have collected about it below for the next part of the triumph tiger 800 reviews. They are nothing but useful.

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Triumph tiger 800 Rental

History of the Triumph Tiger 800 range

Launched as a dual-sport motorcycle in 2010, Triumph Tiger 800 was deemed the success of the British manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles. Through different generations, the Triumph Tiger 800 family has upgraded the consciousness of more and more adventurous souls from all over the world. Each model comes with unique features to serve the thirst for adventures worldwide. While the Tiger 800 XR version is designed for a road-oriented purpose, the triumph tiger 800 xc is a fully off-road vehicle.

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First generation (2010-2014)

Two models including 800 & 800XC, were created for the first generation with the same frame and inline-three engine motivated by the Triumph Daytona 675 model. The only thing that made models different through the years was the frame’s color. While silver is chosen for 2011 models, the black frame is the highlight of the next generation.

Second generation (2015-2017)

The Tiger 800 model in 2015 was designed with a drive-by-wire throttle and 800cc engine that was written with better fuel economy and additional traction control. For optional versions, riders can enjoy greater cruise control, an advanced trip computer, auto-cancel indicators, innovative hardware, and multiple driving modes.

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Triumph tiger 800 rental - Bm Travel adventure experience

Third generation (2018-present)

2018 marked a successful year of Triumph when they launched a completely new generation of the Triumph Tiger 800 family with six models on both variants. The road-oriented product line has XR (base model), XRx, XRx Low, and XRt models with Showa suspension, cast aluminum-alloy wheels, and a 19-inch front tire.

Tiger 800 brought out XC (base model), XCx, and XCA versions with a 21-inch front tire spoke wheels and even WP suspension for the Dual-sport line. All versions ensure to give riders basic features, including switchable ABS, a single 255mm disc, LCD screens, and digital instruments. Some features include varied riding modes, LED lights, colored TFT screens, and heated grips.

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Advantages of Triumph Tiger 800

Let’s move on to the next part of this triumph tiger 800 reviews. Continuous upgrades through different models took the Triumph Tiger 800 range to a new level of upgrades per model for unique experiences for customers. The latest versions of Tiger 800 come with significant upgrades, making them ideal vehicles to conquer long-distance roads across the continent.

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Neat but powerful

Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 5

Triumph Tiger 800 range is now at its highest-ever level of technology with more enhanced ergonomics, modern gears, and a responsive power source. With a similar design and nearly the same equipment as the previous large-sized Tiger versions, Tiger 800 is aimed at customers looking for neat adventure motorcycles but provides sufficient power. Experience exciting and easy control of this powerful machine.

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More driving modes offered

Although the Triumph Tiger 800 is lesser-known in Vietnam than other adventure series such as Ducati Multistrada or BMW F / R Series, the Tiger 800 range still got selected by many European bikers. All new versions of Tiger 800 come with five different driving modes, including Rider (user installed), Rain (rainy), Road (normal road conditions), Sport, and Offroad. Therefore, users can feel free to experience the smoothest and most comfortable rides on every condition of the roads they will jump on.

Especially, the XC versions are built with an additional Offroad Pro mode, which allows experienced drivers to turn off all systems such as ABS or traction control while riding. That’s great!

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Great handling and amazing engine

Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 6

Triumph always sets handling as the priority whenever bringing their products to the market. And, yes, Triumph Tiger 800 is a typical example of that criteria. Basic components still surprise riders when riding on a Triumph Tiger 800 on the road. Riders will feel stability and comfort even on long-distance roads.

With the perfect stroked engine, sharp and crisp throttle response, and wonderful power delivery from the motor, Triumph Tiger is just like a steed on the road. A slick gearbox combined with a light clutch and responsive throttle will make riding the motorcycle an amazing experience.

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Triumph Tiger 800 in Vietnam

It will be so regrettable not to mention the market of the Triumph Tiger 800 series in Vietnam in this triumph tiger 800 reviews for your better understanding. In April 2019, in Hanoi, Triumph Vietnam officially launched three new models, including Tiger 800.

This is also the first time this adventure motorcycle came to Vietnam, right after the Tiger XCa 800 version appeared in the framework of Vietnam AutoExpo 2018. This time, the two newly launched models, Tiger 800 XR and XRT are equipped with better equipment to be well suited to the roads.

The triumph tiger 800 price is quite reasonable at only 349 million VND, motorcycle lovers were more accessible to the adventure world on their steeds again. These flexible and powerful machines have received great attention from Vietnamese riders since their first kickoffs.

Besides the Triumph Tiger 800 XR and Tiger 800 XRT, Triumph Tiger XCa 800 is also one of the most popular versions of the new generation Tiger 800 that debuted at the 2017 EICMA show. Angular design, upgraded brake system, and modern instrument panel make your off-road times in Vietnam better than ever before.

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Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 7

Triumph Tiger 800 Specs: Engine and Transmission

TypeLiquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder
Max Power EC70kW (94 bhp) @ 9500rpm
Max Torque EC79Nm @ 8050rpm
SystemMultipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Dry Weight205kg
Tank Capacity19L
Seat Height840 – 860mm

Why Triumph Tiger 800 is the best choice to conquer the Vietnam terrain

With a variety of choices, Triumph Tiger 800 gave riders the chance to conquer even the most difficult roads thanks to their special designs for comfort, flexibility, and great power delivery. And, making an adventure throughout the wonderful country of Vietnam is a breeze on the back of any model from the Triumph Tiger 800 family. Yes, we won’t tell lies.

There are endless reasons to make the Triumph Tiger 800 one of the best choices to enjoy the satisfying adventure in a country with special terrain like Vietnam. Let’s see what they are:

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Each model makes different experiences

Yes, the continuous upgrades, at the same time, bring new models to users all over the world. And that’s how the users’ experience is gradually optimized as time passes. Each range model is specially built with key features that come in handy on Vietnamese roads.

The TIGER 800 XR is all set with the amazing bar for comfortable all-day riding on the highways. Well, city-street tours will be perfect with superb handling. Meanwhile, the mid-spec Triumph TIGER 800 XRX model, with additional full-color TFT instruments, four-riding modes, five-position screen, and switchgear, helps deliver a safe ride in poise and style even at triumph tiger 800 top speed.

Possessing the road-focused capability from the XRx version, the TIGER 800 XRX LOW provides an amazing suspension setup with an adjustable seat height to fit the height of Vietnamese riders easily. With the top-spec TIGER 800 XRT model, riders will enjoy a five-riding mode with heated grips and seats, ensuring additional adventures on the road.

Triumph Tiger 800cc with off-road focus on ‘Off-Road Pro’ mode allows riders to have fun while kicking their off-road power on the mountain roads or wind through the most scarious pass roads in Vietnam. Your adventures will start with the supreme Triumph TIGER 800 XCA, fully equipped with riding modes and ride-enhancing technology.

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Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 8

Neat touches with comfort ensured

The Tiger 800 comes as a standard version for all adventure lovers. Its neat look is not based on triumph tiger 800 weight only. Every small detail creates a neat appearance. Just look around the innovative motorcycle, and you will feel neat touches at every detail.

An adjustable two-piece seat, basic suspension, handguards, and great levers help ensure users’ comfort even for a long-distance ride on Vietnam’s terrain. Meanwhile, switchable ABS and a built-in immobilizer are specially designed for the rider’s security and safety even when riding on the most challenging pass roads in Vietnam.

Under the gas tank’s edges, some cut-outs provide a good position for the rider’s knees when standing up. So, riders can easily reach the vehicle’s handlebar and effortlessly operate the hand controls.

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Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 2

Practicality is the key

Agility comes superb thanks to the lightweight wheels and wide, tapered aluminum-alloy bars. A double rear rack with comprehensive instruments gives riders all the necessary information during the journey without stopping by at any place on the way.

Also, The Tiger 800 range, with its high-capacity generator, allows all electrical accessories to offer greater practicality. The Tiger 800 series was developed with more than 60 bespoke accessories, including heated seats and grips and tire-pressure monitoring sensors for various riders’ experiences.

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Modern design and technologies

Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 9

The Tiger 800 has a 43mm Showa front shock absorber with a 180mm stroke. The XRT version allows the riders to adjust the compression of the front shock absorbers to help the drivers be more active in almost every terrain condition in Vietnam.

The triumph tiger 800 seat height can be adjusted from 810 – 830 mm, and the wide seat design increases the greater comfort for the driver and fellow rider. Moreover, the 19-liter fuel tank capacity helps the motorcycle move continuously over 350 km with one filling only. So, you won’t worry anymore even when riding in mountainous areas in Vietnam without any gas station.

Equipped with a 5-inch TFT color screen and customized themes, Tiger 800 allows you to change the brightness based on the environment and the driver’s style. The headlights of the Tiger 800 XRT version use full LED technology combined with DRL daytime positioning lights, making sure that you will never be lost on the road.

Equipped with steering and seat heating, The Tiger 800 series is completely suitable for riders to ride in cold weather or on winter days in the Northern region of Vietnam. Sounds amazing!

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Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 3

More riding modes with safety are offered.

Coming with a 6-speed gearbox combined with 5 driving modes, including Rain, Road, Sport, Offroad, and Rider Customization, the Tiger 800 series is a perfect match to the constantly changing terrain of Vietnam.

Single-disc rear brakes with 255 mm diameter and 1 piston combined with an ABS anti-lock braking system help improve the rider’s safety even on dangerous roads in the country. Yes, it is not a mistake to mention that the Triumph Tiger 800 series has opened up a new world for riders to jump on their ‘Go-anywhere’ adventure touring. The Triumph Tiger 800 2020 will promise a lot to look for.

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Triumph Tiger 800 Review: The Unbeatable Legend 4

Triumph Tiger 800 is just perfect.

Well, motorcyclists like us are lucky enough to have the chance to dive into the world of adventure on the back of endless motorcycle choices on the market. And, this triumph tiger 800 review finally has to end. Triumph Tiger 800 generation ensures perfect adventure experiences for adventure lovers since its first launch. Its lightweight but powerful engine is flawless to run on changing terrains in Vietnam.

And, if you are reading to the end of this Triumph Tiger 800 review, we ensure that a lot of interesting things except joy and fascination await! That’s what the Triumph Tiger 800 brings to the adventure world. This faithful companion is ready for your next adventure. Don’t miss it!

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Triumph Tiger 800 Rental Price


Rental Price

1-10 days120 USD/day
11-20 days100 USD/day
21-30 days80 USD/day
31+ days70 USD/day

Triumph tiger 800 review

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