Why Is Homestay in Vietnam An Excellent Choice for Adventure Holidays?

Any tourists coming to Vietnam, especially those who love adventure and discovering the country on the back of a motorbike, set accommodation as the top priority. While booking a tour, many travelers asked us – BM Travel Adventure about where they should stay, a hotel or a homestay.

They are all afraid homestay in Vietnam has low-grade amenities or fastidious hosts. They have not yet been aware of how great a homestay experience can bring. However, thanks to our zealous consultancy, they turned out to be excited and chose a homestay rather than a hotel when taking a tour.

To help you understand homestay in Vietnam, BM Travel Adventure has decided to write this article to share the most useful things so that you can pick the right accommodation for your trips to Vietnam.

Where to stay in Vietnam? A hotel or a homestay

A hotel is more service-oriented accommodation with many offered services such as Spa, Gym, Massage, Club, Restaurants, and many more. Everything is very comfy and convenient with basic services like laundry and room service. The hotels often stand downtown; therefore, it will be more difficult for you to communicate or socialize with the locals and learn about their daily life.

Meanwhile, homestay is a green type of travel, perfect for tourists who are fond of uncovering the culture in the new lands. Taking overnight in a homestay, you will have time to go native and talk with the indigenous people and even have meals together like a family. Therefore, you can be easily close to the land’s lifestyle and culture.

You are free to use any items and utensils in the homestay. Even in high-class ones, you can serve your needs without support.

Homestay in Vietnam is one of the most interesting travel experiences that not only brings you happy moments but also gives you a chance to enrich your communication skills and knowledge of different cultures worldwide.

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Homestay in Ba Be Lake

The experiences that you can find only in homestays in Vietnam

Cozy and homelike atmosphere

We are sure you will feel cozy with the warm home decor, and the homelike atmosphere remained by the hosts and members living in.

Most homestays come full of facilities, including a kitchenette and living room, where a family can cook together or enjoy the living space.

As for modern, dynamic, and adventurous youngsters who travel solo or in groups, pick a smaller homestay. Each homestay is a different small house. Despite not being as luxurious as a hotel or a resort, each has its unique beauty.

Understanding the local cultures

Taking a homestay in Vietnam as your accommodation, you can join the host’s daily activities, such as going to the market, having conversations, and cooking. Try your hand at living a simple, close life as the inhabitants. Homestay has grown popular among adventure lovers. Its purpose is to bring you a space that feels like home and a peaceful place to stay over during your Vietnam trip.

It seems an opportunity to get closer to the local cuisine and culture. The villagers are always willing to tell you social stories, traditional customs, and habits.

Local Homestay

Meeting up and learning a new language

Those who choose a homestay are mostly backpackers who did not know each other before that. But staying here, they will together take part in uncovering the culture and people of the land they are on.

Homestay is not a normal type of accommodation for tourists. It can bring people from different countries and regions close together. Also, you can improve your foreign language through conversations with foreigners while staying under the same roof.

The most enjoyable homestay selected by BM Travel Adventure

Taking a Vietnam tour from 6 days and more provided by BM Travel Adventure, we will take you to many scenic lands of the country and spend at least two nights in a homestay.

Surely, you will have the best time sleeping in clean bedrooms with fabulous views of forests, mountains, and valleys and having fun around the large green gardens. Of course, the regional foods can’t be missed on any trips.

Rent a motorbike from BM Travel Adventure; you will get unforgettable experiences in the top-quality homestays in Vietnam.

Homestays at Thon Tha village, Ha Giang Province

homestay in Meo Vac

Standing afar off the center of the city, Thon Tha homestays gather around the area of the Tay ethnic minority group. The place welcomes its visitors with fresh air and strange tranquillity.

Here, you will see how peaceful, modestly, and tidily the friendly and hospitable locals live. A warm welcome and a table of specialties are exactly what you are given as soon as arriving in these lodging places.

Nha Co Homestay, Dong Van

Dong Van Homestay

Situated on the Dong Van Karst Plateau near the Ha Giang market, the Nha Co Homestay is only 15 minutes away from Dong Van High Hill. It’s such a perfect place for travelers to enjoy the natural surroundings and uncover the famous landmarks of the province, like the Lung Cu Flag Tower and the House of Vuong Palace.

The homestay is around 200 years old. It is made from very rare pinewood, and the architecture brings the distinctive features of the H’mong group. Lying in the Mong presidency’s area, the house also offers lots of unique customs and cultures of the locals.

Anh Dao Homestay in Bac Ha

Homestay Bac Ha

Nestled in a serene area, Anh Dao Homestay has a spacious rooftop. Each room of the hotel has a window where you can view the garden and mountains. If you want to view the local art performances, contact the host. They will arrange an affordable tour for you.

More than that, Vietnamese foods are included daily if you stay here. Anh Dao is a separate house near the Mong, the Kinh, and the Nung residential area. Adjacent to the homestay is a stream, and a bit further are high mountains and valleys, so do not forget to wander around for some fresh air.

Mai Chau Eco-home

Mai Chau Homestay

Mai Chau Eco-home sets itself apart from the rest by organizing eco-tours, eco-farms, and eco-houses, all of which meet the necessary tourism standards.

More than a fantastic place to stay overnight, it’s also a great venue to enrich your life experiences by observing farmers’ daily life and work. About 160km from Hanoi and 20 km from Mai Chau Town, this homestay lies quietly in Buoc village, which is well-known for its stunning panoramic view of Northwestern Vietnam’s highlands.

Once you set foot in this village because its serenity and spellbinding nature will blow your mind. And don’t be surprised since there are no signs of modern life here. For many years, the Thai Trang people have also upheld their traditional customs and agricultural culture.

How do you feel when seeing a table of fresh veggies and local foods (from the eco-farm) ready for you to dig in after a day outing? How lovely! Right? It’s the privilege of all the guests staying here. Enjoy!

Hoang Chuyen Homestay, Bac Kan Province

Bac Can homestay

Placed in Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau Commune of Be Be District, Bac Kan Province, Hoang Chuyen Homestay is close to the famous Ba Be Lake and the National Park.

It’s a place to be for foodies with diversified specialties, including pickled sprats, smoked wild boar pork, hillside open-ranged chicken, braised carp with bamboo shoots, roasted fish, corn wine, woodland star gooseberry, etc.

Vu Linh Homestay, Ngoi Tu Village, Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Homestay

Sitting at the center of Ngoi Tu Village, Vu Linh Commune, Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province, Vu Linh is a famed guesthouse for both domestic and foreign visitors in groups.

Foodies will love the accommodation since it has various dishes and local cuisines. Apart from this, visitors can go native with the local community as a tourist activity. Head out for Thac Ba Lake and have fun around. Or you can visit Thuy Tien Cave, one of the most magnificent caves in the province.

Whether Mai Chau homestay or Sapa homestay, you will have different experiences. But if you are a community-based or nature tourist, staying in a homestay in Vietnam is the most practical way to learn more about cultures and mingle with the locals.

BM Travel Adventure suggests that you should spend at least two nights at a homestay on your Vietnam Motorbike tours to North Vietnam. What’s holding you back? Let’s book a tour today and prepare to meet Vietnam’s challenging roads and endearing people.

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