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1.   How is the traffic in Vietnam?

It is organized within disorganized

Most foreigners who have been to Vietnam say that the traffic in Vietnam is busy, crazy, funny, amazing or unbelievable or disorganized. However, motorbikes and scooters are still predominant on most roads in Vietnam. Most of our tours are guided by experienced drivers who have a good command of local traffic laws for a possible safest driving. Moreover, we always choose the safest roads with the least traffic or narrow and swampy but safe roads with beautiful landscape for you.

  1. Can you buy motorbike insurance in Vietnam?      

In Vietnam, such biggest insurance companies as Bao Viet (National Insurance Company) or some other international insurance companies such as French and Japanese companies will be offer insurance to you unless you have motorbike license in Vietnam. For this very reason, it is important for you to buy motorbike insurance in your country before coming to Vietnam to join motorbike tours.

  1. What should be done to have a most wonderful tour in Vietnam?

Vietnam is always the most special destination for motorbike tours. Drivers can always have the most memorable trips in Vietnam with impressive pass roads and various beautiful scenes on roads together with ethnic people in their characteristic traditional clothes. The traffic in Vietnam is relatively special, thus we, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, will put forth some useful hints so that you can have a perfect trip.

You should join a guided trip: Our tour guides are very professional and experienced. They possess all-in-one skills of mechanic, interpreter, guide, assistant or just teacher who shows you local traffic rules. check some itinerary here: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com/product.htm

Northern Vietnam is always the best destination in a motorbike tour. Once you’ve left the outskirts of Hanoi city, you can see endless green rice fields or imposing limestone mountains with less motorbike traffic. Most of the roads are sunny, windy and relatively small. However, for a green scene stretching over forest and mountain, rain is inevitable. Therefore, the best time to travel Northern Vietnam is from September to next April.

You shouldn’t be surprised to see that Vietnamese people use horns too much. It is because they want to pass other people or warn other people or simply greet acquaintances. They don’t use horn because of anger. Moreover, bikers or pedestrians will not give way to you unless they hear a horn sound. Thus, you shouldn’t keep silent when you drive on the roads in Vietnam.


  1. When should you book a tour? How should you pay or book a tour?

Truly speaking, we are not a big motorbike tourism company in Vietnam, thus our tour guides and motorbikes are limited in quantity. Therefore, we always confirm services or tour booking in 6 to 8 months before departure. We will not receive more booking when our motorbikes and tour guides are booked in full to make sure that we always provide the best services to you. We are not always ready for big group including 5 tourists and over. Accordingly, you’d better to book our tour. When we reached final confirmation on tour booking, we will send to you a guaranteed link on Onepay to pay 30% of total costs in advance. It is fairly safe, convenient and easy at the cost of 3.6% of the local bank. You can pay the rest in cash or by Visa card in Vietnam.

  1. Is international driving license valid in Vietnam?

In fact, no driving license is completely valid in Vietnam, even an international driving license. It should be translated into Vietnamese (by Vietnam Embassy or other relevant agency). If you have car driving license, most of Vietnam insurance companies see that you can drive in Vietnam. Thus, management agencies will accept such documents. The questions regarding motorbike driving license in Vietnam are related mainly to your insurance. On the other hand, if you are working in Vietnam under contract with at least 6-month term, it is easy for you to obtain a local driving license.

Local traffic policemen often don’t stop foreigners or ignore foreigners. They also don’t check motorbike driving license because they are not good at English or not confident to solve foreign-related issues. Moreover, at that time, they can solve hundreds of cases of other Vietnamese violators. However, in Mui Ne, traffic policemen started to check the foreign driving license.

According to unofficial information, Vietnam is included in the list of countries that accept the international driving license for foreign drivers in Vietnam. 

  1. Is there always any supporting motorbike or only guide or mechanic? 

Tour price often excludes supporting motorbike. Therefore, depending on the number of days and the number of people in a tour with us, we always offer competitive prices for supporting motorbike. In most of our tours in Vietnam, we always encourage you to choose supporting motorbike if you always want to keep everything clean and dry or if you want to have one or two motorbikes of the same type for immediate replacement in case of breakdowns on your way. For further information, please contact us. 

  1. What should be brought along in a tour?

How should luggage be handled during a tour?

For your luggage, we always recommend you to bring necessary things because it depends on your tour route or tour length. You shouldn’t bring too heavy and bulky luggage. Most of the tours held by Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club start at our warehouse on the outskirts of Hanoi. There, we always have helmets, protective clothes, and gloves in hand. We also provide protective clothes to you but you should bring the same from your country because they will match you.

Following is the list of necessary things that should be brought on your way.

Protective clothes for motorbike drivers, specialized helmet, leather gloves or leather boots in the winter in Vietnam or plastic boots in the rainy season from May to September.

Personal clothing for replacement (you should bring many underwear and shirts rather than trousers), possibly jackets or thin sweaters. Sunglasses, map or dashboard camera, google, GPS.

Personal belongings, sun cream (because sunshine in Vietnam causes a burning sensation). Mosquito repellent, cash in emergent case, ear plugs, basic personal things.

+ In emergent cases: First-aid tools, emergent phone numbers, flashlight, and standby charger.

During your tour with us, you can leave unnecessary things at our office or warehouse. For the tours not starting and ending in Hanoi, we may help you send your things to the places where your tour is ended at reasonable price, especially the tours on Ho Chi Minh Trail starting in Hanoi and ending in Central Vietnam.

  1. I'm travelling alone, is it possible to join with another group? 

We will try to link you with another group but both your needs and riding skills have to be similar; or if any member of the group has special requirements, for example taking photos, you will have to agree to meet the other group’s needs. And vice versa. Details of groups you could join at Tour Update.

 For further information, please contact us. and see more in our website: http://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com

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