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Motorbike touring in Vietnam is always the best choice for those who want to experience Vietnamese country and people in a realest manner. We are a group of motorbike tour operators and tour guides who have a lot of experiences and good at various languages such as English, French and Spanish. We are the first motorbike tour operator with Spanish tour guides in Vietnam. We have been grown up after many years in tourism. We know how to make differences and organize a wonderful trip for you. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the following tour lists or we may customize them depending your financial capacity and number of days. We will try our best to offer everything possible to you so that you will have a meaningful trip in Vietnam.

What are the most wonderful roads for motorbike tours in Vietnam

What are the most wonderful roads for motorbike tours in Vietnam?

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Having joined motorbike tour sector for many years, we have eventually been able to answer the question: “What are the most wonderful roads for motorbike tours in Vietnam?” We can go every corner of Vietnam, even off-roads, plains or arduous passes, swampy roads. Following is the list of the most wonderful roads in our eyes.

1. Motorbike tour to Dong Van Rock Plateau

Everyone has his/her own feelings on the beauty. The motorbike tour to Dong Van Rock Plateau helps you discover the unspoiled and idyllic beauty of this Plateau as well as spectacular beauty of the roads to this Plateau like a giant snake stretching from mountain to mountain. Moreover, you will have chance to see the hard life of the local people, i.e. lack of water and other necessities. This makes the drivers who have been to this area feel that they are lucky because they don’t have to live in the villages and the houses hidden in a mountain slope surrounded by rocks. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club always offers various options regarding roads, notably off roads. All drivers who have joined us on this road feel that this is the best of the best roads. 

2. Motorbike tour from Mu Cang Chai - Tu Le - Sa Pa

This is the road that should be tried by most drivers or motorbike tour lovers once in their life. This road has amazing beauty thanks to the combination between nature and human. Anyone who has been to this area wants to know why they could do like that. This road is full of endless terraced rice fields, stretching from the mountain foot to the mountain peak. You will also have chance to cross two of four great passes of Vietnam, i.e. O Quy Ho pass together with imposing Hoang Lien Son range and Khau Pha pass covered by cloud nearly all year round. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club suggests you should come to this region from May to October. 

3. Bac Son - Ban Gioc road    

This road may be the most unique one with terraced rice fields or villages inside valleys surrounded by the river or winding roads across old forests. You can stop to take photos at many points with spectacular beautiful scenes or peaceful villages of ethnic minorities such as Tay, Nung, Hmong, San and Chay. Ban Gioc waterfall is an attractive tourism destination in Cao Bang for tourists. The road from Bac Son to Ban Gioc may be the best one for motorbike tours in Vietnam.

4. Sa Pa - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang

Everyone often jokes that this is the road of love because each section of this road for motorbike tour makes you love Vietnam country and admire Vietnamese people more. This road is also for off-road tour because it has many sections suitable for off-road tour. We, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, will know how to design a suitable tour route for you.

5. Da Nang - Lang Co

Maybe this is the most beautiful road in the Central Vietnam. Moreover, it is a chance for you to discover one of four great passes of Vietnam, i.e. Hai Van Pass. Furthermore, in our tour program, we will lead you to imposing mountains as well as wonderful beaches on two sides of the pass, notably Lang Co Beach that is one of the most beautiful sea bays in the world.

6. Ho Chi Minh Trail   

When it comes to Ho Chi Minh Trail, most people in the world admire Vietnam Communist soldiers. This is a legendary and historical road of Vietnam with total length of 16,000km and built from the 1960s. This road is completely located in the Northwestern Vietnam. This is the complex of small roads along famous Truong Son range. Therefore, it is an ideal road for motorbike tours to discover spectacular beautiful scenes. Although this road gets more slippery and blocked, it was rebuilt considerably in the 2000s. At present, it has been changed a lot with fewer off roads for motorbike tours. However, it is still a perfect road for a motorbike tour in Vietnam. We, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, have offered various options for motorbike tours on Ho Chi Minh Trail. All of our tours are designed in the safest and best section of the trail. Most tours on Ho Chi Minh Trail are the combination of adventure and discovery of Vietnam War history.