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03 Days Hanoi → Ta Xua → Moc Chau

Offroading to Ta Xua Moc Chau 3 days

Northwest Offroading to Ta Xua, Dragon Spine. The motorbike trip from Hanoi to Ta Xua and Moc Chau

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7 Days Ha Noi → Thac Ba Lake → Ha Giang → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Lang Son → Ha Long → Ha Noi

Offroad Motorbike Tour Ha Giang to Ha Long Bay – 7 Days

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour form Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay - 7 days to explore lush landscapes, local cuisine will be definitely worth exploring...

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07 Days Hanoi → Mai Chau → Phu Yen → Mu Cang Chai → Sapa → Ha Giang → Vu Linh → Hanoi

Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh via Mu Cang Chai – 7 Days

The off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh via Mu Cang Chai - 7 Days is a worthy choice for those love...

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08 Days Hanoi → Ba Be Lake → Meo Vac → Dong Van → Ha Giang → Sapa → Than Uyen → Mu Cang Chai → Phu Yen → Mai Chau → Moc Chau

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Moc Chau – 8 days

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Moc Chau in 8 days will take you through the iconic northern Vietnamese destinations such as Ha Giang,...

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08 Days Hanoi→ Vu Linh→ Ha Giang→ Dong Van→ Bao Lac→ Cao Bang→ Ban Gioc→ Quang Uyen→ Lang Son →Hanoi

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son via Ha Giang – 8 days

This 8-day North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son via Ha Giang promises to be one of the most fulfilling experiences you do on...

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08 Days Hanoi → Phu Yen → Than Uyen → Sapa → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Ba Be → Hanoi

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be – 8 days

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be in 8 days not only impress riders with the majestic nature but also the depth of...

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Splendid North Vietnam Motorbike Tours via Northern Loop Trail

Which is the best place for motorcycle tours in Vietnam? This is quite a controversial matter. Many people, both Vietnamese and foreign backpackers, affirm that North Vietnam Motorbike Tours can surely satisfy any motorcyclists. This is undeniably true.

The topography of Northern Loop Vietnam is diverse and absolutely complex. The mountainous terrain is especially predominant, which is extremely fascinating to daredevil motorcyclists. Plenty of rugged and winding trails are going to evoke your endless passion for traveling. Moreover, the North is the cradle of Vietnam culture and tradition. There are countless incredible things for you to explore but if you are looking for the most wonderful experience. And BM Travel Adventure is here to guide.

Although it is far possible to enjoy all the motorcycle tours in the North, many people choose the following three tours: tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay, tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake, tour from Hanoi to Babe. These tours last from 10 to 15 days which is long enough to cover all the worthwhile destinations.

North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 10 days

Of all the North Vietnam Motorbike Tours we – BM Travel Adventure – organize, the 10-day tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay is always in the list of the top best tours voted by our customers.

The mountainous terrain of the North has created many enchanting mountain passes. There are four passes which are considered The Greatest Passes of the North: Ma Pi Leng, O Quy Ho, Pha Din, and Khau Pha, Tram Ton Pass. On the tour, you will discover up to 3 of them. Riding on the winding roads, you will contemplate the majestic scenery of nature. The combination of mountains and sky will definitely bring you indescribably wonderful feelings.

Panoramic view of Tu Le terrace valley or tranquility of Mu Cang Chai brings you back to the unalloyed rejoice that you might once have lost. A destination you must visit to understand more about the traditional beauty of local people in the North is Bac Ha market – a long-standing famous highland market.

After days of spending on off-road routes, you will relax and enjoy a luxurious cruise in Halong Bay – one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Here imposing scenery and attentive services will please every single soul.

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 10 days

North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake – 12 days

Another amazing tour for you guys to experience is the tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake. You are going to contemplate the greatness of Thac Ba Lake and Ba Be Lake – the two largest lakes in the North of Vietnam. In particular, Ba Be National Park’s ecology of plants and animals is conserved very well; therefore, it can be considered a paradise for those who love nature.

Almost all the most well-known places are available in this Northern Vietnam motorbike tour – Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Mai Chau valley, Moc Chau plateau, etc. Especially, you are going to discover the most unique northern highland markets such as Bac Ha market, Phien Meo Vac market, the market in Dong Van Ancient Town, or if we are in luck, Khau Vai special love market.

So you want something more challenging? The tour provides you hazardous routes along the Vietnam-China border. Prepare yourself as well as you can inasmuch because the off-road trails are not going to be easy to conquer. And don’t forget to take some photos at Ha Khau international border gate in Lao Cai city to save all the good memories.

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake - 12 days

Northern Loop Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be – 15 days

This 15-day tour from Hanoi to Babe is one of the most awe-inspiring motorbike tours in Northern Loop Vietnam. This tour is quite similar to the two tours above. However, since this tour lasts longer, it allows you to discover Dien Bien and Son La. Here you will meet Thai, Muong, Tay ethnic people with various customs and traditions. Then you will visit the terrifying Son La former prison. This is a historic place where many Vietnamese political prisoners were kept.

Coming here, you are definitely going to know more about the heroic history of Vietnam. Of course, beautiful landscapes and so many new things are ubiquitous. The routes are still full of challenges as always. Once you join the tour, you will have all the best experiences that you hardly ever have on any other tour.

North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be - 15 days

Off-road Vietnam enduro tour from Hanoi to Vu Linh – 8 days

The most special thing about this tour is probably that you will go through a long enduro route every day. For those who love to enduro tours, this Northern Loop Vietnam motorbike tour is ideal. If you find steep small roads or off-road routes too dangerous, this may not be what you are looking for. Heading straight for Cao Phong hills is a heart-stopping experience that not everyone would love to try. In the tour, you will explore Thac Ba Lake and National Park Ba Be where countless precious animal and plant species are preserved.

You also discover the pure wild beauty of the villages that few people visit in Bao Lac and Dong Cao along the Viet Trung border. Going through Cao Bang’s global geological park or camping on Dong Cao Plateau and Thung Mountain brings you moments full of joy and excitement. Not in every tour can you find such dreamlike beautiful off-road and enduro routes. Among all the North Vietnam motorbike tours, this is probably the best tour for those who love adventures.

Best Motorbikes for North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

There is a fact that not every bike is suitable for motorbike tours in Northern Loop Vietnam. There are 3 motorbikes that you should use to conquer the North, namely Honda XR150L, Honda CRF250L, and Suzuki CRF400 bikes.

Honda XR150L

Honda XR150L is good for both on-road and off-road routes. The motorbike is favored for flexibility and cylinder capacity. Its design is absolutely convenient. The ability to accelerate is fairly good. Reasonable fuel consumption is another reason why you can rely on this motorbike. With each liter of petrol, you can go 55km. Especially when you ride for a long time with the speed maintaining from 70 – 80 km/h, 300 km will consume about 6 liters of fuel. So if the fuel tank is full, you can go about 400 km. Since all the motorbike routes in Northern Loop Vietnam are usually long, this is a huge advantage. The price of this motorbike is also reasonable. However, you should remember that the front brake works sometimes “too well” that it can be dangerous for those who lack riding experience.

Honda XR150L for North Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L came to Vietnam only in 2014 but it soon won the hearts of many motorcyclists. The motorbike is perfect for almost all the road conditions in Vietnam. Both wheels have a size of 120/80 and are equipped with studded tires suitable for sandy and muddy roads in the Northwest of Vietnam. Honda CRF250L 2018 with the affordable price is still the first choice in the off-road motocross segment in Vietnam, because of its beautiful design, durable engine, meeting the needs of a biker. Impressive durability is what people love about the motorbike. With it, you can easily conquer rugged off-road paths, jungles, and even mountains.

Honda CRF250L for North Vietnam motorbike tours

Suzuki DR-Z400S

Suzuki DR-Z400S is perfectly balanced for you to use in any motorbike tours in Northern Loop Vietnam. The fully adjusted rake system and the front brake can help you off-road trails much easier to conquer. The shock absorber is flexible therefore you can change between off-road or on-road absorber handily. This brings you a lot of convenience in the journey since off-road and on-road trails in the tour keep changing continuously. The awesome brake system of this motorbike brings a great sense of security. This is absolutely what you want for daily traffic as well as an adventurous journey.

Suzuki DR-Z400S for North Vietnam motorbike tours

If you are fully prepared, join us on our North Vietnam motorbike tours and satisfy the heart thirsting for challenges in you. Many other tours are waiting for you!

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