Vietnam Travel Tips: Motorbike Tours As The Best Way To See A Real Vietnam

Do you want some Vietnam travel tips before discovering the stunning S-shaped land? We highly recommend a motorcycling adventure that is gradually becoming a new tourist trend in Vietnam. Not only Vietnamese people but many foreign tourists of different ages also want to experience motorbike tours through Vietnam. 

So what’s the difference between motorcycle tours and classic tours? What makes motorbike tours unique? Your style of traveling will dictate the experiences and memories you get. You will have special experiences when booking Vietnam motorbike tours that BM Travel Adventure is well-designed. 

Vietnam motorbike tours vs classic tours: What’s better?

Guided or all-inclusive tours have been around for a long time, and classic tours are much more popular in tourism. For this type of tour, travelers will hire a travel service from a tour company to take care of the entire organization as well as excitement on the way. But now, when motorbike tours become a new trend in tourism, it also turns themselves into a new obstacle to classic tours.

These kinds of tours come with a lot of differences. Now, please take a closer look to find what they are. 

Motorbike tours vs classic tours in Vietnam

Means of traveling transportation


The travel tip for Vietnam that any travelers care about is certainly transportation.

With classic tours

  • Your main vehicle will be safe cars or coaches that limit your experience through the route.
  • Some inconveniences when traveling by car are car sickness, crowded spaces in cars, and the opportunity to admire the scenery through the glass windows only. 

Means of transport

With motorcycle tours

  • Motorcycle tours in Vietnam will allow you to be more active when you control your vehicle on multiple roads.
  • Joining a good Vietnam motorbike trip will motivate you to enjoy life and breathtaking views slowly.
  • You will freely feel the fresh cool air of peaceful mountainous space when riding through lush green forests.
  • Stop by any tourist attraction you like to take a selfie.
  • You will be fully covered in the good sounds, smells, and sights of every place that you have ever gone through. Great! Your world is open.
  •  You cannot join a motorcycle tour in Vietnam without having certain riding skills and knowledge of roads.

Motorbike tours vs classic tours: means of traveling transportation

Costs for the tours

Tour prices will vary depending on the quality of each tour and the company’s service. However, motorbike tours are often more expensive than classic tours.

With classic tours

If you choose to join a classic tour, the cost for your whole journey is fully enveloped right from the very first time you pay for the host. Almost every fee on the way seems to be covered in a tour package for regular tours. You don’t have to worry about carrying money along the way. The tourism service will take responsibility for the fee for accommodation, flight tickets, professional tour guides, entrance tickets, on-tour transport… Then, you just must have fun.

Costs of the classic and motorbike tours

With motorbike tours

Nevertheless, motorbike tours may require more money for many reasons: maintenance costs, the fee for hiring tour guides for motorbike tours…But that is also why traveling by motorbikes can bring more enjoyable experiences.

Vietnam tours prices

Enjoy the experiences

The biggest difference between these two types of tours comes from the experiences and excitement of travelers. Each type of tour brings different feelings and memories through the routes.

With classic tours

  • Classic tours are usually for those who need to visit, relax, and escape city life’s bustle and hustle.
  • A classic tour allows you to freely and comfortably sleep or sightsee the stunning sceneries on the way safely and easily.
  • A major drawback of traveling by coach is that you have to depend totally on the tour guide’s schedule.
  • Tourists can also not take the initiative to travel to tourist destinations they like.

Different experiences of classic tours and motorbike tours

With motorbike tours 

  • A motorbike tour is more suitable for those who like to experience thrill-seekers and adventure lovers.
  • Going on a motorbike tour allows us to pay attention to the world and interact better with the landscapes, people, and environment. 
  • Riding on long journeys for hours will make you feel tired and even exhausted if you don’t have good health.
  • Bad weather, traffic jams, fog or rain on the roads make your extended travel more difficult and tiring. 
  • You may encounter vehicle breakdowns or collisions unexpectedly on the roads, especially when conquering the mountain pass or rolling hills. Therefore, riding on motorbike tours is only suitable for those who like traveling or exploring with good health. 

Vietnam travel experiences

Vietnam Travel Tips: Experiences that only motorbike tours can give you


Motorbike tours are also available in many styles, such as offroadenduro, andtouring, and for easy riders. So, depending on your riding ability and preference for your traveling style, you should choose the right type of motorbike tour. The fact is that the more challenging the motorbike tour is, the more interesting experiences you will have.

Don’t be afraid to try it, even if you are a newbie to motorcycling tours. Motorbike tours will be key to bringing you joy and a unique experience through the roads to your dreamland, especially for those who have not tried it before. So, what is special about taking a vacation on the back of the best touring motorcycles? Here are the top travel tips for Vietnam that we would like to share with you if you want to experience a motorcycle tour.

Vietnam motorbike tips

Have a bird’s eye view 


Enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road during the journey on the back of your motorcycle with a panoramic view. Traveling by motorbike helps you have memorable moments to sightsee the whole scenery on both sides of the roads. You can stop whenever you want to take beautiful photos as a souvenir. Ride through the immense, ripe terraced rice fields, multiple winding passageways with sheer cliffs on one side and the other, bounded by the blue-clear seawater running to the horizon on the other side.

Some motorcycle routes are paradise-like, filled with colorful flowers on both sides. If you choose to travel by car, it is difficult for you to feel all the natural beauty and vividness of the landscapes through the glass window. Meanwhile, motorcycle tours allow you to do that with ease. Most certainly, the feeling of cornering, experiencing each pass, and crossing difficult slopes is the adventurous feeling that any true traveler wants to try once in a lifetime.

Enjoy a breathtaking view with Vietnam motorbike tours

Be part of nature

The city life is full of magical charms, but the busy, noisy life with polluted air and water of big cities seems not to be the common dream of everyone. One of the Vietnam travel tips we must mention is admiring the fresh air and feeling like sleeping in the middle of nature.

Get ready to pack your baggage, jump on your two-wheelers, relax your soul, and breathe the fresh air. On any Vietnam motorbike route, you will be fully immersed in nature with the warm sunlight on your skin: immersed in the passion for freedom and driving, enjoying the atmosphere of the mountains and the gentle wind. That’s the diverse emotions that can never be experienced on a regular tour. Throw away the worries about making a living of tired daily life. Joining a motorbike tour, spend your nights at local homestays. Get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, and enjoy a sip of Vietnamese coconut coffee or a cup of tea. Capturing all the amazing images of iconic countryside landscapes in your mind, you will quickly feel part of it. Intense memories are made to last for a lifetime. 

Be part of nature on a motorbike tour

Vietnam travel time and schedule are at your convenience

It’s time to forget a fixed schedule for classic tours on crowded cars. On a motorcycle, you will always feel comfortable, relaxed, and free to explore anywhere at any time. No restrictions on a fixed schedule of your journey. It is possible to shuffle from place to place without depending on the program or the majority of your tour group. Prepare well for the trip, self-journey on your vehicle, discover all the attractions you like and research its history and myths… That sounds amazing! Moreover, setting up delicious meals is now in your own time.

The flexibility of a motorbike tour doesn’t limit your chance to conquer all the roads, from rugged, bumpy roads to small, muddy roads that cars must “surrender” to. Only with motorbikes can you discover the beaten tracks that no one has ever reached to the very end of the new things. With a motorbike, you can turn to the rice field to inhale the aroma of the rice, stop under some coconut trees and drink coconut water while feeling the sweetness of the place. Feel the change of weather clearly from hot to cool when traveling from one city to another, or head straight to the highland hills to hunt clouds and watch the sunrise. There is no need to go far to enjoy the natural beauty. Your time matters!

Flexible travel time with a motorbike tour

Better photos await! Hooray! 

Well! Now, it’s your time to stop by any points comfortably. You like to take nice photos or talk with hospitable local people on the way. Surely, that will be a pity for you not to take beautiful photos of extremely impressive views after each trip. When the scenery on the two sides of the road keeps fluttering ahead, it’s time for you not to miss commemorative photos.
When traveling by motorbike, you can also stop to chat with local people or fellow drivers on the road. You are not restricted by anyone or at any time. Don’t forget to keep good memories with them in pictures. You will surely get a multitude of smiles and interesting stories revealed.

Join Vietnam motorbike tours to take stunning photos

Discover lesser-known roads 

“Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road. I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more”. The passion for roads will never end, especially for adventurous souls. Motorbikes will take you anywhere you want, even on lesser-known roads. So another Vietnam travel tip for you is that on the back of a motorbike, you don’t miss the opportunity to explore endless unique experiences of strange pathways to new lands that the trip leads you through.

Motorcycle tours make it easier and effortless for riders to conquer Vietnam’s off-the-beaten-track destinations. Don’t worry about entering a side road that connects you to somewhere much more interesting or any signpost heading to quirky landmarks. You may be on an extended journey from the main city to little local villages that appear on the horizon. Imagine that you can make detours on a motorbike and find even undiscovered land with rustic beauty. That is possible! One certain thing is any other kind of tourism can’t offer this freedom. 

Little-known roads in Vietnam

The unexplored paths are a risk and challenge to new riders, so choosing a “companion” must come with absolute robustness and durability to conquer many different terrains successfully without any damage is important. The motorbike, with high fuel efficiency, great shock absorbers, and the ability to carry lots of luggage, is more useful. The feeling of dropping your soul into the great ways through strange lands, running along the coast, listening to waves crashing on rocks, crossing between the leafy forest road, and riding around winding roads is a unique and emotional experience that many tourists have long dreamed of. It is hard to experience all the vividness and splendor of these picturesque views through the glass windows of a car. Only by riding on a motorbike do you have a great chance to fully capture the glorious scenery of undiscovered lands that even make the most demanding travelers flutter.

vietnam off the beaten paths

More relationships and emotions

A motorcycle tour with a group of travelers will create a chance for you to interact more with others in your group. And, they are more social when having you as a fellow driver. You will meet friendly locals; they are willing to join a conversation without fear. Feel free to ask for the right directions when traveling alone. Travel solo on your bike full of joy and smiles from local children and people.

Take Vietnam motorbike tours for more relationships

Connect with people who share the same passion as you. They must be the ones who are easy to talk to, get to know, and are open enough to share their stories with you. These relationships will work great, especially on difficult roads; you and others will have to help each other overcome curves, repair vehicles, etc. On the way, there are a lot of incidents that may arise. Motorbikes can run out of gasoline, suffer from malfunctioning, or be unluckily trapped in a dangerous area. Escape from frantic anxiety. Solidarity and teamwork mixed will help you overcome challenges easily. Each trip with new relationships and friends always brings valuable and important life lessons that will make us much more flexible in handling further difficulties and unexpected situations.

Vietnam motorbike tours - opportunity to communicate with more people

Experience new adventures with more challenges

Traveling on motorbike tours means more use of your brain. Many things can lead to a terrible trip, such as going wrong, some roads with bad terrain, and intermediate weather changes without your expectations. That’s how an adventure is made.

You must sit back on a relaxing classic tour and enjoy the vacation. Memories are not great that way. A cramped car is not for you, adventure lovers. There are many things involved in motorbike tours to make your experience much more engaging. You might unluckily get leg cramps or lost; your vehicle could suddenly break down on the way. The motorcycle can run out of gas in the middle of the road or get stuck on a very dangerous road. At that time, you have to learn a calm way to solve the problems with the whole team instead of nervousness. Accept those things with smiles. That’s how colorful stories are made after a journey.

Through challenges, you will learn ways to solve situations and problems you will encounter on the road when traveling by motorbike. Certainly, after every trip, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things necessary for life to handle difficult and unexpected situations flexibly. For all these reasons, it is enough for you to “pick up your backpack and go” to explore new lands. Have a happy trip and unforgettable memories with motorbike tours.

New adventures on Vietnam motorbike tours

Traveling on motorbike tours in Vietnam is great, 


Depending on preferences and financial ability, each person will have different destinations and transportation options for their journey. Since living conditions are increasingly changing and improving, traveling is now easier and more convenient than ever. And, no matter how many years have passed, motorbike tours are still a hot trend in tourism.

Traveling on a motorbike always brings exciting, unique, and inspirational discoveries that no faster and more convenient means can bring you the opportunity to feel. Our youth will be so bored without a trip to new lands, to discover different people, sights, and cultures. 

Motorbike tours and classic tours have many differences. Consider selecting the type of tour that suits your needs before your upcoming journey. Therefore, don’t waste your youth on boring trips. With our Vietnam travel tips, you will learn more about types of tourism in Vietnam. Enjoy your journey with a sense of fun, and always get ready to travel, learn more, discover, and meet cool people.

So now, don’t miss the opportunity to experience best-selling motorbike tours offered by BM Travel Adventure, which Mad or Nomad also recommends. We bet that after these trips, what leaves your adventurous hearts will be happy memories of a lifetime.


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