Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024: 3 best tours in Vietnam today

Are you a restless wanderer, always craving to conquer new paths? Are you passionate about the rush of wind in your ears, immersing yourself in the wilderness, and uncovering the deep mysteries hidden within every twist and turn? If so, then Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024 is the journey for you! Join the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Club to discover these exciting experiences right away through the article below. 

Northwest trail off-road motorbike tour for 4 days 

At the forefront of Vietnam Motorbike Tours, one cannot overlook the exploration tour of the Northwest. Renowned for its treacherous mountain passes, shrouded in mist and majestic landscapes. 

Day 1: Hanoi – Ta Xua by motorbike 

Distance: 220 km

Travel time: 6-7 hours

Difficulty: Medium

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Starting the journey from Hanoi around 7-8 am, traveling along National Highway 32C, passing through Son Tay, Thanh Son. Turn left onto National Highway 37 at Thu Cuc junction to reach Phu Yen, Bac Yen. Stop for lunch in the town of Bac Yen.

Continue the journey from Bac Yen to Ta Xua, check into the hotel and rest. Enjoy local specialties and admire the mystical fog of Ta Xua at night.

Day 1 of the journey is relatively easy, drivers can both start the journey and enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery of the Northern region.

Day 2: Motorbike tour from Ta Xua – Moc Chau 

Distance: 130 km

Travel time: 4-5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Day 2 begins with a hearty and nutritious breakfast with a high vantage point, admiring the picturesque scenery of Ta Xua. Then, drivers will navigate through winding and hilly roads. Additionally, travelers will have the opportunity to converse with local people about culture and lifestyle.

In the afternoon, the group will explore more rugged dirt roads, testing the courage of the drivers. It’s a place of pristine and tranquil natural scenery, unusually peaceful. In the evening, the group will be treated to grilled meat and cold beer, enjoying the memories of a day’s adventure in this captivating land.

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Day 3: Moc Chau – Muong Thac  

Distance: 48 km

Travel time: 1h30

Difficulty: Medium

On the third day, in the morning, travelers will enjoy the fresh, cool air of Moc Chau. Participate in activities such as horse riding, hiking, and cycling around the town. Have lunch at a local farm with specialties such as steamed chicken with sugarcane, rolled cakes, Northwest grilled meat, hotpot,…

In the afternoon, travelers will ride motorbikes through high mountain ranges, admire the majestic natural scenery, and visit the National Nature Reserve. Ending the third day of the Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024 will be a cozy dinner by the campfire, listening to local people sing and tell stories.

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Day 4: Muong Waterfall – Hanoi 

The last day will be a leisurely trip, visiting the primeval forest, riding motorbikes along the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail. As we approach Hanoi, travelers will have to navigate through chaotic traffic. This will be the final challenge for the racers and mark the end of the 4-day journey in Northwest Vietnam. 

Northeast Vietnam off-road motorbike tour in 4 days 

Farewell Northwest, we will come together for Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024 in the Northeast. This will be an exciting and challenging journey for adventure enthusiasts. The tour will take you through spectacular routes, where you’ll explore pristine and majestic landscapes, and experience unique cultures. 

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Son 

Today, our adventure unfolded in Bac Son Valley, a peaceful haven tucked away in Lang Son province’s northeastern corner, roughly 160 kilometers northeast of Hanoi. This captivating spot boasts winding rivers that snake through fields of golden rice, a dream for photographers seeking to capture nature’s splendor. Towering mountains, reaching heights between 500 and 1200 meters, create a breathtaking panorama when viewed from the valley’s highest vantage point.

Our journey began on a bustling highway towards the Chinese border, where we stopped briefly to take some stunning pictures. We then diverted onto a narrow, muddy path that led us deeper into Bac Son Valley. After hours of travel, we reached our haven for the night – the A Las family’s Tays homestay. There, they treated us to their famous smoked buffalo meat, a dish that quickly became a favorite for its unique flavor and being one of the most delicious meals we’d ever had.

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Day 2: Bac Son – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Motorbike to Quang Uyen 

The second day brought us to the crown jewel of our trip – Ban Gioc Waterfall, a wonder perched on the Vietnam-China border in Cao Bang province. This captivating cascade transforms throughout the year, showcasing a delicate charm in the dry season (October to May) and morphing into a powerful spectacle during the rainy months.

Reaching Ban Gioc wasn’t for the faint of heart. We tackled winding roads and climbed historic Highway 4, a route etched in Vietnamese history for the Viet Minh’s daring raids in this remote region. 

After a delicious lunch near Ban Gioc, we retraced our steps back to Quang Uyen, navigating through scenic mountain passes and tunnels.

Day 3: Quang Uyen – Ba Be Lake 

On day three, we embarked on a southwest journey from Cao Bang, covering roughly 153 kilometers. The ride unfolded stunning rural landscapes with rolling hills dotted by renowned honey bee apiaries. The route offered a choice between a smaller and a larger path, both suitable for travel.

We opted for the wider road to ensure enough time for a captivating boat trip on Ba Be Lake, a jewel nestled in Bac Kan province. Renowned as one of Vietnam’s largest freshwater lakes, Ba Be also boasts international recognition as a premier tourist destination.

Arriving in the afternoon, we were embraced by the tranquility of Ba Be Lake. Mist swirled around us, while birdsong and gentle breezes filled the air. As evening painted the sky, the emerald lake contrasted magnificently with the mountainous backdrop and cloud-streaked heavens. Our overnight stay awaited at a traditional stilt house, nestled on the lakeshore and belonging to a local Tay family.

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Day 4: Ba Be Lake – Drive back to Hanoi   

On the fourth day, the last day of our journey, it only took us about 5 hours to cover the 240km distance. The group set off earlier than in previous days to ensure returning to Hanoi before dusk. Passing through the Red River Delta, we traversed the inhabited lands of the Mong, Dao, Tay, and Nung ethnic groups.

The journey back to Hanoi was a mix of challenging trails and well-maintained paved roads, marking the conclusion of an unforgettable motorbike adventure in Vietnam. As we bid farewell to our fellow travelers, we eagerly anticipate the possibility of reuniting on another exciting journey in the future.

Da Lat – Central Highlands off-road motorbike tour in 4 days 

Day 1: Dalat – Lak motorbike tour  

Starting our journey, we loaded our luggage onto bicycles and visited famous landmarks in Dalat such as the Crazy House and Linh Phuong Pagoda. Venturing into remote rural areas, we marveled at beautiful terraced fields and learned about local farming methods.

Winding mountain roads offered spectacular views, and stopping at a mountaintop restaurant, we were treated to delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes like Grilled Pork Sausage (Nem Nuong) and Mini Pancakes (Banh Can). Later, we took a leisurely walk through lush tropical forests, enjoying the tranquility of nature.

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Day 2: Lak – Dray Sap 

Awakening to the peacefulness of the countryside, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast and coffee while observing the morning activities of the M’nong people, participating in farming or fishing on the lake with wooden boats. The tour group strolled through Jun Village, catching glimpses of the traditional culture of the Mnong people.

Next, our group began trekking up Elephant Mountain, immersing ourselves in nature and admiring the panoramic view of the village. We also visited a brick kiln, revealing the process of handmade brick-making. On the way to Dray Sap waterfall through forest trails, we encountered the majestic waterfall on the plateau. In the evening, we indulged in exciting activities with a BBQ party and bamboo tube rice, thoroughly satisfied.

Day 3: Dray Sap Waterfall – Bao Loc (Lam Dong) 

Fueled by breakfast, we embarked on a mesmerizing ride along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. The trail snaked through the dramatic landscapes of the Central Highlands, offering breathtaking scenery at every turn. We delved into the heart of rustic villages, experiencing firsthand the warmth of local hospitality and gaining a deeper understanding of their way of life and wartime resilience.

This day’s ride showcased the region’s untouched beauty, revealing natural wonders untainted by mass tourism. It provided a truly unique exploration off the beaten path. The final stretch led us through winding mountain passes adorned with picturesque terraced rice paddies and sprawling tea farms. We couldn’t resist capturing the idyllic scenes with our cameras. By 5 pm, we arrived at our charming hotel, marking a perfect end to a remarkable day.

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Day 4: Bao Loc – Da Lat 

An early start from Bao Loc saw us navigating the scenic mountain route towards Dalat. Our journey included a captivating stop at the majestic Pongour Waterfall, where we marveled at its cascading beauty. The afternoon unfolded with a leisurely ride through picturesque mountain roads, offering panoramic vistas across the Central Highlands.

Our route meandered through quaint, hidden villages, taking us up winding mountain passes and through lush jungles.  We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the unique cultures of the K’Ho ethnic minority in Chicken Village, before enjoying a scenic drive through tranquil backroads. After exploring the enigmatic Truc Lam Temple, we ascended the final climb to Dalat. Arriving before sunset, we checked into our hotel, concluding our enriching four-day adventure on a high note.

Notes when going on an off-road  Vietnam Dirtbike Tours 2024

To ensure safety and the best experience when participating in off-road motorcycle tours in Vietnam, you should pay attention to the following:

Before the tour:

  • Choose a suitable tour: Clearly define your driving level, physical condition, and preferences to choose a suitable tour. Thoroughly research information about the itinerary, duration, difficulty level, type of motorcycle used, and accompanying tour services.
  • Prepare necessary clothing and equipment: Bring specialized protective clothing, helmets, gloves, and appropriate footwear for the terrain. Prepare all necessary personal items for the trip such as sunscreen, medication, snacks, etc.
  • Check the motorcycle: Ensure the motorcycle is well-maintained, change the oil, check brakes, tires, and other important parts before departure.
  • Inform relatives: Share the tour schedule and contact information with relatives so they are aware of the schedule and can provide support if necessary.

During the tour:

  • Follow the guide’s instructions: Always ride at the correct speed, adhere to safety rules, and follow the guide’s instructions.
  • Stay alert and handle situations: Stay focused while driving, pay attention to the terrain, other vehicles, and handle situations flexibly.
  • Stick to the route: Do not stray from the predetermined tour route.
  • Maintain environmental cleanliness: Do not litter, protect the natural landscape, and respect local culture.

After the tour:

  • Check health: After completing the tour, check your health and rest adequately to recover physically.
  • Maintain the motorcycle: Take the motorcycle for maintenance to ensure it operates well for future trips.
  • Share experiences: Share photos, videos, and impressions of the trip with friends and family.

Here are the Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club’s insights on the Top 3 Vietnam dirtbike tours in 2024. We hope that with this information, you will have more options for your upcoming adventure.

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