Ultimate travel guide for traveling from Halong Bay to Da Nang by motorcycle 2024

BM Travel Adventure  has been a home gathering of leading experts in motorbike tourism in Indochina. Vietnam tourism is increasingly developing, contributing partly to the nation’s development. Therefore, the country’s traffic is much better than before. Back in 2015, it was very hard and took many times to travel from the North to the Central regions of Vietnam and vice versa. It even took 1 to 2 days to get from Halong Bay to Da Nang by plane, 3 days by coach and more days by motorbike. But now, everything’s different. Scroll down for the latest travel experience from Halong Bay to Da Nang that you will need.

How to get from Halong Bay to Da Nang

The plane, sleeper bus  and motorcycle are the main transportation for visitors traveling from Halong Bay to Da Nang.

1. Flight from Halong to Da Nang

1.1. Van Don International Airport

After 10 months of officially working, Van Don International Airport has served over 150,000 passengers, which the number of foreigners being 3000

52 km on the highway from Halong City, you will need only 30 minutes to move by taxi, and the charge ranges from 20 to 22 USD. However, be noted that it’s not every day there is a flight from Van Don to Da Nang, so you should consider balancing your itinerary.

As for Vietnam Airlines: According to Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh Province), the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines has launched a new air route connecting Da Nang to Van Don in the northern province of Quang Ninh on November 1st, 2019, with 3 flights per week. Those flights are scheduled to take off every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. As reported, all flights are undertaken by an Airbus A321 aircraft with 184 seats including 16 ones for first class. This is the 2nd domestic air route after Van Don ” Ho Chi Minh City.

1.2. Cat Bi International Airport 

Cat Bi International Airport 

This is the 2nd airport out of 3 for you to land at before reaching out from Halong Bay to Da Nang. For this option, you will need to pay 21.5 dollars for a taxi to carry you to the destination and about 45 minutes to clear a distance of 46 km. Choose among the following airlines based on your budget: Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Jetstar.

1.3. Noi Bai International Airport

This is the last option to end your flight. After finishing their cruises on Halong Bay, tourists often end their journey from Halong to Da Nang by getting on the national highway 18 to the airport spite of long-distance, about 3.5 to 4 hours. But the thing is they will have a chance to view the northern landscapes or time to visit some historical sites along the national highway 18,  such as Ba Vang Pagoda, Yen Tu Con Son Pagoda, Chu Van An Temple or Yen Lang ceramic village. It’s because their journey regularly ends at 11.30 a.m. while their flight takes off after 6 p.m. Run through 4 provinces of North Vietnam where lie lots of famous craft villages like Dong Trieu ” Yen Lang ceramic villages and the silk village, the highway is dubbed as “the silk roadâ€. Especially with the time left, visitors can take time to see the pearl farm on Halong Bay and buy some souvenirs for themselves, friends, and families from the shops.

Last but not least, most tour operators prefer this airport because of its conformability for travel itineraries and stability.

So do we. Hence, we suggest you choose Noi Bai International Airport over the two remains for a tour from Halong to Da Nang.

2. Travel from Halong Bay to Da Nang by sleeper bus

Taking a flight is always faster, which can help you save plenty of time, but it costs much higher. For those who have abundant time as well as want to experience more, a bus is a good choice.

Yet, our way to go is 1000 km long, so a sleeper bus is better. Here are the available buses with more details.

Van Luc Tung

  • 16 sleepers
  • Departure: Bai Chay bus station
  • Destination: Da Nang central bus station
  • Price: About 17 USD

Hung Duc

  • 40 sleepers
  • Departure: Bai Chay bus station
  • Destination: South Hai Van Station
  • Price: About  30 USD

Viet Son Anh

  • 46 sleepers
  • Departure: Halong
  • Destination: Danang central bus station
  • Price: 19 dollars

3. Motorcycle trip from Halong Bay to Da Nang

Getting on two wheels is an interesting way for a tour from Halong Bay to Da Nang.  It’s a great chance for you to experience authentic Vietnam, way more different and exciting than a flight or lying on a bus.

Travel experience from Halong Bay to Da Nang on two wheels in detail

On the way from Halong Bay to Da Nang, there are the most beautiful and best routes in Vietnam. Below are the top picks by Top Gear Special that worth your visit.

 Halong Bay to Da Nang on two wheels

Day 1: Halong ” Ninh Binh

Here is the chance for you to experience “A terrestrial Halong Bay†in Ninh Binh with a variety of renowned sceneries, such as Trang An Landscape Complex ” A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Bai Dinh Pagoda ” the largest Buddhist complex in Southeast Asia, Van Long Lagoon ” The Pearl of Ninh Binh, and Tam Coc ” Bich Dong (Three Caves ” Green Pearl Cave) to name a few.

 Halong Bay to Da Nang By Motorcycle

Day 2: Ninh Binh ” Cua Lo (207 km)

On the 2nd day, we will be destined to discover the central coastal region of Vietnam along the coastal roads with rustic fishing villages lying on its side. Stop to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in north-central Vietnam ” Cua Lo Beach. 

 Halong Bay to Da Nang Motorcycle Road Trip

The beach always welcomes you with the fresh air that features mildness in summer and warmth in winter, with the balance of clear water, salinity, and fine sandy beaches. That’s why this sandy, unspoiled beach attracts tourists to come to drive.

Day 3: Cua Lo ” Phong Nha (230 km)

This is going to be unforgettable for any riders. Take the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail to go, which runs parallel to Vietnam ” Lao frontier, passing through Vu Quang and Phong Nha ” Ke Bang National Park. Located in the area of Phong Nha ” Ke Bang world of natural heritage with rolling mountains, Da Deo Pass offers a majestic spectacle that even fastidious travelers can’t take their eyes off.

Cua Lo ” Phong Nha by MotorcycleThe Phong Nha ” Ke Bang National Park is also home to Son Doong, the biggest cave on Earth.

Leave Tan Ky, and we will make our way along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Pho Chau Town. Refuel your steel horse to be ready for the off-road journey and conquer the mountain passes. Crossing Da Deo Pass overlooking the primeval forest between Vietnam and Laos will make your day incredible.

Day 4: Phong Nha Ke Bang ” Khe Sanh (220 km; 5 hours)

Keep riding along the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail to hit Khe Sanh  and a  valley hemmed in rolling mountains and forest in Huong Hoa District. Back in 2010, the Vietnamese government rebuilt the trail to commemorate the victory of Saigon in 1975.

Be prepared and get your gas tank filled for a 200km ride through the jungle with no gas station coming. It is possible that we will see several wild animals like langurs, deer, and even Indochinese Tiger en route.

Make a visit to Khe Sanh Museum in the afternoon, and be all ears to the Vietnam War and Khe Sanh Battle told by the guide. And forget not to snap some shots of old planes and tanks alongside the discovery of the whole museum, which will help you learn more about the Vietnam War.

Day 5: Khe Sanh ” Hue (180km; 5 hours)

Today, we will go see the most famed attractions in Khe Sanh: the  McNamara Line that runs across South Vietnam from the South China Sea to the Laotian border along the DMZ, the Hamburger Hill situated in A Luoi, and the Dakrong Bridge ” the main access point to the network of trails during the war.

Apart from this, Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge, Vinh Moc Tunnels, and the Rockpile are also places that suffered the most ravages during the war.

Continue going onwards to touch highway 14 on wheels, then turn into the dirt roads within the territory of Laos for lunch and a break. Ride for 60km further across Highway 49 of winding passes and forest roads toward Hue, a city of romantic beauty and the ancient capital of the country.

Day 6: Hue and the Forbidden City 

More than a historical and cultural heritage of Vietnam, the complex of Hue Monuments is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The tangible and intangible cultural heritage that Hue preserves reflect a wide range of typical values of Vietnam people concerning the soul and mind.

You have the whole morning relaxing than trying some delicacies and specialties of Hue. For Example, Hue beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue), Hue lemongrass skewers (Nem Lui), Clam Rice (Com hen), and many more.

Following your lunch is a city tour entering Hue Citadel, the Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tomb of Khai Dinh, and Dong Ba Market. All are the must-see sites for a day outing around the city.

Day 7: Hue ” Da Nang (170km; 4 hours)

On the last day of the weeklong motorcycle tour from Halong Bay to Da Nang, we will go along the coastline, whose name is called Central Vietnam’s the most amazing coastline by Top Gear Specials.

Hue ” Da Nang by motorbike tours

Go on the journey with a ride on Highway 1A and cross Phu Gia and Phuoc Tuong Mountain Passes. Then uncover the largest freshwater lagoon system in Vietnam and also one of the largest freshwater bodies in Southeast AsiaTam Giang Lagoon. Next is Lang Co Bay in the district of Phu Loc, Thua Thien ” Hue Province, which was claimed as one of the most wonderful bays of Vietnam.

bm travel adventure hai van pass motorbike tour route 2

Climb all the way to the top of Hai Van Pass for a marvelous panoramic view of Da Nang city. If time permits, we will jump on the back of our motorbikes for a two-wheeled experience on off-road routes near the Pass.

After lunch in Da Nang, make it to the railway station for a return to the capital city of Vietnam and have the train carry our bikes back.

Jump on the saddle of a powerful Honda bike for a trip discovering off-the-beaten-track Vietnam’s destinations 

Vietnam is one of the best countries for motorcycle enthusiasts to experience scenic off-road Vietnam motorbike tours. With the stunning nature, untouched places, sleepy villages, idyllic waterfalls, and zigzagging mountain roads that challenge any bikers, Vietnam is, without dispute, wholly dissimilar from the sites you might have been to.

 off-the-beaten-track Vietnam’s destinations 

To help all riders have a perfect two-wheeled tour to the country, BM Travel Adventure provides the highest quality bikes, including Honda CRF250L, Honda  XR150L,  Suzuki DRZ400, Husqvarna FC450,  BMW GS1200,  Triumph Tiger, and so on. We even set out an itinerary in detail based on your needs and where you want to explore. That’s the way we hold a great motorcycle tour and make it the adventure of your lifetime. For more information, visit our website, which shows all the sincere reviews from bikers around the world.

BM Travel Adventure is a top-notch motorbike tour operator in Vietnam. For over 10 years of experience in the field, we have held hundreds of Vietnam motorcycle tours, Vietnam dirt bike tours, and Vietnam enduro  tours from north to south (Northern Loop Vietnam, Northwest Vietnam, Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Sapa Motorbike Tours Ha Giang Motorbike Tours via Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam motorbike tours on the Ho Chi Minh trail and so on) as well as Vietnam caravan tours from other countries to Vietnam. Out of the country, we have operated motorcycle tours to Laos, Cambodia, and Thai Lan, too. We ensure to take bikers to the best places that match their lifestyle and travel habits for an exciting experience and the most memorable two-wheeled journey.

offroad Motorcycle Tours

BM Travel Adventure is the leading  motorbike rental Vietnam  offering high-quality dirt  bikes and enduro bikes that are routinely inspected and serviced to make your off-road enduro tour the best it can possibly be. We are currently using  HONDA CRF 250L, HONDA XR150, HONDA CRF150L, SUZUKI DRZ400, HUSQVARNA 701, HUSQVARNA FC450, TRIUMPH TIGER, BMW GS1200…  for the off-road enduro tours within Vietnam and to neighboring countries. Power will never be an issue with our range of 125cc to 400cc bikes for one hell of a ride. We understand the importance of maintaining our fleet to the highest standards. We also regularly replace our entire fleet of bikes and riding gear always ensuring you the very best enduro and motocross experience guaranteed.

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