Comprehensive Travel Guide to Cat Cat Village Sapa by Motorbike 2021

Sapa often called a paradise of clouds, is one of the most stunning destinations in the Northwest region. This lovely town attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists yearly because it has many beauty spots, such as Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan Mountain, Stone Church, and Sky Gate. But after all, if you have to do a Sapa motorbike tour, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover Cat Cat Village, which is a pretty village as a highlight in the majestic scenery of mountains and forests. The village stands out with simple wooden houses, small streams, and colorful brocades of ethnic people.

Almost all the visitors to Cat Cat village are fascinated with its charming beauty. Cat Cat village, Sapa carries the traditional beauty of a mountainous village. If you intend to take part in a motorbike tour in Vietnam for unforgettable experiences, then Cat Cat is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Where is Cat Cat village, Sapa?

Cat Cat is a small village located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa, Lao Cai province. This village is 376 km from Hanoi and is home to many H’mong and Yao people. Coming to Cat Cat village, you get a chance to discover many marvelous things about an upland village, learn about the cultures, habits, and customs of ethnic people, and enjoy a wide range of local specialties with distinctive tastes. Cat Cat village also has a reputation as a top-ranking handicraft village in Vietnam. If you desire to escape from the bustling and hustling life of big cities, it’s time for you to have a trip to Cat Cat village, where you can immerse yourself in the peaceful space for great relaxation.

How can you reach Cat Cat village, Sapa?

For a trip to Cat Cat village, you can choose one of the following forms: motorbike, taxi, and trekking. If you need to save time, it is suggested that you move by motorbike or taxi. On the other hand, trekking will bring you more sightseeing experiences. The journey to Cat Cat village, Sapa, will leave you with a deep impression when you move through the road to the village and the terraced road from the village gate to every corner of the village.

Going along this 2-km stretch, you can take in the stunning landscape with the towering mountains on one side, the romantic Sapa valley, and the vast terraced fields on the other. If you take a seat at the coffee shop at the highest location of Sapa town, you will see the breathtaking panorama of Cat Cat village, which features houses built close together, mixed with grass, trees, flowers, and leaves.

How long does it take to get to Cat Cat village, Sapa?

To reach Cat Cat village, you can go for a walk to enjoy the poetic scenery along the roadside or ride a motorbike from Sapa town. The village is near the city center, so the road is not too rough and bumpy. It takes you only 10 minutes to get to the most beautiful land in Northwest Vietnam.

Which is the best season to visit Cat Cat village, Sapa?

With a humid subtropical climate, the weather in Cat Cat village is cool all year round. Throughout the four seasons, the village is charming in different ways.

If the spring allows you to see peach and plum blossoms blooming all over the village, the summer is when you can admire bright yellow mustard flowers on the green grass. Meanwhile, in the autumn, Cat Cat village gets a bit cold while the scenery becomes stunning with yellow ripe rice fields and magnificent waterfalls. But the winter here is especially appealing to a host of tourists. Coming to Cat Cat village, Sapa, in September, you can immerse yourself in the space covered with ice and snow. Truthfully, this is the most beautiful destination for watching the snowfall in Vietnam. Admiring the beauty of Cat Cat village during this season will make you feel as if you got lost in a snow-covered fairyland.

In short, you can visit Cat Cat village, Sapa, any time of the year because you will gain different experiences on this precious land every season.  

Accommodations in Cat Cat village, Sapa

Cat Cat View Hotel is a wonderful resort in Cat Cat village. All the rooms here are full of comforts and conveniences, such as elevators and fireplaces. Located right on the hillside, they offer a spectacular view. Surely, you will get great moments while staying here.

You also can choose to enjoy a homestay service where you will experience the daily life of the local people. Most of the homestays come with superb views and provide you with great comfort. Certainly, you will get lots of stunning photos and unforgettable experiences after going around the surrounding area.

Activities in Cat Cat village, Sapa

When going to visit Cat Cat village, Sapa, you should not miss the activities below:

Wearing traditional customs for a photoshoot

This is one of the must-try experiences when visiting Cat Cat village, Sapa. Along the way, there are many shops offering costume rental services. The price of each set of clothes is 20,000 VND (~1 USD). If you get other accessories, you will have to pay about 30,000 VND (~1.3USD). However, it is noted that when being still in ethnic costumes, you should only go around the village. In addition, it is necessary to keep the rented clothes and protect them from being torn.

Bamboo Dance

Bamboo dancing is not strange to any tourists who once came to visit Cat Cat village, Sapa. The locals usually have this type of dance at cultural events to create a lively atmosphere. Few travelers cannot hide their excitement when watching or engaging in bamboo dancing in the Love Market. 

Note that if you go to the night market for dancing experiences, don’t stay here too late. Around 11 p.m, you should leave the market and go back for some rest.

Visiting nearby villages

While taking a stroll around Cat Cat village, you should visit nearby villages such as Ta Phin and Sin Chai, which are about 4 km from Cat Cat. Once you take a trip to these villages, there will be dozens of exciting activities for you to participate in. For example, you can visit tribal houses or watch traditional performances. 

However, if you intend to include these attractions in your itinerary, you should rent a motorbike at your homestay or hotel instead of walking a distance of 4 km.

Local specialties in Cat Cat village, Sapa

Corn wine

In Cat Cat village, corn wine, also known as happy water, is quite popular with the locals. To create this drink, people boil corn in hot water for a long time. After corn kernels are broken, they mix them with mushrooms for fermentation. This process of fermentation lasts about six days. After this period, corn wine is ready to be used.

You can go to the market to buy corn wine at a reasonable price. This drink will be an ideal gift for your beloved ones after the trip to Sapa.


Coming to the market, you also find many brocade products in department stores. These products are created by skilled craftsmen of the Hmong ethnic group. They are usually in green, red, white, or yellow and come with many unique shapes and patterns. Your family and friends will be fond of these brocade gifts.

Dried buffalo meat

Dried buffalo meat is one of Sapa’s most famous specialties. This food appeals to many tourists because of its eye-catching dark brown and distinctive flavor. After taking pieces of buffalo meat into your mouth, you will be excited about the sweetness and softness of the meat combined with the distinct smell of smoke. The buffalo meat will be more delicious when you eat it with some beer or wine. This regional dish is also an excellent suggestion for friend gatherings.


Plum, peach, and pear are some special fruits you should try when coming to Sapa. These mountain fruits may not look eye-catching, but they have excellent quality. You certainly will be pleased to enjoy its crispness and slightly sweet taste. To select the fresh fruits at the cheapest cost, you should buy them along the way near Sapa Stone Church.

Linen fabric

Cat Cat village, Sapa, is famous for traditional crafts preserved for generations. Specifically, linen fabric is one of the unique handicraft products that you can choose to bring back home as a gift.

Walking through the central market, you will see pieces of linen fabric with different patterns. These masterpieces not only show the great skills of the local artisans but also carry the distinguishing features of the Northwest people.


For a long time, Northwest Vietnam has been known as home to various traditional crafts. Of all these crafts, knitwear especially receives considerable attention from tourists. With many sophisticated details, daily knitwear created by artisans in the village will make you watch in admiration.

Suggested itinerary for a visit to Cat Cat village, Sapa

For a fun trip to Cat Cat village at reasonable prices, it is advisable to refer to the detailed schedule of the motorbike tours offered by BM Travel Adventure.

Day 1: Hanoi – Sapa – Ham Rong Port

You depart from Hanoi on a night train and get to Lao Cai the next morning. Your motorbike is also transported by train. Traveling from Lao Cai to Sapa by motorbike, you will have an occasion to enjoy the dominant beauty of the Northwest region with the sparkling terraced fields. Around 12:30 a.m, you will reach Sapa and check in at the hotel before having lunch, relaxing, and spending time planning your journey.


At 2:30 pm, the tour guide will take you to tourist destinations such as Ham Rong Mountain, the Indochinese orchid garden, and Sky Gates. But this afternoon, the most stunning destination you will experience is San May, where you can take a panoramic view of Sapa from above and witness a marvelous combination between heaven and earth.

In the evening, you will return to the hotel and have dinner at the restaurant. After that, you can go around to explore points of interest in Sapa, enjoy the local dishes, and buy some souvenirs.

Day 2: Sapa – Cat Cat village

After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, you visit Cat Cat Cat village, Sapa, surrounded by majestic mountains and forests. There are a lot of interesting activities for you to participate in here. You can spend time sightseeing in Cat Cat village, Cat Cat hydroelectric stations, and waterfalls and discover the cultures and customs of the people here. 

Along the way, you can see many items made of brocade and linen or traditional handicrafts. You can buy some of them as gifts for your relatives and friends. At noon, you return to the hotel for lunch and rest before sightseeing and shopping around Sapa town in the evening.

Day 3: Sapa – Fansipan Cable Car – Hanoi

After breakfast, we will buy a cable car ticket and begin the journey to conquer the legendary Fansipan mountain, from which you can admire the magnificent natural scenery of Hoang Lien Son range, Muong Hoa valley, and Sapa. At noon, the bus will take you to the hotel. Here you have lunch before checking out of the hotel. From 1:30 p.m to 4:00 p.m, you will get in the car for the trip back to Hanoi. It will take you about 5-6 hours to get to Hanoi.

Motorbike Tours to visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village

For more enjoyable experiences of traveling by motorbike in Cat Cat village and Sapa in general, you don’t hesitate to book Sapa motorbike tours at BM Travel Adventure right now. Check out our most scenic Sapa motorbike tour routes via Cat Cat Village, which are best for off-road riding. Just choose the one that suits your plan most and head to Vietnam in no time! 

1. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Lai Chau and Sin Ho – 2 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) -> Binh Lu Junction → Lai Chau city → Phong Tho town → Chan Nua Junction → Sin Ho town→ Lai Chau city → Binh Lu Junction → Sapa town

Sapa and Sin Ho are two small towns of Lao Cai Province high up on the slopes of the Hoang Lien Son range. They are connected by majestic mountain passes which offer spectacular views on a scale not found anywhere else in Vietnam. Riding on the stunning roads leading to Sin Ho, you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking natural scenery of rocky mountains and old forests and discover the unique customs of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. With lots of good experiences, our motorbike tour will never let you down!

2. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Bac Ha and Can Cau Markets – 2 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Lao Cai → Bac Ha → Can Cau Market

Sapa is a wondrous tourist attraction in the north of Vietnam with the most ubiquitous markets, including Bac Ha and Can Cau. During the motorbike trip, travelers will be immersed in the unique atmosphere of mountainous areas, experiencing cultural traditions such as savoring the typically indigenous dishes and exploring the bustling mountainous kermis views. The vibrant, colorful, and lively market atmosphere is bound to appeal to and leave you with memorable experiences. Let’s join the Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tour via Bac Ha and Can Cau Markets – 2 days to explore such distinguished characteristics of mountainous kermises. 

3. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours to discover Bac Ha Market – 2 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Lao Cai → Bac Ha → Can Cau Market

Lao Cai, a mountainous province in the Northwest region, is home to many famous sites such as Ham Rong, Fansipan, and Love waterfall. Besides these tourist spots, Bac Ha market is one of the must-visit places on the trip to Lao Cai. This market will give you a chance to experience a challenging ride and discover the indigenous cultures of the highlanders.

4. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Xin Man and Thac Ba Lake – 3 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Lao Cai → Bac Ha → Xin Man → Bac Quang → Luc Yen → Thac Ba → Hanoi

Taking part in this 3-day Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Xin Man and Thac Ba Lake, you will have an occasion to immerse yourself in the beauty of some regions in Northwest Vietnam, especially Thac Ba lake. On the first day, you start your trip to Lao Cai, from which you move to Bac Ha, and finally, stay overnight in Xin Man. In the itinerary, the second day will be an excursion to Bac Quang, Luc Yen, and Thac Ba. During these two days, you will spend time sightseeing and learning about ethnic life. The journey ends with the trip back to Hanoi from Thac Ba on the third day.

5. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Mu Cang Chai and Phu Yen – 3 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Mu Cang Chai → Phu Yen → Hanoi

Instead of sitting on the beach chair or sleeping all day in luxury resorts, why do you not enjoy your holiday by taking off on an adventure of a lifetime? Our 3-day off-road Sapa Motorbike Tour via Mu Cang Chai and Phu Yen gives you a great chance to challenge yourself on winding roads and explore one of the most stunning areas of Vietnam. 

We will ride from Sapa via Mu Cang Chai and Phu Yen, where you can immerse yourself in some dramatic landscapes and the peaceful life of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. With an exciting itinerary, this self-driving tour is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a quick adventure full of incredible riding and unforgettable memories. Grab your favorite motorbike, leave the tiredness behind and enjoy our tour right now!

6. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours via Mu Cang Chai – 4 days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village)  Than Uyen → Mu Cang Chai → Phu Yen → Hanoi

Northern Vietnam is a land filled with dynamic landscapes, from flat plains to treacherous passes to jagged mountains and deep valleys. On this 4-day Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tour via Mu Cang Chai, we will take you from Hanoi to the popular town of Sapa, to Than Uyen, Mu Cang Chai, and finally, Phu Yen district in Son La province. We have planned a program that would bring out the unrivaled rustic and natural beauty of this land and its brave and unyielding war-torn past.

7. Off-road Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Sapa to Ha Giang – 4 Days

Motorbike Route: Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Muong Khuong → Si Ma Cai → Bac Ha → Xin Man → Hoang Su Phi → Ha Giang

On this tour, you can explore plenty of rolling mountainous roads stretching along massive rice terraced fields or immense featured circuit buckwheat fields of the Northwestern area. What could be better than riding on the constantly winding roads throughout stunning canyons and dangerous mountains? The challenge for riders will double when traversing through a thick blanket of fog in the early morning or late afternoon. Along the roads, we are sometimes emotional with innocent mountainous children with a positive attitude in life which is reflected obviously via their shining smiles, despite the lack of life deprivation. Now, let’s hit the road!


8. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tours from Hanoi to Ba Be – 7 Days

Motorbike Route: Hanoi → Vu Linh → Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac → Ba Be → Hanoi

North Vietnam is not only known for its mountainous landscapes but also its many lakes and rivers. On this 7-day off-road Sapa motorbike tour from Hanoi to Ba Be, we aim to combine the beauty of both mountains and lakes as we take you from Thac Ba Lake to Sapa, from Dong Van Plateau to Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan province. Our carefully planned itinerary will bring out the unrivaled beauty and harmony that Mother Nature has blessed upon this far-flung region of Vietnam.

9. Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tour to Northeast Vietnam – 8 days

Motorbike Route: Hanoi Night train to Lao Cai → Sapa (visit all villages in Sapa including Cat Cat Village) → Bac Ha Market → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac → Cao Bang → Quang Uyen → Ban Gioc Waterfall → Lang Son →Hanoi​

The off-road Sapa motorbike tour to the Northeast will last eight days with a wide range of interesting activities. You start the journey in Lao Cai, then visit all the most famous places in the Northeast region, including Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Quang Uyen, and Lang Son. Apart from admiring the magnificent scenery along the way, the motorbike trip offers you different riding experiences. You sometimes have to ride through smooth roads while encountering bumpy rides some other time.

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