Top 5 Yamaha Dual Sport Bikes for The Best Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

Dual sport bikes are the new craze among everyone these days who reside a love for biking at heart. Let’s discover the  top 5 Yamaha dual sport bikes that are well-suited for on-road and off-road Vietnam motorcycle tours experiences: Yamaha WR250R, XT250, WR450F, YZ450F, XS650…

Dual sport bikes serve a dual function as they can be used on roads and off roads. These bikes work on suspension and can be used on any kind of track. Yamaha dual sport bikes are trending in recent times. In Vietnam, traveling on a bike for an off-road tour has become quite a fun activity for people, especially adventure bike riders. The reason for such popularity is its advantage over a regular bike. People can ride their bikes on plain roads as well as most dangerous roads and terrains such as  the land boundaries of Indochina, Ha Giang  off-road…

Dual sport bikes have been providing people with the best performance for a lot of years now with the best engines, fuel economy, and everything a biker asks for. Their significant rise is owed to the fact they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. These bikes are considered great for beginners as well.  People are not limited to only a single model or company when it comes to dual sportbikes. However, Yamaha provides one of the best solutions depending upon your likes and requirements for a better experience. Yamaha dual sport bikes come in different models, as discussed:

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250 dual sport Yamaha bikes

Yamaha is one of the motorcycle brands  that offers dual sport bikes in various models. Yamaha 250 dual sport bikes have 250cc engines. Hence these are the most price-efficient bikes. These bikes come in 2 different models and  have dual disc brakes. On any given surface, 245mm front disc and 203mm rear disc brakes provide the rider with excellent stopping power for better safety. Yamaha 250 dual sport bikes offer you an electric start. The 250cc engine starts effortlessly.

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Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha 250 dual sport bikes

Yamaha WR250R is here to make Yamaha’s off-road prowess street accessible, with high-specification components and top-notch build quality rarely seen in the dual-sport segment.  Yamaha’s WR250R offers the most performance in both the motor department and the suspension. It’s still an entry-level bike with modest potential for serious dirt riding. It is far better in many functions than other bikes. It offers you adjustable dampers. Featuring EFI and advanced lightweight engine internals, the WR250R isn’t just another detuned dual-sport, as Yamaha’s race-winning performance and track-tested development come into focus with every twist of the throttle. With three-way adjustable suspension front and rear, the WR250R’s high-spec fork and shock allow the rider to tune the ride to match trail conditions and make the most of the light, nimble chassis.

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Yamaha  XT250

Yamaha  XT250

Yamaha XT250 is one of Yamaha’s 250cc bikes. If you are looking for a more price-conscious machine then Yamaha XT250 is the one you should opt for. The XT250 has an air-cooled, two-valve motor. It has decent travel in the suspension—8.9 inches up front and 7.1 inches in the rear. It uses a CV carburetor, and a transmission is a five-speed unit. Heat is dispersed in an efficient manner by light and strong forged pistons. When your vehicle has got automatically programmed cam chain tensioner, which gives the rider benefit in the sense of least maintenance and an engine having extensive life. The maximum turning angle of the handlebar is 51 degrees —almost like a trials machine. The wheelbase of XT250 is just 53.5 inches which is why it has a super-tight turning radius for excellent maneuverability. The stylish gas tank holds a full 2.6 gallons for long-range riding, focusing on running the bike on long tracks without any fear of gas.

If you’re looking to do some long-distance  travel by Yamaha XT250 in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike Tours  will be the perfect  tour of Vietnam’s historic streets, which  gives you a chance to admire the majestic beauty of Vietnam’s mountains and forests.

Yamaha 450 Dual Sport Bikes

Yamaha 450 dual sport bikes offer you a 450cc engine, as the name suggests. The engine is stronger and it provides firmness for your dual sports purposes. Its  bilateral beam aluminum frame is derived straight to centralize mass and provide an ideal balance between cornering feel and straight-line confidence. Yamaha is known for its superior suspensions through the use of spring-type forks with refined, speed-sensitive damping. This bike also comes in 2 different models.

Yamaha  WR450F

Yamaha  WR450F

Yamaha dual sport WR450F is a perfect example of cross country race machine with incomparable features to provide a durable and comfortable experience. The ease of push-button start, along with a compact battery system, provides an effortless solution for the riders. A high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, aggressive cam profiles, cylinder geometry, and much more work together to give WR450F riders a broad spread of useable thrust with expanded high-rpm power.

Yamaha  YZ450F

Yamaha  YZ450F

More Powerful. Better Handling. In simple terms, Yamaha YZ450F dual sport is an extremely powerful machine with a superior and balanced chassis and improved ergonomics, allowing the riders to take the maximum out of the bike. With the advancement of Yamaha, its power tuner app gives riders yet another advantage by putting the power tune ability into the rider’s smartphone, making fueling and ignition timing changes instantly and uploading them to the bike for the ultimate in track-side tuning, or use the handlebar-mounted switch to change fueling maps on the fly. Inside the ultra-compact new motor, a high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, aggressive cam profiles, and much more work together to give YZ450F riders the best balance of open-class power with controllability.

Yamaha  Dual Sport Bike 650

Yamaha 650 Dual sport bike comes with an engine of 650cc, hence the strongest of the mentioned. These 650cc bikes come in a single model which is discussed below.

Yamaha XS650F

Yamaha 650 Dual Sport Bike

This is one of the oldest dual sport bikes of Yamaha. The Yamaha XS650 is a mid-size motorcycle. It comes with a 650cc engine. Yamaha XS650 was launched in October 1969. It created a huge stir because it had an advanced engine which was not heard of in other similar category twin bikes. The engine and gearbox are unit construction with the crankcase split horizontally for ease of assembly whereas almost all contemporaries in its class in 1969 are either unit construction with a vertically split crankcase or pre-unit construction with a separate engine and gearbox. This Yamaha 650 dual sport was used by many professional bikers of that time because of its performance.

Choose Yamaha dual sport bikes for the best motorcycle  tours in Vietnam.

All these Yamaha dual sport bikes have their advantages and they are well suited for on-road as well as off-road motorbike tours experiences. Yamaha gets major credit when it comes to giving people a ride that is comfortable not only on the road but off-road rides as well, which is a major advantage for people who like to have a bike ride that is not only fun and adventurous but at the same time safe and comfortable.

Depending on your dirt bike tours, you can select the one that suits you. If your track isn’t that bad and you want to have a light bike, Yamaha 250 dual sport bike is the best suited for you. If you want full performance from your bike, you can go for Yamaha 450. And if you are into classical bikes with the strongest engine or your track demands, you can go for Yamaha 650 dual sport bikes. Such options to choose from for a bike ride add to the versatility of the functions provided by the Yamaha dual sport bikes. We  recommend you some amazing

Vietnam Motorbike Tours that are suitable for a dual sport bike.

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