Top 10 Dalat Vietnam Attractions – Dalat Travel Guide from A-Z

Located in the Southern Highlands region, Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam which features many appealing tourist attractions. Well-preserved French-style villas, Buddhist pagodas, lakes, waterfalls, and a whole lot more make Dalat a one-stop destination for sightseeing and taking the most adventurous activities of your life! 

Why choose Dalat to travel? 

Located on the ideal height of a plateau, Dalat is a precious creation of Earth; it’s surrounded by a spacious pine green forest with a cool climate and a variety of Dalat Vietnam attractions. Have you ever experienced only one day with all the features of 4 seasons? If you haven’t, this is the right place to go to witness the sharp change of scenery around the city. You will catch the balmy spring in the morning, walking on the small beautiful road with a cup of coffee in your hand. You will get the summer heat at noon. In the afternoon, it’s time for you to enjoy the crystal blue sky, watching the sunlight gradually fade after the pine trees. And here is the winter in the evening, you will find it cold with a super low temperature. What is nicer than walking in the middle of the mist with a cup of coffee in your hand?

Top 10 Dalat Vietnam Attractions - Dalat Travel Guide from A-Z 1

And here is the most famous of Dalat is about, thousands of flowers. Indeed, flowers cannot be out of your sight at any time and anywhere. In the hotel you’re staying in, in the restaurant you’re eating, from the beautiful streets to the roadside café, you can see them blooming in the early sunshine as welcoming a new day with you.

The special thing that makes you go to Dalat is the majestic waterfalls. Located at 1500 meters above sea level, there are a lot of waterfalls with wonderful unique scenes: Datanla fall, Prenn fall, Cam Ly fall, Pongour fall, Dambri fall,… Moreover, you can also enjoy the poetic, sparkling lakes under the sunshine, such as Tuyen Lam lake, Xuan Huong Lake, and Than Tho lake,… You will be surprised by how beautiful Dalat Vietnam attractions are.

When is the best time to visit Dalat? 

When is the most beautiful of Dalat?” or “Should I visit Dalat this time?” They are the most frequent questions from travelers. So here they are: Dalat’s climate contains two marked seasons: rainy (July to October) and sunny (November to June).

From the end of October to the end of November

It’s the change of season from autumn to winter: You can taste the cold early in the morning and late at night with foggy on the street. This is the season of ripe berries, wild sunflowers beginning to stain hillsides, and cauliflowers beginning to bloom all over the field.

Top 10 Dalat Vietnam Attractions - Dalat Travel Guide from A-Z 2

From the end of November to the middle of January

It’s wintertime with the coldest days at Christmas. You will like it if you’re the type who likes walking freezing in the foggy street. This is the season of the cold, foggy, and field of snow grasses.

From January to March

Gentle sunshine, pleasant weather, and flowers bloom all over the city. And, of course, this is the season of strawberries.

From April to June

This is the peak season; visitors will visit Dalat for flowers and all other landscapes. 

According to many people, there are not any bad times to visit Dalat Vietnam attractions

What to do in Dalat?

Try cable and enjoy the beauty: If you are the type of person who likes adventures, you cannot miss this. Riding this 2267-meter cable from Robin hill to Truc Lam monastery, you can see how magnificent it is.


This game is getting much more popular recently; besides experiencing the adventure, you can immerse yourself in the forest’s foggy.

Top 10 Dalat Vietnam Attractions - Dalat Travel Guide from A-Z 3

Play slide in Datanla waterfall

This is the only slide in Dalat with a length is about 1000 meters. This slide is surrounded by green pine trees that make you admire the poetic and romantic of this foggy city.

Hiking Langbiang

Located on the top of Dalat, Langbiang became the symbol of Dalat Vietnam attractions that every traveler must get there once they visit. Of course, you can get to the top by jeep, the most popular public vehicle. But it will be worth it if you climb up there, you can enjoy the majestic and impressive mountains here.

Night market

With a lot of snacks, clothes shops, drinks, and strawberry shakes,… marked by Dalat culture, walking in the night market is the activity that should be on your to-do list.

Top 10 Must-visit Dalat Vietnam Attractions

1. Hang Nga Guesthouse – Crazy House Dalat

Are you an adventure and discover hobbyist? If yes, Crazy House Dalat is just a place not to be missed when it comes to Dalat Vietnam attractions. Like its name, the Crazy House looks like a haunted castle with spiral staircases, carved bedrooms, and many nooks and crannies. Set amidst the old French architectural villas of Dalat mountain town, the Crazy House stands out from the crowd with its unique and somewhat eccentric design. More than just a house, it’s a 30-year-ongoing architectural work and a passion that the owner – Mrs. Dang Viet Nga poured her heart and soul into. 

Crazy House Dalat Crazy House has been voted as one of the world’s 10 weirdest architectures by People’s Daily magazine in 2009

2. Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain, located 12 km from Dalat center, is one of the must-visit Dalat Vietnam attractions you should not skip when visiting Dalat. LangBiang Mountain, sometimes called Lam Vien Mountain, is the legendary symbol of the eternal love of K’Lang and Ho Biang – the most beautiful love story in this misty land. With the two highest peaks of Lam Vien Highland, Langbiang (2.167m) and Bidoup Ban (2.287m), Langbiang is often regarded as “the roof of Dalat”. From Langbiang peak, you can have an excellent panoramic view of the poetic city which looks like being engulfed in clouds, creating a mysterious and dreamlike scenery. 

Langbiang Mountain Langbiang Mountain- one of the must-visit Dalat Vietnam attractions you should not skip when visiting Dalat

Langbiang Mountain is one of the worth-visiting Dalat Vietnam Attractions for tourists to admire the majestic scenery, explore the natural flora, and immerse themselves in the unique culture of ethnic groups. Mountain climbing, conquering high peaks, paragliding, trekking, and camping overnight is awesome adventurous activities for adventure lovers visiting Langbiang Mountain

3. Valley of Love Dalat

Located only 6 km from the Northeast of Dalat city, the Valley of Love is a destination not to be missed when it comes to Dalat Vietnam attractions. The valley is surrounded by a charming lake called Da Thien and an endless pine forest, creating a picturesque and poetic scenery just like a romantic movie. That’s why many couples choose the valley as the perfect destination for marriage proposals, honeymoons, and also the place to come back whenever they need a feeling of peace.

Valley of Love DalatValley of Love is a destination not to be missed when it comes to Dalat Vietnam attractions

4. Domaine De Marie Church

Domaine De Marie Church attracts thousands of daily visitors located right in the heart of Dalat city. The church was built in the 1940s with a classical European style of the 17th century. The unique feature of the church is that the entire wall is painted with lime. Visitors coming here on a sunny day will have a chance to admire the splendor of the church against the blue sky.

Domaine De Marie ChurchLocated right in the heart of Dalat city, Domaine De Marie Church attracts thousands of visitors every day.

Like many other churches, Domaine De Marie Church is a place of religious activities for Christians. Therefore, when arriving at the ceremony, visitors will feel this place’s solemn, revered atmosphere. Many followers are planted inside the church, such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, and red roses, which are extremely eye-catching and worth taking photos of. 

5. Xuan Huong Lake

Situated at the heart of Dalat city, Xuan Huong Lake (Ho Xuan Huong) has long been an appealing Dalat Vietnam attraction thanks to its poetic and romantic beauty of pines forest, green lawns, and wonderful flower gardens. In the shape of the crescent moon, Xuan Huong Lake covered an area of nearly 43 ha, stretching through other Dalat attractions such as the Dalat Flower Park and Cu Hill. Swan boat riding or simply having a cup of coffee overlooking the lake are the best ways to admire the lake’s beauty and the spectacular architecture of Thuy Ta Pavilion nearby. 

Xuan Huong Lake Xuan Huong Lake – an appealing Dalat Vietnam attraction thanks to its poetic and romantic beauty

6. Dalat night market

Are you looking for a crowded and vibrant place in Dalat cityDalat Night Market is a good choice regarding Dalat Vietnam attractions and is always mentioned every time visiting Dalat. Only a few steps away from Ho Xuan Huong Lake, there is Am Phu market, also known as Dalat night market, which mostly operates from 6 pm to 4 am without stopping. It’s an ideal place for tourists to walk around, watch the local people’s lives, and enjoy street foods with the smell of tasty dishes. 

Dalat night market Dalat Night Market – a crowded and vibrant place in Dalat city

Dalat Night Market sells all the famous specialties of Dalat as tea or jam, the agricultural products of Lam Dong province, and a full range of items like clothing, fabrics, and souvenirs at a reasonable price. 

7. Elephant Waterfall

Located 25 km southwest of Dalat city, Elephant Waterfall, known as Rowoa waterfall, is one of the three largest waterfalls in Lam Dong province, at 30 meters in height and 15 meters wide. The pristine and majestic beauty of the waterfall makes it an attractive tourist destination for tourists visiting the Dalat suburb.

Elephant WaterfallThe pristine and majestic beauty of the waterfall makes it a must-visit Dalat Vietnam attraction

This waterfall is situated in Gia Lam commune, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province. Though it is quite close to the town, this place’s pristine and natural beauty remains intact. In 2001, the Dalat Elephant waterfall was recognized as a national landscape monument. Since then, many domestic and foreign tourists have known this appealing Dalat tourist attraction, especially adventure and waterfall lovers.  

8. Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake (Ho Tuyen Lam) is the largest freshwater lake in Dalat, with an area of about 320 ha, located 7km from the center of Dalat city and 2km from Datanla Waterfall. The lake has many small oases and is surrounded by evergreen pines forest. It’s considered a complex area with many beautiful landscapes and travel services, promising to be an all-in-one destination for tourists once coming to Dalat

Tuyen Lam LakeTuyen Lam Lake – a one-stop destination for tourists once coming to Dalat 

More than just overlooking the beauty of the lake, tourists can enjoy many interesting activities such as camping, walking, climbing, fishing, visiting revolutionary bases, entertaining, doing sports, and especially enjoying the eco-tourism types.

9. Dalat railway station

Dalat Railway Station, one of the oldest yet most beautiful stations in Vietnam, is a place that anyone coming to Dalat should visit. Dalat Railway Station is known for its unique architecture from inside to outsideThe interior space shimmering with cells of colorful glass at the base of the roof makes the inside of Dalat Railway Station special. Outside the station, the most striking is the three stylized pyramids from the three highest peaks of Lang Biang, combined with the image of the roof of the Central Highlands

Dalat railway stationDalat Railway Station – one of the oldest yet most beautiful stations in Vietnam

Stepping into the station will bring you the most impressive experiences. Take a look at the ticket booth, brown painted tables and chairs, wooden windows … all of which make visitors feel like you are in a real European city. Outside the station, the area is an old steam train, one of the two old steam locomotives in Vietnam. Da Lat station operates a route to Trai Mat station in Linh Phuoc Pagoda daily. Tourists who prefer new experiences can buy tickets, climb the train and imagine themselves as gentlemen and ladies from Europe on the train visiting beautiful Vietnam. The train will take you through the flower and vegetable growing areas of Dalat city.

10. Bao Dai Summer Palace

Bao Dai Summer Palace is considered one of the most famous Dalat Vietnam attractions. Built from 1933 to 1937 under the dynasty of the last king of the Vietnam feudal court, King Bao Dai, the palace was constructed as a retreating place for King Bao Dai and his royal family. Nowadays, the palace remains intact with the typical art deco style in the middle of the pine forest near the Pasteur Institute

Bao Dai Summer PalaceBao Dai Summer Palace – one of the most famous Dalat Vietnam attractions

What to eat in Dalat

Traveling Dalat is not just about Dalat Vietnam attractions but also the chance for you to taste Dalat cuisines like wine, jams, fruits, teas, and fresh vegetables,…

Banh Uot long ga – 47 Tang Bat Ho: This unique combination of rice noodles and chicken intestines.

Nem Nuong Ba Hung – 254 Phan Dinh Phung: Made from lean pork and then tight onto a chopstick, grilled, eaten with fried small rolls, pickles, and herbs, Nem nuong has become one of the must-see dishes when traveling to Dalat.

What to eat in DalatTraveling Dalat is not just about Dalat Vietnam attractions but also the unique Dalat cuisines

Hot soymilk in the night market: Soymilk is a popular drink for many people, but drinking hot soymilk with specific snacks will give a different experience.

Girdle-cake – 180 Bui Thi Xuan: On two sides of Bui Thi Xuan street, you can see many people in their small shops selling a cake with chicken eggs, a piece of cheese, liver pate, dried beef, and mayonnaise sauce on top.

Stunning Vietnam motorbike routes via Dalat Vietnam Attractions

Taking aVietnam motorcycle touris the perfect way for any rider, from beginners to experienced, to gain unforgettable moments about Vietnamese people and magnificent spectacle. Once conquering these destinations, we bet you will feel like subduing the challenges of Mother Nature. To help bikers uncover the attractiveness of Dalat or any other beautiful places in Vietnam fully, we provide five stunning routes via Dalat for your reference: 

1. Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Quy Nhon – 8 days

Motorbike Route: Hoi An → Dong Phu → My Son → Kham Duc → Kon Tum → Buon Me Thuot → Lak Lake → Da Lat → Nha Trang → Quy Nhơn → Hoi An

If taking part in the Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Quy Nhon – for eight days, we can not only get great traveling experiences by motorbike but also feast our eyes on the beauty of nature and iconic sceneries of Vietnam. Backpacking travel always gives us a feeling of fun, something new and attractive. You can freely decide where to go, where to stop and enjoy freedom and relaxation. For instance, you can choose to sit on a rock snout to admire the vast sea while the wind is blowing for hours and hours, and no one can disturb you. You can also choose the time and location to eat and sleep. Those are such incredible experiences in your life. Now let’s make them come true. 

Check out the detailed itinerary!

 Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Quy Nhon - 8 days

2. Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Saigon – 11 days

Motorbike Route: Hoi An → Kon Tum → Quy Nhon → Nha Trang → Buon Me Thuot → Lak Lake → Da Lat → Bao Loc → Mui Ne → Lagi → Saigon

Central Vietnam is the perfect combination of majestic mountains and stretching coasts. It is also the land of the most valuable heritage of Vietnam. Join the Vietnam motorbike tours clubmotorbike tour will be one option for Vietnamese food fanatics adventurers. Here is our motorbike trip withquality motorbikes – Honda Motorbikes from 125cc from BM Travel Adventure with a reasonable price of 130 USD/day/person for a group of 3 people. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore our Central Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Saigon in 11 days! 

Check out the detailed itinerary!

3. Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail – 15 Days

Motorbike Route: Hanoi → Mai Chau → Vinh → Huong Khe → Phong Nha → Dong Hoi→ Dong Ha → Khe Sanh → A Luoi → Hien → Thanh My → Hoi An →My Son → Dong Phu → Kham Duc→ Kon Tum Ban Me Thuot → Da Lat → Cat Tien→ Saigon

For those who want the best travel experience in a country, joining a long road trip is a perfect choice. The 15-day Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail will give tourists exceptional experience and extensive knowledge about Vietnamese roads and routes. As you may have noticed, the Ho Chi Minh trail will be the main road that we ride on. With this route, bikers will pass by the best sceneries, ride on both paved and unusual roads, learn a lot about Vietnam’s history, and, to some extent, understand more about the strong will of Vietnamese soldiers at the time. With this tour, we will cover more than 2,500 km in 15 days to a dozen provinces and cities of Vietnam.

Check out the detailed itinerary!

. Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail – 15 Days

4. Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail – 16 Days

Motorbike Route: Hanoi → Phu Yen → Mai Chau → Tan Ky→ Phong Nha → Dong Hoi → Khe Sanh → Hue → Hoi An → Kon Tum → Buon Ma Thuot → Nha Trang → Đa Lat →Cat Tien → Saigon

The Ho Chi Minh Trail spans over 3.000 km and runs through 28 provinces in Vietnam. If you love trekking throughout Vietnam, a ride through the Ho Chi Minh Trail is certainly the best choice. Many trekkers love this road because it has a few motor vehicles and offers a smooth ride. Sometimes, you encounter several potholes and slopes that require good riding skills. But after passing slopes, you can admire charming valleys, fragrant paddy fields, unique bridges, and poetic rivers.

The 16-day Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail will take you through various Vietnamese lands, from North to South. For the first three days, you explore Northern regions, including Hanoi, Phu Yen, and Mai Chau. Then, you follow the itinerary to visit Tan Ky, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Khe Sanh, Hue, Hoian, Kon Tum, Buon Ma Thuot, Nha Trang, and Dalat in Central Vietnam. After that, you will have two days in Saigon before finishing the journey. 

Check out the detailed itinerary!

Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail - 16 Days

5. Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail – 21 days

Motorbike Route: Hanoi→Mai Chau→ Vinh→ Huong Khe→ Phong Nha → Dong Hoi→ Dong Ha→ Khe Sanh → A Luoi → Hoi An→ My Son→ Kham Duc → Kon tum → Buon Me Thuot → Lak Lake → Da Lat →Mui Ne→ Saigon

Our Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail – 21 days is thelongest motorbike tour that goes through most provinces and cities of Vietnam. With this exciting tour, we will be on two wheels for 21 days, driving past 14 localities on both paved highways, little rural roads, and fantastic off-road routes. We travel to countless destinations along the way, relaxing in serene lakes and beaches and dropping by tranquil ethnic villages surrounded by rocky mountain ranges and idyllic valleys.

In this 21-day tour, we also enjoy ourselves on beautiful beaches with turquoise water and golden sand or isolated untouched islands with tropical coconut trees, diving under the crystal clear water to see the diverse world in the sea. This journey also enables us to enjoy a diverse range of dishes, from exotic food and fresh seafood to out-of-this-world cuisine. This tour is definitely for those who want to explore, feel and sense Vietnam in an adventurous, fun, and memorable way. 

Check out the detailed itinerary!

Hanoi to Saigon Motorbike Tour on Ho Chi Minh Trail - 21 days

BM Travel Adventure hosts high-class professional Vietnam motorbike toursOff-road Vietnam dirt bike tours from North to South, with tours ranging from 1 to 21 days. We hold hundreds of motorbike tours annually and are well-informed about all on- and off-road terrains in Vietnam. We undertake to bring our dear customers a new, unique experience found nowhere else.

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