Kindly take note that the subsequent terms and conditions are encompassed in all our service reservation forms. We urge you to thoroughly peruse the following details before engaging in any travel activities with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club

terms and conditonsDeposit and Payment 

  1. Your reservation will be considered confirmed once we receive the deposit. To secure your booking, we ask for a deposit equivalent to approximately 40% of the total tour cost. There are multiple payment methods available for the deposit, with the most common and convenient being bank transfer. Once you agree to make the reservation, we will provide you with the necessary details for the transfer.
  2. The outstanding balance must be settled with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club at least 15 days before the scheduled departure date.

Cancellation and refunds 

  1. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club does not provide refunds under any circumstances for adverse weather conditions or personal reasons of the customer. While tours may be postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions, we do not accept responsibility for tour cancellations.
  2. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club disclaims all legal responsibility for flight delays or itinerary changes during the tour. Refunds will not be considered in any case.
  3. Please inform us in writing as soon as you decide to cancel the tour. Additional cancellation fees may apply from the final payment date up to 30 days before departure (these fees will be outlined in the invoice).
  4. Customers who cancel the tour within 15 days of departure will incur a late cancellation fee equal to the entire tour value (100% of the tour value).
  5. Beyond this timeframe, your tour package will be refunded. We recommend investing in travel insurance to cover cancellations due to illness, natural disasters, or other personal issues. Depending on the circumstances, we will arrange a rescheduled tour at a convenient time.
  6. For group organizers, the tour will proceed according to the schedule if there are at least 6 adults. If the group comprises fewer than 6 people, Meditours will arrange a new departure date and notify customers at least 15 working days before the original departure date. If customers do not agree to the new departure date, they will receive a refund of the deposit.

Our Responsibilities

  1. Although we make every effort to ensure a seamless motorbike adventure for you, unexpected events such as breakdowns, accidents, or theft may occur from time to time. Should such situations arise, we may need to offer you a substitute vehicle, even after the tour has commenced. Be assured that in such circumstances, you will be reimbursed for the price difference between the initially confirmed motorbike and the replacement.
  2. All amenities and services included in the tour price will be provided to you. Our guides will be available to assist you throughout the journey. In the event of any emergencies, we will contact the individual specified in the liability waiver form.

Customers responsibilities 

  1. To ensure a smooth and safe motorcycle tour in Vietnam, all riders must have personal travel insurance covering motorcycle riding. Meditours requires copies of your insurance documents for their records. Having comprehensive coverage ensures you meet the insurance requirements for foreign riders in Vietnam.
  2. Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage to your belongings during the tour, including items damaged during transportation on our vehicles/bicycles or lost while in transit.
  3. We waive all legal responsibilities in the event of an accident, meaning Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club and its representatives are not obligated to ensure the safety of all participants. Therefore, we are not obliged to enforce legal responsibility in all cases.
  4. Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club provides basic third-party liability insurance with a maximum coverage of $5,000, covering injuries or property damage to others in an accident you cause. However, there are exclusions. You are responsible for the first $2,000 of any damage deemed your fault by the tour company. This excludes wear and tear, such as minor scratches or paint chips from insects, gravel, or stones. However, insurance does not cover scratches or significant damage from motorcycle spills or accidents. Customers can opt for our Excess Reduction Policy (ERP) to lower this insurance fee. For a daily fee of $30 during your trip, ERP reduces your deductible from $2,000 to $200.
  • You can purchase ERP coverage during booking or before the tour begins; it’s not available after the tour commences. ERP is already included in the tour itineraries listed on our website.
  • All riders must be at least 22 years old with a valid motorcycle license and a minimum of two years riding experience on motorcycles of similar or larger engine capacity to those provided by Meditours Ha Giang.
  • We expect all riders to obey local traffic laws and follow the tour leader’s safety instructions. Violating these rules may lead to termination of your service agreement and suspension of riding privileges for the remaining tour.
  • Operating a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. Alcohol consumption is only allowed after reaching designated overnight rest stops, and dangerous behavior due to intoxication will result in disciplinary action.

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