Cross Country Motorcycle Saigon to Hanoi – Bring Back Happy Memories On Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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As a valuable gift of Mother Nature, Vietnam no longer carries in itself an underlying beauty but a magical beauty. On the small S-shaped land, which is narrow and long in the north-south length, there are loads of majestic natural scenes. It may be hard to find such an amazing place as this S-shaped country, from the friendly and hospitable people to the gorgeous scenery. Each region has its own typical features of culture and cuisine, which can give you extraordinary experiences. 

There are many ways to travel cross a country tour. That being said,  can taking  a train or bus  from Saigon to Hanoi, also Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, satisfy your wanderlust soul?  I bet it cannot. So which  is the best way to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi? If you are an adventurous mind and eager to explore this beautiful land in a completely different way, a motorbike trip  or cross country motorcycle through the distance of over 2000 kilometers  promises to bring experiences of  a  lifetime.

What to know about  Cross Country Motorcycle Saigon to Hanoi​

The Cross Country Motorcycle Route  from Saigon to Hanoi is a must-take for all Vietnam bikers before conquering other trails.

This may be a hard trip with the long roads and rugged terrains. However, it is worthy of the attention of young Vietnamese and foreign travelers as well. There you can experience different cultures and cuisine when crossing different regions on your 2-wheel bikes.

Once the number of international tourists has increased, traveling by motorbike from Saigon to Hanoi  has become more and more popular. With this form of travel, travelers can immerse themselves in nature and learn about the culture of the lands they drop by.

A plus experience you will get when traveling by motorbike is stopping anywhere you want, even off-the-beaten-track spots, or admiring the impressive scenery along the way that you can not see if you select other means.

There have been so many screams, chants, and goosebumps with tears flowing with joy because of the breathtaking beauty in harmony with the scent of the mountains and the fresh atmosphere on motorbike trails.

cross country motorcycle trip

Extraordinary experiences on your Cross Country Motorcycle  trip from Saigon to Hanoi

Vietnam has been long known as a beautiful country with picturesque scenery and diverse cuisine. It may be the main reason why a lot of tourists choose Vietnam as a must-see destination on their bucket list.

Taking a motorbike trip from Saigon to Hanoi is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge about this country. The experience below can help you understand why Vietnam is so amazing.

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Explore the beautiful beaches of Vung Tau and Mui Ne

Departing from Saigon Motorbike Tours, your discovery of Vietnam by motorbike starts. If you are a sea lover, this route with a host of beautiful beaches along the way will be a memorable trip.

The first stopover is Vung Tau, which is famous for its two stunning beaches: Bai Sau beach and Bai Truoc Beach. With a length of about 8 km, starting from the Paradise resort to the foot of the small mountain, Thuy Van Road is the only road running parallel to Bai Sau Beach. Along the road, there are a lot of hotels and resorts, from luxury to budget.

Leaving Vung Tau, you get to another paradise beach named Mui Ne in Phan Thiet. You will have the opportunity to ride your motorbike on a straight rubber road of over 5 km, take a rest and enjoy the cool breeze under the shade of green trees. You can spend time on Hon Rom – a white sandy beach with exciting watersports and a charming place to admire the glorious sunset. Or visit Mui Ne fishing village to see hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored by the shore or a small vivid market surrounded by peaceful coconut lines.

  • South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour from Saigon to Mui Ne, Bao Loc, Da Lat – 4 days​

Drop by Nha Trang – the pearl of Central Vietnam on  Motorcycle Cross Country

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If the beauty of Vung Tau and Mui Ne still doesn’t satisfy your wanderlust, then drop by Nha Trang – one of the seven world’s most beautiful beaches to find a different feeling.

Nha Trang beach is like a magnet full of enchantment to tourists worldwide. Every time you come here, you will be absorbed and fascinated by this coastal city’s ethereal beauty and charm.

Especially if you are into diving, then Nha Trang is the place for you. It’s time to explore the underwater world with colorful coral reefs and fish.

Nha Trang beach is beautiful and charming at all times; even when the night falls, it shimmers with sparkling lights from the towering buildings. It will surely be one of the interesting discoveries that you will never forget.

Vietnam motorbike tours club

Explore Vietnamese national parks on Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

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Besides stunning beaches, on your motorbike trip from Saigon to Hanoi, you also should stop at some Vietnamese national parks, such as Cat Tien National Park and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Cat Tien National Park is the home to a great number of wildlife  species, many of which are  listed in the Vietnam Red Book, such as the one-horned rhino, long-legged toad, cloudy python, and black python. This is also the paradise of over  300 species of birds and butterflies. Do not forget to bring your camera to take the most awesome photos.

The World Heritage Site of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is a place with outstanding values in geology and biodiversity. Besides, it stands out with lots of ecological, historical war sites, and nature exploration activities. Exploring Tu Lan Cave, discovering the mystery of the primary forest, or just simply relaxing at Mooc Stream will be an unforgettable time for you here.

While riding on the famous Ho Chi Minh trail that played a role as a historical witness during the 20th century, you will go through about 200 km, stretching from Tan Ky to Phong Nha. Along the way, you almost won’t see any villages because you are passing through the core of the tropical forest bordering Vietnam and Laos.  ​

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Discover the Central Highland of Vietnam on Cross Country Motorcycle Tours

Continuing on your 2-wheelers, you reach the Central Highland of Vietnam – another highlight in your Cross Country Motorcycle  from Saigon to Hanoi. The Central Highlands often reminds people of a wild, sunny, and windy land with rugged red dirt roads. But in reality, this land also has many other exciting things that attract travelers to explore.

One of the most well-known destinations in the region is Da Lat. Dubbed Little Paris, the city makes a deep impression on travelers at first glance because of the colors of thousands of flowers, the peaceful scenery, and the fresh atmosphere.

You also go through 5 other provinces of the Central Highlands, including Kontum, Daklak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, and Lam Dong – the capital of pepper and tropical fruits and the land of elephants and natural waterfalls as well.

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Visit Hue Ancient Capital – the world’s cultural heritage

If Hanoi Capital is the land of thousands-of-years culture with elegant people, Saigon attracts visitors by the vibrant pace of life, and then Hue brings us a lot of different feelings.

The ancient capital of Hue always features a fascinating traditional culture, suitable for those who love discovering and learning about the Vietnamese culture. Blessed with many majestic landscapes, Hue is home to many imposing mountains, and long white sandy beaches with clear and poetic rivers to create a colorful and splendid picture. Coming to this dreamlike city, you also have the opportunity to visit the ancient vestiges, temples, and tombs of Kings in the history of Vietnam.

Hue cuisine is also a memorable experience for tourists with a lot of distinctive dishes such as Hue beef noodle soup, lemongrass skewers, clam rice, steamed rice cakes, and tapioca dumplings.

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Hoi An – 7 days

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Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

Just a short distance from Hue Ancient Capital, you will get to another ancient town – Hoi An. As a famous city of Quang Nam province, Hoi An receives the attention of many tourists every year, and most of them want to return.

Once visiting there, you will be captivated by the rustic beauty in each tile roof, brick, and tree as well as the idyllic trait in the personality, and pure and sincere soul of the local people here.

The most beautiful time of Hoi An is at night when you can admire the images of houses along the banks of the Hoai River, sparkling lights, and the streets lined with bright lanterns.

Strolling through the streets, taking a boat ride on the Hoai River, dropping lanterns and buying unique souvenirs can bring you a complete experience in this ancient town.

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Go through Hai Van Pass

Located between Hue and Da Nang, Hai Van Pass is known as one of the most dangerous trails in Vietnam. The winding road will be an exciting challenge for bikers.

The road bends along the mountains, and sometimes it turns a very unexpected bend. It captures the hearts of those who are into discovering and adventurous things. Riding on your motorbike, you can contemplate a magnificent natural picture with the front sky, while on the other side is the imposing mountains, and the underneath side is the blue sea.

Once reaching the top of Hai Van Pass, you may be surprised at the breathtaking scenery of Bach Ma Mountain with mysterious beauty in the fog, the Cross country Motorbike riding the North-South train moving on the railway, or the blue sea waves reaching the horizon.

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Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and Vinh Moc Tunnels

If you are into learning about Vietnamese history, drop by Quang Tri to visit Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and Vinh Moc Tunnels – two critical historical relics of the Vietnam war. Through these destinations, you will understand more about the fierceness of this land during the anti-American resistance war and the hard sacrifice of heroic Vietnamese people.

Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and Vinh Moc Tunnels

Mai Chau – Pu Luong

After many days with your 2-wheel bike in the South and the Central, you will get to North Vietnam  – an exciting land that promises to bring you memorable excursions. It’s the chance for you to immerse yourself in vast terraced fields or the fresh air surrounded by forests in the national park of Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Passing through rugged trails and mountain roads, you head to Mai Chau – a small valley with peaceful scenery. It is also home to the White Thai ethnic group, where you can explore the regional culture and enjoy special foods. A memorable journey for sure!

Cuc Phuong – Ninh Binh – Trang An

You go on the discovery of the North, then Ninh Binh is the next destination with a lot of worth-exploring spots such as Cuc Phuong National Park with the rich fauna and flora, the world cultural heritage of Trang An with the Skull Island – where the famous movie King Kong filmed or Bai Dinh Pagoda with loads of records. There are also many attractions that you can visit, such as Mua Cave, Tam Coc Bich Dong, Thung Nham, or Van Long Lagoon.

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Ninh Binh – 2 days

Cuc Phuong - Ninh Binh - Trang An Motorcycle Route

Your motorbike trip from Saigon to Hanoi will end in the capital. After a long journey, take time to relax or enjoy delicious food when strolling down the vibrant streets of the capital.

For those who want to start their trip from Hanoi to Saigon, let’s refer to the tour below. It’s one of the favorite tours of travelers at BM Travel Vietnam motorbike Tours Club. 

Wrap up

Such a thrilling experience during theCross Country Motorcycle Saigon to Hanoi, right? Also, the S-shaped land has a lot of off-road trails waiting for you to challenge. Visit our website for more detail and choose the most suitable  one for your upcoming journey.

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