Bumpy Ride On Bac Ha To Ha Giang Route – An Unforgettable Experience In Our Lifetime!

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Vietnam motorbike tours club  has been a home gathering of leading experts in motorbike tourism in Indochina. For anyone who loves traveling, attractions like Bac Ha or Ha Giang are undeniably worthwhile. A lot of backpackers even decide to visit these places more than once. Of all the North Vietnam motorbike routes, routes like Sapa to Ha Giang, Sapa to Bac Ha market, or Hanoi to Ha Giang are quite well-known. However, few people have experienced the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang.

The route is probably not for everyone since there are awaiting challenges. Nevertheless, such a trip can arouse your fiery passion for conquering the world. Since we have just enjoyed this incredible Bac Ha ” Ha Giang route, we would love to share with you our unforgettable experience.

An awesome motorbike trip from Bac Ha to Ha Giang

Bac Ha town is located in Lao Cai province, where you can find awesome tourist attractions such as O Quy Ho Pass, Fansipan mountain, Simacai, and more. You may have heard about uproarious kermises or valley of flowers Thai Giang Pho here before. From this tranquil town, we started our amazing trip. Before 2013, the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang was even more challenging than now.

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Back then, on the route, we would have to stay overnight in Coc Pai town ( known as Xin Man town). The track is only 35 kilometers long, yet it is fraught with danger to go past. This is a slippery and steep rocky road with countless twists. Bac Ha Vietnam is also a highland town that is 1000m above sea level, while Coc Pai town is quite low. In the rainy season, the traffic between the two towns is often brought to a standstill. For this reason, traveling from Bac Ha town to Ha Giang city used to be considered impractical.

But now, with the repaired roads and powerful motorcycles, we have fewer obstacles and more joy. There are lots of picturesque landscapes to feast your eyes and amusing things to explore on the route. Let’s start with Bac Ha town. If you are keen on Vietnamese culture, you’d love to join us and visit the town. Here live a lot of ethnic groups like H’Mong, Hoa, Phu La, Tay, Kinh, Nung, and more. Now you know why people keep saying that the indigenous culture here is diversified. Bac Ha market was once near the bottom of the hill. It is now upgraded and divided into stalls. Here you can buy various household supplies, poultry, and cattle. Hand-embroidered brocade stalls often steal the spotlight, as the products made with incredible handiness and meticulousness are hard to ignore. The sacred and magnificent Bac Ha temple is a breathtaking place that you should visit too.

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After moving approximately 45 km from Bac Ha market, passing Lung Cai mountain, we reached sanctuary Nan Ma valley. This is where fierce battles between courageous Vietnamese soldiers and brutal bandits took place. From there, we rode 25 kilometers more to the Xin Man border gate. This landmark is probably one of the most isolated places in Ha Giang. Although we are all familiar with riding in unusual conditions, we still find Lung Cai road risky. At this height, clouds can cover the road and restrict visibility. We went to Coc Pai on a muddy old road with a length of about 25 kilometers.

There is also another road to get there, but it is full of moss, so we decided not to choose it. After a tiring day, we stayed in a hotel in Xin Man to rest. The next day we came to Hoang Su Phi and contemplated an outstanding landscape that we never forget unless we unluckily have dementia someday. The immense terraced fields are unspeakably imposing. Of course, on the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang, we must witness the beauty of Tay Con Linh ” a majestic yet graceful stone beast lurking in the mist, toying with silk-like streams of Chay River and Silver River. It would also be a pity not to visit the National Monument and Heaven Gate in Ha Giang. Having lunch with the Dao people in Nam Hong village is one more sweet memory for us since their delicacy is truly impressive.

Hoang Su Phi – the highlight of the trip

Referring to Ha Giang motorbike  loop, people tend to think of the  Nho Que River, the Happiness Road, the old town of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, or Quan Ba. However, few people are cognizant of other charming attractions on the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang. Hoang Su Phi is such an invaluable pure gem. Hoang Su Phi is a small district hidden in majestic pristine highland, yet here there are so many landscapes that have been classified as national relic sites such as terraced fields Hoang Su Phi, Phung village, Chieu Lau Thi peak, or Tay Con Linh peak. It can take us at least 3 days to fully visit Hoang Su Phi.

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That is the reason why you can find a lot of hotels, homestays, and resorts in the center of Vinh Quang town or Thong Nguyen commune. We highly recommend homestay because it’s affordable while giving you a priceless experience. Believe us, cooking and having dinner with Dao Tien in their cozy home is definitely a heart-warming memory that you want to keep forever. Don’t worry about the convenience ” hot water and clean and soft blankets are all available. Homestays are often far from crowded residential areas and have a better view. There you can fully enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature.

Motorcycles and 4x4wd are the best vehicles for you to conquer the route from Bac Ha town to Hoang Su Phi. There are plenty of challenging single-road or off-road trails for bikers who crave adventures. We used DRZ 400s to subdue Tay Con Linh and Chieu Lau Thi peaks. We would like to thank BM Travel Adventure for the powerful “beast†they supply. The  company is located in the Cau Giay district in Hanoi. We often rent vehicles here since there are many types of vehicles for different tours such as touring motorbikes, dirt bike, enduros, etc.

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Another reason why we count on BM Travel Adventure is that the staff here have a profound knowledge of the suitability of the vehicle for each type of terrain. Their advice about the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang is sharp and trustworthy. This time the DRZ400s kept on satisfying us. It is incredibly powerful, and the shock absorber is perfect. With this motorbike, we feel as if we could conquer not only the route but also the whole world.

Tay Con Linh – the worthwhile challenge

It is our pleasure to share with you our experience when we reached Tay Con Linh. It is said that Tay Con Linh mountain ” the roof of the Northeast ” is where all the adventure travel enthusiasts must visit at least once. The beauty of this place is somehow mysterious yet still romantic. Tay Con Linh is a mountain peak in the upper mass of the Chay river in western Ha Giang province.

The mountain range stretches into two districts, namely Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen. With a height of 2419m, this is an extremely tough challenge, even for professional bikers. This land is also considered the sacred mountain of La Chi ethnic people ” one of the ethnic minorities in Ha Giang. Standing from the top of the mountain and looking down made us feel like we were floating in the sea of white clouds. This landscape can effortlessly overwhelm anyone. Some dreamy minds can even imagine themselves getting out of this cruel world to touch heaven. Tay Con Linh is surrounded by a dense primeval forest; therefore, conquering this peak is clearly not a child’s play, not to say it’s hazardous. The higher you go, the more solitary and gloomy the surroundings become.

On the way, you can see that one side is a dangerous abyss, and the other one is a craggy cliff. Therefore, it’s absolutely normal to feel nervous and even scared. Sometimes there are even landslides so that you ride with difficulty or even have to use ropes to tow.

There are some areas where reeds are so high that we almost got separated. But after the journey to overcome mud, rocks, mossy streams, slippery slopes, rugged roads, and discouraging obstacles, only pure happiness remains for those who dare to endure hardships. The majestic mountain scenery is a reward that not everyone deserves to receive. As the fog slowly lifted, the magnificent sun appeared and filled our hearts with happiness and pride.

On the route from Bac Ha to Ha Giang, you should not miss the chance to visit Chieu Lau Thi, with a height of 2402m. This is, of course, another real challenge for anyone, so get ready before you decide to commence your journey. Rugged, muddy roads with unexpected difficulty will be awaiting you. With a DRZ400s, you now have your back covered. Do you want a dirt bike to travel and feast your eyes on the lovely view? Yet you still need an enduro motorcycle to overcome tough trails at the same time? DRZ 400s is such a perfect combination that you have always wanted. While many people find Tay Con Linh and Chieu Lau Thi insurmountable, you now can ride the invincible DRZ 400s and soar through any terrain.

For a final word,

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