Pac Bo Cave: The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site

Cao Bang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. If you have heard of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, you should know that Cao Bang is the starting point. Although the province is full of incredible attractions, Pac Bo cave is always among the hottest sites. No one can deny the historical values, as well as the beauty of Pac Bo. If you are an adventurer lover and want to learn more about our country, a  Vietnam Motorbike Tous exploring Pac Bo Cave via the Ho Chi Minh trail cannot be ignored.

Get to know about Pac Bo cave

Pac Bo – a great historic site of Vietnamese

Pac Bo historic site is located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province, next to Vietnam – China borderline. Pac Bo is associated with the reputation of President Ho Chi Minh – the great hero who led Vietnam to freedom. On January 28, 1941, after thirty years abroad trying to find a way to save the homeland, Nguyen Ai Quoc (another name of President Ho Chi Minh) decided to return to Vietnam and directly lead the Vietnamese revolution. Pac Bo is the first place this great man chose to stay. After 20 days of living with an ethnic family, Nguyen Ai Quoc came to live and work in Coc Bo cave.

Pac Bo has witnessed some of the most significant historical milestones of Vietnam. This is where Nguyen Ai Quoc gradually established different associations, which later became the National United Front. Pac Bo became a sacred birthplace of national salvation organizations that contributed to the historic August Revolution in 1945. Viet Minh Front was also established here in May 1941. Notably, in Tran Hung Dao Forest of this Pac Bo relic site, the invincible Vietnamese People’s Army was formed by Ho Chi Minh President. Pac Bo is one of the most important historical places in our country.

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 1

Pac Bo cave in present

Recognizing the special significance of the Pac Bo Relic Area, since 2005, Vietnam has decided to execute two significant projects in Cao Bang province. The first is the Ho Chi Minh Road project starting from Pac Bo through the districts of Hoa An, Ha Quang, Nguyen Binh, and Cao Bang town. The second one is the project of Conservation and Embellishment of Pac Bo Monuments.

Pac Bo is full of historical sites such as Pac Bo cave, Lenin Stream, Cac Mac Mountain, etc. These landmarks have been mentioned so many times in Vietnamese literature. Besides, the incredible landscapes in this area have made it an enchanting tourist attraction. Pac Bo cave is an excellent destination where you can explore the grandeur of nature and the glorious history of Vietnam.

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 2

Best time to visit Pac Bo cave

Because of the climate, there are two seasons in the area: the rainy and dry seasons. In each season, Pac Bo Cave is beautiful in a different way. In the rainy season (from June to October), the water flow of the Lenin Stream is fast, making the scenery more majestic. During this season, the landscape here arouses visitors’ sense of adventure. On the contrary, Pac Bo possesses a tranquil beauty in the dry season that can sweep away all of your anxiety. Le Nin stream now runs smoothly and pulls people in with the emerald green water. You have a stunning background to snap some photos of whenever you come here.

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 3

Route from Cao Bang to Pac Bo cave

Pac Bo Cave is 52 kilometers north of Cao Bang center, which is the distance we must conquer. You will admire myriads of remarkable landscapes if you join a motorbike tour on the Ho Chi Minh trail to Pac Bo. You can taste some local snacks at the entrance of the relic site before continuing to explore more. 

The road at the foot of the mountain is no longer a dirt track but paved with asphalt. A fun fact is that Ho Chi Minh President had to use horses to move in this area. Before reaching the Pac Bo relic site, you can contemplate breathtaking spectacles of vast fields, modest villages, and colorful flowers. To enter the site, you will have to buy a ticket with a price of around one dollar only.

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 5

Spreading in front of you is a mind-blowing “painting” of nature. The first highlight is the imposing Cac Mac Mountain. The mountain derives from Karl Marx – the great teacher of proletarian revolutions. Also, Ho Chi Minh named the stream around the mountain Lenin Stream to commemorate Lenin – the legendary revolutionary. The natural enchantment of the landscape here has won numerous tourists’ hearts.

And here we are in front of Pac Bo Cave – where Ho Chi Minh President stayed and found a way to save Vietnam from colonialism in 1941. Pac Bo, in the language of the Tay ethnic group, means “the Source”. And how amazing it is when the site was the source of later victory and freedom. Many relics associated with our great Uncle Ho are preserved in the area – the typewriter he used, his clothes, the stone he used as a table, etc. Besides the historical value, the cave is truly charming, with a complex of stalagmites and stalactites with strange shapes. Now let’s learn more about other attractions in the Pac Bo area.

Must-visit attractions in Pac Bo

Temple of Ho Chi Minh President

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 6

The Temple of Ho Chi Minh President was completed on May 19, 2011. This construction demonstrates the love and admiration of all Vietnamese people for their greatest president – Ho Chi Minh. Of course, it was built in the center of the Pac Bo area. The temple is a mix of traditional and modern architecture. A statue of the great president is placed in the most solemn position of the temple. On the walls, the reliefs depict Uncle Ho’s entire revolutionary activities from February 1941 to August 1945. By visiting the temple, you can learn more about this great man.

Lenin Stream 

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 7

You will be amazed at the emerald green water with plenty of fish inside when you see Lenin Stream. Moving to the stream’s headwaters, we will pass a wooden bridge and climb 300 steps to reach Pac Bo cave. As soon as you see the cave, you will be surprised and wonder how a revolution leader can live in such a condition. Particularly, the water in this area is crystal clear and drinkable. If you have a passion for photography, this is where you can show off your skills. 

Kim Dong Grave 

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 8

Kim Dong is the alias of Nong Van Den – a Nung hero in wartime. He was the first captain of the Ho Chi Minh pioneers’ organization. Kim Dong’s team carried out the mail delivery and guided Viet Minh soldiers. During a mission, he discovered that the French troops were approaching the residence of the revolutionary cadre. He distracted the forces and got shot on the bank of Lenin Stream. He was only 14 years old. 

His grave is currently located at the foot of Teo Lai Mountain in Na Ma village, next to his mother’s grave. You can also see his statue and an artistic wall representing 14 years of his life there.

Khuoi Nam Shack 

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 9

Khuoi Nam shack was where Uncle Ho stayed for the longest time in the Pac Bo area. Besides, to ensure the president’s safety, the officers built two more shacks, Khuoi Nam Two and Three. The shack was in a favorable terrain – right at the mouth of the forest. It was covered and hard to see outside, while people inside the shack could easily observe everything. Ho Chi Minh President and other officers could retreat along the Khuoi Nam stream to China if something happened. The shack was built in the style of ethnic stilt houses with two small rooms. The total area is just twelve square meters.

Other hot spots

Apart from Pac Bo cave and the highlighted sites above, other spots have equal historical values.

Lung Lan Cave: This is where Uncle Ho stayed at the end of March 1941. Its area is about fifty square meters.

Nguom Vai Cave: In 1941, Ho Chi Minh President directly attended, guided, and admitted the Party to Comrade Nong Thi Trung. The cave is about eighty square meters wide. Milestone 108 (now milestone 675): This is one of 314 old Vietnam –China border markers. This monolithic stone has an oval shape. Content in Chinese and French is engraved on the stone.

Noc En Cave: The cave is located in Phia Dai and Phia U mountain ranges, right behind Na Ma village. In August 1942, Uncle Ho assigned Kim Dong to protect the revolution.

Po Doi – Thoong Ma: Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization was established on May 15, 1941. Kim Dong led the organization.

Sli Dang and Diem Tieu caves: Uncle Ho used the caves as a secret mailbox in 1941 – 1945.

Delicacies in Pac Bo, Cao Bang

Visiting Pac Bo cave means we have a chance to try plenty of delicacies in Cao Bang province.

Coong Phu

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 10

Coong Phu is the favorite snack of local people and many tourists. Coong Phu is made from high-quality glutinous rice and ordinary ones. The filling is ground parched peanuts. We will eat Coong Phu with syrup and sesame.

Steamed rolled rice pancake

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 11

This dish is quite popular in the whole country. However, it was modified in Cao Bang, so the taste is quite different. These special pancakes are added with egg and ground meat before steaming. This dish will be served in other areas with fish sauce or something similar. But in Cao Bang, you will eat steamed rolled rice pancakes together with a bowl of broth.

Sour Pho

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 12

This is one of the most famous specialties of Cao Bang. We have Pho (without broth) mixed with a dozen ingredients: bacon, taros, fried pig’s liver, duck meat, Moc Mat leaves, peanut, greens, and cucumber. The secret to a perfect bowl of sour Pho is the sauce created with a special recipe. We will let you ask the local people for their secret recipe.

Peng Ray

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 13

If you ask people in Cao Bang what their unique dish is, Peng Ray is probably their answer. You can’t try this dish all year round, but in April and May only. The main ingredient is ant eggs, glutinous rice flour, fried onion, ground pork, peanut, and Kieu leaves. It tastes so good that you will want to eat more and more.

Smoked Beef

The off-road exploring tour to the famous relic site – Pac Po Cave 14

People in Cao Bang have used smoked beef to preserve and store food for later. This has become a delicacy that tourists want to buy as a gift. Smoked beef is a perfect snack for a barbecue party.

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Notes and tips in Pac Bo cave 

Here are some notes and helpful tips that you should know while visiting Pac Bo cave and the environs:

  • We must avoid littering because local administrators supervise this historical site.
  • It will be much more difficult to move if you visit Pac Bo cave on rainy days. The slippery terrain is unsafe.
  • In the exhibition areas, you should not touch the artifacts. This is to ensure the integrity and show respect for history’s remains.
  • It is advisable to bring sandals or climbing shoes. That will make it easier to move in the caves, on the mountains, and pass streams.
  • A motorcycle tour on the Ho Chi Minh trail can bring you the best experiences while exploring Pac Bo caves and nearby attractions.

So now you know how amazing our trip will be. You will have a profound knowledge of Pac Bo – a cradle of freedom in Vietnam. Also, there is plenty of breathtaking sceneries for you to behold. Exciting riding experiences and delicious food are included as well. A motorbike tour exploring Pac Bo Cave via the Ho Chi Minh trail is all you need to increase your love for Vietnam.

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