Do you need motorcycle travel insurance for Vietnam?

Motorbiking in Vietnam is such a great way to travel around since it is fun and affordable while giving travelers a good sense of flexibility. However, motorbikes are not the safest way of transportation due to the high risks that you may take on the way.

If you are going to travel on a motorcycle in Vietnam, it is vital to have motorcycle travel insurance. Make sure that you are properly licensed and get all the required safety equipment. Then you are all covered. Most travel companies in Vietnam will not provide this type of insurance, so you need to buy it yourself if you intend to travel motorcycles in Vietnam. Consider the insurance that suits your budget and needs after reading our instructions below.

What is motorcycle travel insurance?

Motorcycle travel insurance is used when you rent or travel abroad on your motorcycle. Each motorcycle travel insurance comes with specific riding coverage depending on different factors (the departure location and destination included).

It is vital to read the relevant policy to know the exact details before the trip starts. However, in general, travel insurers often insist you on at least one or a combination of the following factors:

  • Insurance requirements:

1) You must have a riding license that is recognized as valid in Vietnam or any other country you’re riding in

2) You must also have a license (to ride) that is still valid in your own country;

3) The license you have must be valid for the type of bikes that you are riding.

  • Do you need a license to drive a motorbike in Vietnam? Sure, you do need that. Remember that no license means that you won’t have any insurance.
  • A motorcycle travel insurance is totally useful for using motorcycles for Motorcycle touring, Track days, Off-roading, and Biking road trips.

What is motorcycle travel insurance?

Do you need motorcycle travel insurance for Vietnam? 

Do you need insurance for motorcycles in Vietnam? The answer is Yes, yes,… and yes. You do need travel insurance covering motorcycles for Vietnam. Vietnam is a safe country for traveling, but you must always be prepared for the unexpected, thanks to motorcycle travel insurance. It is very necessary because a motorbike Vietnam no experience tour is riskier than other forms of tourism, so buying motorbike travel insurance will help a lot.

If you find yourself missing a flight, needing medical care, or having lost something during the trip, don’t worry because your travel insurance for motorcycle tours will take responsibility for that. Travel insurance for Vietnam can help you when you are unfortunate to face unnecessary risks in a “foreign land” to minimize the unexpected damage you have suffered.

Ride at your own risk. Without motorcycle insurance in Vietnam, you could be riding on the roads unprotected. Well. That’s actually not a scenario that you want to be in! Make sure you read the selected insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement to understand its coverage.

Do you need motorcycle travel insurance for Vietnam? 

What does it cover?

The motorcycle travel insurance should offer comprehensive motorcycle coverage for your own vehicle when traveling abroad, regardless of the engine size.

A perfect motorbike travel insurance should cover:

  • Transport costs and emergency medical expenses
  • Personal accident coverage while riding the motorcycle
  • Repatriation
  • Loss of or damage to the motorbike
  • Curtailment or cancellation cover

If money doesn’t matter, you might be able to pay an extra fee for the following options:

  • Hazardous activities or Adventurous sports
  • Carrying passenger
  • Leathers and helmets
  • Accessories and Baggage
  • Breakdown cover

Remember to make sure all the planned activities of your holiday are already covered whether you’re intending to jump on your motorbike for off-roading, on guided tours, for track days, or racing. Also, check if your motorbike insurance Vietnam policy covers theft abroad.

What it doesn’t cover

Depending on different policies of motorcycle travel insurance, there are exclusion clauses that you might be subject to, including the following:

  • Alcohol limits- Enjoying a drink or two must be fun, but alcohol will impair judgment, result in a claim, or any other bad circumstances.
  • EHIC – Medical claims would be covered by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), not by your insurance. Thus, make sure you will take one with you.
  • Health ” Make sure to get the appropriate vaccinations of the country you’re traveling to, and traveling against the medical advice will make you not covered at all.
  • Helmets ” Wearing a helmet will keep you covered with all the good things mentioned above, and if you don’t, you won’t get anything covered.

How much is motorcycle travel insurance?

Travel insurance won’t break your bank, but it will vary depending on multiple factors. The total motorcycle travel insurance cost is based on the type of cover chosen and the time that policy covers.

How much is motorcycle travel insurance?

A great motorcycle travel insurance policy with comprehensive cover should offer you the following levels of protection:

  • Medical cover: £2 million to £4 million
  • Personal liability cover: £1 million
  • Cancellation cover: at least the same as the total paid the price for your holiday
  • Belongings and baggage cover: similar to what you’re taking with

Typically, travel insurance for motorcycle trips costs 5% to 10% of the total trip cost, while the amount may be influenced by different factors, including:

The element of ‘risk’: Unexpected risks can occur during the trip, which will level up your trip costs. That means your motorcycle travel insurance will be higher.

  • Your age: The older you are, the higher the price you have to pay. Cancellation coverage is the most popular factor in determining insurance pricing. And the fact is that older people are more likely to be forced to trips cancellation. Each insurance company has its age band. Make sure that you choose a suitable one.
  • Trip cost: This one is easy to understand. The expensive trips will cost more for insurance than the ones at lower prices.
  • Plan type: Basic plans offer less cover than luxury plans in terms of lower medical evacuation, baggage limits, etc. Compare the two plans first and choose the one with the cover you need. Actually, additional trip protection is also great.
  • Optional Coverage: You also have the option to get an add-on or additional coverage which can give many convenient things like better evacuation coverage or higher medical limits.
  • The number of travelers: Motorcycle travel insurance can cover all family members during the trip. However, family plans like ExactCare give you more benefits with the family-friendly cost for 2 small children for one insured adult.
  • Destination: Some places are really safer than others with higher crime statistics. And depending on the area of the destination, the medical and evacuation claims may be more expensive.
  • Trip length: How much the travel insurance costs for a week is different from the cost for one month. The longer your trip is, the higher the cost is.

Best travel insurance for Vietnam trips

Now, you have the answer to the question: “Do you need motorcycle insurance in Vietnam?â€. Then, we have to come to the decision on the right travel insurance. Each individual has their own criteria for the best travel insurance in Vietnam based on their needs and requirements. Honestly speaking, the more comprehensive ones provide travelers with better covers.

Best travel insurance for Vietnam trips

Here are the top 3 best comprehensive options for a 3-week trip to Vietnam that may help you define your choice of travel insurance for your upcoming Vietnam trip.

Fast Cover ComprehensiveZoom Travel Insurance Comprehensive1 Cover Comprehensive

Emergency medical cover

Cancellation coverUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Luggage and personal effects$10,000$7,500$15,000
Theft of cash$250$250$250
Travel delay$2,000$2,000X

Nevertheless, don’t forget to consider the following features when looking for the best travel insurance for your Vietnam trip.

  • Unlimited medical cover: There are a lot of unexpected things on your Vietnam trip, not just common illnesses. No one wants to get seriously injured with extended hospital stays during vacation. But, if you do, the unlimited medical cover will be your saver.
  • Luggage & personal effects: Pickpocketing and thieves are really common in Vietnam, so it is important to safeguard all your belongings. Thieves can even break into the hostel to get the laptop held in a locker at your hostel. So, this policy will cover you the best.
  • Sports/ Adventure activities: Vietnam is great for exploration even when you want to ride off-road in the mountainous areas or hike in Sapa. This policy offers you at least a basic add-on cover for sports & adventure activities like an off-road motorcycle travel insurance policy.
  • Travel delays: Smaller airlines in Vietnam often come with delays and unexpected schedule changes that could annoy your trip and cost loads. That’s why you will need increased allowances for travel delays and travel expenses.

Best hospitals to get health services for travelers in Vietnam 

Best hospitals to get health services for travelers in Vietnam

Motorcycling in Vietnam can lead to endless unintended injuries, especially in mountainous areas. In case an unexpected accident occurs, you need to contact the Embassy first. Then the insurer will resolve your problem more quickly.

It is important to know some names of the most prestigious hospitals in Vietnam, including Hanoi French Hospital, and Vinmec to get the best services during the trip. Hospitals in Vietnam are divided into two main types public and private hospitals.

Though the prices for health consultations and treatments in public hospitals are quite reasonable, some of them don’t really meet the international medical standards with overcrowded offices, cumbersome procedures, and little priority for ex-pats. Vietnam has a large number of good-quality local hospitals like the Hanoi Medical University Hospital, but it is not affiliated with a travel insurer.

Meanwhile, private hospitals in Vietnam are built with basic standards, modern facilities, and equipment. Indeed, if you are unlucky to have an accident during the trip, choosing one out of private or international hospitals in Vietnam will be the best with faster service.

Traveling with insurance will cover you the best, so make sure to check the hospital with insurance before the trip starts. Below is the top list of the best hospitals and medical centers in famous tourist spots in Vietnam.

AreaInternational hospitals/clinicsProvincial hospitals/clinics
  • Hanoi French Hospital
  • Vinmec International General Hospital
  • Raffles Medical Clinic
  • Thu Cuc International General Hospital
  • International Department, Hanoi Medical University Hospital
  • International SOS Ha Noi
  • Viet Nam-Korean Friendship Clinic( St. Paul Hospital)
  • Viet-Sing International Clinic
  • Bach Mai Hospital
  • Army Central Hospital 108
  • Hong Ngoc General Hospital
  • Medlatec General Hospital
HA LONGVinmec International Hospital
  • Quang Ninh General Hospital
  • Quang Ninh Traditional Medicine Hospital
  • Uong Bi Vietnam-Sweden Hospital
  • Vinmec Hai Phong International Hospital
  • Vietnam-Czech Friendship Hospital
  •   Green International Hospital
  • Hai Phong International Hospital (HIH)
  • Sapa General Hospital
  • Lao Cai General Hospital
  • Ninh Binh Hospital
  • Nurturing Medical Office
  • Military Medical Hospital 145
  • The International Pavilion At Hue National Hospital
  • Hue Central Hospital
  • Thua Thien Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital
  • Hue University College of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Vinmec Da Nang International Hospital
  • Family Medical Practice Da Nang
  • General Hospital of Danang city
  • Hospital C in Danang
  • Hoan My General Hospital
  • Hoi An Medical Services
  • Thai Binh Duong ” Pacific Hospital
  • Vinmec International Hospital ” Nha Trang
  • VK Hospital
  • Nha Trang Medical Center
  • Lam Dong General Hospital
  • Hoan My General Hospital
  • Pham Ngoc Thach Traditional Medicine Hospital
  • Franco-Vietnamese Hospital
  • Vinmec Saigon International Clinic
  • Columbia Asia International Hospital ” Private Hospital
  • Centre Medical International
  • Cho Ray hospital
  • Saigon Hospital Emergency Center
  • Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital
  • Can Tho Central General Hospital
  • Can Tho General Hospital
  • Vietsovpetro Medical Center
  • Raffles Medical
  • International SOS
  • Ba Ria General Hospital
  • Le Loi Hospital
  • Vinmec International Hospital
  • Phu Quoc Hospital

Travel to Vietnam with insurance: Best cover at all

Exploring breathtaking scenery in Vietnam motorcycle tours is such an amazing experience. Whether you will ride on the magnificent passes or along the outstanding coastline, it is undeniable that the trip will be full of fun, surprises, unforgettable experiences, fantastic adventures, and more.

However, you should note that riding in Vietnam certainly comes with unexpected thrills. Therefore, going to Vietnam with a single motorcycle travel insurance will cover you with the necessary features to keep your experiences in this stunning country memorable. Remember to take the best and most suitable one that suits your needs.

It’s time to travel the world with full protection, guys! Full of fun and adventures await!

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