Motorbike Rental in Vietnam – Top 5 Rules for Foreign Travelers!

Renting a motorbike for traveling is an enjoyable experience for almost all foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. Getting on the motorbike, you can roam through every corner of the streets and discover the life of indigenous people.

However, there will be mandatory regulations for riders while controlling the vehicle to limit the risks during the motorbike trip. So what do foreigners need to comply with when taking  motorbike rental in Vietnam? Please look at the five principles for foreigners when renting a motorbike in Vietnam.

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Choose the right motorbike type

In Vietnam, motorbikes are divided into two common types:  semi-automatic  and  automatic. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to learn about their properties to choose a suitable one.

The  semi-automatic type  will be more convenient on mountain terrains. If you have a trip to the  Central Highlands  and  Northwest Vietnam, this type of motorcycle is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, the  automatic type  (motor scooter) is more suitable for traveling in cities. The simple design of the motorbike does not cause any difficulties while you control it on different roads. That being said, an accident may happen if you are not used to it. The reason is that if you suddenly throttle up, the powerful throttle can give the motorbike and you a hard push forward. So be careful!

In general, for ease of transportation, you should understand each type of motorcycle before deciding to rent a motorbike. 

Test the quality of the motorbike before renting

For a safe trip, before renting a motorcycle, you should carefully check each part of the vehicle, including the rear-view mirror, the brake, and the tires. After that, you switch on the engine to check its stability. Make sure your fuel tank is full before mounting the motorbike for a sightseeing tour. You are not a native; therefore, you may have difficulty finding a filling station if your vehicle runs out of petrol on the way. It is necessary to carry out a careful examination to avoid unexpected accidents while traveling by motorbike.

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Moreover, this examination aims to prove that you do not cause faults for the vehicle. When discovering any faults, you need to inform the owner immediately. In some cases, you do not check the motorbike before using it, but then the owner detects some damage after you use it and give it back. They may ask you to pay compensation.

Remember that you only pick up the motorbike when you feel secure about the safety and quality. Otherwise, you can discuss the vehicle’s problem with the owner and ask them to provide you with another one.

Let the owner know of the time to rent a motorbike

When coming to Vietnam, most foreign tourists are fond of trekking and doing sightseeing tours around the city and the surrounding areas. To get the most exciting experiences, they usually take a  Vietnam motorcycle trip.

If you intend to have a motorcycle ride for one or two days, it is advisable to tell your schedule to the owner in advance so that they can grasp your demand, hobby, and situation. Then they will offer you the type of vehicle with strong power, which can give you a long ride.

If you go to the rental site right before you start the trip, it is difficult for you to pick up the motorbike suiting your taste, needs, and budget.

Contact motorbike rental in Vietnam as soon as possible

After planning the detailed itinerary, you should contact the motorbike rental service immediately. Suppose you are a foreign visitor or come from other regions. In that case, it is highly recommended to spend time searching for high-quality motorbike rental addresses with a detailed price list on the Internet, then record the information of those rental locations.

Hanoi motorcycle renntal

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You can also ask the hotel staff you are staying at for some suggestions. Some hotels offer motorbike rental in Vietnam for foreigners. Then, you can consider renting a motorcycle right here.

After that, you contact the service to choose an appropriate motorbike. Find out the transportation as soon as possible so that the motorbike will be delivered to your address on a schedule before you begin the journey to explore stunning beauty spots on your two-wheeled motor vehicle.

Make sure you have a driving license

One of the five basic principles for foreigners when renting a motorbike in Vietnam is to own a valid driver’s license and legal vehicle registration certificate issued by the Vietnamese government. But it seems impossible for foreign tourists to have them.

Owning a driver’s license is a testament to the fact that you attended a training class to get the basic knowledge of traffic laws in Vietnam. As a result, when an incident or accident occurs, you can be responsible for it.

Meanwhile, using motorcycles without a driver’s license is regarded as a violation of the law, which may lead to financial punishments and even confiscation of the motorcycle for 30 to 60 days.

Most foreigners who go to visit Vietnam do not have a driver’s license. For this reason, to enjoy a pleasant trip without violating Vietnamese laws, we recommend renting a motorbike from a reliable and professional motorbike rental company in Vietnam, like BM Travel Adventure. 

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With years of experience, we ensure to provide the best professional motorbike rental services in Hanoi and anywhere around Vietnam at the most reasonable price. By renting our bikes, you also don’t have to worry about the driving license. Just contact us and tell us your plan. 

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