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BM Travel Adventure  has been a home gathering of leading experts in motorbike tourism in Indochina. Since its release, the Honda CRF250L has reaped successes in Asian markets while competing toe-to-toe with its fierce rival, the Kawasaki KLX 250. Even so, to the faithful of off-roading, the CRF250L model seems somewhat lackluster when performing on rougher terrains. So the Japanese motorcycle brand made a fan’s service by introducing the new Honda CRF450L, a dual-sport with the power of a super enduro while still street-legal.

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So far, Honda managed to produce many professional lineups of 450cc motocross and  off-road enduro. But when it comes to trail off-roads, Honda falls short with only 250cc or lower models available and no 450 stablemates to be seen. This, however, changed when the CRF450L was released along with the enduro CRF450X, which design was based on the new motocross SRF450R. The emergence of CRF450L is good tidings for dual-sport fans, as this marks the first time the Japanese motorcycle company has a counter to the famous KTM 500 EXC-F.

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Like other new generations of Honda motorcycles, CRF450L reveals new views on the Japanese brand’s design. No longer neutral and unaggressive as the preceding lineups, the design on CRF450L is now much sharper and with a personality. Based on the enduro CRF450X, Honda equipped an LED panel headline at the front, a license plate mount along with a tail light, and turn signals at the back to complete an off-road motorcycle that can operate daily on urban roads.

As a mid to high-end off-road motorcycle, Honda spares no expense on this CRF450L’s components. It has upside-down Showa forks front suspension, similar to CRF450X, adjustable rebound and compression, and a piston size of 49mm. It has an aluminum chassis and a super lightweight 7.57-liter titanium fuel tank. And they even provide a cover for the front disc brake to guard against dirt.

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The front brake uses two-pistol while the rear brake uses one-pistol calipers. The Honda motorcycle  has a half dirt bike setup of front and rear wire-spoked wheels with diameters of 21/17 inches, respectively, and 50/50 IRC dual-sport tires. To cut down weight, the bike now uses a Li-ion battery. The minimalist design gives the CRF450L a lightweight meter that only shows vital parameters via a monochrome LCD screen.

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CRF450L is powered by a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder Unicam OHC engine with 96mm bore and 62.1mm stroke. Detailed performance reading has not been released yet. However, Honda hinted that it changed only a bit from other models of CRF450X and CRF450R to accommodate various operating conditions presented to a street-legal dual-sport.

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More specifically, the engine’s compress ratio dropped from 13.5:1 on CRF450X to 12.0:1, the valve timing was adjusted, and there’s a 12% higher camshaft inertia than that of CRF450R. The most impacting new feature is a 6-speed gearbox that provides more precise control on output power. The ECU is also set up differently from other professional dirt bikes, while the double exhaust was converted to a single set.

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And though with a single exhaust, CRF450L produces less noise than the 450X or 450R mates as it has larger filters inside the boombox. In fact, other parts also were modified for soundproofing and dampening vibration, like the specially designed crankcase cover or hollowed swingarm filled with urethane compound.

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In the US, the recommended retail price of the Honda CRF450L is  $10.399, about $500 less expensive than that of the main rival model KTM 500 EXC-F. But its wet weight, at 131kg, though considered lightweight, is still heavier than the KTM counterpart. CRF450L will be in stock starting from September 2019.

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Besides Honda CRF450L, the Japanese motorcycle brand also released in their lineups other new models: Honda CRF450R, CRF450X, CRF450RX, CRF250R, and CRF250RX.

Along with the new semi-professional enduro CRF450L 2019, the Japanese Motorcycle vendor also introduced their brand new lineup, CRF 2020, with upgrades on engine and chassis.

Honda CRF450RWE

Honda CRF450WRE is a Work Edition, and the 2020  model has received some modification: a special design for the crankcase, hand-polished intake, and exhaust valves that increase low-end torque, especially at 5.000 – 6000 rpm. Other upgrades include the titanium double exhaust Yoshimura RS-9 and the exclusive setup ECU.

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The Showa suspension system on this model also is different from the standard with titanium nitride-coated fork cylinders and pistols. Over the fairings of CRF450RWE are the graphic suit similar to the racing bike of Ken Roczen, the rider of the Honda HRC race team. Besides, it is equipped with the Throttle Jockey modified seat, a D.I.D. LT-X rims, RK golden chain, and black coated triple tree. Honda CRF450RWE is already on the market from August 2019 with a price of $11.499.

Honda CRF450R

The Honda CRF450R is equipped similarly to the special model Honda CRF450RWE, including the Unicam engine with the improved crankcase and upgraded exhaust valves to improve fuel consumption and output power at all ranges of rotation speed.

The  model Honda CRF450R ditched the kick-start mechanism to optimize engine space. The exhaust also got improved with a larger and longer exhaust header pipe. Other upgrades include an improved clutch system and two oil pumps instead of one to enhance the lubricating capacity and decrease fiction in the engine. The cooling oil spray nozzle was also upgraded with a 5-nozzle configuration to increase cooling performance and reduce knocking. These two new changes help improve ignition timing precision and enhance engine efficiency.

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In addition, there are more upgrades for the engine like gear level changing the sensor, depart control system, and operation mode options. Honda CRF450R is priced at $9.299.

Honda CRF450RX

Similar to its cousins, Honda CRF450RX 2020  has its share of upgrades on the crankcase, exhaust header pipe, and clutch system, with an aluminum chassis and swingarm redesigned to gain more flexibility, more sturdiness, and less weight. On foreign markets, Honda CRF450RX is priced at $9.599.

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Honda CRF450X

As a 2020  model, Honda CRF450X also got a full upgrade, from chassis to engine. What differs from the above models is Honda CRF450X is provided with a headline, a tail light, a kickstart lever, and a 7.6-liter fuel tank.

The Unicam engine on CRF450X is similar to that of Honda CRF450R but with a wide-ratio six-speed transmission, different intake and exhaust clock, new pistol with 3 rings, high capacity water tank, a clutch system of a new design, upgraded ECU with better ignition control, new off-road exhaust system with a new boombox that captures sparks and in compliance to emission regulations. Honda CRF450X  is in stock from October 2019 with a price of $9.799.

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Honda CRF250R

Honda CRF250R has no new features compared with the 2018 model as it already received an upgrade last year. The DOHC has an upgraded camshaft, intake and exhaust valves, and a 44mm throttle. Like with its brother CRF450, the cooling oil nozzle on CRF250R now has a 5 nozzle configuration that enhances cooling efficiency, reduces knocking, and improves ignition timing and output power. The exhaust system also got more compact. Honda CRF250R is in the market since September with a price of $9.799.

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Honda CRF250RX

Honda CRF250RX 2019 was developed from CRF250R with wire-spoked rims of diameter -18 – of inch front and 21 – inch rear. Its engine wasn’t different  from that of its brother CRF250R, but the ECU was set up to suit off-road conditions while the fuel tank got bigger at an 8.3-liter capacity. The Showa suspension system on this motorbike is similar to the CRF250R case, with some arrangements for enduro performance. Other technology includes Depart control system HRC, Renthal Fatbar handlebar, and Dunlop AT81 tires. The motorbike was in stock from September 2019 with a price of $8.299.

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Why Honda motorbikes are perfect  for your trips?

After many years of working as a leading Vietnam motorbike tour operator  and dirt bike rental, BM Adventure Travel focused on providing true Honda bikes with a capacity from 100cc to 450cc in Hanoi (Honda CRF250L, Honda XR150L, Honda CRF450L). We assure you that Chinese fake Honda motorbikes are not used here. There are some reasons why there are only Honda motorbikes for your  Vietnam Motorcycle  tours. Since Honda is the most popular brand in Vietnam, there are plenty of addresses where you can find the maintenance for your bikes. Motorbike shops supporting repair are easy to find in Vietnam. Moreover, it is more convenient when there are more than 700 Honda authorized dealers together with repair shops located in every place in Vietnam. Fueling is also a concern for your trip. However, thanks to Honda bikes, it is easier to deal with because Honda motorbikes use less fuel than others.

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BM Travel Adventure is the leading  motorbike rental Vietnam  offering high-quality dirt  bikes and enduro bikes that are routinely inspected and serviced to make your off-road enduro tour the best it can possibly be. We are currently using  HONDA CRF 250L, HONDA XR150, HONDA CRF150L, SUZUKI DRZ400, HUSQVARNA 701, HUSQVARNA FC450, TRIUMPH TIGER, BMW GS1200…  for the off-road enduro tours within Vietnam and to neighboring countries. Power will never be an issue with our 125cc to 400cc bikes range for one hell of a ride. We understand the importance of maintaining our fleet to the highest standards. We also regularly replace our entire fleet of bikes and riding gear, always ensuring the best enduro and motocross experience guaranteed.

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