How is corona pandemic under control in Vietnam?

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Many Vietnamese people and travelers express their worries that the illnesses caused by the new coronavirus have increased in China, and the likelihood of an outbreak in Vietnam is high, especially after five positive cases of coronavirus.

After an interview with the Vietnamese health expert Tran Dac Phu, who was assigned to work as the advisor on coronavirus at Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Health Emergency Response Center, Vietnammotorbiketoursclub have learned more about how the coronavirus is controlled in Vietnam these days.

Coronavirus is under control in Vietnam

Through the answers by Mr. Tran Dac Phu, we can feel secure that the new coronavirus is gradually being controlled in Vietnam.


Q: The recent record has shown that more Vietnamese people have been infected with the coronavirus. Does this fact exceed the predictions of the health sector?

A: Once the coronavirus pandemic began to break out in China, we predicted that Vietnam would be possibly affected. In reality, Vietnam is close to the Chinese border; therefore, there will be considerable travel and exchange between the two countries. The case of the new corona is understandable.

Q: How do you think about the current state of coronavirus? Is it prone to break out?

A: The outbreak may occur. We must anticipate it to work out proper solutions.

Q: In 2003, Vietnam successfully controlled SARS and other major pandemics. So now, which advantages and disadvantages do Vietnam have while fighting against the coronavirus?

A: The advantage is that Vietnam has considerable experience dealing with major epidemics such as SARS, avian influenza, H1N1 flu, and MERS-CoV. Currently, the anti-epidemic campaign is underway under the government’s direction. However, the characteristics of each epidemic are different. Besides, the current situation is also different from the time before globalization. Previously, people did not travel as much as they are now. The large exchange and travel may lead to a widespread. In general, the current situation is not as easy to control as it was before. 


Q: People are in a state of panic when knowing there are five positive coronavirus cases. Do you have any assessment of the number of patients in Vietnam?

A: I think people should not be so worried. Firstly, the epidemic caused by the coronavirus in Vietnam is still under control. Secondly, although five positive cases have been recorded, they all return from Wuhan, China, meaning that the coronavirus has not spread out in the Vietnamese community. Say about the case of the boy in Long An, who was detected to have positive coronavirus on January 18. Although he did not come from China, it is a case of coronavirus transmitted by his father, who returned from Wuhan and had a positive coronavirus. That means the corona epidemic has not spread widely in Vietnam.

Another good thing is that Vietnam is experienced in fighting epidemics. Since 2003 when SARS came to Vietnam, Vietnam has successfully wiped out many other epidemics such as avian influenza, pandemic H1N1 flu, and MERS-CoV. Moreover, the current potential of Vietnam is now greater than before.

Q: Compared to SARS, which exhausted Vietnam’s health sector in 2003, is the new coronavirus dangerous?

A: Up to now, the mortality rate due to this new virus is lower than SARS. This is the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic; this epidemic may get more complicated.

The cooperation of the people plays a key role


Q: In this context, what do the people need to do to protect their health and control the epidemic?

A: The people play a vital role in preventing the epidemic. Implementing the recommendations produced by the Ministry of Health in a profound way is necessary. In particular, they should not move to the areas affected by the epidemic or communicate with those who come from the epidemic areas. In case they contact and work with these people, wearing a mask and standing over two meters from them is highly recommended.

When symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, the people immediately go to medical facilities for examination, diagnosis, and treatment instructions. It is also necessary to wash their hands with soap, gargle with salt water, put eye drops in their eyes, use physiological saline in their nose, and, most importantly, eat cooked food. 

The epidemic is kept under strict control. However, without the cooperation of the people, we cannot achieve the expected results. If people do not comply with the recommendations mentioned above, it is quite challenging to fight the coronavirus epidemic regardless of our considerable experience.

Q: Intentionally contacting patients with the new coronavirus will put many people at risk. How can we control it?

A: What we need to do immediately after detecting these cases is to exploit, investigate, and monitor to see who they have contacted during their journey. 

Those exposed to this virus will be monitored locally for 14 days after having contact with these patients. These people should proactively isolate themselves at home, avoid contacting people around them, wear masks, cover their mouths when sneezing, and wash their hands with soap. After 14 days, if the result shows that they are not affected by the virus, then they can set their mind at rest. During these 14 days, even if they are healthy, it is essential to avoid contacting others because the symptoms of the disease may not be displayed in this period.


All in all,

We can be optimistic about the state of the new coronavirus in Vietnam. You can have peace of mind that this epidemic will be wiped from Vietnam in just a few weeks. If you travel to Vietnam this time, what you need to do is follow the recommendations of the Vietnamese government.

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