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Motorcycle tourism presents an exhilarating means to discover Vietnam, granting you the liberty to traverse breathtaking routes, submerge yourself in nature, and embrace local lifestyles. Nonetheless, securing suitable accommodations during motorcycle tours can pose a challenge. Hotels frequently prove costly and lack the authentic connection to local culture.

As an alternative, homestays are gaining popularity among motorbike tour enthusiasts due to their hospitality, affordability, and opportunities for cultural immersion. In this piece, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Club will delve into the factors driving the preference for homestays Vietnam among motorcycle tour aficionados.

Overview of homestays in Vietnam 

Staying at a homestay in Vietnam goes beyond simply finding accommodation; it presents travelers with an opportunity to deeply engage with the local lifestyle, immerse themselves in the culture, and forge connections with the people. Homestays offer diverse lodging options, ranging from traditional stilt houses and rustic wooden dwellings to serene garden abodes and modern, fully-equipped apartments.

Opting for a homestay not only provides travelers with more affordable rates compared to hotels, catering well to those on a tight budget but also facilitates meaningful interactions and exchanges with residents. Visitors can engage in conversations, gain insights into daily routines, and discover unique cultural customs. Delighting in authentic local dishes prepared by residents themselves and partaking in everyday activities like visiting markets, cooking, or farming are memorable experiences that homestays facilitate.

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Top 15+ most livable homestays in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts a rich and varied cultural heritage, segmented into three distinct regions, each characterized by its unique cultural traits. Tourism endeavors and homestay experiences in these regions likewise reflect the cultural richness and national identity of each locale. 

Homestay in the North – Vietnam

The northern region of Vietnam showcases breathtaking natural landscapes, picturesque scenery, and distinctive ethnic villages, all of which allure tourists with its rich cultural diversity. Opting for homestay experiences in this region promises an immersion into nature, an opportunity to embrace the simple lifestyle of locals, and a chance to uncover the unique cultural characteristics of each area.

northern homestay

Topas Ecolodge (Sa Pa, Lao Cai)

Topas Ecolodge is situated atop a high hill, approximately 18km from downtown Sa Pa. Constructed from natural wood and designed to blend harmoniously with the surroundings, Topas Ecolodge offers guests not only tranquility but also stunning panoramic views of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Here, visitors can participate in trekking activities to ethnic minority villages, explore the pristine natural beauty, and experience the local cultural life.

Pu Luong Treehouse (Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa)

Pu Luong Treehouse is a unique homestay in Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa. The treehouses are built following traditional architecture, nestled amidst terraced green fields. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation, enjoying the peaceful countryside atmosphere, and engaging in activities such as long-distance hiking, sightseeing, or visiting local ethnic villages.

Mai Chau Ecolodge (Mai Chau, Hoa Binh)

Located in Mai Chau Valley, Mai Chau Ecolodge is an ideal destination to explore the culture and nature of Northwest Vietnam. The homestay features traditional wooden architecture that blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Visitors can take part in activities like strolling through rice fields and traditional stilt houses of the Thai people, savoring local cuisine, and exploring nearby attractions like Lac Lake.

Dao Lodge (Dong Van, Ha Giang)

Situated in Dong Van, Ha Giang, Dao Lodge is a homestay designed and built in local cultural style. Here, visitors have the opportunity to discover the traditional culture of the H’mong ethnic people, enjoy local specialties, and admire the distinctive rocky landscape of the Dong Van Karst Plateau.

Cat Cat View Homestay (Sa Pa, Lao Cai)

Located near Cat Cat Village, Cat Cat View Homestay offers guests not only comfortable accommodations but also an opportunity to explore the ethnic culture and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Sa Pa. The homestay features simple yet well-equipped rooms, each with a balcony overlooking the cool valley and surrounding mountains, providing guests with an enjoyable and convenient experience.

Homestay in the central region – Vietnam 

Central Vietnam is renowned for its stunning beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and delectable cuisine. Opting for a homestay experience in this region offers the chance to fully immerse oneself in nature, uncover unique cultural nuances, and indulge in local specialties.

homestay in the central region

Coco Homestay (Da Nang)

Located on Son Tra Peninsula, Coco Homestay attracts visitors with its cool green space, close connection to nature. The homestay features charming bungalows made of wood and thatched roofs, offering a rustic and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can participate in activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and more.

Hoi An Eco Homestay (Hội An

Located just a 5-minute bike ride from Hoi An’s ancient town, Hoi An Eco Homestay is an ideal choice for those seeking peaceful accommodation close to nature. The homestay is built in traditional style, featuring yin-yang tiled roofs and mossy yellow walls. Guests here can enjoy a fresh, cool atmosphere and participate in activities such as cooking, lantern making, and woodworking.

The Mansion Homestay (Huế)

Located in a small alley in the heart of Hue city, The Mansion Homestay is a historic house transformed into a homestay. It features unique architecture with intricate floral patterns and antique decorations. Visitors can experience the traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam here and participate in activities such as cycling tours and visiting royal tombs.

Mui Ne Hills Bliss Homestay (Phan Thiet)

Located on a small hill overlooking Mui Ne Bay, Mui Ne Hills Bliss Homestay is an ideal place to watch the sunset and night sea. Homestay has an infinity pool, jacuzzi and outdoor BBQ area. Visitors coming here can participate in activities such as swimming, windsurfing, riding jeeps,…

Nha Trang Homestay (Nha Trang)

Located near Nha Trang beach, Nha Trang Homestay is an ideal choice for those who want to save money. Homestay has many dorm rooms and private rooms with full amenities. Visitors coming here can easily travel to famous attractions in the city such as Vinpearl Land, Po Nagar Tower,…

Homestay in Southern Vietnam

The distinctive qualities of the Southern region of Vietnam are unmistakable. Opting for a homestay during our South Vietnam Motorbike Tours, such as in Da Lat, offers a unique experience amidst serene pine forests and invigorating air. Unlike homestays in the Northern and Central regions, those in the South present opportunities to savor local delicacies characterized by a fusion of sweetness and spiciness, coconut-based products, bustling floating markets, and the modern urban landscape of Ho Chi Minh City.

southern homestay

Mekong Rustic Homestay (Cần Thơ)

Located near Phong Dien, Cai Rang and Vam Xang floating markets, Mekong Rustic Homestay is an ideal place for visitors to experience river life. The homestay has a traditional stilt house made of wood and leaves, giving visitors a feeling of closeness to nature. Visitors can participate in activities such as canoeing, fishing, and fruit picking in the garden.

Jardin Du Mekong Homestay (Bến Tre)

Jardin Du Mekong Homestay is an environmentally friendly homestay, using natural materials such as wood, bamboo and leaves for construction. Homestay has many different types of rooms, from simple bungalows to luxurious villas. Guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, spacious garden and restaurant serving local dishes.

Coco Farmstay (Bến Tre)

Coco Farmstay is an ideal homestay for those looking for peace and relaxation. The homestay is located in a large coconut garden, away from the noise of the city. Visitors can visit the coconut garden by bicycle, kayak on the river or take a cooking class.

OTRO Homestay (Da Lat)

OTRO Homestay is a vintage-style homestay, with classic decorative items. Homestay has many different types of rooms, from single rooms to dormitory rooms. Guests can use the shared kitchen to cook, relax in the living room or participate in activities organized by the homestay.

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Above are Vietnam Motorbike Tours shares about why homestay Vietnam is the ideal choice for motorbike tours. Hopefully through the article you have gained more useful information to make your trip more convenient.

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