Crossing The Border with a motorbike from Vietnam to Laos – Cambodia – Thailand

It’s legally possible for any biker to cross the border with their motorbike from  Vietnam to Laos, Cambodia,  and Thailand. All you need is a vehicle registered in Vietnam and the necessary documents to be ready to go. We successfully organized border crossing tours from Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia, then back to Vietnam without any trouble. That’s why we’re here to help. Now we’d like to share our best advice on what documents to prepare, which borders you can cross, and some useful tips for  crossing the border with a motorbike  and traveling in the neighboring countries. Just tell us your plan in advance so we can prepare thoughtfully for your perfect  border-crossing tour.

Required Documents For Crossing the Border with a motorbike


To complete the immigration procedures at the border, you must have a passport under any circumstances. Without a passport, you won’t be allowed to enter any country because there is no legislative basis for your immigration. Therefore, your border crossing will not be accepted by the immigration authority.


Motorcycle documents

It is noted that you have to bring your motorbike documents. Any problems related to the papers also can cause difficulties in crossing the border gate. In the worst-case scenario, the Customs Department will somehow suspect you of smuggling motorbikes or violating the law. Therefore, working with a professional Vietnam motorbike tours operator with a border-crossing service like  BM Travel Adventure  will be a smart choice. We have a variety of all-terrain  motorcycles for rent  like  Honda XR150L,  Honda CRF250L, and Suzuki DRZ400… (all of which are registered in Vietnam) and host border-crossing motorbike tours with scenic routes which are less visited by tourists. If booking our tour, you won’t have to worry about vehicle papers, yet enjoy the trip on your way.

Crossing the border with a motorbike between Vietnam and Cambodia

Xa Mat border gate to Cambodia

After showing all the required papers, you can easily take your motorbike across the border. You also have to state why you want to bring your vehicle over the border (traveling, exploring, and experiencing beauty spots of the neighboring countries). But it would help if you also committed to ensuring your safety of yourself, causing no trouble to the indigenous people, and taking full responsibility for any unexpected problems occurring while staying there. When going to the border gate, you wheel your motorbike to the Vietnamese site to complete ​​immigration procedures. When asked where you will go, you need to answer that you go traveling. After that, you take your vehicle through the way for motorbikes to reach the Cambodian side and work with Cambodian customs officers. They will ask for the trip before requiring you to pay a fee of 50,000 VND (~2 USD). After your passport is given a seal of approval, you can continue going..

Xa Mat border gate to Cambodia

Crossing the border with a motorbike between Cambodia and Thailand

Poipet border gate

Here it is quite easy to complete customs procedures for riders and vehicles. You can use English to communicate with the officers of Cambodia and Thailand. You need to move through two locations to finish the procedure. You conduct it on the Cambodian side before you drive your motorbike to the Thai side. You leave the vehicle at the border checkpoint (you also can ask the staff for more instructions). Then, go upstairs for the immigration procedures. After that, you will be photographed and stamped for verification. Afterward, you return to the parking site and give the staff your motorbike papers and passport so that they will make a copy of these documents and conduct some procedures. Wait 30 minutes for your procedure to be completed. Before taking the vehicle back, you pay 40 baht. You ride a short distance to the next destination, where the staff will guide you through the parking site and detailed procedures. Here they will check the information in your vehicle papers. Wait about 15 minutes for this process to be completed; then, you can go on.

Crossing the border with a motorbike to Thailand or Laos

Savannakhet border gate in Thailand

Motorbikes are often banned here, so you cannot bring your motorcycle through this border. The reason is that the borders of Thailand and Laos often go through friendship bridges. Riding a motorbike through these bridges depends on the rules of each border gate. Due to this ban, you will have difficulties gaining entry into Laos. The best solution is to put a motorbike in a car. But there is no car rental service through the border. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for help from someone.

Savannakhet border gate in Thailand

Savannakhet border gate in Laos

You have to explain why you are traveling in Laos and show all the documents given when you go through Cambodia and Thailand. The total fee for this procedure at the borders of both Thailand and Laos is 70 baht. Conducting customs procedures for riders is much easier than that for vehicles, especially motorcycles. You can communicate with customs officers in English or Thai. Vietnamese also can be used when going through the border of Laos. To be sure and convenient, you should cross the land border gate named Chong Mek – Vang Tao.

Tips for traveling  in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand

You may get lost if you go by motorbike in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand without a guide map and knowledge of the terrains. You should book a  guided motorcycle tour  of BM Travel Adventure to avoid this situation. Then, you will have a detailed itinerary and receive specific instructions from our guide. Besides, we provide you with all services, including hotel rental, diner service, petrol filling, and purchase of entrance tickets. We will make a great effort to offer a perfect border-crossing motorcycle tour.

Vietnam – Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour – 10 days

Route:  Hanoi → Laos Border → Sam Nua → Xieng Khoang → Luang Prabang → Muang Khua → Dien Bien Phu → Son La → Phu Yen → Hanoi When traveling to these countries, you need to pay attention to the following points:

In Cambodia

The roads in Cambodia have many similarities to those in Vietnam. Although there are a lot of motorcycles, the local people usually do not honk when riding anywhere, in cities or suburbs. The main public transportation in the city is the tuk-tuk. Note that you should not honk your horn on any roads to reduce noise pollution and promote traffic awareness.

Vietnam - Laos Border Crossing Motorbike Tour

In Thailand

The road system of Thailand is currently in development. High-speed vehicles are the main means of transport that move on the road. You should take notice of the road signs prohibiting motorcycles. Unlike Vietnamese, the people here follow left-hand traffic instead of right-hand one. Public transport is mainly tuk-tuk, taxi, and tram. You will have trouble turning to the roads that apply a motorbike ban.

In Laos

There are several common points between the roads in Laos and Vietnam. Motorbikes are the main form of transportation on the streets here. Big cities are also filled with cars. Therefore, compared to Cambodia and Thailand, it is quite easy to travel by motorbike in Laos. Traveling over the borders with a motorbike is certainly a memorable experience for those who love adventure and trekking. Don’t hesitate to make the most of your leisure time with a border-crossing trip to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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