Buying or renting Motorcycle in Vietnam, Which one is better?

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As you may know, due to high taxes, Vietnam has not become a haven for a luxury car. Vietnam is not a rich country with a population of nearly 100 million people. Because of these factors, motorcycles have become the best mean of transportation in Vietnam.

Many Motorcycle brands see this too long ago. They’ve started to bring their motorbike to Vietnam, such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki… Then BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki … is the next

Following these steps below to buy the best motorbike for your own

With all the different motorcycle brands out there, thus the competition between them is so intense. As a result, the motorcycle field has vastly improved over the world. First of all, you should know  Vietnam Motorbike Tours

  •   What goal do you use the bike for?
  • What motorcycle brands are the best?
  • What bike did you like the best: Motorcross, Sportbike, dual-sport, adventure bike, scooter?
  • What is the process of buying a bike?

Buy Motorbike In Vietnam

1.      What motorcycle brands are the best?

Let’s have a look at some motorcycle brands in Vietnam


Piaggio Motorcycle brand from Italy In 2007, Piaggio Group officially arrived in Vietnam The motorcycle manufacturer locating in Vinh Phuc Province, welding and painting activities, as well as final assembly of the scooters, with warehouse, testing, quality control, and office areas. With high-quality products and many services, centers make them become one of the top scooters in Vietnam.

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Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Piaggio


SYM Motors, headquartered in Asia, is less well-known worldwide.

These motorcycles are generally not regarded as the best in Vietnam; the SYM brand is a cheap bike with the odd rare and dependable beauty reaching the market.

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Buy motorbike in Vietnam - SYM

Vespa & SH

These styles of scooters are known as luxury scooters in Vietnam. With vintage, modern outlooking Vespa and SH won Vietnameses easily.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Honda Sh


Honda dominates the Vietnamese market. They also have the most service centers, the best service centers, and from our experience, they have the most consistent service.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Honda


Yamaha is Vietnam’s second-largest motorcycle brand. They also have service stations all over the place and are reputed to be outstanding motorcycles in general.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Exciter


Suzuki produces motorcycles that are enjoyable to ride. This motorcycle brand revitalized the Vietnamese two-stroke motorbike market. Unfortunately, Suzuki does not have many service locations, making regular maintenance of these motorcycles difficult.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Suzuki


The Kawasaki motorcycle brand in Vietnam is known as a sportbike brand. They are famous for Ninja H2, and Ninja H2R. If you are looking for a sportbike, Kawasaki is the motorcycle brand that must be on your list.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Kawasaki


No need for many words to describe this motorcycle brand. Their vintage cafe racer or scrambler has brought the manual vintage bike to the next level in Vietnam. Triumph bikes are always high quality, and their service won’t make you down.

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Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Triumph


One of the most luxury motorcycle brands in Vietnam, the price is not affordable, but the bike’s high quality is better than that. From GS 1250, R9T to BMW scooters makes, Vietnamese people wish to have one in a garage.

  • BMW Motorcycle Tours
  • Saigon – Indochina
  • Da Nang – Indochina

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - BMW

Harley Davison

In the world, Davison has confirmed their bikes to be one of the kings in the motorcycle field. Vietnam is the same. Easy to knock out the most fastidious motorcyclist. The sound from the exhaust to the engine or perfect outlooking will take attention everywhere it comes.

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Harley Davison

2.      Understand the market 

The easiest way to buy is to come to the headquarters motorcycle brand. Vietnam features service centers and businesses labeled “Honda Head,” “Yamaha,” and “Suzuki.” These stores will sell their brand of motorcycles as well as offer a maintenance service.

But how about you would like to buy a second-hand bike? In Vietnam, many locals open their stores selling the bike, that’s leading to the price will be a mess. You can search on google and Facebook to know the price range of the motorcycle you would like to bike.

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Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Motorbike market

3.      What to check before deciding to buy

To determine the price of any bike, you should know the situation of that bike

  • What date
  • Check the information on the blue card is the same with that bike or not
  • With a blue card or not, can it change to your name?
  • Have any damage before or not
  • How many kilometers it got

If that bike is not in good condition, you can bargain to find out a reasonable price for the two sides

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Buy motorbike in Vietnam - BM Travel

4.      The process of buying a motorbike

Almost when buying a motorbike from the headquarter motorcycle brand or local store, they will help you with the processing. A few important things you must remember

  • The name of the blue card should change to your name (if you are the ex-pats or travel to Vietnam for a few months)
  • Take the bike at the right moment you pay for it
  • A Sale and Purchase Agreement must be signed with 2 side’s signatures

5.      How can you have a Vietnamese-driven license?

To ride a bike in Vietnam or everywhere you have to have a driving license. To hit the road in Vietnam, at least you should take an international license. And BM Travel Adventure  can help you to transfer from your country-driven license.

Or pass the exam to get a Vietnamese license

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Drive license

6.      Vietnam Where to Ride in Vietnam? How to rent a motorbike in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with an S shape. The Vietnamese border shares borders with China, Cambodia, and Laos, where explorers may explore hilly terrain, rainforest, and forests. Vietnam’s extensive tropical coastline is an attractive location for beach tourists. Vietnam is a motorbiker’s heaven. With such geography, riding on a motorbike is the greatest way to see every part of Vietnam.

We are proud to say that BM travel motorbike toursare the no1 Motorbike tour company  in Vietnam. Not only operating motorcycle tours such as ADV tours, dirt bike tour, 4×4 tours, Indochina tour we also provide bike rental in Vietnam

Particularly we have self-guided tours that include

  • With good service and enthusiastic consultants, help you 24/24
  • Show you where are the best places to visit
  • Which road should ride
  • The best local food wherever you come

Buy motorbike in Vietnam - Vietnam Motorbike tours club


Buying a motorbike in Vietnam is not a simple process. It all depends on the “scale of legitimacyâ€. In its simplest form, buy a genuine motorbike. Make sure to get the blue card for the motorbike.

Or come to BM travel Motorbike Tour, all about motorbike we can provide the high-quality things depending what you need with affordable price.

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