BM Travel Motorbike Rental Insurance

The BM Travel Damage Waiver removes all responsibility of the customer from damages to the rental motorbike. We will pay all damages to the bike during the rental duration.

The BM Travel Damage Waiver covers all damages to the Motorbike resulting from a crash.

  1. Go to a mechanic shop.
  2. Call BM Travel Support for translation.
  3. Keep the receipt. This will be refunded upon return of the motorbike.


Note: To use the BM Travel Damage Waiver please inform us of any damages to the motorbike in advance to [email protected] (include as many pictures as possible).

We don’t mind clients crashing our motorbikes, but giving us time to order parts is vitally important for our logistics. The damage Waiver will be void if the client fails to notify us of part damage before return.


  • For Per Day Rentals, the customer must select to upgrade all days of their motorbike rental, this includes returning late or extensions.
  • For Long Distance Travel Packets, returning the motorbike late without a damage waiver extension will void any damage cover.

The Damage Waiver is non-refundable.

Damage Waiver does not cover:

⊗ 3rd party damages

⊗ Personal injury

⊗ Loss/theft

⊗ Loss of blue card / blue card package we give clients

⊗ Loss of spare parts such as clutch plates and inner-tubes

⊗ The use of clutch plates or innertubes. Please see here for information on clutch plate damage and our position.

⊗ Damages through flooding, fire damage, vandalism

⊗ Transport of motorbike to a Tigit office

⊗ Flat tires and oil change

⊗ Luggage racks

⊗ Damages are caused by animals such as monkeys destroying the motorbike:

We will honor the damage waiver if the motorbike is returned to BM Travel. If the bike is lost / not returned the motorbike is considered “stolen” and the client owes the value of the stolen motorbike.

BM-Travel-Motorbike-Rental-Insurance2The Price list for Rental Motorbike Insurance

150 cc USD   5 / 1 Day
250 ccUSD 10 / 1 Day
400cc – Under 500ccUSD 20 / 1 Day
500cc – Under 800ccUSD 30 / 1 Day
850cc – Under 1200ccUSD 50 / 1 Day
From 1200ccUSD 70 / 1 Day

Security deposit

150 cc USD 800  / 1 Bike
250 ccUSD 1500 / 1 Bike
400cc – Under 500ccUSD 2000 / 1 Bike
500cc – Under 800ccUSD 3000 / 1 Bike
850cc – Under 1200ccUSD 4000 / 1 Bike
From 1200ccUSD 5000 / 1 Bike

We will give you back the security deposit after checking the bike. 

Security Deposit When Not Buying Motorbike Insurance

150 cc USD 1000 / 1 Bike
250 ccUSD 2000 / 1 Bike
400cc – Under 500ccUSD 3000 / 1 Bike
500cc – Under 800ccUSD 4000 / 1 Bike
850cc – Under 1200ccUSD 6000 / 1 Bike
From 1200ccUSD 8000 / 1 Bike

Breakdown Guarantee for long-distance travel!

BM Travel will not sell or rent any motorbike that we think won’t survive a journey without a breakdown. To see our list of models, please go to our travel page.Vietnam motorbike tours

BM Travel Motorbikes has a guarantee to refund any maintenance costs that occurred throughout the journey. (this excludes oil changes and flat tires).

To have the motorbike covered from crashes, please read the BM Travel Motorbikes Damage Waiver.

To use this Guarantee

The customer must change the oil every 1500km and provide evidence of a motorbike receipt or photo of having an oil change.

BM-Travel-Motorbike-Rental-Insurance1Customers must use genuine Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki stores and phone us before any maintenance. We must understand the situation and be allowed to speak with the mechanic before any work.

What we do not cover

Crashes – this is the customer’s responsibility. See the damage waiver.

Flat tires/replacing tires – We have experience judging the age of a tire and replacing old tires that we feel are not fit for another journey. If a customer points out that a tire is not suitable, we will gladly replace it before the motorbike begins a journey.

We do not cover customers listening to random Vietnamese people claiming everything on the motorbike is broken.


Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about. We try and take a relaxed approach to crashes – and if a customer does not trust our report, we are happy to use 3rd party Official Brand Company receipts.

BM Travel will deduct the damage report from the deposit. Unlike traditional car rentals, we do not charge for the time the motorbike is not operational.

On most models, each piece of bodywork is worth around $10. No customer driving a locally supported motorbike has experienced a crash more significant than $250 of damage. Motorbikes are always fixable in Vietnam.

The Insurance includes

Motorbike Rental Insurance IncludesThe Price List to pay what you break if not buying The Insurance 
Mirrors$ 7 – 20
Flat Tires$ 7 – 10
Signal Lights – Lights$ 10 – 100
Handle Bar$ 40 – 200
Footrest$ 5 – 100
Battery$ 20 – 500
ExhaustDepending on the situation of the Exhaust – $ 700 – 1500 in case of changing new.
Shift lever$ 7 – 20
Brake lever$ 7 – 20
Spoke rims$ 0.5 / 1 Spoke
RimsDepending on the condition of the Rims – $ 500 – 800 in case of changing new
SaddleDepending on the condition of the Saddle – $ 200 – 500 in case of changing new
Bodyset Plastic CoverDepending on the condition of the Covers – $200 -700  for a new set.
Throttle Cable$ 10 – 50
Handbrake Cable$ 10 – 50
Brake Disc$ 50 – 200
Coolant Overflow Tank vs. Expansion Tank$ 200 – 700
Handle Bar Hand Guard$ 30
FrameDepending on the condition of the Frame – 30% of the value of the Motorbike
Key$ 10 – 50
Gasoline Cap$ 10 – 100
Tank$ 100 – 500
Plug$ 10 – 100
Front SuspensionDepending on the condition of the Suspension – $ 1500 – 3000 in case of changing new
Rear SuspensionDepending on the condition of the Suspension – $ 800 – 2000 in case of changing new
MachineDepending on the condition of the Machine – 50% of the value of the New Motorbike

Notes: We cover Electronic without crashes or damages, Wheelie – Stoppie – Burnout.

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