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Vietnam is increasingly becoming a great tourist destination for international tourists, especially Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Below are the 10 best Vietnam motorbike routes in  according to Travel experts from Bm Travel Adventure, the leading motorbike company in Southeast Asia. Please remember that road conditions, travel regulations and recommendations may have changed. changes, So it is essential to check the latest information before planning your trip. Below are the most beautiful bus routes in Vietnam.


1. Vietnam Motorbike routes Ha Giang Loop:

  • Location: Ha Giang Province, Northern Vietnam
  • Highlights: Stunning mountain scenery, ethnic minority villages and famous Ma Pi Leng Pass.

This is a route that every biker in the world wants to visit once in their life. Majestic natural beauty and diverse ethnic culture are the customs and traditions of the H’mong people. We have the opportunity to experience one of the most ancient weaving and embroidery techniques of the H’mong ethnic people. At the same time, admire the second largest global geopark in Southeast Asia, Dong Van – Meo Vac. Check in to the northernmost point of Vietnam
To fully explore Ha Giang motorbike tours, bikers must drive through dozens of different large and small passes, one of which is Ma Pi Leng and Bac Xum passes… this is an experience that will captivate riders, especially those who racing onroad as well as offroad. Besides the famous mountain passes, Ha Giang is also famous for its trails through pristine villages.


2. Ho Chi Minh Trail:

  • Location: Central Vietnam
  • Highlights: Historic route with beautiful scenery, passing historical sites, Truong Son range and small villages.

The most desirable route for bikers, the most worth experiencing, is the route including 3 countries: Indochina, Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia.
The road was used by the Vietnamese Communists during the American war. This is a road for peace lovers who want to learn about the severity of war as well as the love of peace of Vietnamese people.
Also the most favorite cross country road for bikers besides National Highway 1A


3. Hai Van Pass:

  • Location: Central Vietnam, between Hue and Da Nang
  • Highlights: Breathtaking coastal views, winding roads and the chance to explore Hue and Hoi An.

In history, the pass was also the natural border between Dai Viet and Champa, and was also a historical pass during the war against the French and American imperialists by the Vietnamese army and people. Here we hear about a heroic period in Vietnam’s history.
This pass appears in the reality TV show Top Gear Vietnam
Now the Hai Van Pass has become the most beautiful Vietnam motorbike routes in central, attracting bikers from all over the world to check in on the unique pass in the world. One side is the blue sea and white sand, the other is the primeval national forest.

Ham Deo Hai Van

4. Hanoi to Sa Pa:

  • Location: Northern Vietnam
  • Highlights: Scenic route through mountains, terraced fields and ethnic minority villages leading to Sapa town.

We can travel to Sapa by many means from Hanoi such as by bus or night train, but the best way is by motorbike.
In the past, it took us two days to travel to Sapa, but now the roads are developed and motorbikes are newer and have greater capacity, so we can travel in 1 day.
This is a route that encompasses all the beauty of the northwest region of Vietnam along with the cuisine and culture of many ethnic minorities.
The biggest gift for bikers after a long trip is the beautiful town of Sapa. A place that attracts many international tourists, Sapa appears as a young woman with European features but an Asian soul.

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Off-road Sapa Motorbike Tour via Lai Chau and Sin Ho - 2 days

5. Da Lat to Nha Trang:

  • Location: Central Highlands to the coast
  • Highlights: Travel from the cool highlands of Da Lat to the coastal city of Nha Trang, passing through picturesque landscapes.

Nha Trang is known as the city of thousands of flowers. If the north has majestic Sapa, then the central highlands has Da Lat, where flowers bloom all year round and the air is cool all year round.
The road has dangerous bends, especially the section through Khanh Vinh Pass, previously the most difficult road to conquer with nearly 200 km of narrow pass. But now it is the pass that brings the most emotions to bikers. Especially the part of the road before the fog, looking far away, we get a wonderful scene of pristine old forests, breathing the freshest air, enjoying the wind of the tropical forest.


Da Lat Motorbike Tour to Buon Ma Thuot and Nha Trang 3 Days

6: Central Highlands circuit:

  • Location: Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku, Kon Tum
  • Highlights: Explore the Central Highlands with its coffee plantations, ethnic minority cultures and landscapes.

Have you heard about a country considered the capital of Coffee, Vietnam? This road proves it to you. With an ideal altitude, temperate air and basalt red soil are very good for growing high quality coffee. In addition, this is also rated as one of the best Vietnam motorbike routes.


7. Mai Chau Round:

  • Location: Hoa Binh Province, Northern Vietnam
  • The journey from Hanoi to Mai Chau will take you through wonderful rural roads, with green rice fields, majestic hills and traditional villages.

You will have the opportunity to interact with the local community and explore the culture and traditional customs of the Thai and Mong people.
Mai Chau not only has wonderful natural scenery but also has many attractions such as Mo Luong Heaven Gate, Go Lao waterfall, Lac village and Pom Co village. You will receive a warm welcome in the villages, where local communities often open their doors to welcome visitors

For riders with a taste for culinary exploration, Mai Chau is a great destination. We can enjoy regional culinary specialties such as bamboo-tube rice, black chicken, water worms, and other traditional dishes.
With an altitude of up to about 1,000 meters above sea level, Mai Chau often has a cool, fresh climate, making it a good place to escape the high temperatures of the city.
Activities such as trekking, walking in the meadows, visiting villages and even kayaking on the Da River will bring extremely interesting experiences.

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We depart from our homestay after breakfast and head towards Thung Khe Pass. Also known as White Rock Pass, at over 1,000 meters above sea level, Thung Khe offers some of the most unique sceneries in Vietnam with the entire area colored in grey-ish white due to exposed limestone mountains. Onwards, we head south towards Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Here, you will get the chance to submerge yourself in nature even further with visits to the rustic Kho Muong, Don, or Hieu villages; and to the unique waterfalls of Hieu and Muon. At the center of it all is Lung Van commune, which, at an elevation of 1,200 meters and covered in wisps of clouds, is sometimes called the “rooftop of the Muong region”. After leaving Pu Luong, we continue driving for 60 kilometers on the provincial road, heading south towards the Ho Chi Minh Highway, where we will have lunch at a local restaurant. We then drive straight towards Tan Ky town in Nghe An province. Used to be an important strategic center for the North Vietnamese army during the American War, Tan Ky district has also been recognized by UNESCO as part of Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve. Summary: Distance: 290 km Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation: Standard

8. Exploration of the Delta:


  • Location: Southern Vietnam
  • Highlights: Explore the intricate waterways, floating markets and traditional craft villages of the Mekong Delta.

Exploring the Mekong Delta by motorbike is an exciting journey, taking you through unique places and diverse experiences.
With motorbikes, bikers have the opportunity to run through fruit-laden orchards, immerse themselves in the paradise of tropical fruit all year round, and we also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious fruits. but only here.
The Mekong Delta is famous for coconuts and coconut products, even the bridges across small rivers are made from coconuts.
Wet rice culture and river culture are outstanding features here. If you have the opportunity, enjoy rustic country dishes. Experience rowing through canals, where you can admire riverside life up close and enjoy the natural beauty.
If we have enough time, we can visit Can Gio National Park, Tram Chim Ecotourism Area, and natural monuments to enjoy fresh air and observe wildlife.

9. Cat Ba Island route:

  • Location: Cat Ba Island, near Ha Long Bay
  • Highlights: Horseback riding on the island, exploring Lan Ha Bay and enjoying the natural beauty.

Cat Ba is famous for its majestic natural beauty, gentle beaches, and the famous Sung Sot Cave. Riding a motorbike allows you to easily access and explore the most remote and beautiful areas of the island
From the plateau in the center of Cat Ba, you can see a panoramic view of the island, Lan Ha Bay, and Cai Vieng port. Riding a motorbike gives you access to these wonderful viewing spots.
Besides, we can check in to Cat Dua Beach, Cat Co beach is hidden in the primeval forest and provides visitors with peaceful and pristine swimming spots. Stop at fishing villages and enjoy fresh seafood here.
The experience of driving on large and small passes around Cat Ba, watching Lan Ha Bay from above will be a memorable experience for all nature-loving bikers.

GIF hanoi motorbike tours to ha long and cat ba 3 still tmp

10. Phong Nha to Hue

  • Location: Central Vietnam
  • Highlights: Travel through Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, explore caves and travel along scenic coastal roads to Hue.

From Phong Nha to Hue, most people will choose National Highway 1A and coastal roads for bikers who want to go while watching the sea.
But to add to the challenge and conquer nature, BM Travel recommends that you run the Ho Chi Minh trail, with more than 200 km of road through the old forest and close to the Vietnam – Laos border. The whole long stretch of road has no people in sight. and gas stations so make sure your car is filled with gas before choosing this route.
Furthermore, we can review the heroic history of the Vietnamese Army and people during the war against the Americans and visit historical relics such as Khe Sanh Museum, Vinh Moc Tunnels,…

Before starting any motorbike journey, make sure to check road conditions, prepare your vehicle well, get the latest weather forecast and travel advice. Make sure your car is in good condition and always prioritize safety during the trip. Bm Travel will support you with everything from car provision to professional Tour Guides, so please contact us for the best advice.

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