Decoding the Top 8 Best Restaurants in Cao Bang in 2024

Cao Bang, a hidden gem nestled in the northeast of Vietnam, is a destination that promises to captivate your senses with its breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and delectable culinary offerings. As the gastronomic scene in this region continues to flourish, it’s time to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the top 8 best restaurants in Cao Bang for 2024. Let’s explore with Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Club now!

Cao Bang – The Green Pearl of the Northeast Region

Cao Bang, known as the “Green Gem of Northeast Vietnam,” is a province located in the northeastern part of Vietnam, bordering China. It is renowned for its majestic natural beauty, with lush green mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and serene lakes. The province also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with various ethnic minorities such as the Tay, Nung, and Kinh people.

Cao Bang offers numerous attractions and exciting tourist activities. Visitors can explore Ban Gioc Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. This waterfall lies on the border between Vietnam and China and is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Travelers can also hike along the long trail of Ngườm Ngao Cave, a system intertwined with stone statues and sculptures. Discover the Pac Bo Heritage Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which features many archaeological relics, including ancient tombs and temples. Learn about the local culture and cuisine as well.

cao bang the green pearl of the northeast region

What to Eat in Cao Bang?

Cao Bang’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, and ethnic minority influences, creating a unique and flavorful tapestry that will tantalize your taste buds. Here are some of the must-try dishes:

  • Cao Bang Duck: The province’s culinary crown jewel, this dish features succulent duck meat braised to perfection in a flavorful broth.
  • Bún Chả Cao Bang: A noodle soup made with pork slices, grilled meatballs, and a tangy broth that will transport you to flavor heaven.
  • Phở Chua Cao Bang: A sour noodle soup made with fermented rice noodles, pork, and vegetables, offering a unique and refreshing twist on a Vietnamese classic.
  • Lẩu Cá Hồi: A hotpot dish that showcases the freshness of local salmon and vegetables, perfect for a communal dining experience.
  • Com Lam Phố Núi: A sticky rice dish cooked in bamboo tubes over a fire, infusing it with a delightful smoky aroma and rich flavor.

what to eat in cao bang

Top 8 Best Restaurants in Cao Bang in 2024

1. Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Cao Bang, Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant is a culinary institution renowned for its exquisite Cao Bang duck. The restaurant’s skilled chefs meticulously braise the duck in a flavorful broth, ensuring that every bite is infused with the perfect balance of aromatic spices and tender, juicy meat. Served with a variety of dipping sauces and side dishes, this dining experience is a must for any true foodie visiting Cao Bang.


  • Signature Dish: Cao Bang Duck
  • Ambiance: Cozy and traditional
  • Service: Attentive and knowledgeable staff

huy linh king duck restaurant

2. My Vi Restaurant

For those seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure, My Vi Restaurant is an excellent choice. This charming establishment is renowned for its mouthwatering Cao Bang duck, which is cooked to order and served with an array of fresh vegetables. The cozy and inviting atmosphere, coupled with the restaurant’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, creates an authentic and memorable dining experience.


  • Signature Dish: Cao Bang Duck
  • Ambiance: Intimate and welcoming
  • Service: Friendly and accommodating

my vi restaurant

3. Ngan Nga Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Cao Bang’s vibrant city center, Ngan Nga Restaurant is a culinary oasis that celebrates the diversity of the region’s ethnic cuisines. From the tantalizing aroma of grilled meats to the comforting warmth of steaming noodle soups, this restaurant offers a tantalizing array of dishes that will transport you on a journey through the flavors of Cao Bang.


  • Signature Dishes: Bún Chả Cao Bang, Phở Chua Cao Bang
  • Ambiance: Lively and authentic
  • Service: Efficient and knowledgeable

ngan nga restaurant

4. Pho Quynh Huong

For those seeking an authentic taste of Cao Bang’s culinary heritage, Pho Quynh Huong is a must-visit destination. This unassuming eatery is renowned for its delectable pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup that is a true labor of love. From the slow-simmered broth to the perfectly seasoned slices of meat, every component of this dish is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a flavor experience that will linger on your palate long after your visit.


  • Signature Dish: Pho
  • Ambiance: Casual and unpretentious
  • Service: Friendly and efficient

pho quynh huong

5. Lem Restaurant

Lem Restaurant is a true gem in Cao Bang’s culinary landscape, offering a unique blend of traditional and contemporary flavors. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, this restaurant has garnered a loyal following among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty hotpot or a delicate array of small plates, Lem Restaurant promises to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.


  • Signature Dishes: Lẩu Cá Hồi, Small Plates
  • Ambiance: Chic and modern
  • Service: Knowledgeable and attentive

lem restaurant

6. Com Lam Phố Núi

For an authentic taste of Cao Bang’s rich culinary heritage, Com Lam Phố Núi is a must-visit destination. This cozy eatery specializes in the preparation of the region’s signature sticky rice dish, cooked to perfection in bamboo tubes over a blazing fire. The result is a delightfully aromatic and flavorful dish that will transport you to the heart of Cao Bang’s rural traditions.


  • Signature Dish: Com Lam Phố Núi
  • Ambiance: Rustic and charming
  • Service: Warm and welcoming

com lam pho nui

7. Quán Bún Thịt Nướng Thang Hen

If you’re in search of a truly authentic culinary experience, look no further than Quán Bún Thịt Nướng Thang Hen. This unassuming eatery is a local favorite, renowned for its delectable bún thịt nướng – a mouth-watering dish of grilled pork and noodles. With each bite, you’ll be transported to the heart of Cao Bang’s culinary traditions, savoring the flavors that have been perfected over generations.


  • Signature Dish: Bún Thịt Nướng
  • Ambiance: Local and authentic
  • Service: Friendly and efficient

quan bun thit nuong thang hen

8. Quán Ăn Ngon

As its name suggests, Quán Ăn Ngon (“Delicious Food Restaurant”) is a true testament to the diversity and richness of Cao Bang’s culinary offerings. From fragrant curries to sizzling stir-fries, this vibrant eatery showcases a wide array of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.


  • Signature Dishes: Assorted Vietnamese dishes
  • Ambiance: Lively and vibrant
  • Service: Efficient and welcoming

Some Questions

Do I Need a Tip to Go to a Restaurant in Cao Bang?

In Cao Bang, tipping is not a cultural norm, and it is not expected at restaurants. However, if you receive exceptional service and wish to show your appreciation, a small tip (around 5-10% of the bill) would be greatly appreciated by the staff.

When Going to a Restaurant in Cao Bang, Should You Pay by Card or Cash?

While some larger restaurants in Cao Bang may accept credit or debit card payments, cash is still the preferred method of payment in many establishments, especially smaller, family-run eateries. It is advisable to carry sufficient cash in Vietnamese Dong to ensure a seamless dining experience.


Cao Bang’s culinary landscape is a true feast for the senses, offering a tantalizing fusion of flavors that reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural bounty. Whether you’re seeking the succulent delights of the signature Cao Bang duck or the comforting warmth of a steaming noodle soup, the top 8 best restaurants in Cao Bang promise to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. So, grab your appetite and embark on a mouthwatering journey through the flavors of this hidden gem in Vietnam’s northeast region.

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