10 Best Touring Motorcycles for Beginners – Under 500cc

Motorcycles under 500cc have been giving individuals the best execution for a ton of years, presently with better motors, mileage, and everything a biker requests. Their huge ascent is owed to the reality they are lightweight and simple to move. Motorcycles under 500cc are viewed as incredible for learners too. Beginners should use the best bikes under 500cc because they are easy to handle and you can learn quickly on them and after that, you can move to the bikes over 500cc.

motorcycles under 500cc kawasaki versys 300

Practically a wide range of cruisers is intended for a wide range of territories except for Honda CB 500X, which is more reasonable for on-road trips than rough terrain. For cruiser visits in Vietnam, picking bikes under 500cc is prescribed because of their normal geology and street conditions. The permitted speed is, for the most part, under 80km/h. Here is some detailed information for your convenience.

Motorcycles under 500cc are best for:

  • The individuals who are new to riding motorcycles.
  • Those who love going in brief days and inside the country trips.

Why choose a Motorcycle under 500cc:

  • The weight is very light
  • Beginners will not find difficulty in handling the horsepower.
  • Breakdowns are less.
  • Weekend short trips are best with these motorcycles.

The topography in Vietnam:

  • The assortment of geography is testing yet exceptionally encouraging for bikers who need to spend their vacation going on wild experiences.
  • Little, thin streets and extraordinarily tight bends are frequently referenced as the particular characteristics of riding  here.
  • Uneven territories involve three-fourths of Vietnam’s domain, of which 85 percent are the lower regions of taller pinnacles.
  • After each storm season, the streets of the mountains in Vietnam become progressively troublesome because of avalanches and blaze floods.

We have to comprehend what we’re getting ourselves into. It relies upon what circles you keep running in. With the end goal of this article, motorcycles under 500cc are essentially dirt bikes with the fundamental gear to make them road legitimate. Some best bikes under 500cc are as follows, along with their specifications and prices.

1. Kawasaki Versys 300

​Solace and adaptability are organized with a goal that you should simply appreciate the ride. Experience comes simple with solace and assistants to tweak your riding knowledge throughout the day. Kawasaki Versys 300 is intended to be the perfect travel accomplice. The fluid-cooled counteracted motor revs easily. That lightweight matched with the wide handlebars implies the Versys-X alters course rapidly, but at the same time, it’s steady once banked over in the corner. The mix is very certainly moving and a sign of any great fledgling bike for a beginner.

kawasaki versys 300 adventure bike bm travel

Kawasaki Versys 300​  Specifications:

  • Kawasaki Versys 300 – engine displacement of 296cc – an air-cooled engine.
  • Ground Clearance- 180mm/7.1 inches
  • Seat height- 815mm/32.1 inches
  • Weight- 175kg/ 385.9 lbs
  • Fuel capacity-17 liters
  • Top speed- 100 mph
  • 39 horsepower at 11,500 RPM
  • The price of a Kawasaki Versys 300 is USD 5,399 for the non-ABS version and USD 5,699 for the ABS trim.

2. BMW GS 310

With mechanical and monetary availability at the front line, the BMW GS 310 experience bike expects to cajole riders into the overlap by taking advantage of the generous heritage that is the GS name. Quick to help all-around riding, the lightweight GS 310 is a deft, carefree bike that can handle the road and let free out on the flame streets, with no of the dangers related to the bigger ADV bicycles. For beginners, its mobility is commendable.

BMW GS 310​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement- 313cc.
  • 34 horsepower at 9500 RPM.
  • Seat height -835 mm / 32.9 in 820 mm / 32.2 in Low seat 850 mm / 33.5 in Comfort seat.
  • Weight- 169.5 kg.
  • Ground clearance -220mm.
  • Fuel capacity – 11 liters.
  • Top speed 140.41 mph.
  • The price of a BMW GS 310 is 4750 USD.

3. Suzuki DRZ400

Pick your very own experience. For the individuals who love cutting corners and the call of the wild, Suzuki DRZ400 conveys comfort in the city, control unexpected, and full order wherever in the middle. Prepare for a perfect mix of lightweight spryness and fresh taking care. Regardless of whether you’re on the interstate or on a twisty woodland way, the Suzuki DR- Z400S can’t be beaten.

Suzuki DRZ400​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement- 398cc.
  • Fuel capacity is 10 liters.
  • Weight is 190 kg.
  • The seat height is 945mm/37.2 inches.
  • Ground clearance is 300mm.
  • 39.7 horsepower at 8500RPM.
  • Top speed -39bhp
  • The price of a Suzuki DRZ400 is 5,999 USD

4. KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke gets the new full-LED headlamp group that accompanies a rakish structure supplementing the motorcycle’s profile, just as an LED taillight and markers. There are a huge amount of inconspicuous overhauls, including more extensive rearview mirrors, milder seat padding, movable switches, CANBUS framework, E-Vap unit, and new and progressively sturdy H appraised Metzeler M5 Interact tires.

KTM 390 Duke  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement – 373.2cc
  • Top speed – 167.4 mph
  • Seat height – 830mm
  • Weight -139kg
  • 43bhp at 900mm
  • Fuel capacity – 13.4 liters
  • Ground clearance – 185mm
  • The price of a KTM 390 Duke is 5,449 USD

5. Honda CB 500 X

CBX gives a lavishing ride at an affordable price with the best riding experience. Presented six years prior, the Honda CB500X has been Big Red’s mainstream all-around ADV bike that satisfied riders because of its flexibility. Intensely bolstered in the reseller’s exchange, the CB500X has been an ideal canvas for those hoping to make a lightweight suburbanite, Tourer, and experience roused steed.

Honda CB 500 X  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement – 471cc
  • Seat height – 810mm/ 31.9 inches
  • Weight – 195kgs
  • Fuel capacity – 17.3 liters
  • 42.2 bhp at 8600rpm
  • Top speed – 110mph
  • Ground clearance – 170mm/ 6.6 inches
  • The price of a Honda CB 500 X is 6,999 USD.

6. Suzuki GW250

The Suzuki GW250 is a 248 cc passage level standard cruiser sold in Australia, Asia, and Europe. It is known as the Inazuma 250 in the EU and the GSR250 in Japan. Additionally, an FS rendition is the faired adaptation of the bicycle for certain business sectors outside of the EU.

Suzuki GW250​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement – 248cc
  • Seat height – 780mm/30.7 inches
  • Weight – 170kgs
  • Ground clearance – 165mm
  • Fuel capacity – 13.3 liters
  • Top speed – 151km/h
  • 24 horsepower at 8500 pm
  • The price of a Suzuki GW250 is 5,990 USD

7. Royal Enfield Classic 500

Greater doesn’t constantly mean better, and luckily for those of us searching for fun, Almost every maker currently offers, in any event, one model that will fit pretty much any rider’s size and additionally spending plan. It is the best beginner touring motorcycle which gives the confidence to ride with style and amaze. Its specifications make it more appealing and the style speaks for itself. Beginners should try this best bike under 500cc.

Royal Enfield Classic 500​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement is 499cc
  • The seat height is 800mm
  • Weight is 196kgs
  • Fuel capacity 13.3 liters
  • Ground clearance is 135mm
  • The top speed is 130kmph
  • 27.2 HP at 5250rpm.
  • The price of a Royal Enfield Classic 500 is 5,000 USD

8. Honda CRF250L Rally

The Honda CRF250L is a double game cruiser, some portion of the Honda CRF arrangement, made by Honda for its worldwide market. It consolidates a high-proficiency, fuel-infused DOHC single-chamber counteracted and electric starter with an agreeable, nonpartisan seating position, front lamp, tail light, blinkers, and mirrors.

Honda CRF250L Rally​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement -223cc
  • Seat height- 875mm/34.7 inches
  • Weight- 147kg
  • Ground clearance is 255mm/10.0 inches
  • Top speed- 130km/h
  • 24 HP at 8500mm
  • Fuel capacity- 7.7 liters
  • The price of a Honda CRF250L Rally is 3,999 USD

9. Honda CRF450L

It is a motor and dirt bike specially designed for beginners to have a proper grip on the road and enjoy the swiftness of the ride easily. It is suitable because the specifications are to die for and it is stylish also. Beginners can get the perfect grip by purchasing this.

Honda CRF450L  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement ” 499cc
  • Seat height -942mm
  • Weight -131kgs
  • Ground clearance -255mm/10.0 inches
  • 41.7 BHP at 8500rpm
  • Fuel capacity-5.6 liters
  • Top speed- 130kmp/h
  • The price of a Honda CRF450 is 10,399 USD

10. Motrac MG500

MG500 is the most persuading. It’s an attractive experience 500cc motorcycle, top speed with a trace of Ducati Multistrada in its styling. The frame consolidates a steel trellis front segment with a cast aluminum back, in addition to a Topsy curvy fork, spiral calipers and an aluminum swingarm.

Motrac MG500​  Specifications:

  • Engine displacement – 491cc
  • Seat height-754mm
  • Weight -102kg
  • Ground clearance-285mm
  • Top speed-100mph
  • 46 HP at 8500rpm
  • Fuel capacity-8.2 liters
  • The price of a Motrac MG500 is 5,999 USD


Experience bikes aren’t for everybody, except they may be for you. For exploring voyager, you’ll see that a Vietnam bike rental is the best way to venture into the sort of experience that transport life can’t present. BM Travel Adventure motorbikes Tours have a few tenderfoot bicycles that are simply the correct size for learning and for no particular reason. Anybody prepared in the ADV world, however, feels constrained by the principles and restrictions of visiting their very own nation. It may be a great opportunity to jump on a plane to see the rest of the world. From spots like Hanoi to Saigon  by motorbike and all the experiences that emerge en route. You’ll never lament an ideal encounter like riding Vietnam.

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