Best Motorcycle Tents Tips For Camping On Two Wheels

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In Vietnam, the demand for motorcycle camping to explore the beauty of nature is becoming increasingly popular. Camping with a Vietnam motorcycle tour is also an ideal suggestion for those who want to avoid crowded places. No matter which destination you choose to camp, careful preparation is a necessary thing. Of all the camping items, motorcycle tents are considered the most important. Then, it is highly recommended to learn about them so that you can gain the most enjoyable experience during the adventure trip.

In the article today, we’d like to let you see some handy tips for picking the best motorcycle camping tents. We also introduce you to the best tents for great camping experiences.

Best Motorcycle Tents Tips For Camping On Two Wheels

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

To get the right motorbike tent for camping, you are highly recommended to consider the following elements:

Tent size

People often think a four-person motorbike tent for camping can be used for four people. But the fact is not like that. You need to take into account camping items brought. Especially in the rainy season, you will have to leave everything in your tent.

Usually, a four-person motorcycle tent for camping offers enough space for only three people to sleep. In case you want a comfortable experience, only two should be here. Also, it is important to pay attention to the tent’s height. Remember that tents aren’t just for sleeping. You will do many other activities in the tent. Therefore, the height of the tent should suit users’ height.

To check if the product is right for you, it’s best to get into the tent to try it out. Let’s see if it is convenient to stand up, sit down, and go in and out. In case of buying online, please read the specifications carefully.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent - Tent size

Weather conditions and camping areas

Summer tents are not designed for extreme conditions. Instead, they will be made of lightweight, ventilated materials. Three-season motorbike tents will be more likely to withstand rain and high winds and keep the people inside warm. If camping on the top of the mountain, you need to find a super light tent with good resistance to wind and rain. It is recommended to buy a 2-layer tent with 2 doors and separately insect-proof net doors. The Mongolian-style tent is a good choice if you go winter camping. This tent type is suitable for cold weather and ideal for taking fantastic pictures.

Tent material

Tents made of canvas (cotton) are waterproof but so heavy when water soaks in. But this material gains an advantage over other ones by its durability. It does not damage as much as nylon. Nylon and polyester tents are waterproof, but sunlight will damage them over time. With these tents, you must check whether the seams are sealed or not to make sure they are waterproof. The minimum thickness should be 2000 to be considered a great waterproofing material.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent - Tent material

Tent weight

Large and heavy tents should only be used for traveling by car. Meanwhile, a lightweight tent is surely what you should take for your motorcycle camping trip, especially when carrying it for long distances. If you buy a heavy tent, it will be extremely difficult for you to carry and transport. Not to mention, installing that tent is a physically demanding job.

Ventilation system

If you’ve never camped before, you might not know how bad it is when the ventilation system does not work well. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and see everything inside the tent, from clothes to backpacking items, become wet? Yeah, only after a night rain (even light rain), such a bad thing may happen and the whole tent will be covered with steam. That is why ventilation is paramount. A tent with ventilation will help a lot in minimizing condensation when it rains.

Additional Features

Besides, you also need to consider some other things, such as

  • The number of doors: two doors are ideal so that you won’t need to go through other people when going outside.
  • The number of windows: it is important for ventilation.
  • Storage bag: your tent will be less cluttered with that bag and it becomes much easier to find the main items.
  • The size of the vestibule: the larger eaves provide extra protection from bad weather.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent - Additional Features


Buying a cheap tent is not a good idea. In the long run, it will cost you dearly when the tent is damaged. Of course, not everyone can afford to spend much on a tent. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for. A tent at low costs cannot have the same quality as the one at a higher level. Please think carefully before you decide to buy one.

Especially if you’re going to camp in extreme conditions such as rain and high winds, spend as much money as you can on that tent. This is important for a safe spot.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent - Price

Popular types of motorcycle tents

On the market today, there are numerous types of tents for motorcycle camping. They come with different features as well as pros and cons. You need to learn  about them to see which tent is convenient for moving by motorcycle and suitable for the route you plan to travel with your team. And now, please continue reading to explore some basic kinds of motorcycle tents.

Three-season tent 

In Vietnam, the three-season tent is chosen by many people when they look to buy a motorcycle tent. It is a lightweight tent designed for spring, summer, and fall weather conditions.

The tent is often equipped with spacious mesh panels to increase airflow. Meanwhile, the insect-proof net helps prevent insects from entering the space you lie down to rest. When erected with a rain cover, the tent can withstand heavy rains. This is not a good choice to fight with severe storms, high winds, and heavy snow.

Popular types of motorcycle tents - Three season tent

Extended three-season tent

The extended three-season tent is designed to be used throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It is especially suitable for summer use. The highlight of this tent is that it creates a balance between ventilation, durability, and warmth.

Usually, they include more than one or two tent frames while having fewer nets than the three-season tents mentioned above. This will be the right option for those who often travel to high-altitude destinations. It is noted that they are not ideal for use in harsh winters like the four-season tent.

Popular types of motorcycle tents - Extended three season tent

Four-season tent 

The four-season tent can withstand many different weather conditions. Specifically designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow, this tent resists extreme weather in winter or on the tree line.

The four-season tent uses more frames and heavier fabrics than the three-season tent. The round dome design helps to avoid snow accumulation. In addition, these tents come with a closed design with fewer breathable mesh panels. This design makes the tent’s fabric close to the ground to prevent wind.

Due to these features, people rarely use the four-season tent in mild weather conditions. They impede ventilation and make the user feel hot and stuffy. Only when the gusts of wind  blow does, the 4-season tent provides a safer, more secure shelter.

Popular types of motorcycle tents - Four Season tent

Here are the 5 best motorcycle tents for camping in Vietnam

1. Naturehike NH17K240-Y – Best double tent for perfect picnics


2 people


PU coated 20D nylon

Waterproof index



Water-resistant, wind-resistant, lightweight

Naturehike NH17K240-Y - Best double tent for perfect picnics

For those looking for a convenient double tent that ensures a comfortable space, it is recommended to choose the NH17K240-Y. This tent brings a cozy feeling and makes your space feel like home. You can use this backpacking tent for trekking trips throughout various areas in Vietnam. Then, you will feel it is suitable to be used in many different terrains and climates.

The tent has a smart design with a frame and fabric capable of expanding the maximum area. The tent frame is made from 7001 aluminum alloy, durable, anti-rust, and extremely sturdy. We highly appreciate the bearing capacity of this motorcycle camping tent when it faces strong windy weather. Also, thanks to this great wind resistance, the tent can help you feel secure when used in bad weather conditions.

Besides, the material of Naturehike is very fit for outdoor picnics. The outer fabric is PU-coated nylon 20D with good water resistance. Along with that is a rainy layer covering the outside and bottom of the tent that brings the best relaxing space for you. If you camp in a place with a lot of dew or sudden light rain, there is no need to worry. Naturehike NH17K240-Y will protect you and prevent the cold from the ground. The wind-resistant system is firmly fixed, and the frame is easy to install. It only takes about 4-5 minutes to properly set up the tent.

2. Naturehike NH18A95FD – Ultra-compact tent for adventurous backpackers


1 person

Material, substance

Silicone-coated 210T Nylon 

Waterproof index



Waterproof, anti-mosquito, anti-insect, anti-dirt

turehike NH18A95FD - Ultra-compact tent for adventurous backpackers

For the trekkers who are excited to go on adventures in Vietnam, the Naturehike NH18A95FD camping tent is considered a great companion. This one-person tent is designed to serve the people who love to have private space while camping. Especially if you plan to travel alone by motorcycle, you should prefer individual tents like that. Not to mention, the price of the tent is quite cheap compared to other tents in the same line.

Naturehike NH18A95FD has an ultra-compact design that makes it easy to fold and use anywhere. The tent is made from the high-quality material of 210T Nylon and an aluminum frame system with incredible bearing capacity.

Regarding the inner space of the tent, despite being a one-person tent, it is not small at all. The tent’s high and airy ceiling helps you not feel cramped. The interior space is large enough for one person to rest and store luggage. My favorite thing about this tent line is the fixed aluminum frame and wind ropes that will hold the tent firmly on many different terrains.

Unlike other personal tent lines whose doors are narrow and difficult to open or close, Naturehike NH18A95FD is equipped with a tent door that is resistant to mosquitoes, insects, and dirt and very easy to open and close. Besides, it does not create hissing or jamming noise. The intermediate layer is a mesh surface with excellent insect resistance. If you take a camping trip near forests or rivers, lakes and streams, this product line is a great option to carry and rest.

In addition to large and open space, a good motorcycle tent for camping should protect you from the effects of the surrounding environment. On camping trips near the forest, many people will use insect spray to limit mosquitoes from disturbing. Since this is an anti-mosquito tent, you do not need to do this step.

3. Naturehike NH18T030-T ” Best camping tent for families


3 people


20D Nylon 

Waterproof index



Anti-UV, anti-mosquito, waterproof, anti-fray, anti-wrinkle, good bearing capacity

Naturehike NH18T030-T ” Best camping tent for families

The Naturehike brand’s tents are constantly improving design and material. Naturehike NH18T030-T is a camping tent that provides enough space for three people to rest, so you can bring it on trips with your whole family.

Besides having a lot of space, it is suitable for use in various kinds of weather. This tent can adapt to whether in a hot or humid location.

Naturehike NH18T030-T brings all the necessary advantages of the new-generation camping tents, such as water resistance and UV protection. With UV protection, the tent helps you avoid the harsh sun in hot temperatures. This three-person tent stands out thanks to its design in the form of a dome. In addition, the aluminum frame system is extremely sturdy and easy to install at will.

The tent fabric is durable, wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant. You can fold the tent for many hours before spreading it out for use. We can surely say there won’t be any wrinkles on the tent. The fabric and frame are both very stretchy, providing a spacious and airy space for users. The built-in B3 mesh layer is very good at repelling mosquitoes and insects.

As a spacious tent for three adults, Naturehike NH18T030-T is a good suggestion for family camping trips.

4. Naturehike NH19M002-J- best anti-mosquito rainproof camping tent 


3 people


210T Polyester/20D Nylon 

Waterproof index



Waterproof, heavy rainproof, super lightweight, spacious and airy space

Naturehike NH19M002-J- best anti-mosquito rainproof camping tent 

Ranked 4th in our collection of awesome motorcycle camping tents is Naturehike NH19M002-J. Belonging to the Naturehike brand, this tent applies and inherits the outstanding features of Naturehike product lines. Furthermore, the tent has some enhancements in water resistance and bearing capacity. The water resistance is improved twice as much, increasing safety and comfort for your motorcycle camping.

The space of the tent can be suitable for two or three people. Using high-quality materials, Naturehike NH19M002-J can prevent wrinkles and dust. Also, as a super lightweight tent, it is so convenient to carry and use the tent anywhere.

The smooth 2-way zipper prevents you from getting stuck when pulling, which offers much support in opening and closing the tent. If in the past, people often carried candles to smooth the zipper. But now, Naturehike NH19M002-J overcomes this disadvantage to the maximum. Additionally, the camping tent is designed with two airy doors covered with a mesh layer. The super-strong, durable aluminum frame and wind rope system helps it be fixed very well in numerous terrains.

This tent is considered the right choice for the trips that many people are involved in. The price of the tent is much cheaper than the segment with the same features.

5. Kazmi K20T3T002 – self-expanding tent for great convenience


4 people


PU 68D 190T 1000mm

Waterproof index



Waterproof, UV resistant, easy to install, convenient, smart design

Kazmi K20T3T002 - self-expanding tent for great convenience

If you feel lazy to set up a tent, you should use self-extracting tents. Here we recommend Kazmi K20T3T002, an outstanding product line of the Kazmi brand, a very famous camping brand in Korea.

As usual, it takes you 4-5 minutes to complete the assembly of the tent. When using the Kazmi K20T3T002 self-extracting tent, you can save more time because it takes less than 1 minute for this task. Even once getting used to it, you will complete this stage in the blink of an eye.

In addition to easy installation, Kazmi K20T3T002 has excellent waterproof and UV resistance. It also gives you a large space for relaxation during the trip. Providing a capacity of up to 4 people, Kazmi K20T3T002   brings you and your friends enjoyable moments and great comfort. My favorite is that the four sides of the tent are covered with transparent fabric so you can watch the outside space while resting and relaxing. With exciting camping trips to beautiful places, this tent will give you a chance to be immersed in the striking scenery. That’s great!

The bottom of the Kazmi K20T3T002 is equipped with an additional zipper layer to remove small bushes or leaves that may get inside. The top has a sturdy hanger that can hang mosquito repellent lights when you camp near the forest or brighten the camping space.

Additional tips for a fantastic motorcycle camping trip

You will have to prepare a lot before starting a camping trip in Vietnam. Besides tents, there are many other things you need to have. Some of them are:

  • Motorcycles: You will need a motorcycle for a camping trip. Some recommended motorcycles include Honda CB500X and BMW R1200GS. With great power, versatility, and durability, these motorcycles easily conquer the most challenging routes while still bringing you maximum comfort.
  • Sleeping bags: In winter, when cold temperatures cover the space, you cannot sleep well without a sleeping bag. Therefore, carefully check the destination’s temperature to select the right sleeping bag.
  • Cooking gear: you need a cooking stove and ready-to-eat and ready-to-make food. Please consider the amount of food for the whole trip.

Additional tips for a fantastic motorcycle camping trip

You also must research the scenic routes or things to explore at the destinations because sometimes, these cannot be found on the Internet. If you find it difficult to go camping by yourself, there is still a great option available. That’s BM Travel Adventure. Our team is here to give you enthusiastic support. We’ve had many years of experience in planning itineraries for motorcycle trips. We own numerous powerful motorcycles and also have special ways to offer you unforgettable experiences during the trip.

For the final word

A camping tent with a smart design will help you enjoy the trip to the fullest. The above are great suggestions if you need advice on buying a suitable motorcycle tent. In case you want a motorbike camping tour, we, Vietnammotorbiketoursclub , are always here to support you. I hope that our article will provide you with some useful information. Wish you have a great time on your motorcycle camping trip!

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