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As well as visiting tourist spots, a road trip is the best choice to match the new parts of Vietnam that most visitors do not experience.  Yet nothing helps you stay away from ecstatic for the amazing beauty and unique cultural heritage the country exhales or Mountains, rice terraces, gorgeous rivers, and picturesque bays when seen up close all seen images of Vietnam’s compelling ethnic people, natural waterfall, savor a variety of regional foods, pagodas, scenic coastlines, and beyond-stunning countryside. Dreaming about one of Vietnam’s most stunning mountain road trips to allow your soul to truly connect with the Vietnamese roots for a once-in-a-lifetime journey? Join Vietnam motorbike tours Club as we explore 10 Thrilling Road Trips in Northern Loops  that you should add to the must Vietnam ultimate road trip list!!

1. Ha Giang Loops to Dong Van

If you’re a  motorbike rider planning a vacation to Vietnam, there’s no reason not to Ha Giang loops road trip. Soak in your surroundings when this place is a wonderful haven. A Road Trip to Northeast Vietnam promises many life-changing experiences, with breathtaking mountains, gorgeous valleys, poetic rivers, and impressive waterfalls.

  • Quan Ba Twin Mountain & Heaven Gate

The road trip to Quan Ba Twin Mountain, a magnificent natural sculpture. Two odd mountains shaped like a young girl’s breasts appear out of nowhere amid the vast expanse of terraced fields and rocky mountains. It’s difficult to find a more beautiful scene from the Heaven Gate than the one formed by the green of the mountains, colorful flowers, and rays of sunshine in a shroud of mist, little cottages strewn across green slopes. Such a serene picture is sufficient enough to blow your mind.

  • Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang – 6 days
  • Amazing Passes

Bac Sum Slope, Tham Ma Pass, 9 Curved Ramp, or the most beautiful Ma Pi Leng Pass The road trip Ha Giang will be more perfect because of these passes. The winding road wrapping around the high mountains will rekindle the passion of the riders. Those Passes are like a silky strip of silk curling around the Northeast’s high mountains. Winding curves and the lush greenery of the mountains create a magnificent scene. Especially emerald Nho Que River and Tu San Abyss as turquoise blue soft silk ribbon surrounded by huge Ma Pi Leng mountains.

​road trip to Ha Giang

  • Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Dong Van Karst Plateau was the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Vietnam. The geographic characteristics of the Dong van Plateau are as dramatic as the pure cliffs of the horizon. It has a huge area of limestone mountains, landscapes, narrow valleys alternating with the rocky mountain, and the richness and singleness of ethnic minority culture.

  • Cao Bang ” Ban Gioc Waterfall

road trip to Cao bang

Road trip from Ha Giang on Northeast Vietnam journey, Cao Bang province is a great place adventurers shouldn’t ignore.

Me Pia Pass is a beautiful destination adventurer cannot miss on a road trip from Ha Giang. Terrifying slope and twisted road with 14 continuous sharp curves are not a dare that all of us should take.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, located in the Cao Bang province, is the fourth largest waterfall that straddles the China-Vietnam border. This massive waterfall stands 30 meters tall and spans 300 meters. There are several terraces on the waterfall. The waterfall has multiple terraces. Karst peaks and verdant valleys dot the area, making Ban Gioc Waterfall the perfect postcard scene.

The Northeast road trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang is the best of the best tours, and you should spend at least 2 days on it, not only to please you with amazing beauty, sceneries, and crazy curves. Also, it contains the core of ethnic cultures, which is the goal you travel for. Mother Nature has favored Ha Giang and Cao Bang’s most wonderful things.

2. Road Trip from Ha Noi To Sapa

The road trip to Sapa is the typical journey that all adventures have to do one in a lifetime a. A perfect blend of majestic mountains, lush valleys, and peaceful villages of ethnic minorities makes northwest Vietnam become the ideal place for road trips. With the appearance of Tram Ton  passes,  the top 1 of 4 great passes in Vietnam will be a challenge for all riders.

  • Red River

Say goodbye to Hanoi by riding along the Red river  and heading to the Northwest. Hoa Binh Culture, Dong Son Culture, and Go Mun Culture are all connected to the Red River Civilization. This region has a 5000-year history linked to several of Vietnam’s historical kingdoms. Riders not only learn about the river’s mysteries and enhance their understanding of Vietnamese culture, but they also immerse themselves in the picturesque river environment and enjoy the cool winds. Red River’s pure air and numerous stunning scenery will take your breath away at first sight.

  • O Quy Ho Pass

Tram Ton mountain pass is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and longest mountain passes and crosses the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The  pass is known as O Quy Ho because it is associated with a legend that dates back thousands of years. It is also famous for the sharpest curves of many passes in Vietnam, which excite all riders and make them want to conquer the most dangerous pass, the longest gorge. Not only does the mountain pass lie vastly between the earth and sky, but it is also surrounded by clouds that obscure the mountains, creating a magical space intoxicating as the spilled sea filled the valley, and each wave created a cloud. O Quy Ho mountain pass resembles a fairy realm, which adventurers visit but do not want to return to.

road trip to O Quy Ho Pass Sapa

  • Fansipan ” Top of Indochina

After conquering Tram Ton  Pass, A breathtaking experience waiting for you at the top of  Fansipan. At 3143 meters above sea level, Fansipan has been proclaimed the Indochina peninsula’s roof. You can see swirling clouds and forested slopes from the top of Fansipan, making this adventure a must-do on any Sapa itinerary. Many professional climbers and adventurous travelers visit Vietnam to conquer Fansipan. Fansipan’s character is almost identical to Buddism; come here not only to learn about Zen Monastery but also to experience moments of inner peace that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Northwest road trip, with its rocky, cone-like mountains, high vistas, and deep valleys, contains some of the country’s ” if not all of Southeast Asia’s ” most extreme geographies. Sapa is home to the majority of Vietnam’s ethnic groups. The people and culture of Northwest Vietnam are also appealing, and the mountains are home to a diverse range of ethnic groups. Each of them has its own distinct cultural identity, which draws a large number of tourists to Sapa tours. Each season in Sapa has its unique beauty. The sunlight is gentle in the summer, and the air is extremely clean. On the contrary, the weather in winter is bitterly cold and even snowy, but it still creates an attractive atmosphere to admire.

road trip to Fansipan

3. Ha Giang ” Sapa  The Road trip Northwest Vietnam

The Ha Giang-Sapa route is a challenging road but full of wonderful experiences, especially for those who are addicted to on or off-road conquest. Riding on your two-wheel through this mountainous pathway is relatively difficult and dangerous and can make anyone frustrated. But, one certain thing is that a road trip is worth it for every adventurer

  • Off-road Ha Giang Motorbike Tour Through Dong Van Geopark 3 days
  • Hoang Su Phi rice terraces

Hoang Su Phi is a mountainous district in Ha Giang province with stunning rice field terraces that have been designated as a national heritage site also home  to various ethnic minority groups whose main source of income is farming. Hoang Su Phi is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled in the world. The road trip on two wheels to here and enjoy fresh air from the rice field terraces that shine golden and harvesting begins in October.

  • Chiêu Lầu Thi peak

Chieu Lau Thi translates as “nine sky ladder layers.” According to legend, when French colonialists ruled Indochina, they planned to build a base on the peak of Chieu Lau Thi to observe the entire Ha Giang Province from above. The pure and pristine tranquillity in the commune can sweep away tiredness and calm a visitor’s soul from the Chieu Lau Thi mount. The adventurer on two wheels can admire the charming beauty of nature at any stop along the way to the peak.

road trip to Chieu Lau Thi

  • Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market cannot be skipped on the road trip to Sapa. The Hmong people’s energy and color give the area a unique dynamism. There are things to buy that embody the cultural identity of Hmong, in the form of craftsmanship and souvenirs. Bac Ha Market isn’t a shopping area but a great place to get to know the ethnic culture.

  • Lao Cai ” Sapa city

Heading to Lao Cai city, the experience of one of the highest road trips in Vietnam with a height of over 2000m from Y Ty to Sapa. Visit the border marker 92 between Vietnam and China, where the Red River flows into Vietnam. Y Ty not only gives you the peaceful feeling of mountain life, the majestic scenery with the smell of the mountains, and the rice season.

The French colonialists established Sapa as a hill station in 1922  as  an important location for the French military. In addition, this quiet Vietnamese town is home to various ethnic tribal groups. Sapa is home to five major ethnic groups: the Hmong, Dao, Tay, Giay, and Xa Pho. Nowadays, the ethnic and Western cultures coexist and improve, making Sapa more appealing to visitors.

The road trip in the Northwest gives magnificent panoramic views of traditional rice terraces. Northwest Vietnam has spectacular wild nature, diverse culture, and great history, a rich country of wonderful beauty. Tourists may have a wonderful experience between these cold, beautiful mountains and the filled terraces.

road trip to Lao Cai -Sapa

4. Ha Giang to Ba Be National Park

The Ha Giang – Ba Be National Park is one of the Northeast’s most incredible routes as you can dive into the innumerable majestic countryside and unique cultures of the local people in Vietnam. Not only the incredible sceneries we show you in the first title but also a Road Trip to Northeast Vietnam promises a wealth of ethnic culture, breathtaking mountains, gorgeous valleys, poetic rivers, and Ba Be National Park.

  • The Vuong Palace

On the 4C highway to Ba Be, The Vuong Palace was a century-old mansion recognized by the government as a national heritage in 1993. The palace was constructed in 1914 and survived two major wars: the French and the Americans. Vuong Palace is therefore also considered to represent the Hmong people’s previous splendor. Indeed, in honor of the Hmong ruler, the palace was also called Vua Meo.

  • Lung Cu Flag Tower

This is the historically important landmark signifying the geographical sovereignty of Viet Nam. The octagonal tower body has reliefs that imitate Dong Son bronze drum patterns that decrypt the ancient Vietnamese periods and the cultural practices of people living in the province of Ha Giang. Unfortunately, if you do not come, check in Northmost Vietnam on this road trip.

  • Nho Que River ” Tu San Abyss Alley

Along Ma Pi Leng Pass Happy Road, the Nho Que river is the lure of one of Vietnam’s most beautiful rivers running through Tu San Abyss Alley. You should take a boat or kayaking here to fully grasp the majesty of Ha Giang nature and the grandeur shape of this wonder that is described as the most majestic canyon in Southeast Asia.

road trip to Nho Que River

  • Khau Vai Love Market

Khau Vai love market festival is annually organized on the 3rd lunar month of 26th and 27th. You not only enjoy ethnic cuisine and beverages, culture, song performances, and folk games when visiting this festival, but you also buy ethnic costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, and cultural and art publications.

  • Ba Be National Park

In 1992, Ba Be was designated a National Park to protect this beautiful, rich area of biodiversity and landscape. The area is made up primarily of calcareous karsts characteristic of north Vietnam, and the forests are mostly evergreen. On a floating boat to explore the Ba Be Lake is the best experience here, and some caves that have been discovered are so excited to adventurers. Tay’s culture is a mysterious thing to learn more about to make your road trip completely.

This road trip will take you at least 2 days from Ha Giang Motorbike Toursto have enough time for those places. If the wild grandeur of majestic mountains draws visitors to the Northwest, the northeast draws them in with its tremendous passes, spectacular valleys, and amazing curves. A Northeast road trip is the greatest option for individuals who seek adventure and life-changing experiences.

  • Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Ba Be National Park – 6 days

road trip to Ba Be National Park

5. Road trip Hanoi to Ninh Binh

Hanoi is about 90 kilometers distant from Ninh Binh. It will be a pleasant trip from Hanoi to Ninh Binh no matter which mode of transportation you take because the roads are smooth. Especially the road trip to Ninh Binh is also comfortable and easy, so riding a motorbike from Hanoi to Ninh Binh is a good idea for adventurers. From Hanoi, the best road trip route is riding  a motorcycle along  the Red River on the dam. This way you can learn how local life, enjoy fresh air…

  • Tam Chuc Pagoda

With characteristic architectural features of the Ly Dynasty, recognized as the biggest pagoda in Vietnam, the original 1000-year-old Bái Äính Pagoda is alluring for those who want to experience the serenity and tranquility of ancient pagodas, tranquil ambiance, and some temples and statues inside caves are definitely worth a visit.

  • Vietnam Motorcycle Trip from Hanoi to Ninh Binh – 1 day
  • Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel

Ninh Binh is the place famous Vietnamese people’s cradle of civilization with the ancient capital of the Vietnamese feudal system was located more than 1,000. A road trip to this historically rich land is an excellent opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s feudal past. Every April, the villagers hold a unique celebration to honor King Dinh Tien Hoang, who established Vietnam’s first centralized state and made Hoa Lu capital.

  • Mua Cave

The road trip to Ninh Binh won’t be perfect without Mua Cave. Where you may appreciate the natural beauty and enjoy a panoramic picture of the region, which includes a meandering river, large rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, and little red-roofed homes.

  • Trang An Complex

road trip to Trang An Complex

Since 2014, the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a must-see destination in Ninh Binh. Trang An is a magnificent environment of limestone karst peaks and caves dating hundreds of millions of years. Trang An is a relic site of various ancient temples and pagodas that stand quietly amid dark green forests. Many Vietnamese come here on the first day of the Lunar New Year to pray for a better and happy year. Ninh Binh has also become increasingly well-known as the location for the film Kong: Skull Island.

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tour from Hanoi to Ninh Binh – 2 days

The road trip from Ha Noi to Ninh Binh cannot be described in words. We guarantee this route takes you on calm routes, sees the gorgeous landscape of old temples, or on spectacular boat trips. You may immerse yourself in Vietnamese history or visit the UNESCO-listed Trang An Heritage Complex and the province’s magnificent karst.

6. Road trip Ha Noi to Ta Xua dinosaur spine

  • Thanh Son Tea Hills

The phrase “palm forest, tea hills, green fields are sweet†is a prologue that describes the Thanh Son tea hill with the poetic and clear beauty of green fields or lovely tea fields. On the road trip here on 32 highway, you will be surprised by the magnificent tea hills dressed in the green hue and spread around the back of the hillside, producing a very beautiful natural image.

  • Dragon spine

The “dinosaur backbone” is 10 kilometers from the heart of Ta Xua commune. The scenery on the road makes us feel like you’re riding through paradise, with big mountains and a vista full of clouds… to make us feel tranquil here. At an elevation of roughly 2,800 meters, the Ta Xua mountain range looks like a lying dinosaur at the confluence of mountains and clouds.

The adventure to Ta Xua dinosaur backbone is one of the best road trips you shouldn’t miss in North Vietnam. The landscape turn from flat rice fields to tea hills and mountains to mountains, pristine village, and ethnic people. Those things give you a full view of the beauty of nature, the majestic sights.

  • Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Ta Xua – 2 days

road trip to Ta xua

7. Dien Bien ” A Pa Chai

Vietnam is the gem of Southeast Asia, a nation with an ancient history and culture that has produced many priceless historical monuments, a country that has survived many years of war, cold, and fear, and now appears in a completely new garb. If you are a veteran or love the history of the Vietnam war, Dien Bien Phu has to be a top 1 in the must-visiting list. Not only that, the road trip to this relic site will surprise you completely.

  • Ban Tham Tunnel

The tunnel comes from the natural karst mountain. In 1964, during the anti-American resistance war, the Vietnamese army renovated and broke rocks to make the tunnel through the mountains, and somewhere here was used as a place to hide secret weapons. Riding a motorcycle through it for the first time adventurer can’t avoid feeling creepy and goosebumps because the cave is dark and cold.

  • Pha Din Pass

The Pha Din Pass, with three legendary passes, the O QUY Ho, Khau Pha, and Ma Pi Leng,  are among the four great peaks of the Northern Loops. The journey to  Dien Bien Phu is the most outstanding road trip with  Pha Din, which means “heaven and earth” in the local language, also a reference to the elevation of this pass. Pha Din Pass has a total length of 32 kilometers with numerous curves and great slopes between 12 and 19%, which challenges riders to conquer it.

  • Off-road Vietnam Dirt Bike Tour from Hanoi to Lang Son – 16 Days

Pha Din Pass

  • Tham Pua cave

Tham Pua Cave also served as the initial Command Post for the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. On January 14, 1954, this cave hosted an important conference of the Viet Nam Army to carry out the plan of “rapid attack and swift progress.” Tham Pua Cave is vast and deep, with many tiny cracks and tunnels. A massive, symmetrical, flat rock stands like a giant table in the cave’s center.

  • Him Lam Hill ” A1 Hill

The opening combat of the Dien Bien Phu offensive was observed by Him Lam Hill on 13 March 1954. The Dien Bien Phu fortress point, which is 2 kilometers from the central sector, also served as a watchpoint to French artillery and the air force, was Him Lam as a remote protective position.

A1 Hill is the French Dien Bien Phu colonial base’s largest base. The most severe battle between the French and the Vietnamese forces took place.

Riding on the 32 and 37 highways to Dien Bien Phu via Son La is also a great road trip. Today, Dien Bien Phu’s particular beauty grabs every traveler’s heart. Riders will love the beautiful, pleasant ethnic people who engage in everyday activities throughout the valley in the early market beside Muong Thanh Bridge, on the roads to their towns even everywhere in the valley. These individuals are part of the valuable legacy that travelers can discover none other than in the world, together with the rustic yet stunning nature of Dien Bien.

  • Border-Crossing Motorbike Tour From Vietnam To Laos In 12 Days

8. Mu Cang Chai

The road trip to Mu Cang Chai is for those who love to learn the ethnic culture of the Hmong minority. They are masters of embroidery and dyeing cloth or use handmade hemp cloth, natural indigo dye, and bee wax to draw the intricate patterns adorning their clothing. Not only beautiful culture, but a road trip to Mu Cang Chai also conquers one of the great passes,  Khau Pha,  exciting to all adventurers.

Road trip Mu Cang Chai

  • Khau Pha Pass

It’s famous for its scenery, geography, and history. The Khau Pha Pass is rugged and winding, squeezing through rolling mountains or pristine jungle, particularly the picturesque terraced fields of the Thai H’Mong. The Thai name Khau Pha translates to “horn,” as the mountain passes as the clouds rise over the sea. The H’Mong regard this magnificent pass as a sacred site capable of soothing the heart of heaven.

  • Rice terraces

Mu Cang Chai is more and more famous for Rice Terraces. Terraced landscapes in Vietnam, typically found in hilly areas, have allowed pond-field techniques for rice cultivation to be used in mountainous terrain. The cultural wealth is found in pristine nature. The Rice terrace symbolizes Mu Cang Chai, La Pan Tan.

road trip to Khau Pha

  • La Pan Tan Peak

La Pan Tan village is famous for its breathtaking views like the fingerprints of heaven. A region that belongs to paradise appears in front of you when you reach the top of La Pan Tan. Here are the terraced rice fields carved from towering hills from top running to feet of hills. Especially, there are no signs of tourism here. This is a simple farming community. That sounds great!! Come here to enjoy the fresh air from rice terraces as soon as you can

The journey to Mu Cang Chai is now better known as a gold rice field paradise and the Khau Pha Pass. Adventurers will have the opportunity to see the magnificent natural scenery while riding on this pass. The top of the pass may be obscured by dense fog, resembling a horn rising through a sea of clouds. It becomes even more beautiful when the sun shines down on the landscape along the pass.

9. Moc Chau ” Mai Chau

Road trip from Mai Chau to  Moc Chau  in 10 Thrilling Road Trips in Northern Loops  is perfect for all riders. Where green rice paddies embrace solemn karst mountains. This area is perfect for you if you only have a few days to explore the vast nature of Northern Vietnam. Nature’s wild landscape and magnificent beauty are priceless gifts.  It has around 3,000 hectares of tea plantations due to the cool climate. These vast green tea plantations stretch as far as the eye can see and are scattered across many green hills. The area is known for its beautiful traditional villages of Vietnamese hill tribes and its many beautiful flowers ranging from plum blossoms to cherry blossoms.

road trip to Mai Chau - Moc Chau

  • Thung Khe Pass ” White Stone

Thung Khe Pass, a popular Mai Chau viewpoint, is the finest thing on every adventurer’s must-see list. The pass is roughly 1000 meters above sea level and follows a beautiful arc over rocky cliffs. The Thung Khe Pass is undeniably stunning, with views of mountains, rice paddies, and towns below. The major reason to visit Thung Khe Pass is to take in the breathtaking vistas of the Vietnamese countryside. Even on foggy or gloomy days, the stunning views of rice terraces, mountains, and towns below make this one of the greatest Mai Chau viewpoints.

  • Pu Luong Nature Reserve

The ethnic Thai people who helped make this valley so beautiful will astound you with only one glance at the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Adventurers seek mountains that never end, fertile valleys, and pristine jungles. Pu Luong National Park is dotted with charming hamlets and villages, each with its distinct history. The majority of ethnic people in reserve are White Thai and Black Thai. Pu Luong is where adventurers seek endless mountains, fertile valleys, and pristine jungles, taking a deep breath of fresh air.

  • Villages & Hamlets

Many ethnic groups coexist in Mai Chau, including the Kinh, Muong, and Thai, with the Thai dominating. As a result, the colors of Thai cultural space abound in this location. Ethnic people here are so calm, friendly, and peaceful due to the vastness of the mountains, forests in hilly areas, and mist. They are also gentle, hospitable, and kind, providing an entirely different experience than living in a prosperous area. They live in hamlets and villages one after the other. As a result, the entire region has a variety of ethnic colors based on characteristics, lifestyle, and literature.

Moc Chau is also home to Thai, Muong, Mong, Dao, Xinh Mun, and Kho Mu ethnic groups. Each group has its traditions, customs, rituals, literature, costumes, dances, musical instruments, handicrafts, and food. Their combined cultural legacies are extremely appealing. With just one road trip, you can learn a lot about ethnic minority culture in North Vietnam.

  • Caves & Waterfalls

Northern Vietnam is a mountainous area with many caverns and waterfalls, and Mai Chau and Moc Chau, in particular, have been blessed by Mother Nature. The karst cave has been formed with stalactites and stalagmites in various forms and sizes after thousands of years of development. Mo Luong and Chieu caverns enchant visitors with their enigmatic and mystical appeal of limestone blocks and endless green meadows just outside the caves’ doors.

road trip to Go Lao Watrefalls

Go Lao waterfall for a nice afternoon of relaxation. When you get to the waterfall cluster, you may enjoy bathing in the cool water and camping next to the splashing flows in a peaceful setting with only the sound of clouds passing by and birds chirping. Many relics have been repaired and preserved, fulfilling people’s cultural and religious requirements.

Northwest is well-known for its magnificent natural beauty, distinct culture, and heroic history during the era of national struggle. Northern loop Vietnam road tour will immerse you in the lyrical and lovely beauty of the Northern area. The color is fresh and romantic when the apricot flowers and plum blooms, peach flowers, and triangle flowers bloom in the spring. Pu Luong Mai ChauMoc Chau is the best for those who love romantic nature, peaceful villages, and diverse ethnic minority cultures.

10. Ha Long Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. It consists of approximately 1,600 islands and islets that form a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Most islands are uninhabited and unaffected by human presence due to their abrupt nature. It is an ideal model of a mature Karst landscape developed during a warm and wet tropical climate, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars.

Even though Ha Long Bay is the best destination in Vietnam, I put this last in this blog because after many days of riding to conquer Northern Loop Vietnam, relaxing in Ha Long in a few days will make your journey more perfect, and a road trip to Halong is also fantastic. Many blogs describe what to do in Ha Long, but to adventurers, the road trip to Ha Long is great no less than Northeast or Northwest.

road trip Ha Long Bay

  • Duong River

The road trip to Ha Long bay should follow along Duong River. The river offers a tranquil experience, with plenty to see and do at various spots. The Duong River flows through the Bac Ninh Province and  the famous city of Hanoi. Peaceful scenery such as white sandbanks, mulberry forests, and fields of bananas, maize, sweet potato, and green vegetables may be found along the dyke. The region is famous for its various cultural and historical sites. The village in Song Ho Commune is one of the few villages that have been able to preserve ancient cultural relics. Dong Ho folk paintings are submitted to UNESCO to recognize the intangible cultural heritage.

  • Con Son ” Kiep Bac relic sites

In the 13th century, this was the hideout and residence of national hero Tran Hung Dao. The Con Son-Kiep Bac relic site has various historical and cultural relics illustrating Buddhism and Confucianism, as well as Vietnamese national heroes. Documents, worshipping rites, and ancient festivals can still be found at the Con Son-Kiep Bac relic. Kiep Bac’s surroundings lend you a mysterious, lyrical, and dreamy air. The pagoda, which exemplifies royal architectural style and is marked by a half-moon lake and a three-door temple gate, was designated a national historic site in 1962.

  • Yen Tu Pagoda

For over 2,000 years of Buddhism in Vietnam, the legendary name Yen Tu Mountain has been connected with the name and career of Buddhist King Tran Nhan Tong, who created the Truc Lam Zen sect, which bears the distinctive Buddhist culture of the Vietnamese people. Yen Tu Relic and Landscape Complex has been designated as a special national relic due to its unique landscape, architecture, culture, and history. A dossier is being created to be submitted to UNESCO for designation as a World Heritage Site.

Yen Tu has retained a massive treasure of the Vietnamese people’s Buddhist culture from 700 years ago, with dozens of pagodas, hundreds of temples, and thousands of precious ancient relics containing invaluable spiritual and ideological values, despite time and historical vicissitudes. As we neared the summit of the sacred Yen Tu Mountain, you couldn’t help but be captivated by the wild and spectacular beauty of the natural scenery around.

  • Dong Trieu Ceramic Village

All riders can easily get to this location on the road trip to Ha Long for a break. Dong Trieu is well-known for its pottery villages, which have a nearly 200-year history of producing ceramic products. Allowing yourself to participate in the pottery-making process for a unique experience. You can make your unique ceramic pottery as a souvenir with the help of friendly artisans.

Ha Long Bay

The Road trip to Ha Long Bay may not have stunning sceneries as mountainous areas, but those places you should visit to touch the root of Vietnamese culture. Reaching Halong Bay  was awarded two titles by UNESCO in 1994 and 2000 for its stunning beauty. In addition, it was rated second on the list of the world’s seven new natural wonders in 2010. Halong Bay, the most enigmatic location with over 3000 tiny islands, promises to deliver you many unexpected experiences, especially if you spend one night resting on a Halong Bay luxury cruise. Have one night on the luxury cruise to chase the sunrise in next day. That is life! Take part in various exciting activities to explore this place and answer why we call this Ha Long, meaning A Lying Dragon.

Travel Northern Loop Vietnam on a two-wheel such as Honda CRF, Honda CB 500x,  or GS 1200,  … which boasts some of the most astounding sceneries with rough trails, rugged mountainscapes, and authentic hospitality of local ethnic people. Wild and serene mountainous are among the hidden gems of Vietnam and are well intact and unspoiled by mass tourism. Not only do these  10 Thrilling Road Trips in Northern Loops  make you fully experience Vietnam, but offroading, sitting back on the bike, or enduro tour is more and more famous in Vietnam.

*By  Binh Phi  from  BM Travel Expert Team. It’s my pleasure to share with you my country, especially The South and Mekong Delta. I hope this information is helpful for your trip.

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