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Do you know that nearly 60 million motorcycles were registered to make Vietnam a motorcycle country? Besides that, although Vietnam gets through over 100 years of war and Vietnam is now becoming the best place in the world for holidays. With nearly 600000-kilometer road network connects towns, villages to cities, seaside to top mountains, and deep forests to the coastline. From the Mekong Delta South Pole in Ca Mau in the south to the North Pole in Ha Giang mountainous area along the Chinese border.

Especially, travelers can ride Motorcycle to explore all of them. A motorcycle tour is not only the culture but also the best way to you can touch the marvelous things that neither self-travelers nor classic tours can do it. Face to that. BM  travel Motorbike tours would like to bring Pillion Motorcycle Tours for all travelers over the world planning to explore Vietnam. The Back of the bike tour is for those who’ve never ridden a motorbike before but would like to experience and explore Vietnam  on two wheels.

Back of the Mortorcycle tours with Bm Travel

1. How about Pillion Passenger Tours

Depending on that the demand of many customers from over the world, BM travel Motorbike tours would like to introduce visitors to a back of bike tours with many kinds of trips such as ROAD TRIP, OFF-ROAD TRIP… That you don’t need to know how to ride the bike. Just be a pillion passenger behind the many years of riding experience BM GUIDE. The thing you only do that enjoys your vacation. Sitting back on bikes such as CB 500x, DRZ 400, Tiger 800, and  CRF RALLY… will make you most comfortable for a journey exploring Vietnam.

  • North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 10 days

Pillion Passenger Tours

2. What Pillion passengers can expect from BM travel Vietnam motorbike tour

Being proud of the top 1 Vietnam Motorbike operator, we know exactly how you expect from our the back of the bike tours

  • Safe journey:

To be a pillion rider for travel, “ Safety†has to be put on the must list. Choosing the best company, a legit motorbike tour, and riding with a local guide is the thing you should do. BM travel motorbike tour is proud to say the best company having many motorbike partners in Vietnam. Furthermore, our local guides are the main factor in achieving their trust. With many riding years, Well-experienced photographer and video recorder who can speak English fluently and understand customers’ needs.

  • Sitting back on the well-maintained bike

Those companies have to update & Well-Maintained Bikes that will bring you to the untouched sceneries. We recommend Adventure bikes such as CB 500x, Himalayan, or dirt bike CRF Rally. Those bikes have performed the bike for adventure, pillion rider can feel comfortable but they have to be always maintained in the best condition.

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle- Cross Country Tour from Hanoi to Saigon – 16 days

Sitting back of the well-maintained bike

Safe & Exceptional Routes:

Avoiding crowded destination, we think that always make your holiday more relaxing. All of our Vietnam motorcycle tours are designed to help you understand the depth of the culture of this wonderful country, be closer to Vietnamese people, and avoid the typical “tourist” routes, which are tacky and overcrowded. We say no to the highway. It only wastes your time and is dangerous to our pillion riders.

Good Accommodation:

Eat and sleep in the best locations. We’ll take you closer to a country without skimping. See more real Vietnam in your way. Standard hotel or homestay based on double, twins, or triple shared room. Also, local beer and wine will make the story longer for you to learn about Vietnamese culture.

  • All meals on tour: Enjoy local Vietnamese food and drink in every region you visit.

  • Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets

The important thing cannot be missed. Before jumping on the back of the bike, knee pads and protection gears have to be put on you, and a helmet makes you more confident to be a pillion passenger.

  • Hotel pick up

You are the travelers.  It’s easy to get lost somewhere if you are hanging out without a local tour guide.  BM travel’s motorbike tour guide will pick you up and start a pillion passenger tour from your hotel.

  • Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Thac Ba Lake – 4 days

Back of bike tours - Hotel pick up

  • NO surprise pricing, NO shopping

Being proud of the top 1 Vietnam motorbike tour operator, come to BM travel motorbike tours, we say no to shopping or taking our customers to the places that are not mentioned in the itinerary. You are comfortable with that, and we promise your money will be worth sitting back on the bike

3. What bike is the best for the back of the bike tours?

This is one of the factors to make your Motorbike holiday great. But what bike is the best for the pillion rider? As the leader in motorcycle tourism, we recognize that an adventure bike is the best for the pillion passenger. The bike has conquered many most difficult motorcyclists in the world, is CB 500x, Himalayan, GS 1250, and CRF Rally. These bikes are really good for the back of the bike tours.

  • The length is long enough for two people on it.
  • The handlebar is so comfortable for riders to easily control the bike
  • The saddle is soft, big
  • The engine displacement is so powerful to conquer everywhere

BM travel motorbike highly recommend an adventure bike, rally bike for offroad trip or sport touring for a road trip will be best for the pillion passenger. For sure, that is how we do back-of-the-bike tours for pillion riders.

  • Motorcycle Road Trip from Hanoi to Ba Be via Ha Giang – 6 days

The best motorbike for the back of bike tours

4. Road trip or off-road tour

To the paradise for riding as Vietnam, a motorcycle can move your soul everywhere.

We offer off-road tours which are a minimum of 80% single and double track dirt roads. A high-class adventure trip through various dirt roads, jungle single-tracks, gravel, and even waterfalls is perfect not only for those who love trail road but also make you high when being pillion passengers.

Off-road tour for pillion riders is wilder and more adventurous, matching the untouched real wild Vietnam.

Riding on routes is an excellent choice for pillion passengers Conquering the S-shaped country with 3/4 terrain is mountainous areas, over 3 thousand kilometers of coastline. The diverse terrains stretch from the South Pole in Ca Mau city to the North Pole in Ha Giang for all riders. With exceptional routes, Not only pillion riders can enjoy back routes with amazing views of remote mountains but also relaxing rides on dramatic coastlines and then enjoy fresh air from rice terraces.

Road trips in Vietnam will bring pillion riders from being a surprise to be incredible.

  • North Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay – 9 days

Back of the bike tours - Road trip or off-road tour

5. Do a guided tour or self-guided tour

A guided motorbike trip is an all-inclusive tour that covers everything you’ll need for your long-awaited Vietnam motorcycle tour. This journey is intended for all levels of motorcyclists, from beginners to intermediate to experienced, who desire a comprehensive and high-class Vietnam motorbike tour full of riding adventures. With BM travel motorbike’s guide who has many years of riding experience and their knowledge for you on the way learning deeply about how beautiful Vietnam

Not only is a guided motorcycle trip so affordable, but we also  pledge to provide the finest motorbike tour pricing and services with comparable quality, even beyond your expectations, with no hidden cost surprises. All you have to do is book a tour and unwind before traveling to Vietnam; we will take care of the rest to assure your safety.

Simply put, a self-guided motorcycle trip does not include any guides. As a result, the tour fee is less than that of a fully-guided motorcycle trip because you do not have to pay for tour guides or assistance. This sort of travel is ideal for individuals who prioritize comfort and the ability to explore new places. Self-guided motorbike trips are appropriate for experienced riders familiar with Vietnam’s landscape and roads. It is not suitable for novices who are new to riding and have little expertise handling equipment on tour.

  • Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Ba Be National Park – 10 days

A guided motorbike trip

6. Where should I explore in Vietnam?

We suggest that it might be a good way for your budget to rent a motorbike and discover Vietnam on your way. However, you must control and manage everything that may occur on your own, such as bike servicing, maintenance, choosing the finest roads, and lodging. And getting lost appears to be an unavoidable part of the experience, but don’t worry. We’ll provide you with GT Rider tour maps if you choose the self-guided motorbike tour option. You won’t have to worry about getting lost, running out of petrol, or locating a hotel/restaurant with accurate and regularly updated timetables. If you wish to save money but cannot handle it, you will waste it.

  • Northern Loops Vietnam

Many individuals, both Vietnamese and international travelers, agree that North Vietnam Motorbike Tours would not disappoint any rider. This is unquestionably

Northern Loop Vietnam’s geography is diversified and extremely complicated. The amazing landscape and extreme beaten trails will pique your insatiable wanderlust. Particularly prominent winding passes attract daring motorcyclists. Furthermore, the North is the birthplace of Vietnamese culture and customs. There are several great things for you to discover, however, if you want the most beautiful experience. BM Travel Adventure is here to be the best motorbike tour operator.

In North Vietnam, the back of the bike tours BM travel motorbike tour operator from 1 to 15  days. The North’s rugged topography has resulted in several beautiful mountain passes. The Greatest Passes in the North are four passes: Ma Pi Leng, Tram Ton Pass, Pha Din, and Khau Pha, Tram Ton Pass. The mix of mountains and sky will undoubtedly provide you with indescribably amazing emotions. The panoramic view of the Tu Le terrace valley or the tranquillity of Mu Cang Chai transports you back to the pure joy that you may have forgotten. After spending days driving off-road roads, you will unwind and enjoy a luxury cruise in Halong Bay, one of the world’s seven natural marvels.

North Vietnam Motorbike tours

Colorful Central Highlands

Considering a motorbike tour in Vietnam, the Central area should be your first focus. Central Vietnam has it all: beaches, temples, woods, mountains, ancient old cities, lively modern towns, and intriguing local food. Taking Central Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is highly suggested for people searching for a fresh adventure away from the ordinary.

Dubbed the most famous road in Vietnam for riding a motorbike, Hai Van pass connecting Hoi An to Hue will give you a fantastic view of the blue sea and mountains. Another is the Ho Chi Minh Road, which is an exciting journey that should not be missed at any cost. It was formerly known as a secret battle path, and it connects Hoi An old town and Phong Nha caverns, allowing for a fantastic ride surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Of course, these are only two of the many stunning motorcycling roads available in Central Vietnam. Proud to be one of Vietnam’s most prominent motorbike tours operator, all you have to do is put your trust in BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorcycle Tours and enjoy exhilarating journeys full of fun and new experiences.

Southern Vietnam and Mekong Delta

Southern Vietnam is one of the most fabulous travel destinations for motorcycling enthusiasts. You may have experienced the breathtaking landscapes of Northwestern Vietnam. In the South, plenty of rough roads challenge your courage and skill. Here are not majestic mountainous areas like the North. Many rows of mountains running intersect with the horizon, and the stunning landscape, mixed culture, and delicious local food will take you by surprise.

Routes are easier when riding down to the Mekong Delta, but It will not let you down. Riding through tropical forests, fruit farms, or mangroves is so exciting. In particular, you may observe a new Vietnamese way of life with a different culture and food. This tour will include stops at Cai Be, the Vietnamese Traditional Ancient House, and float markets on the Tien River. In Can Tho City, the Mekong Delta capital, we can visit the islands and orchards to observe and taste the fruits. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see locals catching fish, a Cham hamlet, or touch the peaceful Muslim pagoda in Chau Doc. Ha Tien and Phu Quoc will wait for us to discover their romantic beaches.

The routes BM Travel Adventure Vietnam Motorcycle Tours uses in South Vietnam motorcycle tours are rarely used; therefore, the journeys will be even more exciting. Let’s see what they are

  • South Vietnam Motorcycle Tour via Mekong Delta – 6 days

Southern Vietnam Motorbike tours

Indochina crossing border ” Back of the bike tours

The Indochina Peninsula comprises three countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They have numerous nearby provinces since they are neighboring nations. Vietnam has ten provinces bordering Laos and the same number as Cambodia. As a result, the three nations have many commonalities in culture, history, and customs. Laos is a country with varied cultures and natural features. Tours of the Vietnam-Cambodia border crossing on motorcycles Tourists find border crossing motorbike trips in Vietnam intriguing. The remoteness of the areas may readily pique visitors’ interest and entice them to come and explore.

  • BMW Motorcycle Tours From Sai Gon to Siem Reap – 9 Days

Because the three nations are regarded as the cradles of human civilization, every place you visit on our back of the bike tours will have its own set of customs, traditions, and cuisines you will be able to observe firsthand the traces of various civilizations of the region’s past people. You’re on a true journey, not a side trip. It will be demonstrated by the most spectacular architectural masterpieces, intangible cultural heritages, and natural heritages. There are so many fresh things to dazzle you. The back of the bike tours is an excellent choice if you wish to learn more about Southeast Asian culture, particularly local traditions.

  • BMW Motorcycle Tour from Da Nang to Indochina

indochina crossing border - back ò the bike tours


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