A creepy ghost story that I experienced in my Vietnam motorcycle trip

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\I’m Binh Phi – the proud owner and founder of BM Travel Adventure and Vietnam motorcycle tours club. I’d love to share with you guys my creepy story that I experienced on my Vietnam motorcycle trip last year. It happened in November 2018 when I guided a motorcycle tour for a group of German travelers in Kontum City, Vietnam. The tour destination was a village of the Ede ethnic group located 7km east of the city…

 Ghost Story Vietnam

The beautiful bridge that leads to the village of the Ede ethnic group (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

After 11 days of riding from Hanoi city, our group of 6 German travelers, a mechanic, a supporter with his 4×4, and I were freaking tired and on the way to find the Ede villager’s homestay that we booked in advance. We got goosebumps when looking at the homestay for the first time; it was like an abandoned house with no yard and independence. We intended to go away from the place, but suddenly there was a voice of an older woman calling us to come back. She said she was the host of the homestay. A big question bumped into my mind, why the hell was she living there alone, at a homestay like a haunted house in the middle of the jungle? But we’d been too tired after a long ride; we decided to spend a night there no matter what would happen.

road trip in Centre

The independent homestay in the middle of the jungle, and the host (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

homestay house

The host’s house looks as creepy as an abandoned house (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

The host treated us well that night with delicious local food and drinks such as bamboo-cooked rice, grilled chicken thighs, chicken porridge, and of course, Ruou Can (a quite fermented rice wine that is very popular in many ethnic groups of Vietnam). After dinner, we gathered at the central yard of the village and had a great chance to immerse ourselves in the space of gong culture, which was very popular in Vietnam highlands (Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nông, and Lam Dong).

We all danced around the fire and drank Ruou Can until we got drunk, then we sat near the fire and listened to some creepy stories from the village elders. They talked about the headless ghosts in the village that possessed any life form they chose and used it as their own; the hairy jungle men came out full-moon and played with the kids in the village, or the angry python protected the secret gold mine of the village from others.

local Ede's Dancing

The space of gong culture and the typical Communal house in the village (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

When the fire almost burned down, we returned to the homestay and fell asleep quickly because we were exhausted after a long ride. After going to sleep for a while, I heard a strange voice that sounded like a girl crying loudly outside the house. The loud and scary voice woke me up at 3 am while everyone was still sleeping. I slowly stepped out of the house to find where the voice came from. I saw the young girl with long back hair wearing a white dress turning her back to me and constantly crying under the old tree nearby. I was scared out of my shorts but tried to ask why she was crying. She was laughing as creepy as hell and about to turn back, but I didn’t know why I shouted too loud, that made me escape from the nightmare and bring me back to reality. I was so scared that I couldn’t get back to sleep. The others were still sleeping, so I didn’t want to bother them. The creepy voice was still around in my head, so I tried to think about happy things in my life, hoping that I could quickly forget the bad dream. I thought of my wife waiting for me at home and my little daughter’s radiant smile, and these happy things helped me calm down and fall back asleep easier.

centre Vietnam

Hoi an to kon Tum

We spent a night in this homestay that brought us a lot of unforgettable moments (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

I told the host about my nightmare the next morning. She didn’t seem surprised at all. She pulled me out to the garden nearby and revealed a secret that her house was built on a gold mine of the Chams. The young girl in my dream last night could be the same girl she met in her dreams recently. Long-time ago, the Chams chose a virgin to bury alive to protect their gold mine from others. The host knew exactly where the gold mine was, so she decided to buy this property and build a homestay.

She showed me the hole right in the middle of her house that was dug up to 10m into the ground (I asked her to take a photo of the hole, but she refused). She said she couldn’t dig deeper for two reasons: the village witch didn’t allow her to do that, or bad things would happen to the villagers; recently, she always dreamt of the young girl asking her to stop, or she would be punished. That’s why the gold-digging process was pending, and she expected that there would be a chosen one who could reach out to the gold mine. She asked me to stay because she thought I was the one, but I laughed out loud and politely refused.

Ede's House

We took a photo with the Communal house of the Ede ethnic group (Image: BM Travel Adventure)

I told this story to the others on my team. They all were scared out of their pants after listening to my story. We finished breakfast quickly and packed everything to leave this homestay as soon as possible. LOL

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